Remember Lee Asher's Lecture in
Auckland is *tonight*

Lee Asher Lecture - Auckland
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand

Date: Thursday 22nd September 2005
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Ferndale House, 830 New North Rd, Mt Albert

To view map to print off CLICK HERE
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
$5.00 discount for financial IBM 160 members

Contact: Stan Goudge - Secretary
IBM Ring 160 Kiwi Magic, the Tony Wilson Ring Inc
Ph/Fax: (09) 835 1890

Lee Asher's lecture at Sean Taylor's weekend 2005

Hey everyone,

Lee Asher here…

First, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to come over to your beautiful island. It has been a dream of mine to visit New Zealand and Australia ever since I was a small child.

Now I am here…

Second, I would like to personally remind you about the lecture I am giving tomorrow night in Auckland. We are going to have a lot of fun, and I promise you will walk away from this two hour session thinking differently about your magic. I guarantee you will be inspired.

If you have a moment, I want to tell you a little bit about what I have brought with me from America.

DVDs, CD-roms, lecture notes, packet effects, and manuscripts will be available for your learning pleasure.

Please have a look at what I have to offer:

By the way, I have decided to do a straight exchange across the board with the money. If it's $25 AMERICAN, then it will be $25NZ. I will swallow the difference, but I hope to make up for it in volume. I take all major credit cards and cash, but I can not accept checks for obvious reasons.

The Five Card Stud -
This instructional DVD was filmed like a movie - Plot, Characters, and Cinematography fill this DVD for an extremely enjoyable watch. Oh, and the magic taught on there is some of my favourite. $35NZ

The Asher Twist -
This is the effect that placed me on the proverbial magic map. Please have a look at the performance video. The Asher Twist is now available on DVD. You will be the first to have a chance to get the DVD. Notice it's not even on my website yet! $25NZ

Catch 33 -
For those whom enjoy the Monte game, this is right up your alley. Simplicity and directness are the names of this game. I offer an 85 page PDF e-book (Portable Digital File) on this routine, and I think you will truly enjoy it. $20NZ

Diving Board Double -
Many famous professional magicians are switching over and using the basic version of my Diving Board Double in place of their regular double lift. You will learn both the non-acrobatic and acrobatic version tomorrow night. You will absolutely adore this double lift, and you might even make it your favourite too. Again, it's a PDF e-book 55 pages long. $20NZ

Losing Control -
Keeping in the cinematic style of shooting an instructional magic video - the Losing Control is by far the most violent magic instructional video on the market today. That's right - I said violent. I, Lee Asher, am kidnapped by terrorists and am forced to teach them the secret to the easiest control in the world. Over and over they beat me until I teach them everything. I had a lot of fun making this video, and I believe you will LOVE watching it. $20NZ

Each of the booklets are $12NZ a piece, but if you get all five of them, I offer you a special deal of $50NZ.

Thinking Out Loud -
This is probably the most laymen oriented booklet I have to offer. Some of the highlights include the Ripper and Deuce Bag. Some say Deuce Bag is worth the price of the lecture. I would have to agree…

Sex Sells -
Need I say anymore? Oh yeah - and the card magic explained in there is pretty strong too!

Le Asher -
I used to live in Paris, France a few years back and this booklet is about some of the material I created while living there. I'm willing to bet the Finger Box of Death will go into all of your repertoires immediately. This last weekend, at Sean Taylor's convention, the magic finger box of death played for over 300 people in the auditorium.

Hand Jobs -
Stop thinking what you are thinking!! Hand Jobs will delight and excite the card-man who loves to perform serious sleight of hand. My favourite routine in there is NOT IMPRESSIVE. Ask me to perform it for you…

Pulp Friction -
I firmly believe this move will revolutionize card magic as we know it. I might not get the chance to teach it tomorrow, but again, ask me to perform it for you. You won't believe your eyes!

Other products
Three Stylin -
I want you to imagine... You're stuck. You're performing magic at a private party, and the subject of THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER comes up. You want to perform, but the crowd keeps discussing Las Vegas. You feel the pressure. Then it hits you. To the startled eyes of those around, you pull out your brightly coloured Stylin' poker chips; execute a beautifully choreographed Three-Fly style routine where the poker chips magically travel from one hand to the other. Immediately - your audience raves. You are an instant success!! $20NZ

Ricochet -
I won't tell you what it's about; please go have a look at the performance video. I promise you will like it! $10NZ

I hope nothing has been left out, and I do hope to see each and every one of you tomorrow at my lecture. Again, my job will be to inspire you and make you think differently about the magic you already perform.

See you there my New Zealand friends…

Lee Asher

Ps. don't forget, please bring a deck of cards with you so you can learn everything I teach. You will find this lecture to be more like a hands-on workshop than a standard magic lecture!

Alan Watson - Publicity

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