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Issue Number: #939
Date: Sunday 15th July 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. FISM Blackpool 2012 - Stage Contest - Day One
3. FISM 2012 - Day Two
4. Michael Finney's 16th Dry Heat Classic Charity Event
5. 84th Convention Of The IBM
6. Magicseen No. 45
7. Remarkable Magic #41 - Nick Lewin
8. Sharing The Stage - #265 - Kyle Peron
9. In Conversation with George Schindler - #1
10. EMC 2012
11. The Magic Word Podcast
12. In Episode 064 Of The Magic Rush Podcast
13. American Museum Of Magic - Doc Eason Lecture And Workshop
14. Magic At The Beach 2013
15. Innovention 2012
16. Magic New Zealand App
17. e-zine Archives
18. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
If you are visiting the Magic Castle between July 13th -15th make sure you catch Nick Lewin's performance at the Peller Theatre as I am sure he would love to catch up with any Magic New Zealand subscribers who are in town.

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. FISM Blackpool 2012 - Stage Contest - Day One
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Genii The Conjuror's Magazine

Forum - Online

Stage Contest - Day One

by Craig Mitchell

It's contest time! And what would a FISM contest be without musical FISM legend - Frank Wilson - this musical genius kept the entire day going with his hilarious interludes and now mandatory sing-alongs of "magic all over the world" ...

On to the magic.

1. Michael Jordan - High Jinx - Stage Illusions - England
A young brother & sister illusion duo who if memory serves me correctly have been featured on Britain's Got Talent not so long ago. Toy dolls to real person appearance ... cutting in fifths ... straightjacket escape to a dueling violins soundtrack ending with the re-appearance of the toy
mannequins. No fireworks to write home about - youthful energy and a pleasing start to the stage contest

2. Javier Fernandez - Luxor - Mental magic - Spain
Mentalism seemed to be Monday's theme and unfortunately for non-native English speakers - it is not the easiest of choices. With the performers pants unfortunately way too tight - it was very difficult to concentrate on too much else.

3. Antranik Arabadijia - Astor - Comedy Magic - Bulgaria
Great excitement - our very first red light act at FISM 2012 ... and not even three competitors in. A large gentleman in Indian fakir-style garb who starts the act whilst eating cotton wool set on fire and ends with a bizarre misers dream in the audience which was out of sight of everyone. The red light came on for being below standard - but bizarrely the curtain did not close ( perhaps a new instruction from the organiser to the stage staff following the telling off of the judges at last year's FISM Europe ? )

4. Pablo Lambertini - General Magic - Argentina
A saxophone player in a jazz club scene that had an origami bird coming to life - a vanishing harmonica, card manipulation, a horribly exposed production of a trumpet from his jacket (magicians and their body loads) and an appearing bird from music book. Interesting premise that never reached its potential.

5. Florian Sainvert - Manipulation - France
A Tron / matrix style act with green card manipulation of strange circle and square pieces of card attached to his body. A backwards lean that got the audience very excited ... followed by a 'floating' saucer attempt that had to be aborted when the thread got entangled (FISM rule - never use invisible thread) The act concept is dated ...maybe if this were still the '80s.

6. Luca Bono - General Magic - Italy
This act kicked off with much promise - featuring a young performer at his desk computer about to start a Skype call. The stage visual looked great. An origami bird vanishes re-appearing on the computer screen - only to be extracted out of the digital image once more. A great costume change followed - but then quickly brought about the end of its novelty as the 'desk bound computer user' transforms into magician - and we follow the same tired old plot of every other magician with standard card manipulation, billiard balls etc. ending with the production of the girl. I really hope Luca re-looks at his concept as there is definitely something there which can be developed.

7. Christian Bischof - Mental Magic - Switzerland
More mental magic for a Monday ... 2 people on stage and a mindreader with a supercilious grin. I just can't believe that you can read my mind when you stand there grinning like the Cheshire cat.

8. Kim Young Ju - Comedy Magic - Korea
The hit of the morning. But alas - not a magic act. This comedy juggler did a great cigar box routine - but missed the memo that this was the World Championships of Magic.

