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Issue Number: #936
Date: Sunday 1st July 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Latest News On EMC 2012
3. 2012 July Magic Castle Schedule
4. Marco Tempest - TED Ideas Worth Spreading
5. Uri Geller Booked For Genii Convention
6. Magic Rush Podcast
7. Remarkable Magic #39 - Nick Lewin
8. Two Magicians, One Gig - #263 - Kyle Peron
9. In Conversation with Eric Evans - Part 9
10. The Berglas Effects
11. S.A.M. - Las Vegas Magic Experience
12. MAGIC Magazine is MORE!
13. Danny Archer Webinar - Correction
14. 2012 MINDvention Mentalism Convention
15. The Show Doctor Is In!
16. Women In Magic Conference
17. Cape Cod Festival Of Magic
18. 31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention
19. Magic New Zealand App
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Last week I had major problem with my ISPs mail server and a small number of subscribers didn't receive last week's issue of Magic New Zealand. For those who missed out go to:

When I launched the new Magic New Zealand app I was expecting around the 700 mark to download the new app but much to my surprise the number was 2,724. The digital age has certainly arrived!!

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Latest News On EMC 2012
Message by Luis de Matos (Portugal)

Only a month to go before this year's Essential Magic Conference and today we can announce the final five of our amazing Speakers. And they are:

David Berglas
Yes, the incredible David Berglas is returning to EMC. David is a true international man of mystery. Miracles are his trademark, always taking an effect beyond the limits of magic into the realm of the impossible. He is the creator of the legendary Berglas Effect, a mystery that has astonished
magicians for decades.

Gene Matsuura
Gene Matsuura is famous for his extensive study of the magic of Slydini. In the 1970s they began a book project together. Slydini discussed his methods, particularly the timing, co-ordination and psychological ploys that underpinned his routines. Gene gave a wonderful talk on 'crossing the gaze' at our 2010 conference and has an equally intriguing presentation this year. Welcome back Gene.

Hiro Sakai
Hiro Sakai is new to EMC. He is well known in Japan and Korea where he has appeared on television many times, often in the character of 'Dr Leon.' He is an author and inventor and has contributed his ingenious magic to many magic magazines including The Looking Glass and Genii. Welcome Hiro Sakai.

Mike Caveney
We never know quite what to expect from Mike Caveney. In past conferences he has produced a fat chicken from an egg bag and explained one of the world's greatest illusions. He is a performer, author and historian. A member of The Inner Magic Circle, was voted Stage Magician of the Year by the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Since 1979 Mike Caveney's Magic Words has published over fifty books on the history, practice and theory of magic. Expected the unexpected and Mike Caveney at EMC.

Stan Allen
Stan is another welcome returnee to EMC. He is the publisher of Magic magazine and the producer of the Magic Live convention in Las Vegas. He has a lifetime of professional experience in magic and his presentations are entertaining, informative and inspirational. You won't want to miss him at this year's conference. Welcome back Stan.

Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy. The Essential Magic Conference is the world's first digital conference for magic and magicians. 33 magicians, 3 days of magic.

Watch live via the Internet. View on your computer, your iPad or even your iPhone. Watch all sessions online and on-demand for one year. And receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. DVDs mailed post free to anywhere in the world.

Conference speakers already announced are:
Armando Lucero (United States)
Bill Malone (United States)
Chris Kenner (United States)
Dani DaOrtiz (Spain)
Daniel Madison (United Kingdom)
David Britland (United Kingdom)
David Williamson (United States)
Debbie McGee (United Kingdom)
Denis Behr (Germany)
Eberhard Riese (Germany)
Eric Mead (United States)
Gaetan Bloom (France)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis de Matos
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Marco Tempest (United States)
Max Maven (United States)
Michel Clavello (Argentina)
Norberto Jansenson (Argentina)
Paul Daniels (United Kingdom)
Paul Harris (United States)
Richard Wiseman (United Kingdom)
Steve Cohen (United States)
Tina Lenert (United States)
Tom Stone (Sweden)
Topas (Germany)
William Kalush (United States)
Woody Aragón (Spain)
Yann Frisch (France)
Yigal Mesika (Israel)

Register to attend today - access passes are limited. Register now! By going

3. 2012 July Magic Castle Schedule
Message by Jack Goldfinger
Director Of Entertainment
Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

