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Issue Number: #937
Date: Sunday 8th July 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Derren Brown and Teller On EMC 2012
3. Magic Rush Podcast #063
4. Record Numbers Of Children Signing Up To Young Magicians Club
5. No Such Things As "Old Stale Jokes!"
6. June 2012 issue of The Linking Ring magazine
7. Remarkable Magic #40 - Nick Lewin
8. Parent Does Nothing - #264 - Kyle Peron
9. In Conversation with Eric Evans - Part 10
10. Watch A Phenomenal Tutorial By Manuel Muerte
11. The Magic Word
12. The Gimmick Magizette Vol 1, Issue 6
13. Programme For The British Ring Convention
14. Daytona Festival/ Florida State Combined Convention
15. Barry's Magic Shop Set To Close July 15
16. The KIDabra Journal Goes Digital
17. 31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention
18. NZ Convention - Tentative Programme Only
19. Magic New Zealand App
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
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2. Derren Brown and Teller On EMC 2012
Message by Luis de Matos (Portugal)

Only three weeks to go before this year's Essential Magic Conference.

Teller and Derren Brown
Just confirmed. Two incredible additions to EMC. Last year David Copperfield gave us a virtual tour of his magic museum in Las Vegas. It was one of the highlights of the conference. This year Teller and Derren Brown will be joining us online in two very special sessions, broadcast live during the Essential Magic Conference 2012. Register now and join us for one of the biggest magic events of the year...

Live From Las Vegas
Teller will be joining us live from Las Vegas to answer your questions. This is a unique opportunity to interview one of the most creative performers in magic, an artist and perfectionist who, with Penn Jillette, reinvented magic for a new generation. Join Teller online and learn what magic means to one of the most successful magicians in the world. As we near the conference members will be asked to submit their questions for Teller and the best will be put to him during a live interview. Do not miss!

Derren Brown
Live From London
Derren Brown has changed the face of mentalism. Acclaimed for his television specials and theatre shows, Derren Brown redefined the art of mental magic, updating it for the 21st century and making it credible, entertaining and unbelievably popular. At EMC2012 Derren will answer your questions and share his thoughts on magic, mentalism and performance. It is a rare chance to learn from one of the UK's most famous entertainers. Members will be invited to submit their questions prior to the conference and the best will be used during the live interview.

Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy. The Essential Magic Conference is the world's first digital conference for magic and magicians. 33 magicians, 3 days of magic.

Watch live via the Internet. View on your computer, your iPad or even your iPhone. Watch all sessions online and on-demand for one year. And receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. DVDs mailed post free to anywhere in the world.

Conference speakers already announced are:
Armando Lucero (United States)
Bill Malone (United States)
Chris Kenner (United States)
Dani DaOrtiz (Spain)
Daniel Madison (United Kingdom)
David Berglas (United Kingdom)
David Britland (United Kingdom)
David Williamson (United States)
Debbie McGee (United Kingdom)
Denis Behr (Germany)
Eberhard Riese (Germany)
Eric Mead (United States)
Gaetan Bloom (France)
Gene Matsuura (United States)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Hiro Sakai (Japan)
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis de Matos
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Marco Tempest (United States)
Max Maven (United States)
Michel Clavello (Argentina)
Mike Caveney (United States)
Norberto Jansenson (Argentina)
Paul Daniels (United Kingdom)
Paul Harris (United States)
Richard Wiseman (United Kingdom)
Stan Allen (United States)
Steve Cohen (United States)
Tina Lenert (United States)
Tom Stone (Sweden)
Topas (Germany)
William Kalush (United States)
Woody Aragón (Spain)
Yann Frisch (France)
Yigal Mesika (Israel)

Register today - access passes are limited. Register now! By going to:

3. Magic Rush Podcast #063
Message by Michael Wilkinson

In this week's episode of Magic Rush we discuss a book from the future, illegal pythons, the book Fooling Houdini, a performance art piece, Uri Geller at a magic convention, and mentoring children. We also learn the meaning of the word "Graffle". All this and more is on Episode 063.

You can get it at or search Magic Rush at iTunes.

All episodes are free and require no special software to listen.

4. Record Numbers Of Children Signing Up To Young Magicians Club
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

The Independent

Hey, presto! Record numbers of children signing up to Young Magicians Club

by Genevieve Roberts

Callum McClure, 14, from Guildford, Surrey, first became interested in illusions when he was eight and a magician came to his school. He is planning on graduating to the Magic Circle and travelling to Las Vegas and Hollywood

Children see magic because they look for it, it's said, but more and more of them are determined to practice it as well. Once the preserve of men in tuxedos pulling rabbits from top hats, TV magic is nurturing a new generation who want to get down with the kids.

The Young Magicians Club, youth wing of the Magic Circle, is reporting record numbers of young people joining, hoping to learn the skills to make them the next Harry Houdini or David Copperfield. It has seen membership rise 60 per cent over the past year, up to 550 members from 350.

Experts believe its boosted popularity is no illusion, but springs directly from the growing numbers of prime-time TV shows that feature stage trickery such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and the CBBC show Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic.

Among those inspiring a new wave of young magicians is Dynamo (real name Steve Frayne), who returns to TV screens this week with his show Magician Impossible which features one scene where he appears to walk across the River Thames.

