Peter Kersten passed away last night

Message from Paul Daniels (England)
I have just talked to Kurt Freitag who tells me that Peter died last night. So sad. This was a good, happy, kind man.

Message from Trevor Lewis (Wales)
Peter Kersten passed away last night after a stroke he had on Friday. He never regained consciousness.

I will remember Peter with affection, joy & thanksgiving. He loved magic & magic loved him.

I have the happiest of memories of times spent together, and will treasure these until time with me will be no more. Farewell dear friend, you brought us your share of happiness, and our world it is a sadder place today without your creative skill, your unique ability, and the warmth of your friendship.

Message from Wittus Witt (Germany)
Last night 18th of January 2004 well known Austrian magician and convention organizer Peter Kersten died.

His real name was Peter Stockhammer, born in August, 27th, 1929, he became also famous in his country for being a singer. His magic shows at the famous "Theater an der Wien" were popular for many years. He was fortunate knowing many of the GREATS who played at that theatre.

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