July 2-8th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Rafael Benatar
Late: Mike Pisciotta

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Woody Pittman
Late: Greg Otto

Palace of Mystery
Jon Armstrong
Lindsay Benner
Dan Birch

W. C. Fields Bar
Chef Anton

Peller Project
Pop Haydn
Phil Van Tee

July 9-15th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Fr. Jim Blantz
Late: Lou Serrano

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Rafael Benatar
Late: Arthur Trace

Palace of Mystery
Tony Clark
Eric Buss

W. C. Fields Bar
Mike Barger

Peller Project
Nick Lewin
Joe Monti

July 16-22nd - Magic From Portugal Week

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Miguel Pinheiro
Late: Rafael Baltresca

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Frederic da Silva
Late: Joao Blumel

Palace of Mystery
David Sousa

W. C. Fields Bar
Brian Gillis

Peller Project
Paul Vigil

July 23-29th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: David Regal
Late: David Yee

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: John Carney
Late: John Star

Palace of Mystery
Derek Hughes
Arthur Trace

W. C. Fields Bar
Ron Bell

Peller Project
Jimmy H.
Matt Vizio

Performers are subject to change due to circumstances and availability

4. Marco Tempest - TED Ideas Worth Spreading
Article forwarded by Mel Kientz

Ted Ideas Worth Spreading

Marco Tempest makes the early 1900s new again as he tells the story of Nikola Tesla

Illusionist Marco Tempest is known for making magic out of new technology, memorably using iPods culled from the TED audience for his talk about the beauty of deception. But for his newest TEDTalk, Tempest reaches to the past to create visual wizardry, telling the story of inventor Nikola Tesla using the principles of tanagra theatre.

Hugely popular in the early 20th century, tanagra theater thrilled audiences by using a series of mirrors to transform the image of an actor offstage and project a tiny version onstage. Tempest felt that tanagra theater offered the perfect visual sleight-of-hand to introduce audiences to the sad story of Nikola Tesla, recently called "the greatest geek who ever lived" by the website The Oatmeal. Tesla, a thinker and engineer born in 1856, held over 700 patents, including many to concepts still used today like alternating current, radio, remote control, and robotics. However, after proposing a wireless telegraphy center that could be used to contact other planets, Tesla's reputation was trashed. He became a recluse, living alone at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Using the principles of tanagra theater, Tempest was able to interact onstage with a miniature Tesla, played by an actor.

In this video, Tempest and his creative team-David Britland (script), Kevin Blanc (art direction), Alain Renold (motion design), Peter Dahmen (pop-up design), Michael Ricar (music and sound design), Enrico Viola (software development), Manuel Rueda Iragorri (tech wizard) and Signe Fleischmann-explain how they crafted a white pop-up book that serves as a stage for tiny Tesla, whose images appears on the 3D pages through a technique called "projection mapping." The team reveals that making the book and the projection interact seamlessly was a huge undertaking, complicated by the fact that Tempest was located in New York while the rest of the team was in Switzerland. In total, they created 17 final versions of the mind-bending presentation.

The end result is a magical and powerful TEDTalk that will leave you feeling differently about a thinker whose contributions to society have crept off our cultural radar. Combining projection mapping and a pop-up book, Marco Tempest tells the visually arresting story of Nikola Tesla -- called "the greatest geek who ever lived" -- from his triumphant invention of alternating current to his penniless last days.

A magician and illusionist for the 21st century, Marco Tempest blends cutting-edge technology with the flair and showmanship of Houdini.

The Original TED Presentation: Go to:

5. Uri Geller Booked For Genii Convention
Message by Richard Kaufman - Editor Genii Magazine

Could we make it more exciting?
Could we make it more impossible to resist attending?

Uri Geller, The Greatest Mystifier of Our Age, a Man Who Has Changed Your World, will Mesmerize You in His First Ever Magic Convention Appearance in The United States ... at Genii's 75th Anniversary Birthday Bash.

Don't miss the greatest convention of the decade: the convention of our lifetime.

6. Magic Rush Podcast #062
Message by Michael Wilkinson

This week on episode 062 of Magic Rush we talked about the Magic New Zealand newsletter, ghost hunting, being stuck in hypnosis, the Bar Olympics, Marco Tempest, a magician targeted by a teen gunman, magic on Hell's Kitchen, and a Banachek prediction. All this is FREE at and at iTunes. Just search Magic Rush at iTunes. All episodes are free and require no special software. Your default audio player will play the podcast just fine.