Kevin Doig, chairman of the Young Magicians Club, which is open to people aged 10-18, said: "There is now more magic on television than there has been over the last decade, with BBC1, ITV and CBBC all having shows. YouTube is also huge for magic. And magicians such as Dynamo and Penn & Teller appeal to young people, as they are seen as cool."

John van der Put, known on stage as Piff the Magic Dragon, learnt magic aged 14 when he was off school with glandular fever. Last year, the 32-year-old, who performed at the Apple Cart Festival this June and will be in Edinburgh this summer, won the Magic Circle award for his show. "Magic is phenomenally popular now. It is all over YouTube, there are online magic shops, and people can learn tricks at home," he said. "Close-up magic is very
immediate: people are engaged by the mysterious world where you see your name on a playing card, concealed within a block of ice."

He agrees that Penn & Teller, Derren Brown and Dynamo have all created the "explosion in popularity" of magic, as its image has evolved. "It used to be seen as either cheesy in a 1970s-end-of-pier way, or Las Vegas showgirls-style. It had become a bit of a parody," he said.

Richard Kettle started Ketsy's Young Magicians magic club, held at Godalming Junior School in April last year. He holds before-school, after-school and lunchtime sessions for children in Surrey, as well as summer holiday magic camps. "We started with 80 children aged eight to 13, and now have 220 children involved," he said. "Young people love learning magic because it's so diverse: they get to express themselves and work on their performance skills. Children learn different tricks and are awarded stickers as they progress."

Will Houstoun, who is studying for a PhD to become a doctor of magic, believes the art of illusion is reaching Victorian levels of popularity once again, as both television shows and films including Martin Scorsese's Hugo have helped bring it to the top of people's consciousness. "In the Victorian times, magic lost its tie-ins with street entertainment and was performed in people's parlours," he said. "Now, its appeal is partly that it is moving
back to the streets."

Davenports Magic, in London's Charing Cross, has also noticed a rise in sales of magic tricks to children. Daniel Young, product demonstrator at Davenports, said that trick packs of cards are most popular among the young. "Dynamo appeals to a younger crowd, and since he was on television we have seen an increase in children coming in. It is almost exclusively boys; I think partly because there are not many female magicians out there - magic has been a predominantly male profession or hobby for hundreds of years - so there are not many female role models. I wish that would change."

Kevin Doig said while magic attracted both girls and boys, the Young Magicians Club is overwhelming male, with boys making up 85 per cent of the club's membership. Fay Presto, voted the Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2012, and who has performed for Sting, Madonna, Elton John and Eric Clapton, explains why she believes the magic industry is so male-dominated. "If every picture of a magician is a man in a top hat with a cape, it is easy to see how girls may be guided away from magic. And it's daunting for girls to walk into the Young Magicians Club. It's like a straight man going into a ballet class."

Young magician who confused his parents
Callum McClure, 14, from Guildford, Surrey, first became interested in illusions when he was eight and a magician came to his school. "I was baffled and intrigued by his tricks - he made a cane float," he said. "Then my parents bought me a magic set. I started playing around with it, and thought the linking rings were good, and the little sponge balls that would jump from hand to hand. I started showing tricks to my parents, who were confused how I did it."

When he was nine, he went to Hamleys where a magician was performing. "He recommended the Young Magicians Club. I had to wait until I was 10 to join, but since then I've been an active member. I like tricks where I make cards appear in impossible places, jumping into my mouth, my wallet and my pockets. I've auditioned to go on Penn & Teller and have been invited for the next series. I love their originality: they create new tricks and also make old tricks better. I want to graduate to the Magic Circle when I'm 18 and become a professional magician. I've raised more than £2,000 over the past year, which will fund my trip to Las Vegas and Hollywood with the Young Magicians Club. There are lots of male magicians, but not as many female role models for magic - girls are often stereotyped as assistants rather than doing the magic themselves. I think that's a shame."

5. No Such Things As "Old Stale Jokes!"
Message by Dan Stapleton (US)

In my lecture notes, "Magic for the Working Magician" I blog about using "old jokes" in magic. The title of my lecture notes means that any magician who performs, knows what I mean when I say, "There is no such thing as (old-stale) jokes'. Those magicians who work, those who perform, understand exactly what I am talking about. Yes there are jokes that are old that have been around for many years. But I'll bet that every time you use the line in your head chopper routine, "One-Two-Three days ago I did this trick..." will always get a laugh. Maybe not from everyone, but the proof of its worth is in the fact that SOMEBODY will laugh. Same thing with the gag, "Place this object in your hand, no..the clean hand". It will get a few chuckles, even though the gag has been around for many years.

At Wizardz Magic Theatre, in Kissimmee, Florida it's obvious where the magicians sit from the laymen. Just listen and watch the reaction. At Abbott's Magic get-Together, last summer, all the magicians sat in the center of the auditorium and the laymen, in the school bleachers on the sides. Guess where the best reaction came from? Not the center. Many blogs in magazines, or reviews of acts that the reporter critiques, often mentions "the same old/stale jokes". Trust me, after performing aboard cruise ships for 23 years, I think I have some authority to (hear) what works and what doesn't. Do the old jokes always get laughs? Well, no. But then again the best entertainers won't always have good shows either. Ask any of them, they'll tell you.

