The 28th New Zealand International
Magicians Convention

Palmerston North, New Zealand.
20th to 23rd October 2006

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Hosted by
Palmerston North Magic Circle (Inc)

Message from Peter Thomson - Convention President

Reminder - Early bird registrations
Final payment due - 20 September 2006

Extra Tickets
Tickets are now available for Friday night's Club Show (featuring international artists) and for Saturday night's Stage and Quick Trick Competitions for non-registrants who are attending as guests of registrants.

Cost: $10 per person per show.

Supper tickets for supper at the Sherwood are also available for Friday and Saturday nights for non-registrants who are attending as guests of registrants.

Cost: $10.00 per person per supper. Bookings are essential for catering purposes and should be made when you register at the Convention.

These events are all included as part of the registration fee for registrants.

CASH ONLY please on the day

We will not be credit enabled.

If you have not registered by September 30 we cannot guarantee you a seat at the Banquet event. After this date we will be selling Banquet tickets to the friends of registrants on our waiting list. Registrants who have already paid for guests at the Banquet will be advised only if we are unable to confirm their booking. If you do not hear by 7th October then your extra booking is confirmed.

Extra Public Show
After the close of the convention (owing to public demand in the City) we will be repeating the Gala Public Show on Monday afternoon 23 October at 3pm. This is not one of the convention events included in your registration fee. Tickets are on sale at $21.50 plus service fee for the Monday afternoon show from any outlet of Ticket Direct Phone 0800 4 ticket (0800 484 253)

Competition Withdrawals
The email message from the Competitions Committee seems to have been misunderstood by some.

An announcement was made prior to March 2006 that the major competitions (Stage, Children's and Close up) would be held in the traditional way and at the same time we announced that places in these competitions would be allocated in the order that competitors registered for the convention. A new system was put in place to enable early registration without financial pressure. In our view no registrant can complain if their registration was received too late to guarantee them a place in any competition.

One competitor registered in March and voluntarily withdrew (scratched) in August. However it is known that at any convention some competitors indicate at the last minute (often immediately before the competition) that they will not be competing. This is not acceptable to our committee since it deprives other people who have registered late and could otherwise have competed from the opportunity of taking part in the competition.

We have therefore given all competitors the opportunity of withdrawing voluntarily if they wish. If we do not receive scratchings we will have to apply our announced policy of "first come, first served". This or similar systems have been applied at previous conventions and we make no apology for this policy being applied now, five weeks from the convention weekend.

You have been warned
This convention will be a SELLOUT!

The registration fees are:
Full registration $245
Accompanying adult registration $225
Junior registration $170 (under 17 on 20/10/06)

For the
28th New Zealand
International Magicians Convention

20th to 23rd October 2006

Palmerston North, New Zealand

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