7. Remarkable Magic #39 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Reflections on Finger Ring Linking.

It is with a great sigh of relief and also pride that I have concluded the one-year project of releasing my 'Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine' today. The book is written, edited, illustrated and published. The CD is recorded and re-produced. The DVD is filmed, edited, mastered and burned. It was a true labor of love.

It was a lot of work, to try and do full justice to describing this eleven-minute chunk from my show. However, it has taken me over 35 years to get this trick right and I was determined to take the time and effort to do it right. This particular piece of magic has done very well for me and I wanted to repay it in kind.

The trick was the brainchild of the fine magician, dedicated practical joker and famous bandleader Richard Himber. Or was it? There has always been a powerful current of opinion from knowledgeable magicians that it was actually created by mathematically genius magician Persi Diaconis. I suspect it was something of collaboration, but Mr. Himber's name was the one that
was firmly attached to it from the start.

The first time I heard about this effect was when I was a kid, and magicians described (in almost hushed voices) the reaction to it when the great Al Koran performed it. Sadly, I never got to witness Koran presenting it. In fact I never saw anyone perform it before I added it to my show. There were very few routines in print in those days and after reading all of the ones that were available in the Magic Castle library, I then created my own from scratch. I had hated all the ones I had read!

The reason I wanted to perform the trick was simple; Marvyn (Mr. Electric) Roy told me that I should! When I was 21 years old I worked a gig with the awesome Marvyn and Carol Roy and during a late night breakfast at Denny's, Marvyn created an entire act for me that consisted of linking things together. I was to become 'Link Lewin' (not a bad name actually) and the centerpiece of this show was to be the Himber Linking Finger Rings.

Well, I never created an entire 'linking' show or changed my name to Link, but the seed was sown and I was determined to perform this trick. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. There are few tricks in magic that create the emotional response that the Linking Finger Rings do. I had been introduced to an effect that would shape my entire magical career.

The two things I was determined to make central to my routine were that I would never use a plant to loan me a ring and that I would never link just three rings. The more I looked at the routine the more I realized that 'borrowing' a phony ring from a stooge in the audience was not the way to create the true miracle that was possible with the effect.

The trouble with using a stooge is that people talk (especially after an effect like this) and if you link just three rings then all the attention is on the center ring. I wanted to perform the effect anytime, anywhere and give the appearance of freely linking four or five rings in a chain before having them examined. I still believe these are two vital points for the performer to overcome in presenting this effect.

The routine was originally created and shaped during my Magic Castle performances in the 70s. It was also the key to my first national television appearance on 'The Merv Griffin Show' in 1979. Two years later I was asked to perform it for Orson Welles during the star studded Hollywood Foreign Press tribute to Mr. Welles. That remains one of the most memorable engagements of my career.

Since then I can only guess how many times I have linked and unlinked spectators finger rings. I was even nominated for an ACE award for its presentation of it on a Cable Television appearance. I have performed it in clubs, bars and theaters until it became the most vital single ingredient in my act. One tiny ring!

As I slow down from my crazed performing days, I am now excited to see if I can capture the essence of this routine and pass it on to other performers. It took me a year to do it (along with my brilliant graphic designer friend---Steve Mitchell) and now I am excited to know I have succeeded: I am even more excited to see what other performers can add to the mix when they
perform it. I have also booked my first Magic Castle date in 28 years from July13th-15th in the Peller Theatre. This will bring a circle to completion when I perform the Linking Finger Rings there again. This semi-retirement thing looks like being fun!

I have recently taken some 'time out' to create a couple of new web sites, one of them just for magicians. I am uploading some really cool video of conversations with master magicians taken from my 90s Las Vegas interview show 'The Entertainment Files.' Currently featured is an interview with Mac King. Interviews with other magic icons such as Max Maven, Lance Burton and
Jeff McBride will follow.

Please check out the sites by logging into and bookmark it to catch the updates. I think you will enjoy them.

8. Two Magicians, One Gig - #263 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

So you pack up your show and you head out on the road. You arrive at your gig early and head in to meet the client. Suddenly the client (along with a spouse or other guest) looks at you in a bizarre way and starts to get nervous. They shake your hand and this weird feeling starts to increase.