Onboard one of my ships was a comedian who got standing ovations many times. And much of his material I found in Milton Berles (old) Joke Book. And Milton Berle probably got them from other comics from years before him. Of course, the ship comedian did update the material to make it sound refreshing and topical. Now comes the most important part. It's the right audience and the timing of a joke that makes it funny. Some entertainers don't have the right "timing" a joke needs. And some of my laugh intended material don't always get laughs either, but it has nothing to do with the age of the joke.

I took the "old/stale" vaudeville comedy routine, now a marketed magic trick, the Vanishing Banana/Bandana, rewrote the script, hired a professional voice-over actor to narrate, then, because I don't look like a funny guy, dressed differently. Sometimes the routine gets some of the biggest laughs in my show. On some weeks aboard the cruise ships, I would perform illusions, along with other, smaller effects, and I would get angry for the huge reaction that "stupid" banana routine got. Because the big bucks and back-breaking work was in the illusions, yet that old/stale banana gag got the better reaction...are you kidding me? Is it no wonder that many "working" magicians advertise (comedy) in their show title, even when the show is mainly magic? Too many times, after my show I hear, "I don't usually like magic but...." And guess what, my "comedy" is filled with "old/stale" jokes. Do I use those jokes when magicians are in the audience? Sometimes. Do I use those jokes in all shows? No. Again, it depends on the audience.

Aboard ships I often did a fifteen minute monolog of old cruise ship jokes. Back in the 1980's there were always more older than younger audiences. And often I would hear from an old timer, "I heard that joke years ago..." Yet, the audience usually howled at the routine because they could identify with what I was saying. It was topical humor...and "themed"...old age jokes and cruise ships...couldn't miss. Oh yes, sometimes a comment card would say "comedian needs new jokes"...but that comment would come from the guy who, in fact, heard the joke(s) before, but not the majority of the audience. Believe me, if there were no or few laughs, I would keep trying different material until the jokes "hit". And that's what I did, so much so, that I put them on tape ("Comedy Live-From Ship to Shore") and sold the souvenir tapes after my show...and lots of them.

Here's my point, unless you only perform for fellow magicians, try some of those old-stale jokes. Update them but know the timing of the joke and I guarantee you laughs, not from everyone but enough to get an idea which jokes or gags you will keep and which are not for you. A few weeks ago I used the (very old) black hand gag. Yes, it got laughs. Not "howls" but enough to use it again, once in a while. Why? Because it's such an old gag-prop that most people have not seen it. Like the Zig-Zag illusion, when in the 1970's every person on the block had one.

Not many magicians perform it today. I do....most laymen have never seen a Zig-Zag illusion or even a Sub Trunk or Zombie Ball. I know because I use all three all the time and they never...never...get less than an enthusiastic response. Same thing with jokes....But...don't expect "old-stale" jokes or new jokes to get the big laughs all the time. There is a place for all jokes. It's just the delivery, the timing, the audience...and by the way, whom ever said, "There is no such thing as bad audiences, just bad actors/entertainers" never really did shows himself. Don't let him fool's only an old/stale saying.

6. June 2012 issue of The Linking Ring magazine
Message by Paul A. Lelekis (US)

Vol. 92, No. 7:

Editor: Samuel Patrick Smith
Reviewed by Paul A. Lelekis

Members of the I.B.M. have a treat in store for them in this month's Linking Ring! We get to take a trip back in time through the very rich history of the Fechter's Finger Flinging Frolic, now known as Obie's 4F Convention, via a review by Robin Dawes!

This month's cover of The Linking Ring, honors the I.B.M.'s new International President, John Pye! Our new President outlines his plans for the following year!

Dale Salwak gives readers a wonderful account of one of the most influential novelists of the 20th Century, Ray Bradbury! Dale describes how Mr. Bradbury was a lover of magic and how two magicians influenced his creativity!

Dan Stapleton reflects on the recently deceased Jack Kodell and how he created his amazingly original act! This is an excellent opportunity to learn from a true originator!

The Linking Ring boasts the world's largest circulation of any printed magic magazine and has now launched a beautiful digital edition. I.B.M. membership is required to receive this monthly magazine. Members can access The Linking Ring at This site allows one, portal entry into the world of magic!

Each month in The Linking Ring, the RING EVENTS provide readers with the "scoop" on what is happening in different Rings around the world and their special events.

The Linking Ring presents some great monthly columns such as Polishing the Rings, Conversations with Calvert and Cutting Up Jackpots which will further your magical careers!

This month's One-Man Parade features the ever popular, Ian Adair! Ian has compiled ring Parades for the largest ring in the world, The British Ring, for the last 36 years. This makes Ian's 12th One-man Parade! We thank you Ian, for tireless contributions!

Below are articles in which you can learn some fantastic magic!

Mike Power's Card Corner
Ways And Means by Joe M. Turner
Peter Marucci's Showtime
Storytelling Magic by Ed Solomon

The Linking Ring has a team of experts who review many new items of magic so that the magicians of the world may purchase wisely!

There are too many articles and too much magic in this issue of The Linking Ring for me to list, but everyone is world class!

Advertisers -- your products will enjoy unsurpassed worldwide promotion in The Linking Ring through the beautiful printed magazine, the dazzling digital edition, and links from the I.B.M. Web Portal.

