Remember that Docc Hilford's
first NZ lecture is this coming Friday

Docc Hilford's - Auckland lecture
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Friday 11th May 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Ferndale House, New North Road, Mt. Albert
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
$5.00 discount for financial IBM 160 members
Contact: Ross Harlick - Phone: (09)521 3327

Palmerston North Lecture
Sponsored by Palmerston North Magic Circle
Date: Wednesday 16th May
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Club Rooms, Awapuni Community Hall, New Berry St, Palmerston North
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
Contact: Peter Thomson - Phone: (06)357 2861

Christchurch Lecture
Sponsored by Castle of Magic
Thursday 17th May 2007
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Room 10 Shirley Community Centre, Cnr Slater Street and Shirley Road, Christchurch
Lecture fee: $20 presales from the Castle of Magic or $25 on the night
Contact: Mike Hines - Phone: (03) 379 4468

Docc Hilford's items for sale

After recovering from a little accident last November, I'm finally in New Zealand and loving it! I'll be exploring the island under the guidance of Richard Webster for the next few days and looking forward to my time with Kiwi entertainers.

I'll have a special deal for you and the attendees of the lecture on Friday as well as at the workshop on Monday. First of all the books I have will be discounted from the retail price by making the exchange straight across. That is, what ever the price in US dollars will be the same price in New Zealand dollars. So a set of lecture notes at $20 US are only $20 NZ. This saves everyone the postage and brings the price down 25% too.

The Aussies really cleaned me out as far as books go, but I have special notes only available on this trip. And I have my latest, and I think one of my best, creations: The Little Black Book Test. As you know, I'll be performing and teaching my actual cabaret act. Two of the effects are in lecture notes. The first effect, Rattle Trap is a magazine test that really makes you seem like a psychic because it reveals information that no less than three different people select. That is available in notes for $20.

The second full effect is Champaign Billets, a three billet trick that is as close to actual mind reading as I've ever come. The notes detailing this routine are also $20. Each set of notes is illustrated with photographs and contains details that can't be covered completely in the lecture.

The Little Black Book test has been described as "The Mother of All Book Tests on steroids!" It's an address book that does so much more than just reveal a single choice. In fact, it can be used for Q&A and will be covered in the workshop. It sells for $45 US which means $45 NZ here and now. But here's what I thought I'd do for everyone.

If one buys both sets of notes and the book test separately the cost is $85. I say if they buy them all together it will be only $60 NZ! That's almost half price of what they'd pay back in the states. I have only a limited number, so I know they'll go fast.

Alan, I have just a very few of the other books with me, too few to mention, but some are interesting.

I can't wait. We'll discuss so much more than mentalism. I'll tip why I built my show the way I did and how magicians can benefit from the techniques I share. We'll all have a great deal of fun.



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Pre-orders can be e-mailed to Richard Webster:

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