It is at this moment you look across the room and realize there is another magician at the event setting up where you are to be setting up. You realize that the reason the client gave you that look is that they double booked. Now what do you do?

I think the key to avoiding this is communication during the booking process and the ability to make sure you have a contract sent and signed. I also always make sure I bring the contract with me to every show I do. In fact what I bring is the booking sheet, contract, map (incase GPS messes up) as well as all correspondence and emails back and forth. All of this gets placed into a plastic sleeve. It makes it easier to carry and prevents weather from causing issues with the paperwork.

Now this may seem like a lot to many folks, but it is me making sure I have dotted my I's and crossed my T's. I am prepared for any situation that comes up. Often times I never have to use the information at all but it is at least always on hand at every show.

If there is a problem of a double booking, I have the contract with me that I can reference as needed. I have a cancellation clause in the contract that states a fee for canceling of a show. I will always leave it up to the client as to how they want to proceed.

I am flexible and always try and work with them as much as I can. I can perform at the show in a different area. I can do strolling magic instead of a show. I have options open to them but my fee remains the same per the agreement.

The other option is that they can have me at another mutually agreed upon date. However that date has to be relatively soon and they must book and sign another contract if they decide to go that route.

Then there obviously is the choice of you not performing due to the double booking. If this happens, I still get paid and I thank them and I head home.

The worse you can do is cause a seen and act unprofessional. Try your best to find out what happened and work with the client to right the wrong. They will appreciate you more for it and often times you not only get paid, but you get a nice tip for offering great customer service.

The other thing to point out is to not get defensive against the other performer. It may not be his or her fault and it is wrong to prejudge anything until you have the facts. Chances are they may be in the same boat as you are.

But the difference here is that if you are both there and both in the same situation, the person who acts cool, calm and professional is the one they will often times go with.

Peron Design is my freelance design company that specializes in providing graphic design and marketing services for entertainers and small businesses. If you would like to see samples of my work, please find me on facebook at You may also send me an email and I would be happy to send out samples to you or answer any questions you may have. As always, I can be reached at

9. In Conversation with Eric Evans - Part 9
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA

ADB: Ball retrieval and Performances aside what have you been up to in the recent past .?

EE: I think I had mentioned that I have been working on another book. Ever since Nowlin and I worked on The Secret Art of Magic, I have been amassing additional material for another book on the subject. In a way, it is unfortunate that I didn't start another one immediately. For now, I have almost too much material covering a wide array of ...stuff.

As a result, I have since followed those sources further, discovering a great deal more that not only supports our "paradigm", but illuminates other aspects that I feel merit attention.

I say it is "unfortunate" only because I have a difficult time staying focused, so my writing has included stories from my past as well people I've had the good fortune to meet and count as friends. So now my hurdle; problem; obstacle is to whittle or craft a coherent message out of it all..

Sort of like the tricks we do. If we try to do everything with one trick, it won't be as effective as it might otherwise be. It is only when we arrive at what the "core" of a trick is (to us); when we discover what we want to say in the performance, eliminating everything else; all extraneous elements, only then can we express and give life to the Art in Magic. The expression of which, is unique to our individual selves.

ADB: Absolutely! Wholeheartedly agree, Get rid of the superfluous to requirements. I hear you teach some of that in a DVD?

EE: Yes Tony, that's right. Last year I had a wonderful opportunity to work on a DVD with some good friends. It is called Four of a Kind and features: Jimmy Talksalot, Kris Bentz, Chanz and myself. It contains a wealth of information for the "sidewalk performer".

Featuring all of our shows (in front of a live audience al fresco), interviews, and commentary on our shows. The Producer, Shel Higgens, did an inspired job fulfilling his vision of what an instructional DVD should be and I'm really proud to be associated with it.

Shel employed a technique that is unique: He used two cameras for the filming of our shows. One camera was directed towards us, and the other on the audience. The two views are presented simultaneously on a split screen so that you get to see the show from both the audiences, and the magician's viewpoint. Sort of like "The Clockwork Orange" of instructional DVD's.

Although it is aimed primarily at Street Performers , it contains elements that will be useful to any Performer.

ADB: Got get a copy of that .I assume it's available already?