For details about advertising in The Linking Ring, contact BJ Hickman at:

7. Remarkable Magic #40 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Making Magic At The Castle.

I spent two nights at the Magic Castle last week and was rewarded by seeing some World Class magic and a new Magic Castle tradition that is shaping up to revolutionize the already magic nights at the world's greatest magic club. I was delighted to spend some of this time at the Castle with visiting Aussie magicians Steve Walker, Peter Rodgers and Graham Etherington. Let me take the time this week to share these events with our Magic New Zealand readers.

The Palace of Mysteries was lucky enough to act as home to two of my favorite magic acts last week. By the huge reaction from magicians and laypeople alike I am not alone in my admiration for Michael Finney and Jason Andrews. They are two very different performers who are both at the top of their fields and combined with opening act Mystina they totally rocked the house.

At 25 years old, Jason Andrews is developing into one America's most elegant and accomplished manipulative magicians. With over 25 International Awards to his credit, Jason is fast becoming one of the most in-demand performers on the scene. His 'Contemporary Classic' act was on display at the Castle and it is the freshest and most entertaining show of its kind since Lance Burton first took the magic world by storm.

What sets Andrews apart from his contemporaries is more than just his easy combination of charm, skill and talent. Jason has mastered the all too rare ability to add a vulnerability and accessibility to his performance that gives him an instant appeal. His facial expressions and self-depreciating manner, as he shares his miracles with an audience is quite unique. In this
regard he reminds me a little of the young Fred Kaps and this is as high praise as I know how to give.

Anchoring the show and providing more laughs per minute than would normally be expected from any three performers rolled into one, was the inimitable Michael Finney. Not only does Michael have a perfectly crafted comedy line for every situation, but he also has the timing of a true master as he delivers them. The jokes and lines are great but he also gets huge reactions by his looks, takes and mugging. Not many performers can get a roar of laughter just by scrunching their face up---Finney can and does!

I was excited to hear from Michael that this year his annual 'Dry Heat Classic' charity golf tournament, is going to be dedicated to magical treasures and icons Mark and Nani Wilson. The 'Dry Heat' has become one of the most prestigious gatherings of comedians, magicians and entertainers on the top-rung charity circuit. It will take place in Phoenix July 26th-28th
and in next week's column I am planning to give more details about the event and the performers taking part in the 'Mark and Nani Wilson Tribute. If you are a golfer or a lover of fine food and entertainment it is not to be missed!

I made a repeat visit to the Castle to catch the special show in the 'Peller Theatre' this week. 'The Peller' is fast becoming the hottest ticket in the Castle on Friday-Sunday nights. It is a jewel box of a theatre that boasts a two-act format, which is becoming a showcase for some highly unique magical performances.

Rather than just having the entertainers appearing back to back, the recent trend has been for the performers to blend their talents into something unique and special. Recent weeks have featured shows that have been rated as Castle highlights by people whose opinions I trust. I was determined not to miss last week's appearance by Shoot Ogawa and his magical mentor Mashiro Yanagida. It was very definitely worth the visit.

The 'tag -team' performance by these masterful performers was a joy to behold. The obvious bond and respect between them created a synergy that made for great magic and strong theatre. It was a non-stop 45 minutes of magical delights that were made all the more special by the fact that the program had so obviously been designed and constructed for just this occasion. The show was charming and delighted the audience from start to

My congratulations to Jack Goldfinger who is working hard to nurture this gem of a theatre and use it to create something new and different. Sometimes the Castle can seem a little static when performers present the same show on each appearance. This combining of talents is a great addition for members and guests alike and I hope it continues and expands throughout the club.

In fact, I loved the combo-performance in the 'Peller Theatre' so much that I had to revamp plans for my upcoming engagement there! I am booked in the 'Peller' from July 13th-15th with the one and only Joe Monti, and I realized that we should do something different! Joe was game for it and we are going to cook up something special in our 'Three Day Only' special engagement. We have entitled the show 'We're no Angels!' and I suspect it will make my first Castle engagement in 27 years very special for me. I will also be lecturing on the July 15th----so come visit if you can and say "Hi."

Now available and shipping;
'Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine.'
'Nick Lewin's 20210s'
'Cruise Magic 101: how to make a great living performing magic on a cruise
ship.' Full details at

8. Parent Does Nothing - #264 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

You are in the middle of your show and a kid starts acting up or starts crying. You figure not a problem as the parent in the room will surely take care of their child. You go on and realize it happens again while the parent stays seated and does nothing. Ever have this situation happen? It probably has happened to too many of us over the years. It makes us wonder why in the world did the parent not address the issue and more importantly, what can you do about it so it does not distract from your show experience. This does happen a lot and so there are things we must realize as entertainers to be able to handle the situation as best as we can.

In many ways the parent may be thinking that getting up to take their kid or control their kid is rude to you and interrupts your show. I know this sounds weird, but it is the thinking that some parents do have. They feel your show is going on and then doing this will interfere with what you are doing.

Of course there is also the feeling that the parent is flat out embarrassed and doesn't want to draw attention to themselves or their child. They feel that if they leave it alone, no one will know it is their child and they will sneak by without looking bad.

There is also the thought that you as the entertainer are responsible for fixing the issues because it is your show. If anything happens, they think you are the one that will and should handle it. This is simply form the fact that many folks consider us glorified babysitters and so we should handle anything that comes up no matter what the case may be.

