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Martin Lewis Lecture

Auckland ONLY Lecture tomorrow night

Sponsored by: IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Wednesday 25th May
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: Raye Freedman Hall - 786 Remuera Road Remuera. The hall is located on the corner of St. Johns and Meadowbank Roads, Remuera. Next to the BP petrol station.
Adult Lecture fee: $25
Juniors (School age) and financial IBM 160 members: $10
Wives or Partners: $5
Email: Roderick Mulgan -
Phone: (09) 372 8332

When you go about booking lecturers, you take into account their past track record in performance, invention, fame (and indeed the ability to lecture to magicians!). Martin Lewis is a third generation magician, who entertains with his dry British wit and original magic worldwide. (His father built the actual Zig Zag used by Harbin!) With a track record of successful performances for the past twenty-five years.

In addition to his heavy performance schedule, Martin is constantly developing and marketing new magical tricks and lecturing worldwide. David Copperfield, in his 1991 and 1994 Television specials, featured effects from Martin's book Martins Miracles. Martin Lewis is an extremely gifted and talented magician, comedian and lecturer who will continue to entertain discerning audiences throughout the world for a long time to come.

Martin is best known to modern magicians for Cardiographic - The sketch pad card rise, used by Copperfield both live and on Television. This is the tip of his invention iceberg. Martins well known tricks such as Sidewalk Shuffle, the Miniature card rise and the vanishing bottle have been used by some of the worlds finest magicians. He continues to work and develop and is generally thought of as one of the nicest and most generous guys in magic. For creative, usable and easy magic, it would be hard to beat Martin Lewis.

Here is a run down on this remarkable and award winning lecture.

Part 1 - Stand-Up Magic

The Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper has been around for over a hundred years. Now Martin brings this classic into the 21st century with a new and exciting handling that relies on subtlety rather than dexterity. Used by David Copperfield.

Pocket Technicolor Prediction
A New method for my comedy prediction routine, which includes a great idea by Mike Porstmann.

Senor Mardo Egg Bag
The Senor Mardo egg bag is the most practical and deceptive bag available today. It is easy to handle and the gaff is invisible even upon direct inspection.

Crystal gazing
A spectator slowly names the card that the audience is thinking of by gazing into a crystal ball. Martin’s method is as amazing as the effect.

Comedy Come-Back Card
A very visual card effect for the platform. A card keeps jumping to the face of the pack, which is out of the performers hands. Created by Martin’s father Eric Lewis.

Yes you can make one, it’s easier than you think! Martin reveals all the details and subtle touches that brings his sketchpad card rise effect into the miracle class.

Part Two - Close-Up Magic

Business Card-iographic
You show an image of a deck, drawn on your business card. Slowly, and in full view, a drawing of a selected card rises from it. You then give it away as a souvenir. Business Card-iographic is a stunning promotional giveaway, that your customer will keep for years.

The Point of Arrival
Two marked cards vanish from the deck and join the ten in a handkerchief. A detailed exercise in misdirection.

S. U. M.
S.U.M. has nothing to do with math, the initials stand for Set Up Marked. It is the stacked, marked, deck that needs no calculation or memorization whatsoever - the deck does all the work.

The Sidewalk Shuffle
Martin's classic jumbo monte effect, still used by magicians everywhere, after 30 plus years.

The Stampede Second
Deal cards out from under a postage stamp in this highly visual illusion. Paul Harris is considering this for David Blaine so look out...

Mcabee Rings
The most elegant close up linking ring routine, with gold bracelets, which is eventually left for examination.

We are genuinely delighted to be bringing you this evening and we expect a stellar turnout. This is a night of interesting and very different, WORLD CLASS MAGIC. You don't have to book but we strongly suggest you do my contacting Roderick Mulgan -

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