EE: Yes, it's available through Denny and Lee's at

End of Part 9

10. The Berglas Effects
Message by David Berlas (UK)

The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed for over 60 years by the legendary David Berglas

Written by magic's most experienced author Richard Kaufman
Foreword by Juan Tamariz, Afterword by Max Maven
Includes 3 feature-packed DVDs

Derren Brown:
"This is a wonderful, wonderful book, as well as one that resonates with me very much personally. I feel a slight voyeuristic guilt being allowed in as much as this into his hidden world, but also the joy of seeing so lucidly before me what seems now to be the ONLY way to present card material. Where the performer is all and there's no card 'plots' to follow along with. This is a unique delight to be reading."

A limited number now available direct from David Berglas

Cheques £99, or by PayPal £104
Prices include p&p to U.K. addresses
Please enquire for cost of postage overseas

The book will be sent fully insured and "to be signed for"
An autographed Bookplate will be included by request

Email to
or print and post this form to:
6 Great North Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 1JS
Please send a copy of The Berglas Effects to:

11. S.A.M. - Las Vegas Magic Experience
Message by George Schindler (US)

Hand Shadow Artist Sonny Fontana Added To Convention Roster

Hand Shadow artist Sonny Fontana has been added to the roster of stars appearing on the "Las Vegas Magic Experience " at the upcoming S. A. M. Annual Convention and will dazzle the audiences in Las Vegas. (July 23-26.)

There are 18 star studded stage performers on our shows , plus you will see two complete "Vegas" casino shows . (David Copperfield and Mac King) and more the convention features 7 star lecturers, 5 close-up legends, and more than 25 magic dealers.

There is still time for the special $ 45.00 room rate at the Golden Nugget hotel. If you are not already registered do so today!

Full details are on our press page at

12. MAGIC Magazine is MORE!
Message by Stan Allen - Editor MAGIC Magazine

MAGIC Magazine is MORE! And here is the "MORE" you will find in the July issue.

MORE Fascinating Stories: A look at Mike Bent's teaching and performing magic with a twist, how the SAM's Media Library is bringing historical footage into the homes of members, and behind-the-scenes look at "Zubrick Magic & Illusions" in Saipan. Plus a complete rundown on all the upcoming
magic movie projects in the works, Paul Gertner talks about his new show "Braindrops," more Conventions At A Glance, and remembrances of Jack Kodell, Edd Patterson, Cherie Kay Sanders, Tony Blanco, and Ray Bradbury.

MORE Amazing Tricks: Joshua Jay's "Talk About Tricks," Gregory Wilson's "Almighty Dollar," and Ian Rowland's "Loving Mentalism."

MORE Sound Advice: Mark Kornhauser's "For What It's Worth," Joanie Spina's "Directions," Payne's "Paynefully Obvious," Nick Lewin on working cruise ships, and FISM Grand Prix winner Soma new instructional series "Music To My Ears."

MORE Honest Reviews: Products from Helder Guimaraes, Henry Evans, Matthieu Bich, Harry Anderson, Christian Engblom, and more; eighteen reviews in all!

MAGIC is simply MORE! And maybe that's why MORE magicians buy MAGIC Magazine each month than any other magic magazine in the world!

13. Danny Archer Webinar - Correction
Message by Roy Zaltsman

Roy Zaltsman invites you to enjoy a free webinar (on-line interview and training) with Danny Archer on Sunday, July 1st at 1:00PM MDT - GMT-07:00 Mountain time (US and Canada)

During the webinar Danny will answer your questions and teach you a few tricks that will make your day!

We can hold up to 100 magicians and it's going to be full, so please 'save
your seat' now:

14. 2012 MINDvention Mentalism Convention
Message by Danny Archer (US)

I want to give you a brief update and overview of the 2012 MINDvention mentalism convention taking place in Las Vegas from November 11-13th. We are working hard to make this year's MINDvention a fascinating three days of learning, sharing and exploring the Art of Mentalism. Mentalism is really the purest form of magic that there is, and at MINDvention, we peel back the curtain on this fascinating art form.

We have just added three great presenters to our line-up. Tony Chris has been one of Canada's top psychic entertainers for over 15 years. He has become one of mentalism and bizarre magic's most avant-garde, artsy and captivating performers, and he will present his unique lecture "Beyond Magic, The Dark Side Of The Mind", that will highlight his very insightful philosophies of mentalism and magic. It will change the way you think about performing, as a mentalist and magician, and how to present what you do as a performance artist.