Then (and this is true) you have the parent who actually thinks the way their child is behaving is not a big deal at all. It is a shock to many, but some parents actually have no issue at all that their child is acting up and causing issues.

All of this happens but we as entertainers need to be able to deal with it. We simply cannot ignore a problem that everyone in the audience can see or hear or both. It distracts from the show and you and the audience lose focus. The best bet is to handle it as best as you can by dealing with it.

One of the things I do in my shows where young children are present is that I state the following "Mom and dad's if your child is age 4 and under we ask that you sit with your child. That way you can experience our family show as a family. Thank you."

It is simple but it works, gets the point across and I am not being mean about it. It allows me to have more control in the audience and tells the parents to stay with their children. This lessons the risk of crying and often times allows for better engagement. I do this as children are begging to take their seats for the show.

If you are at a day care facility, then I always ask up front and in my contract that the teachers sit with the students. Most already do this but I never like to assume anything.
I also make sure that I state things like this in my contact with the client. When I talk with them on the phone I tell them things they can do and I can do to work as a team to ensure the best possible show experience. I also mention it in my contract and conformations to them.

The worst thing you can do is ignore it. If the parent will not handle it, you will need to and learn to do so in a professional manner. It is not right or fair to you and the other audience members to have a show be distracted due to a crying child or unruly child.

Peron Design is my freelance design company that specializes in providing graphic design and marketing services for entertainers and small businesses. If you would like to see samples of my work, please find me on Facebook at You may also send me an email and I would be happy to send out samples to you or answer any questions you may have. As always, I can be reached at

9. In Conversation with Eric Evans - Part 10
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA

ADB: As you know there are some 16,500 folk reading Magic New Zealand each week all over the world and they often need information. Where are you headed next.

EE: Right now I'm playing the streets here in Las Vegas. Next stop...who can say? I have a project in mind.

ADB: Vegas. Great! Another favorite place of mine ..lots of good friends there .it has a unique feel of its own.. Can you reveal anything of the project ?

EE: Sure Tony . be happy to . I'm looking to host a Sidewalk Performers Convention there in the near future ....likely, sometime next year ..maybe late Spring . you know how this business is .. lots of elements to pull together and logistics to organize. Watch this space as they say !!

Las Vegas is unique in that hotel and convention facilities are immediately adjacent to a working pitch, namely the Strip. So the potential for interactive, live lectures, and live internet broadcasting offers a unique venue not only for the performers, but the public and the attendees as well. I hope everything comes together because it would be tremendous fun and a unique experience. I'll keep you informed.

ADB: I'm sure it will be just as soon as you have the specific dates let me know , I'll book my ticket and of course spread the word.. Speaking of Vegas and Conventions ..The Society Of American Magicians are having their annual convention there this year. I guess you know that know that both Alan and I are International Envoys. Sadly, prior commitments mean I can't make it there for The S.A.M. . You think you might be there?

EE: Love to ... but like you, I have other commitments and lectures .

ADB: So you still find time to lecture?

EE: Yes Tony , I always like to leave time to lecture. I enjoy that aspect very much. I'm happy for a club or Group anywhere in the world to contact me and I always do my best to schedule a lecture. I've done well over 80 lectures throughout the last 10 years, primarily in the U.S.A. It has been a pleasure and an honor to lecture to fellow magicians.

ADB: The book ..the lectures, the proposed convention are all the result of your experiences are they not?

EE: Yes they are. When I was much younger, I had dropped out of High School to become a street magician. Hitchhiking to California I foolishly threw myself at the street's mercy. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty.

So I was determined to do everything I could, to spare others such pain by attempting to dispel self-induced delusions of street grandeur, before another magician was mugged like I had been.

About the time that I had begun writing the "handbook", two very important things happened. I met Nowlin Craver and started reading Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu made so much sense, I started looking further into War Theory, or principles for controlling forces, and that's when I discovered The 36 Strategies.

I was quickly overwhelmed though, and as Nowlin had agreed to edit my small book, Street Magic and the Art of War, I asked him for further assistance by helping me write a commentary on the 36 Strategies, and including them together as one book. He agreed to do so and so I sent him all my notes and some of the books that I had collected and highlighted passages therein. The result of our efforts became The Secret Art of Dispersion which along with Street Magic and the Art of War, became The Secret Art of Magic.

A book of which I am very proud and thankful, for without the help of my friend Nowlin, it wouldn't have been half of what it became. Our collaboration produced something quite unique. The feedback I've had has been very positive and not just from Street Performers. Yes , you are right when you say that part of my empirical experiences , my soul, my devotion and reverence for our Art has gone into those works. Casting aside all false modesty I want to share what I have learnt . If it benefits just one Magician to improve my task would have been worthwhile.

ADB: I can safely state that it has benefited a great number of Magicians. There are have been some outstanding reviews and comments from the likes of Michael Close, my good pals Jon Racherbaumer, Dick Hatch and other noteworthy names in the business. I will personally add that it is a masterful work and rightly up there alongside the great books on Magic. Thank you Eric. As always, a pleasure conversing with you. We can chinwag some more over a few cold beers at Boomers one Wednesday in the Spring.

EE: You are very welcome Tony.. Thank you. My pleasure. Always good spending time with you. See you at the bar in Boomers. I'm buying .....I know one or two ways on how to make money indoors at a bar!!


