David Ginn here, alive and well in New Zealand!

It's hard to believe I'm back down under in less than a year … but it's true! And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing ALL of you at the convention this week. Right now I'm sleuthing around Auckland, trying to find a BIG JAR of Vegemite to take home with me! You see, we have these fire ants to kill in the front yard . . . Okay, just kidding!

Anyway, I've brought a lot of books, videos (yes in PAL), and magic props with me . . . with NO duty or GST (Georgia Sales Tax) or shipping charges to you. And if you'd like some of these (because I have limited supplies of many items), just email me @ Alan Watson's email address: Alan@Watson.co.nz and send me your name and list of what you want . . . and I'll HOLD your items aside to be picked up on Saturday at the convention. I require no advance payment, just your assurance that you will pick up your order by Saturday night.

That being said, here is a partial list of what I brought with NZ prices:


A. ENLIGHTENED MAGICIANS, hbk 200 pp book, 18 top magicians interviewed, including David Ginn, org $50 price … have 4 copies to autograph … at $15 NZ

B. LIGHTS CAMERAS MAGIC, 200 pp hdbk book, THE definitive book on doing TV magic by Dick & Virginia Williams … great routines, list of 200 best TV tricks, so much more based on their 1200 magic shows over 23 years. 15 copies $15 NZ

C. CREATIVE KIDTALK Ginn/Smith/Taylor 144 pp book about working children's shows by 3 full time pros … retail $25 NZ … 20 copies will autograph … $10 NZ

D. SAFETY MAGIC FOR CHILDREN 320 pp hdbk, 25 chapters $50 NZ new … solid routines by Karl Wagner who did 700 schools shows yearly for 20 yrs … have 6 copies on sale at just … $15 NZ

E. COMEDY MAGIC TEXTBOOK by David Roper, 224 pp hdbk great philosophy on mixing magic & comedy, plus super routines stage & close up … 6 copies $15 NZ

F. ONLY 3 WAYS TO BOOK SHOWS D.Ginn, 144 pp how I do it to make my living for last 30 years … by phone, letter, interview … reg $25 … sale at $15 NZ

G. MAGIC AND MONSTERS book D.Ginn, Halloween magic for kids (6) $15 NZ

H. G Slush POWDER … the very best, straight from the chemical company, packaged by me…in US these 30 dram bottles sell at $10 USD (that's $15 NZ) … I have a huge supply with me, good for 20 shows per bottle … special 3 bottles $15 NZ


1, TOP HAT TO RABBIT, new, black hat turns inside out to rabbit hat, fits a kid to make a very funny look! Have only 8 with me. $55 NZ

2. MIDDLE DIDDLE SILK … wonderful sucker trick, silk jumps from one end of board to another, then appears in center, includes silk! $20 NZ

3. GLITTER POM POM POLE 10" especially made for me, works great! $50 NZ

4. PROFESSIONAL MAGIC FOR CHILDREN, just reprinted, first time pbk $25

5. SUPER BUNNY Klamm, great kids trick, have only 8 with me … $45 NZ

6. TOPSY POPSY WAND Trixie Bond like popaway wand only 7 w/me $25 NZ

7. DIAMOND CUT SILKS, asst dozen great for productions $40 NZ

8. SUPER FROG Sammy Smith, on kid's back! 14 with me, will demo $35 NZ

9. COLOR CHANGE WREATHS w/cloth jacket only 4 with me $40 NZ


11. CANDY CANE WAND, red Fantasio wand vanishes into two red/white 40" thumbtip streamers, instructions, wand, 2 streamers . . . only 10 with me: $50 NZ

12. GOLD NUGGETS PRODUCTION, 4 fold flat 5" gold nuggets pop up for production from box or in my case a flat magazine … 4 per pack, 15 w/me: $20 NZ

13. MY FOUR NEWEST VIDEOS all in PAL: Magic in Black & White (library show 2001), It's All the Same Trick (Kidabra lectute, I will show part of this Monday at the convention), Live Kidbiz 5 Lost Kidshow Magic (new) and Live Kidbiz 6 the Lost Library Show (from 1984). Official prices are $40 NZ … but special at $25 NZ


14. Future Fungus Flower color change $15 NZ (have 20)
15. BIG Red Hand (18) ball changes to large red sponge hand $15 NZ
16. Rocco Delite Thumbtips small or large, two per box, a pair at $40 NZ
17. Fantasio Appearing Canes in red or black, $40 NZ
18. BIG BLACK HAT hold huge production load, plus free beanie bunny $55 NZ
19. 6 FT RICE RABBIT IN HAT (reproduction) SILKS, have 9 with me, these run $150 USD (@ $225 NZ) … my special price (yes, brand new ones) is just $150 NZ …and please note that I also have with me one each of the 6 ft Butterfly & Dragon
20. CRASH COURSE ON KIDSHOWS my newest book $25 NZ, special $15 NZ
21. Spike Arm Illusion, I'll perform on Sat night show, have 3 … at $85 NZ each
22. Rope Fusion, 3 ropes magically join together (red, white, blue) have 6 at $10 nz
23. KOMEDY KIDSHOW KLINIC LIVE video set, our last one in PAL, 6 hr all day workshop with Sammy Smith, Steve Taylor, and David Ginn … $90 NZ one only!!!
24. Jr Rubber Chicken … hides in hand $15 NZ (only 4-5 with me)
25. Virgil's Vanishing Possum Illusion, complete with Kiwi Fruit Pie and Goody Goody Gumdrop Ice Cream with Maple Syrup Sauce, instructions and DVD in stereo, used only once, only one in stock and no longer needed. 1st come, 1st served. $999 NZ

ALL SALES are cash or major credit card (sorry no checks), payable at the convention. To hold any of these items, please email ALAN WATSON by noon Thursday at the VERY LATEST! Finally . . .


In 1993 when I attended the Wanganui Convention, I got from Ken Bates a BLUE BOX TRICK which allows you to put a glass of liquid inside and turn it upside-down without spilling. I have now used that in 500+ shows and really would like another one for back up, even two! I believe it was made by Harold Chandler here in New Zealand many years ago.

If you have one or know of one . . . please advise Alan for me and BRING IT to the convention. I will either purchase it for cash (whatever is fair) or trade you merchandise in lieu of cash. Your choice! It maybe have been called Wizzy Dizzy Milk (by Supreme) . . . but whatever it's called . . . help me if you can!

Many thanks . . . see you this weekend! --- DAVID GINN, myself

PS: This is just a partial list of the things I've brought to Auckland; I have many more one or this, two of that items, and a bunch of SILKS for sale at bargain prices!

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