9. Riku Koponen - Riku & Varg - General Magic - Sweden
A jumbo balloon can be seen on stage. It pops and out emerges the performer from within the balloon in a very confused act that didn't know if they were supposed to be mentalists or magicians. A ridiculous vanish of a chair, a spectator left hovering in mid-air and a strange prediction of who knows what.

10. Andy Huang - Andost - General Magic - USA
A flickering lamp, red card manipulation, multiplying light bulbs and red silk appearing within the light bulb. In the brutal world that is FISM - instantly forgettable amongst the general milieu.

11. Jesus Cornejo - Andy Gonzalez - General Magic - Spain
CD manipulation along with appearing violins, vanishing stereo ( and yes -it featured tape cassettes ) a "slow change" and ending with appearing cello.

12. Andrew Melia - General Magic - England
A large hole cut in the middle of a wall that is intended to be a TV screen. Combination black-art and digital interaction. In the now traditional black art hoop vanish - the white shows flashed twice unfortunately during the vanish as they scurried off behind the mystical wall on stage.

13. Christoph Kuch - Mental Magic - Germany
A fun and entertaining mentalism act ( hurrah ! ) that started off with the echoes of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On. A spectator is invited to take an imaginary journey to the wreck of the Titanic with our all knowing magician predicting the name of the vessel, the depth they reached and year of the coin that was discovered on the ocean floor. A very effective use of music and lighting helped set the scene for what was a playful magical interlude.

14. Vadim Savenkov - Comedy Magic - Russia
My heart sinks when I see the words 'comedy magic' ... and even more so when the act features a sponge banana, bunny rabbit puppet and all-time favourite - a Zebra head. Clearly the alcohol content is higher in Russia than anywhere else.

15. Oliver Macia - Olmac - withdrew

16. Lee Ki Suk - Lukas - Manupulation - Korea
Our first standing ovation of FISM 2012 and potential prize winner. Moments of beautiful magic that looked like technical wizardry ... whilst previous Korean manipulators have been on hyper-drive, Lee Ki Suk has slowed everything down to nth degree - planted his feet firmly in a single spot and found some oh-so-depressing music that the magicians simply went wild for.

17. Thomas Hoeschelle - Thommy Ten - Mental Magic - Austria
An interesting mentalism act with a magician and his true love - and a jellybean for every kiss ... ending with a girl production complete with fireworks.

18. Robert Mark Jakoobsen - Robert Mark - Comedy Magic - Denmark
There are those 2 words again - comedy magic. Things are clearly not right in the state of Denmark. 2 overweight men on stage - one with naked buttocks ... in a horrible act set in a supposed bar ... that I would prefer to forget.

19. Yang Hee Jun - Nicky Yang - General Magic - Korea
Fancy that - a magician doing billiard balls when the act is actually themed around billiards ! Vanishing pool cue, appearing and disappearing chalk, never-ending sands and billiard ball production in box.

20. Johannes Lutz - Jojo - Manipulation - Germany
Young performer ( who celebrated his birthday today and got an official sing along from Frank Wilson ) with color changing baseball caps, appearing items in postbox, billiard ball manipulation, vanishing peak caps and ending with a basketball production. All formulaic and your standard magic contest act - but done cleanly with energy.

Nineteen performers down and day one of the FISM 2012 stage contest is over ... and things aren't looking too good. The standard is hovering around baseline mediocre at best.

Hopefully things improve on the morrow ... we've got 4 days left to find our next Champion.


After a day filled with stage contest acts, there was still more magic in store with the "Late, late Gala Show" scheduled for a fairly respectable 8 pm (I assume for the Blackpool seniors this is late ;-)

We kicked into high gear right from the start with the incomparable Topas. A firm favourite at past FISMs - he set the tone for what would prove to be a solid gala show. Highlights include the 'compressor' shrinking illusion, "Hawaiian Wonder" ... a very elaborate transposition of a chosen orange and orange juice (!) ... a custom Steinmeyer "Modern Art" complete with drumming kit and toe cymbal. This one piece alone proves how Topas is able to take what has now become a stock standard effect and put his own unique stamp on it. He finished off his set with a parody of the masked magician - with transposition and ending up in the audience ...

