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Jay Scott Berry

Auckland Lecture
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Tuesday 26th August
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Raye Freedman Hall, 788 Remuera Rd, Remuera
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
$5.00 discount for financial IBM 160 members
Contact: Ross Harlick -
Phone: (09)521 3327

Palmerston North Lecture
Sponsored by Palmerston North Magic Circle
Date: Thursday 28th August
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Club Rooms, Awapuni Community Hall, Newberry St, Palmerston North (off Ferguson Street West, Palmerston North)
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
Contact: Peter Thomson -
Phone: (06)357 2861

Wellington Lecture
Sponsored by Hutt Valley Magicians
Date: Sunday the 31st August
Time: 1.00pm
Venue: Michael Woolf's home, 277 Horokiwi Road Horokiwi Wellington
Lecture fee: $25.00
Juniors: $15.00
Contact: Michael Woolf -
Phone: (04)587 0045

Christchurch Lecture
Sponsored by The Canterbury Society of Magicians
Date: Monday 1st September
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Shirley Community Centre Hall - Main entrance off Shirley road.
Lecture fee: Adults - Door sales $30 - Pre-paid $25
Juniors & Students under 18 years: $15
Students 18 and over: $20
Contact: Purchase of tickets please contact Mike Houston on 027 253 8924

Jay will have available his entire line of original effects and DVDs - many of which are not available anywhere else. These can be seen on my website at:

All prices will be at lecture special rates - up to 50% off!

These include the world's largest supply of Diamond silks and a great selection of sponge balls, stars and pips. I now have 3 sizes of Diamond Silk Fountains - Small - $40, Medium - $70 and Large - $90

He will also have a number of package deals. These include:
The Cloaking Device Package - Cloaking DVD, 1 Cloaking Device, Rainbow streamer, winding form and dropper - $40

The FS/2 Package - FS/2 DVD, FS/2 Gimmick, 18" Diamond Silk, Matching spongeball, winding form and dropper - $50

The Topit Superset - Topit DVD, 2 JSB Topits and 2 Sleeve Pockets - $75

Chameleon Knots & Silk DVD - $40

Ring and Ribbon DVD plus 2 Rings and Ribbon - $30

Eclipse Package - Eclipse DVD, Eclipse Tip, Total Eclipse Silks - $40

A Modern Day Merlin

Jay Scott Berry is a modern day Merlin and Renaissance man. He is an accomplished performer, inventor and teacher of magic. As such, Jay is recognized the world over as one of the leading architects of the Artform. For over 20 years, he has traveled the globe, delighting audiences with a style of illusion that goes beyond deception, to inspiration. From intimate close-up magic to spectacular stage illusions, he is one of the few who have earned the title of magician's magician; a master in his field.

Magic and Music

Jay is also an noted composer and musician. Among his musical achievements are four acclaimed instrumental CDs. Initially creating soundtracks for his own performances, Jay slowly developed a unique musical style that is as breathtaking and beautiful as his magic. As one of the highlights of his musical career, Jay was called upon to create and perform an original score for the ballet "Angels in Disguise", which premiered in Vienna.

The early years

Born in 1960, Jay practically grew up in the theater. By the age of 4, he was already performing in local plays and musicals in his hometown of Reno, Nevada. His lifelong interest in magic was sparked when his mother gave him a magic kit when he was only 5. His talent and love for music also surfaced early on, in school bands and orchestras, where he played a number of instruments. These three elements; Magic, Music and Theater were to provide a crucial early foundation for his career to come.

A bright young star is recognized

After High School, he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in the performing Arts. Within an year, he was being hailed as one of magic's brightest new stars, and, at 19, was the youngest magician ever to perform at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle. Jay's international career took off in the early '80's, when he first performed in Europe. His unique style of classic magic with a futuristic flair was an instant success. Since then, Jay has performed thousands of shows, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, New York to Paris; from the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton to the historic Theatre-an-der-Wien in Vienna. He's been featured on dozens of national, and international television shows.

Creating Magic - Seminars and Consulting

As one of the pre-eminent creators of original magic effects, Jay is in often found traveling the world as a lecturer and seminar leader. He has collaborated on numerous film, television and theatrical productions, working alongside the likes of Walt Disney's Imagineers, Alan Parsons, Anthony Robbins, Muhammed Ali, Jon Anderson and Jim Stafford. His creative, motivational style is in constant demand at corporate events and trade shows. Over the years, Jay's range of clients include Apple, Nissan, Ford, BASF, AMD, and Capitol Records.