The most important thing you will learn in Tony's lecture is how to use mentalism as more than a form of mysterious entertainment. He will teach you his inner workings of how to become a better mentalist and performer and he will share his psychological theories on the art. You will learn a very different kind of mentalism here and it is definitely worth the price of admission!

Canadian mentalist Christopher Taylor has produced material for Chris Angel, David Copperfield, Marc Salem, Keith Barry, Andy Nyman and scores of other performers all over the world. While he is best known for the multitude of high-tech devices he has released through his company Taylor Imagineering, he has also created a great deal of excellent traditional mentalism and magic.

This material includes Outside the Conventional (2 DVD set); No Batteries Required (DVD); the eBook, The Poor Mage's Billet System; and his two books, Inside Out and Unconventional. Christopher's lecture will include electronic and new "low tech" material.

Lastly but by no means least is Ross Johnson. He has been hailed as one of the most gifted psychic performers of our time. He was unanimously voted as the world's top entertainer in the areas of the psychic and arcane by the International Psychic Entertainers Association.

Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist.Ross Johnson is all of these things and more. He possesses a unique array of amazing gifts, along with a dapper, professional appearance and masterful showmanship skills. At business meetings, training seminars and conventions held by most of Fortune 500 companies across the nation, Ross has held audiences spellbound with his mastery of the psychic arts. Ross will be presenting a special talk created just for MINDvention on the late great Al Koran.

Some people wonder (especially magicians with little or no mentalism experience), if this convention would be good for them to attend. The easy answer is yes. MINDvention attracts attendees from all over the world and with different skill levels, from full time performing mentalists to people just starting to explore this most fascinating topic. If you have any interest in mentalism, than this is the place to be in November.

The events we offer are similar to what you might see at a magic convention. we have lectures, shows, dealers but we also have some events you won't see elsewhere. We have Panel Discussions where top pros discuss and dissect various topics. We also have several attendee shows where people get the chance to perform their effects and routines for the whole crowd. And there is plenty of time for sessioning and cruising the latest and greatest effects and props in the dealer's room. We are assembling a roster of mentalism stars that is sure to make this a
convention to remember.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Danny Archer and Robert Allen
MINDvention Producers

15. The Show Doctor Is In!
Message by Lawrence Hass at Theory and Art of Magic Press

It is my pleasure to announce the release of The Show Doctor, a cutting-edge new book by Jeff McBride.

The Show Doctor is the first magic book to be simultaneously released in two formats: a digital version for the iPad and as a printed book (which provides access to a website that contains all the extra digital content). This two-format approach allows buyers to have the book in whichever form best meets their needs.

This two-format book was created in partnership between my Theory and Art of Magic Press and Stan Allen of MAGIC Magazine. In 2009 Jeff McBride and I began to turn Jeff's acclaimed column "Ask the Show Doctor" into a substantially expanded print book. Then in early 2012 Stan Allen approached us with the idea of also releasing it in a digital version for the iPad with embedded videos, slideshows, pop-up content, active links, and fingertip chapter-to-chapter navigation. On Saturday, June 23, both versions of the product were released worldwide.

The Show Doctor includes:
--11 previously unpublished routines by Jeff McBride, including stage illusions, stand-up routines, manipulation, close-up magic, cards, and mentalism
--revised versions of Jeff's celebrated advice column from MAGIC Magazine (2007-2010)
--over 45,000 words of additional content beyond the original columns in MAGIC Magazine
--over 30 minutes of new video content, plus pop-ups and other materials created especially for the digital version. (Again, purchasers of the printed book have access to all of these materials at a special website.)

The printed book is available from, and from dealers everywhere. The cost is $45.00. (Dealers should contact Murphy's Magic Supplies.)

The digital version for the iPad (and other tablets) is available from The cost is $24.99.

16. Women In Magic Conference
Message by Markus and Angelique Steelgrave

August 26 & 27, 2012---South Yarmouth, MA

Exciting news: The Women In Magic Conference will be held Sunday and Monday, August 26 and 27 at Red Jacket Beach Resort, on Cape Cod's lovely South Shore!

In the late 1990s, Anne White hosted a series of Women-In-Magic Conferences on the other side of the country. This year, Markus and Angelique Steelgrave are coordinating the event, along with SAM Past National President Maria Ibanez and SAM Regional Deputy Artie Kidwell.

