The 28th New Zealand International
Magicians Convention

Palmerston North, New Zealand.
20th to 23rd October 2006

Latest Update

Hosted by
Palmerston North Magic Circle (Inc)

Message from Peter Thomson - Convention President

The Club wishes to thank all those who have registered. We are looking forward to a GREAT convention.

Don't forget to pack your tricks for the informal "fun" competitions. And put on your judging caps for all the magic we hope will be going on around the venue. The competitions which can be performed anywhere (including on stage) are the following: Best Card trick, Best Mental Effect, and Best Trick of the Convention. The Best Quick trick and Favourite Three Minutes will be held on stage on Saturday.

All these competitions will be judged by Registrants. Because of the logistics the other informal competitions (Best Assistant, Best Illusion, and Manipulation etc) will be judged by a panel of judges at the end of the competitions. Full details of the judging procedures will be announced at the Convention.

NB: With an unexpected number of entries in the Senior Stage Act Competition there has been a slight change to the program.

Banquet: We are happy to say that all extra seats booked for the banquet (and paid for) are confirmed.

Dress Code: The Banquet Committee requests that smart dress be worn to this function (men a jacket and/or tie please).

Payments: We will not be "credit enabled" at the Convention Venues. Therefore if you wish to make any payments on the day you will need CASH. Please remember that overseas dealers always require cash and cannot accept cheques or any credit cards. There is an automatic telling machine at the Westpac Bank close by the venue.

The Tony Wilson Lecture: We are pleased to announce that Tony has kindly agreed to deliver a short lecture on the psychology of Magic entitled "The Magic of Psychology". Tony's lecture will take place late Sunday afternoon immediately before the Convention Photograph. (This was to be the mystery event - the secret is out!)

With only two (2) weeks to go everything is ready to make this one of the greatest conventions ever. If you have delayed registering until now this may be your last opportunity!

Message from Tony Wilson

Magic for sale in Palmerston North Labour weekend 2006 plus FREE magic clothing

I am bringing a collection of magic jackets, suits, trousers and shirts (15 items) to Palmerston North to GIVE away to registrants attending who will a) fit the garments and b) want to use them for their own use. Included in this are two sets for formal tails complete with the necessary pockets, wing collars, white bow ties and studs etc These items will be on display in our room at the Convention where any one interested may try on the items.

I also have a range of "pre loved' magic to dispose of in Palmerston North. Items include Metal cane to double bouquet, Large feather flower bouquet, single feather flower darts, Small botania (Supreme), Mutilated Sunshade with green and yellow silks and green and yellow umbrella in beach mat, close up mats, novelty cigarette lighters and key rings, Tarbell Volume 6 etc…

Some of these items need to be demonstrated which won't be possible at the sales tables on the last morning so I am inviting interested purchasers to make an appointment with me to have an in room demonstration at the Sherwood Motel where we are staying.

Please make contact with me before or during the Convention.

Mary and I are due on Friday October 20th in the late afternoon.


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