Theatrical Festivals and Productions

With all this experience in theater, it's no surprise that Jay began producing shows and events. As early as 1985, Jay wrote and produced his first magical stage play. Currently, one of his most exciting projects is The Palace of Magic Festival in Scotland. In August, 2002, the first Festival took place, and Jay was honoured to be one of the headline performers. It proved such a success that it was made an annual event, and Jay became one of the show's producers. Now in it's sixth year, The Palace of Magic has become one of the largest Magic festivals in the world.

The Pure Magic Lecture

As a creator, performer and teacher, Jay Scott Berry is recognized as one of the Masters of the Art. His impeccable style of magic has made him a regular performer at the some of the world's finest hotels and for some of the top global corporations. His lectures and masterclasses have received rave reviews and standing ovations worldwide. As a professional speaker, he is concise and articulate. As a creative force, his unique and diverse ideas have helped shape the current State-of-the-Art. "In my entire career, I have never seen anything as convincing. It was real magic, delivered with precision timing and consummate skill." - Mark Wilson

Jay has spent over 25 years developing a master system for powerful visual magic. His practical gimmicks and versatile methods apply whether you perform close-up or stage magic, comedy or serious, for children or adults. He challenges pre-conceived notions of what is actually possible and inspires one to reach for a higher level of performance. But most of all, what sets him apart is that the illusions he creates actually look like real magic! The ultimate impact of the magical experience is directly relative to the strength of the illusions that you create. Make no mistake, if it looks like real magic, it will blow them away! Why settle for less? "The most Magical Act I've ever seen!" - Dean Dill

Jay will perform and teach many original effects, including:

The Diamond Silk Fountain - From empty hands, a 24" silk appears that instantly becomes a multi-colored silk fountain. From this, a full, solid wine bottle appears and finally, a crystal wine glass!

Retrograde - This mind-blowing routine is being hailed as "The perfect cut and restored effect". A satin ribbon is cut into 8 pieces and, in an instant, is restored. This starts clean and ends clean - pure magic!
The Immaculate Transformation - An ordinary spongeball visually changes into a matching colored silk. One of the most amazing visual transformations you will ever see.

The Vortex Streamer Production - One of the strongest silk productions ever devised. Both hands are shown empty. A hole in space is created with the cupped hand, and a 68" rainbow streamer is produced!

Chameleon Knots - Two Diamond Silks are tied together and a knot is tied in each one. With a wave of the hand, the knots change places. The silks can be freely shown, even close-up. Another pass and they change back. The silks are untied and shown again. An absolute stunner!

The Lightning Switch - Widely considered to be the best bill switch ever. The hands are shown empty and a blank piece of paper is examined. This is folded and transformed into a $100 bill. With no false moves, it is handed out and the hands shown empty again. 100% clean!

The Lightning Switch Finale - Clean, quick and very visual! An examined $100 bill instantly changes into a larger $100 silk. A great stand-alone effect or the perfect way to take your bill switch to the next level.

Foiled Again - A fantastic new coin routine: a simple piece of tin foil, which can be examined, is shown and then visually changes into a silver coin. The coin vanishes completely and then reappears at the fingertips. Finally, it transforms back into the foil which can, again, be examined.

The JSB Topit System - Jay's original design, psychology and handling are recognized as the most practical and sure-fire Topit system ever. The ultimate way to upgrade your magic to the next level.

"A true visionary. There are only a handful of magicians who are masters of the Art. This man is one of them. Do whatever you have to do to get to one of his lectures or shows."
Anthony Brook, President of the SAM - Portugal

What's that you say? You don't have JSB Topits & Pockets yet? Well, no worries mate.
Joining the tour is Lisa Richards; professional magician, costume designer and an expert at installing Topits, Sleeve Pockets and the all-important Side Pocket Slits. Don't miss this chance to finally have Topits installed correctly. Just bring along your jacket or vest and she'll do the rest!

For prices, reservations and more info, please visit:

The Pure Magic Lecture is a comprehensive presentation exploring the Art and Science of mystery, astonishment and pure wonder. Don't miss it!
Jay Scott Berry

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