10. Watch A Phenomenal Tutorial By Manuel Muerte
Message by Roy Zaltsman

I was very happy to receive so much positive feedback from many magicians from all over the world that receive the tutorials. I hope that you enjoy it just as well.

Go to:

to watch a phenomenal tutorial by Manuel Muerte.

Next time: a tutorial by Flip Hallema

11. The Magic Word
Message by Scott Wells

Don't miss the recent podcast on The Magic Word with Rafael Benatar who sat down with Scott Wells after his recent lecture tour to talk about his two passions: music and magic. He talked about creativity, how to practice, the School of Magic in Madrid, Spain plus his friends Juan Tamariz, Ascanio and others. You can even hear a short recording of Rafael playing the Baroque Lute.

What's The Magic Word? It is a free podcast that features chats, pictures, videos, convention reports, and interviews with magicians from around the world. These are not telephone interviews or Skype calls. Scott Wells personally talks with magicians at conventions, performances, and following lectures plus he takes lots of pictures and videos. Hear in depth interviews with lecturers who give more detail behind their thinking, their creativity and their lives.

Scott also posts daily updates from magic conventions. It's almost like being there as he interviews the talent and chats with organizers, registrants and dealers on the convention floor, behind the curtains, over dinner, and at the bar. These daily updates are uploaded early in the morning so you get fresh information almost as quickly as it happens!

The Magic Word is not a regularly scheduled podcast. Instead it is a program that is uploaded as Scott has the opportunity to find the right person/people and/or place. But you can count on at least one or two new podcasts each month because Scott is a busy magician with a lot of magic friends.

Recent podcasts over the past couple months have included interviews with Trixie Bond, David Stone, Bill Wisch, Aaron Fisher, and Steve Trash plus pictures and interviews behind the scenes from Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic. You can scroll through the archives with the easy search engine then listen online or download direct from the website or you can download all the podcasts from iTunes..

You can find The Magic Word at You can stay up to date with every new and exciting episode by downloading the free app for your smartphone or tablet at You can also "Like" us on Facebook at Check it out.

Scott will be attending Abbott's Get Together in Colon, Michigan and performing at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis, Missouri soon. So download the app and bookmark the website today so you don't miss another episode.

12. The Gimmick Magizette Vol 1, Issue 6
Message by Chris Wasshuber (US)

by Solyl Kundu

$2 PDF

This sixth and last issue of Volume 1 of The Gimmick MagiZette is yet another smorgasbord of magical omnium-gatherum contributed by eminent artistes of the Art of Magic from US, UK and from India...

- A few words from Solyl are musings from the editor that one should read.

- Past Glory of India - covers picturesque life of The Great Devkumar in this issue.

- Crossword Puzzle - an alphanumeric magic puzzle is this time that will make you crazy. In addition, solution to last issue's puzzle.

- MagiXposed - this section explains five effects covering all sorts from close-up to conjuring.

* Fruits for you by Kakinada Sreenivas are a twist on a close up caper that you will appreciate.

* Two-shuffle deal by Aldo Colombini is a captivating card caper - a great one, you will admit.

* Comedy Sandwich by Sukesh Patnaik is not just another sandwich card effect, rather offbeat one with surpassing climax!

* Some thoughts on Out of this World by Guy Townsend is not just a card effect rather a research work on Paul Curry's OOTH - Brilliant!

* Anti-Gravity Bottle by Gora Datta is his way of staging a classic effect

- very ingenious!

- Event Extraordinaire by Magician Jammu is a part of his lecture/demo where he has explained two of his fine math-e-magic you' have to appreciate.

- News & Views - gives you ample idea of what is happening in this part of the world - colorful authentic reports.

- In addition, Top Tips by Ian Adair, a nice poem REAL MAGIC by Heidi I. Larsenon on magic. In addition, 13 mystic facts about magical personality ALI BONGO is an interesting feature!

Do yourself a favor - please do not miss your copy. Editor: Salil Kumar "Solyl" Kundu. E-mail: and

$2 PDF

13. Programme For The British Ring Convention
Message by Geoffrey Newton PRO (UK)

I.B.M. British Ring No 25
76tth Annual Convention Great Yarmouth 2012

Wednesday September 26tth -- Sunday September 30tth
(Programme of events - subject to alteration)

Wednesday September 26th
12.00 noon to 5.45pm - Dealers and Registration Opens - Marina Centre.
2.30pm - Official Opening & Show - Britannia Theatre.
4.00pm - Dealers Showcase - Marina Centre.
4.30pm - Balloon Workshop with Graham Lee - Meeting Room No. 1.
7.30pm - Welcome to Great Yarmouth
Ali Bongo Micro Magic Marathon & Tombola - Long John's Showbar.
9.00pm - Cabaret Night - Britannia Theatre.

Thursday September 27th
9.30am till 5.45pm - Dealers Open - Marina Centre.
10.15am - Close-up Competition - Hollywood Cinema.
12.00 noon - Mark Mason Lecture - Britannia Theatre.
2.00pm - Andy Greaves Lecture - Hollywood Cinema.
2.00pm - Ladies Afternoon - Visit to the Great Yarmouth Potteries - The Nelson Hotel.
2.00pm - Hospital & Special Venue Shows - Various venues.
3.00pm - Dealers Showcase - Marina Centre.
3.30pm - Balloon Workshop with Graham Lee - Meeting Room No. 1.
4.30pm - Workshop with Michael Vincent - Meeting Room No. 1.
8.00pm - Stage Competition - Britannia Theatre.

