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Martin Lewis Lecture

Auckland Lecture Only

Sponsored by: IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Wednesday 25 May
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: Raye Freedman Hall - 786 Remuera Road Remuera. The hall is located on the corner of St. Johns and Meadowbank Roads, Remuera. Next to the BP petrol station.
Adult Lecture fee: $25
Juniors (School age) and financial IBM 160 members: $10
Wives or Partners: $5
Email: Roderick Mulgan -
Phone: (09) 372 8332

Martin Lewis, an engaging Englishman with long tapered fingers ideal for the performance
of his art, has spent his entire life involved with prestidigitation. Martin has performed his feats of illusion and magic throughout the world with a track record of successful performances.

For the past twenty-five years Martin has continued to maintain a quality of excellence, which has enabled him to establish an impressive list of accomplishments as a magician, variety entertainer and lecturer.

Arriving in the United States 1968, Martin took up residence in the San Francisco
Bay Area quickly establishing himself as resident magician at Earthquake Mgoons.
Television work and world travel soon followed culminating in his being awarded
“Visiting Magician of the year” and recently “Parlor Magician of the year” by the
Academy of Magical Arts
for his performances at the prestigious Magic Castle in
Los Angeles.

In addition to his heavy performance schedule, Martin is constantly developing and
marketing new magical tricks and lecturing worldwide. David Copperfield, in his
1991 and 1994 Television specials, featured effects from Martin’s book Martins

Martin Lewis is an extremely gifted and talented magician, comedian and lecturer who will continue to entertain audiences throughout the world for a long time to come.

Mark Kandel, IBM 22
The inimatable Martin Lewis was one heckova lecture. Martin served up great magic, huge laughs and wonderful insights. Martin's miniature card rise garnered a spontaneous "Oh, my God!" gasp from one of the guys - yes, it was that good, we had a ball!

Frank Dudgeon, IBM 122
And there was the pleasure of seeing a skilled performer use his subtle wit and years of experience to entertain and instruct us all. Martin Lewis considerable reputation preceded him and he delivered big time.

Earl Reum, SAM 37
The man is stupendous! We laughed and enjoyed and learned and added to our own personal philosophies of magic. Martin's explanations are clear, simple and knowledgeable. The Society of American Magicians, Assembly 37, had the time of our lives!

Rich Bloch (Collectors Workshop "World Magic Summit")
"I can't tell you how pleased I was, both as an organizer and as an audience member, with your extraordinary efforts. The stage show set precisely the right tone and your lectures and close up presentations were superb.

"David Sandy (WORKSHOP '97 + '99 convention)
Now that I've had a little time to absorb the feedback from the surveys, I am impressed with what I see. WORKSHOP participants indicated that your material was not only very educational, but also much needed. You did a fabulous job as emcee of Saturday evenings stage show... you are certainly one of the best!"

Donald Bevan (in Oct.'98 Abracadabra-Magazine)
If you get a chance, see the lecture. Martin is instructive and entertaining with a friendly personality. You'll enjoy him, I'm sure. I certainly did."

Brian Sibley MAGIC CIRCULAR (London Magic Circle, November 2nd '98)
"... In Martin's effortless style he offered us deft demonstrations (followed by explanations that were easy on the brain) and an engaging sense of humor that ranged from smart witticisms to outrageous puns...

...Speaking of one of his tricks which has been much marketed by others Martin observed that if imitation was indeed the sincerest form of flattery then he had been greatly flattered! After witnessing an evening of Martin Lewis' magic, it is not difficult to see why anyone would want to imitate him. And that's not idle flattery!"

Robert Wieland, president MZvD, OZ München (spring '99)
"I would like to send you a big thank you for the very good and informative seminar you held at the magic circle in Munich, Germany. Your lecture was highly appreciated by all of our circle members. Your material was well presented and explained. In my opinion, your magic is clear, entertaining and not overhandled. Overall, a highly recommended lecture!"

Maurizio Mancini, IBM Ring No 223, Milano, Italy (spring '99)
We had the honor to assist in the lecture of Martin Lewis, one of the great magical inventors. We spent two unforgettable hours with many visual and amazing card effects.

David Prouty, TAOM Texas
"Martin Lewis blew everyone away with his ingenious creativity and humor."

Dick Christian, Washington, DC
"If his schedule brings him anywhere near you, his lecture is not to be missed. All good highly workable material, thoroughly explained. One of the few I've attended that was well worth making myself unavailable to a paid engagement to attend."

Joe Fields, Secretary SAM 194
"Martin Lewis is the ultimate professional and he has the credentials to back it up."

Byron Ferguson, IBM 250
"Each effect provided absolutely stunning magic and entertainment!"

Bruce Barnett, SAM 24, Albany NY
"Last Monday Martin Lewis lectured to our assembly. We had a choice of his old (2000) or new (2001) lecture. We choose the earlier lecture. It's not often that you have a lecture that featured three effects featured on prime time TV by the most famous magicians in the world. I think that qualifies for the understatement of the year. If you prefer, I can drop an anvil on your foot.

After each piece, Martin would add some extra tips, and I had to write fast to make sure I captured all of his thoughts. It was a long evening, but time passed too quickly. The effects were all strong and practical. Nothing involved difficult sleights. Several of the items were easily worth the price of the lecture notes. In fact, most could be sold separately, yet Martin explained everything in the very reasonably priced notes.

It really was a 'something for everyone' lecture. My only complaint was that it was too short. I hear his 2001 lecture is equally excellent."

John Patterson, IBM 308 Searcy, AR
"Martin Lewis did another fantastic job. We had our largest crowd ever due to his reputation and Martin did not disappoint them. Martins graceful, beautiful and professional presentations are what we should all strive to achieve. His ability to teach effects and theory at the same time while continually entertaining everyone are what makes him one of the top magicians today. Beginners as well as advanced magicians learned some great lessons last night. You must see his latest lecture when it comes to your area!"

Nick Orlando, IBM 55, Phoenix, AZ
"In brief, Martin is the consummate gentleman. Lecturing to a full room, he managed to delight and entertain magicians (and YOU know how hard THAT can be) for almost two full hours. In all seriousness, it is easy to write a good review for this lecture."

Mike Whitson, SAM 78, Las Vegas, NV
"Martin Lewis proceeded to show us why he is one of the most respected innovators in all of magic. The opening effect prismatic pencil is one that I will definitely use to add a few $$$ to my corporate work. It makes a great hand out! His chop cup routine using a can of peas is the most entertaining chop cup routine I have ever witnessed. At the conclusion of the first half I walked away with 2 items I will outright steal and 3 more items of research. Also in the second half Martin kept our group of over 45 members and guests entertained and educated. "

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