Although this is not affiliated with previous Conferences, the goal is the same-to provide a fun, supportive, enriching and inspiring forum for women in magic, whether magicians, or women who work in other capacities within the magic industry.

This two-day Conference features lectures, performances, and networking and sharing opportunities; coming together are presenters from an exciting range of magical backgrounds, including:

Becky Blaney
Maria "Merlina" Ibanez
Debbie O'Carroll
Luna Shimada
Joanie Spina
Margaret B. Steele
Angelique Steelgrave

Registration is $125, $50 for spouses/significant others/juniors. The Conference is limited to the first 50 registrants, so don't delay!

For a registration form, contact Maria Ibanez; for general Conference information, contact Markus Steelgrave

Red Jacket Beach Resort is offering special discounted room rates for Conference registrants; call 1-800-CAPE-COD, and don't forget to mention the Women In Magic Conference!

For more info, see, or join us at

17. Cape Cod Festival Of Magic
Message by Angelique Steelgrave

Second Annual Cape Cod Festival Of Magic-August 28-30, 2012!

We're excited to announce the Second Annual Cape Cod Festival of Magic! Last year's event, held literally "Under the Big Top", went surprisingly well, and has been upgraded this year to the Performing Arts Center at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, South Yarmouth, MA.

Returning this year:

Bruce Kalver
Dean George Schindler and Nina
Markus & Angelique Steelgrave
Michael Trixx
Marcus the Magician
Richard Archer
Joe Cabral
Cindi Evans (PolkaDot the Clown)
Artie Kidwell, as Master of Ceremonies

NEW this year:

Luna Shimada
David "The Great" Kaplan
Becky Blaney
BJ Hickman
Joseph Young
John Henry
Mandre (Mike Douglas)
John Born
"The Balloon Guys" Daniel Herron and Tom Vorjohan
Joanie Spina

Two different shows each day! And, only for the magic community, free lectures and a dealer's room! This is NOT a convention or conclave, so there is NO registration fee. Simply come to the Cape and experience fantastic magic, while enjoying the beauty of Cape Cod in the summer, with its wonderful restaurants, shops, beaches, and hotels. Tickets are $10 for afternoon shows, $15 for evening, and all shows are different. Stay for all three days--area hotels will offer special
"Magic Festival" discounts!

Details at (be patient as updates are posted regularly); for general questions, contact Entertainment Coordinator Markus Steelgrave:

There's still Magic on Cape Cod! Hope to see you at the Festival!

18. 31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention
Magic at the Chateau
31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention

Christchurch New Zealand Labour Weekend
2012 (19/10/2012 to 22/10/2012)

Convention starts on Friday night 19th October and finishes on
Monday 22nd October at 2.30pm.

Visa and Mastercard are now accepted for payment for your convention registration fee

Credit card payment form go to:

To download the Convention registration form go to:

Competition registration form go to:

Do I want to stay at the convention hotel?

If the answer is YES then it's best that you reserve your room NOW!

**As rooms are now very limited**

Christchurch Free phone: 0800 808 999
(Within New Zealand) Toll (03) 348 8999

No deposit is required
But they need a credit card number, valid at date of stay, i.e. October 2012

The convention hotel is The Chateau on the Park, 189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch.

When booking convention hotel accommodation make sure that you tell them that it is for the "Magicians Convention" and then you will pay the special convention rate of $115 for a double room.

If you try and book online on their website you will end up paying their full room rate.

You have a choice of either a King or Queen size bed and Twin rooms consist of two double beds.

The headliners confirmed are...
Shawn Farquhar (Canada), Mark Mason (England), Ken Scott (US) Felix (Spain) and the Gillam Family (US). This is a convention that you will not want to miss!

**Book your accommodation NOW**

Christchurch Free phone: 0800 808 999 (within New Zealand)
Overseas: +64 3 348 8999 Toll

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Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

Our subscriber list is not made available to any other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Magic New Zealand® E-zine at Magic New Zealand® E-zine is published each Sunday. The opinions expressed therein are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of Magic New Zealand®. Neither Magic New Zealand® nor Alan Watson vouch for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, message, statement, or other information reported via Magic New Zealand® E-zine. Subscribers to this publication and authors who contribute to it by doing so agree they will not hold Magic New Zealand® or Alan Watson, jointly or individually liable or responsible in any way for the opinions expressed therein.
Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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