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From the night of December 27th 2008 to January 1st 2009, 1.00am

The official registration and competition form for the convention can be downloaded from:

If you don't have internet web access contact Ross Harlick, Secretary, 91 Panapa Drive, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072, New Zealand.

Or by: Phone: (09) 521 3327
Fax: (09) 521 3327

Mammoth Auction Planned for Convention

This will take place in the afternoon on the last day of the Convention, December 31st.

Each registrant will receive an official list in their registration pack on arrival at the beginning of the Convention. Each registrant will be allowed 15 lots per person and the goods, plus duplicate lists of the goods for sale must be handed in 30 minutes before the auction commences. Michael Woolf (Editor of Magicana) will be the official auctioneer.

Cash or personal cheques only will be accepted as each lot is sold. Arrangements will be able to be made for those registrants who plan to buy numerous lots. 10% will be deducted as commission to help pay for the Convention.

The same afternoon the dealers will pack up their unsold wares and the trestles in the dealers room will be available to registants only to sell for a limited period other magic before getting ready for the New Years Banquet, Cabaret and Prizegiving.

More details will be released between now and December.

Convention Program Advertising

The rates are as follows:

Full page A4 B&W $200.00
Full page A4 Colour $250
½ page colour $125.00
½ page B&W $100.00
¼ page colour $75.00
¼ page B&W $50

It will be first in, first served basis.

The back cover has already gone.

Malcolm would prefer photo ready copy 600 DPI .jpg or .tiff (including photos) He is happy to assist with layout and settings if necessary.

Contact: Malcolm Silverman

Coming to the Convention and staying with
friends or Family in Auckland?

What a Great way to Thank them - Buy them Tickets to one of the two Gala Shows - It can also be a great Christmas Present.

As a Magician, at every function, Party that you are doing magic during the last half of this year, tell the people present about the Fantastic Magic Event that will be taking place on the 28th December at the Magic Convention, They are Invited. That is right, a limited amount of Tickets are on Sale to the Public and they can be one of the few.

This is what will Happen, --- If they enjoyed your MAGIC --- you say this "If you think what I did for you was GREAT - Wait till you see the INTERNATIONAL STAR'S of Magic Show at the International Magic Convention - This Show will blow you away - a once in a year opportunity to see the Best in Magic at a Ticket price of only $20 for adults and $10 for children."

I Know if we tell people - They will buy Tickets - all it needs is the Magicians - that is US - to get out there and TELL EVERYONE.

What a Great Convention it is going to be when the Performers come out on Stage at the Gala Shows and there is not and empty seat in the House at both the 5pm show and the 8pm show.

Help us and yourselves make this happen.

To obtain tickets for the TWO public shows contact the IBM Ring 160 Secretary Ross Harlick on phone (09) 521 3327 Fax (09) 521 3327 email
and/or post a cheque made out to IBM Ring 160 to Ross with ticket requirements.

Alan Watson - Marketing & Publicity

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