Friday September 28th
9.30am till 5.45pm - Dealers Open - Marina Centre.
9.15am - AGM - Britannia Theatre.
10.30am - Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture by Chris Woodward - Britannia Theatre.
12.00 noon - Nick Einhorn Lecture - Hollywood Cinema.
2.30pm - Tribute to Van Buren & Co. - Britannia Theatre.
4.00pm - Dealers Showcase - Marina Centre.
4.30pm - Workshop with Michael Vincent - Meeting Room No. 1.
6.30pm - Convention Gala Dinner - Masonic Centre.
8.00pm - Nostalgia by Bob Hamilton - Britannia Theatre.
10.00pm - Presentation of Awards and Late Night Show - Britannia Theatre.

Saturday September 29th
9.30am till 4.30pm - Dealers Open - Marina Centre.
10.15am - Michael Vincent Lecture - Hollywood Cinema.
10.30am - Children's Magic Showtime - Britannia Theatre.
12.00 noon - All British Close up Gala - Hollywood Cinema.
12.45pm - Charity Auction - Marina Centre.
2.15pm - History of Mystery - Hollywood Cinema.
3.00pm - Balloon workshop with Graham Lee - Meeting room No.1.
4.00pm - Workshop with Michael Vincent - Meeting Room No. 1.
8.00pm - Gala of Magic and Variety - Britannia Theatre.

Sunday September 30th
10.15am - Convention Service - Hollywood Cinema.
11.15am - Steve Gore Lecture - Hollywood Cinema.
12.30pm - Stars of the Future - Hollywood Cinema.
1.30pm - Question and Answer session with Paul Daniels - Hollywood Cinema.
Followed by Presidential Handover and close of Convention - Hollywood Cinema.

14. Daytona Festival/ Florida State Combined Convention
Message by Harry Allen (US)

November 2-4 2012

Details - (click on convention)

Martin Lewis -- Los Angeles
Mark Kornhaue r-- Las Vegas
Daniel Garcia --- Los Angeles
Paul Draper -- Las Vegas
Garrett Thomas -- New York
Christian Schenk -- Germany
Frando And Silvana -- Spain
Jarrett And Raja -- New York -- America's Got Talent
Harry Allen -- Florida
Tim Sonefel t-- Kentucky
Scott Humston -- Florida
Al Callus -- New York
Rich Marotta -- New York
Jania Taylor -- Ohio
John the Balloon Guy - Tennessee

You don't want to miss this convention......

15. Barry's Magic Shop Set To Close July 15
Message by William Bowers


Montgomery County's one-stop-shop of magic will close its doors, after 38 years in business. Customers will have until July 15 to visit Barry's Magic Shop on Nicholson Lane in White Flint, according to the shop's website.

Husband and wife owners Barry Taylor and Susan Kang posted an announcement on Wednesday discussing why the couple was choosing to close the store and retire from the business. Taylor will continue to do magic shows, he said.

Their products will be available to purchase at a discount rate.

16. The KIDabra Journal Goes Digital
Message by Mark Daniel (US)

A One Time Sample Copy Offer!

The KIDabra Journal, the magazine for KIDabra International Association members, has gone Digital in crisp high resolution with page turning features and active hyperlinks. Plus, for iPad and mobile device readers, you also receive a Lower Res PDF of the Magazine which opens on any practically every device that reads PDF files. Enjoy two great ways to read The KIDabra Journal, Digital High Res on your computer and the PDF version on your mobile devices!

You'll find The KIDabra Journal full of terrific content for KIDshow and Family Performers including: two excellent routines from Jim Kleefeld, one especially for this year's US Summer Reading Theme: Dream Big!; plus a fun mentalism effect for KIDshows! Check out a fantastic set of routines from Barry Mitchell and his minister friend Kevin A. Clouse. Enjoy a great character and gospel routine with an amazing discovery Kevin made and that you can easily make up! Dean Alan Carnegie shares a gem with a Topsy Turvy Bottle routine that actually finishes with (no kidding) a surprise climax!

Add to that tons of reviews from last year's conference written by KIDabra member attendees: Steve Wronker, Mike Norden, Jennifer Remnet, Harlin Rhodes, and Andrew Remnet, all accompanied by the wonderful conference photos of Rob Erdmann and Tami Daniel. Plus Info and the Schedule for this year's conference: The Year of Inspiration!

Plus enjoy Jozo Bozo's pictures and story of A Week With The Master: Terry Herbert! And the columns from all of the wonderful KIDabra Journalists: Product Reviews by Todd McKinney, KID Bits from Mark Wade, Child Psychology with Jozo Bozo, Ken Scott's Making the Birthday Dough, Thinking Outside the Magic Bag from Julie Varholdt, Brad Ross' Magical Marketing School, Slow Times Mean Go! from Nina Dees, The Daycare Dilemma with Bruce Amato, The Missing Link from Skip Way, Todd McKinney's Something to Think About - Wow!

Normally only KIDabra members see the Journal, however this is a one time opportunity for you to get a glimpse inside "The Voice of the KIDshow World", and kick the tires.

