Charles Gauci - Workshop
Thursday 22nd Novemeber

Charles Gauci is currently presenting his new workshop in the United States and Canada. He's returning home via New Zealand and has agreed to present one workshop in Auckland on Thursday, November 22nd.

His four hour workshop will be held at my home (8 Napa Court, Howick), starting at 6.30pm.

The investment is $NZ100.00, payable in cash on the night. Magicians in North America are paying $US100.00, making this a wonderful bargain for serious magicians.

Charles is an extremely entertaining and highly skilled presenter. The effects he teaches are practical and highly commercial.

Please contact me by phone (535-2344) or email ( if you'd like to attend.

Numbers are strictly limited. Judging by the expressions of interest from the previous mailout, this evening will be a SELLOUT. Bookings are on a first in, first served basis

Best wishes,

Message from Charles Gauci

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, now that my successful Centenary Convention is out of the way I can get back to leading a normal life. However, it has turned my life upside down.

Due to two excellent newspaper articles, my corporate bookings have picked up enormously to the extent that I have decided that after the next 12 months I will be limiting my overseas travel to lecture or deal at overseas conventions.

I want to get back to doing full time corporate work where it is simpler and less strenuous. After all I have toured the world at least 7 times during the past 9 years. Next year, my workshop tour will include Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Austria and France Ireland and Scotland.

For over 54 years magic has been extremely good to me and this is my way of really contributing something back. I will be holding nothing back.

Therefore, I have decided to extend my forthcoming workshop tour of the US and Canada to four hours per session beginning at 6.30 pm each evening. I will be tipping my very closely guarded effects in detail for instance giving an additional two methods for performing my Eye to Eye which you can make yourself.

Each attendant will receive the required apparatus for performing six of my commercial effects so there is nothing to buy. I will be also tipping my method of marking a deck of cards which can be seen up to 10 feet away without the participants noticing any markings on the back. This deck coupled with my memorized deck system will give you a very powerful tool. You have seen the staggering effects that Lennart Green produces with his tremendous skill. Using these two combined principles you will have at least 3 killer card effects.

The tour of USA and Canada will commence in Oct and November. I have cancelled the September bookings due to heavy corporate bookings at home.

The price is US$100 per head with a guaranteed minimum of 8 persons required. Recommended maximum is 25-30 persons. As each attendee will be receiving their own personal workshop kit a parcel will be mailed to each club's secretary prior to my departure so it is critical that the numbers be finanlized at least 30 days prior to my booked date as I will not be carrying any additional stock. Included in the kit will be a DVD with detailed explanations of all the effects and a performance of each effect

The average price of the effects will be US$10 so as you can see you are getting 10 commercial effects for your $100 entrance fee which is great value when you consider that if you bought them separately they would have cost you at least US$300.

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