David Ginn Christmas Magic
Down Under 2007 New Zealand

Dear Friends in New Zealand:

I am nearly there to see you once more . . . Bringing an early Christmas with comedy, magic, songs, props and more! This is the magic for Christmas parties I’ve shown in half the USA last fall . . . And plan to repeat on the west coast USA this fall. But you’ll see it sooner, in time to prepare for your holiday shows just three months later!


New Zealand Tour Shedule:
Aug. 14 (Tues) Auckland
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Raye Freedman Hall, 788 Remuera Rd, Remuera
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
$5.00 discount for financial IBM 160 members
Contact: Ross Harlick - Phone: (09)521 3327

Aug. 15 (Wed) Wellington
Michael Woolf home, 277 Horokiwi Road, Horokiwi, Wellington
Start: Be there by 7.00pm - Lecture will start at 7.30pm
Lecture fee: $25.00, juniors $15.00

Aug. 16 (Thurs) Christchurch
Shirley Community Centre, Cnr Slater Street and Shirley Road, Christchurch
Start: 7.30pm
Lecture fee: $12 pre-sales from Castle of Magic or $15 on the door

All lectures will run 2+ hours with both commercial and do it yourself Christmas theme magic and comedy. David’s CHRISTMAS MAGIC WORKBOOK will be on sale at each lecture for a low $10 AUD or NZD. This book is not sold via mail, only in person. You must SEE the lecture to fully understand it!

That’s all ... See you soon! --- David Ginn

PS: BELOW is my price list of things I will have with me. I accept New Zealand dollars cash for the prices shows, or Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit cards. NO CHECKS, sorry. Notice that these prices are adjusted only slightly from the USD prices; some are even the same, giving you an instant discount. Understand that these prices are IN PERSON ONLY. I cannot ship these things to you, and NOTE that I absolutely DO NOT SELL the Christmas Magic Workbook VIA MAIL, ONLY IN PERSON. Okay, here we go:

Christmas Magic Prices In NZ dollars

1. Special One: Christmas Magic Workbook, 50 pages of magic, comedy, routines, advice & inspiration on working shows during the Christmas holidays, written by David Ginn & friends. Original artwork for you use included. There is no other magic book like it! Sold ONLY at the lecture, NOT by mail! Priced low so everyone can get a copy. Special: $10.00

Comedy Warm-ups

2. Vanishing Coke Bottle, no longer made, comes w/18" silk … last chance price: $45
3. 50-Foot silk streamer, new, DG exclusive, should cost $60 … my price only $35
4. Star of Show made by Goshman for me, yellow 2" ball turns insideout to 6" star … $15
5. Hot Flip Flops (fans on Jacobs ladder, all change to selected color) set of four … only $10
6. Christmas Color Changing Shoelaces, handmade & painted … ONLY $10
7. Fantasio Appearing or Vanishing Canes (black, red, or silver) each $35
8. Denmark Thumbtip Streamers (1 meter long) my last supply … each $10

9. Special Two: Hats, Rabbits, and Swords DVD. 100 minutes long, this live show-lecture DVD teaches kidshow workers important magic principles for making children laugh, plus a live library show with explanation, and finally a Spectacular Sword Box Illusion ending with a huge surprise hat production to top them all! Reg price $45 . . . lecture special just $20!

Magic to Music

10. Stretching a Rainbow (DG exclusive, 4 ft streamer changes to 20 ft visibly) complete $20
11. Color Explosion Blendo (five 9" silks change into 36" exclusive design silk) complete $30
12. Color Changing Wreaths 7 feather rings & CLOTH BAG … amazing price $25