To get your free personal digital, sample copy of The KIDabra Journal e mail and place "Journal Sample Request" in the subject line. Offer expires June 1, 2012 (Please allow a few days for delivery)

There is no obligation, however if you like what you see, read and learn. Please consider being a part of KIDabra International! In the mean time spend some time and discover all things KIDabra at

17. 31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention
Magic at the Chateau
31st New Zealand International Magicians Convention

Christchurch New Zealand Labour Weekend
2012 (19/10/2012 to 22/10/2012)

Convention starts on Friday night 19th October and finishes on Monday 22nd October at 2.30pm.

Visa and Mastercard are now accepted for payment for yourconvention registration fee

Credit card payment form go to:

To download the Convention registration form go to:

Competition registration form go to:

Do I want to stay at the convention hotel?

If the answer is YES then it's best that you reserve your room NOW!

**As rooms are now very limited**

Christchurch Free phone: 0800 808 999
(Within New Zealand) Toll (03) 348 8999

No deposit is required
But they need a credit card number, valid at date of stay, i.e. October 2012

The convention hotel is The Chateau on the Park, 189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch.

When booking convention hotel accommodation make sure that you tell them that it is for the "Magicians Convention" and then you will pay the special convention rate of $115 for a double room.

If you try and book online on their website you will end up paying their full room rate.

You have a choice of either a King or Queen size bed and Twin rooms consist of two double beds.

The headliners confirmed are... Shawn Farquhar (Canada), Mark Mason (England), Ken Scott (US) Felix (Spain) and the Gillam Family (US). This is a convention that you will not want to miss!

**Book your accommodation NOW**

Christchurch Free phone: 0800 808 999 (within New Zealand)
Overseas: +64 3 348 8999 Toll

18. NZ Convention - Tentative Programme Only
Christchurch NZ Labour Weekend
2012 (19/10/2012 to 22/10/2012)

For those who are making flight reservations the convention starts on Friday night 19th October and finishes on Monday 22nd October at 2.45pm

But also keep in mind that registrations will open at 2.30pm and the dealers will open before the evening show on Friday night

Tentative Programme only Final programme will be printed in the Official Convention printed brochure/souvenir booklet registrants will receive on arrival. We also plan to publish the final programme and circulate it on internet during October 2012

Friday 19th October 2012
2.30 pm Registration Desk Open
4pm - 6pm Dealers Open
Get own dinner at hotel or away from hotel
6.45 pm Official welcome, and introduction of the committee and special guests. Also ask if there are any questions from registrants. Announcements re weekend.etc
7.15 pm - 8.30pm Stars of Magic - Top acts International and from New Zealand
8.45 pm Dealers demo then opening up dealers room. 9.30 - 10.30pm
10.30 pm to 11.30pm late night bonus lecture - (to be announced nearer the time)

Saturday 20th October 2012
8am Stage contest - Juniors and Adults (judged separately)
10.15 am Morning Tea - Dealers Room
10.30am Official Photo
10.45 am to 12.15pm, Lecture One - Ken Scott
12.30 pm Lunch provided - Dealers Room
1.30 pm - Lecture Two - Mark Mason
3.15 pm Afternoon Tea
4.00 pm Public show - Non Registrants
5.00pm Pizza Party
*Cash Bar open
7.00 pm to 8.30pm Public Show: Registrants attend
9.30 pm Supper with the stars. Dealers open until late

Sunday 21st October
8.45 am Children's Magic Act Contest
10.30 am Morning tea - Dealers Room
11.00 am Official Photo
11.15 am Close up Contest - Senior and Junior Mixed (but judged separately)
1pm to 2 pm Lunch - Dealers room Open
2pm Lecture Three - Shawn Farquhar
3.45 pm Afternoon Tea
4.15 pm to 5.45pm Lecture The Gillams (Family Shows)
6.15 pm Pre Dinner Drinks - Cash Bar
7.00pm- Banquet and Entertainment/Jazz Band (Semi formal and formal Dress) Awards and Special Guests

Monday 22nd October
8.30 am Trading tables for registrants second hand magic - In dealers room.. Closes at 10am
10.15am Morning Tea
10.45am Workshop. Listen, and learn and interviews with our guests. Question and answer session with each of our three guest overseas lecturers. Mark Mason, Ken Scott and Shawn Farquhar. Registrants choose which session they want to attend at 10.45am. We will be asking registrants to write questions for each speaker during the Convention and if time permits, other questions will be taken from the floor by the facilitator in each session. This will be the last chance to learn from our Stars.
11.30 am Close up show - Mark Mason
12.30 pm to 1.30 pm - Lunch - Final sales for dealers before packing up
1.45 pm Final Surprise??
2.45 pm Convention Over

19. Magic New Zealand App
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Our subscriber list is not made available to any other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Magic New Zealand® E-zine at Magic New Zealand® E-zine is published each Sunday. The opinions expressed therein are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of Magic New Zealand®. Neither Magic New Zealand® nor Alan Watson vouch for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, message, statement, or other information reported via Magic New Zealand® E-zine. Subscribers to this publication and authors who contribute to it by doing so agree they will not hold Magic New Zealand® or Alan Watson, jointly or individually liable or responsible in any way for the opinions expressed therein.
Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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