Chuck Hickok Lecture - Auckland

Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand

Date: Friday 2nd September 2005
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Ferndale House, Mt Albert
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
$5.00 discount for financial IBM 160 members

Contact: Stan Goudge - Secretary
IBM Ring 160 Kiwi Magic, the Tony Wilson Ring Inc
8 Welcome Pl
New Zealand Ph/Fax 64- 9- 835 1890

Lecture: Entertaining People with Easy, Interesting, Fun, and Amazing Mentalism

His Mission as an Corporate Entertainer: To get people to relax, to have fun, to feel safe, to experience something amazing, and to forget about - for at least the time he is on stage - the problems and difficulties they may be facing in their lives.

As a Corporate Entertainer, Mentalism is his means to achieving this mission.

Mentalism is a form of entertainment in which the performer creates the illusion of extraordinary cognitive or mental abilities………..

Chuck has become a multi millionaire from performing his special style of corporate mentalism which he will share with us all.

Lecture Review: Chuck Hickok

Marc DeSouza - Past IBM and SAM National Champion: Close-up and Stage

Chuck Hickok did indeed lecture at our home last Thursday. It is with mixed feelings that I report on the lecture. I am afraid that it may be turning many more magicians to mentalism and has the potential to cause the ranks of PEA to swell. It was one of the best lectures I have had at our home. Several of the attendees said it was the best lecture they have ever seen. I don't think praise can get much higher than that.

For magicians who have had no previous experience with performing mentalism, it was way beyond a primer/crash was a gift of an entire working repertoire, plus a way of thinking about construction and presentation that should serve them for the rest of their performing career. For those of us who are a bit more experienced, it reminded us of many important basics and along with some great tips that we didn't know, but more importantly, that some of the simple things we forget or pass by are so incredibly effective for "real audiences".

If you get the chance to see Chuck lecture, don't miss the opportunity. More importantly, warn magicians to stay away...we don't need them taking our business ;)

(Note: Marc DeSouza invites the top magicians and mentalists to lecture in his “home theater” which seats thirty. Marc’s home is the top place to lecture in the Philadelphia area.)

Ferndale House 130 New North Rd, Mt Albert - DIRECTIONS

Exit the Southern Motorway at Greenlane. Proceed along Greenlane West, Balmoral Rd, and St Lukes Rd. Going past Mt Eden, Dominion and Sandringham Roads, and St Lukes Shopping Centre to New North Rd, Mt Albert. Turn left. Up the hill to the top. On the right is the white wooden Mt Albert Methodist Church, on left amongst the trees is Ferndale House. An elegant historical home located in a parklike setting.

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