Audience Participation Magic

13. Big RED Nose Sammy Smith RUDOLPH trick Kids Love! Low price, good routine! $20
14. Merry Christmas 36" Silk … great for blendo or production, I'll show you: $25
15. Christmas picture fun McComb Deck type trick, kid friendly, made by Practical Magic in UK, I show it by exclusive arrangement & not overpriced! Cards, frame, instructions just $45
16. Disbanded is my new trick with necklace loops that change places, penetrate a child's arm, then link together in a chain of red, yellow, green … handmade for me exclusively in UK … includes a 27-min DVD showing you both stage & close-versions, plus HOW to do them, plus all loops for both stage and close-up versions. Retail price will be $60-75 A/NZ . . . lecture price complete: $45.00!
17. Bunny Hat, wonderful addition to any rabbit trick using a child, top hat placed on kid's head changes to giant rabbit but kid doesn't know it, lots of laughs! Plush hat well sewn. ONLY $45
18. Color Changing Wand black wand pushed thru hand becomes red, easy repeat! Just $10
19. Christmas Music CD by Arthur & Leslie Stead, 18 excellent royalty free tracks. $35
20. Hardback Book Sale: I have with me a small, limited supply of hardback magic books, which may include Safety Magic for Children, Comedy Magic Textbook, Enlightened Magicians … to be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. These retail at $25-45 each. SALE PRICE : $15.00 each!

Special Three: Children Laugh Louder reprinted
Some of my best routines: Color Changing Shoelaces, Silk Illusion, Pop-away Wand, Comedy Bits w/ Audience Helpers, Trap Door, Magic Words, Purple Puppy Chow, Dog by That Name, Bowing Contest, Shooting Card, Wilting Flower, Bongo Monster Hat, Freaky Terror & Charlie's Invisible Message. Same book inside with a new cover, bonus 2-hr DVD featuring CLL routines in Live Lecture June 1978! Reg $ 30 • special just $15

Christmas Magic Lecture Outline

1. Christmas Songs & Cup Drop
2. Coca-Cola for Santa
3. Flip Flop Christmas Toy
4. Christmas Cane Wrap Plus
5. Red Nose Rudolph
6. Stretching a Rainbow
7. Color Explosion Blendo
8. Christmas Wreaths
9. Christmas Shoelaces
10. Funny Bunny Hat
11. Christmas Picture Fun
12. Disbanded on Stage

Intermission 20 Minutes

13. Five Balloon Animals with One Balloon
14. Ten Do's & Don'ts for Christmas Shows
15. Boy/Girl Change Bag Blendo
16. Christmas Ropes & Santa
17. Charlie's Invisible Christmas Message
18. Remember What It's All About

Special Four: complete LIVE KIDBIZ series
This series includes two books totaling 450 pages, hundreds of photos & drawings, plus six hours of video taped live shows on four DVDs. Here's what you get:
• Live Kidbiz 1 book & DVD: Vanishing Coke Bottle, Magic to Rock Music (canes, silks more), Climax Egg Bag, Radio Rabbit, Eye Chart, Ching Soo Firecracker, Lobster Cards, Tricky Bottles, Sun & Moon, Arrowhead, Dagger Rabbit Vanish, and Closing Magic to Music. 144 page book explains all and more. $35-45
• Live Kidbiz 2: Master Textbook & DVD: • Jungle Rope Warm-up, No Bounce Ball, Disbanded Arm Penetration, Go Fish, Snake Basket, Easter Egg Count, ABC Puzzle, Wild West Animals, Coke Bottle Rabbit, Sawing in Half, finally the Road Race, Guitar Solo, and Tablecloth Stunt—pulling the cloth from under the dishes! PLUS other routines NOT on the DVD, plus explanations of everything on LK 3, 4, 5 & 6. $35-45
• Live Kidbiz 3/4. LK3 Costuming Kids for Laughs in which David shows you how to add funny costumes to your tricks to make them entertaining routines, lots of live footage. LK4 is Storytelling with Magic, ten routines including Magic Drawing Board, Jolly Polly George, Big Bad Kong, Watch Tester, Sharpshooter, Guillotine, Pieces of Eight, and Rabbit Botania. $35-45
• Live Kidbiz 5/6. Again two videos on one DVD—LK5 shows routines with money, live rabbits, neck twister, Alfred the Card Spider, Ring Toss, Watch Bag, Disecto, Sword Thru Neck and more. LK6 is a complete library show featuring musical magic, coin pail, bunny production/vanish, shrinking glove, card on back, PacMan 20th Century, Head Chopper, book talk and more. $35-45

regular total price: $150-180 • Christmas Lecture special: only $75 !

FREE with any $100 purchase (only 1 per customer please):
Christmas CC Laces, Hot Flip Flops, or Christmas Workbook!

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