Mike Caveney enters the stage as our official master of ceremonies (fantastic as always) and introduces his wife, Tina Lenert, and her classic Mop act. The audience gives Tina a rousing ovation for this now special performance piece.

As is always the case - the juggler is guaranteed to steal the show - and this was no exception. Compagnie Poc from France had the magicians clamouring for more with an incredible hat juggling and ball sequence that saw the Opera House rise to its feet. Distinctly European, he was an inspired choice for magic weary conjurors.

Closing off the first half was Katalina in showgirl tailcoat and a collection of colour changing gloves, cut and restored rope and billiard ball manipulation. Showgirls in Blackpool ... save me now.

The Magic of Tigran and Sos Jnr were scheduled to appear on the line-up but vanished from the night's proceedings without explanation.

With ice-cream interval out the way ( how very British ;-) Rafael from Belgium took us to Transylvania with his well-known Count Dracula act. He plays up the role superbly - and the set features some very visual eye candy ... rising from the crypt, arm through torso and his signature
sawing-in-half couch illusion.

Not to be outdone, Mike Caveney followed with his legendary archery attempts along with the beauty of centrifugal force and a simple cup of coffee. It's amazing how sometimes the simplest of things can delight the most ...

Beijing FISM winner, Soma, shared with us his cellphone act - hitting all the right beats. Soma has also just released his new DVD - "How to win at FISM" which provides a unique insight into what it really takes to reach such a level. Can't wait to view it!

Topas returned to close the show. A very funny sound check skit ensued followed by a lean illusion platform and asrah levitation. While it's questionable that one needs to levitate atop a platform which probably more resembles the gallows - why on earth must modern asrahs now feature gigantic robotic arms to deliver the hoops straight to the performers hands? Surely Mr Lay Audience must be thinking: "Mmmm - that mysterious platform features automated robotic arms complete with pneumatic engineering - all to hand Mr Magician his fancy hoops ... I wonder what else he has in that platform?" There simply is no logic ... and even if you were to take pity on the
illusionist and believe that maybe they couldn't afford a stage hand to give the performer the hoops - that motivation goes out the window when an assistant appears a few moments later to clear off the props. A strange little inconsistency in our little world of magic which bugs me no end ;-)

"The Late, Late Gala Show" wasn't actually that late - and was a solid end to day one of FISM 2012. Some 2500 magicians flooded into the streets of Blackpool and no doubt seasoned the night away.

Not for me unfortunately ... close-up kicks off at 8:30 am on Tuesday.

Story Source:

3. FISM 2012 -` Day Two
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Genii The Conjuror's Magazine

Forum - Online

Close-up Contest - Day Two

by Craig Mitchell
Blackpool, UK - As cruel punishment for late night revelers, the first of the close-up contest was scheduled for a very early 8:30 am.

So we can set the scene - the FISM 2012 Close-up Championships is taking place deep within the bowels of the Winter Gardens in what is the 'Olympia Exhibition Hall. ' The original bid book had close-up scheduled for the Grand Theatre if memory serves correctly ... but for reasons not announced, the venue was summarily switched ... to this depressing basement complete with make-shift indoor tent to block out the light ( or rain - I haven't quite worked out which yet ) and temporary tiered seating ... close your eyes and ignore the peeling paint and dangling cables please.

The video conditions were abysmal - with the screen completely washed out due to ambient light - and a single camera positioned at the back of the risers some 150 meters away. No overhead cameras, no high definition shots, no vision mixing, just a washed out picture with limited zoom and no one (besides the front row judges) able to view anything on the table surface. It is simply grim.

The competitors deserve better than this. FISM Close-up deserves better than this.

Conditions being what they are - the show must go on. Obie O'Brien is MC
with Jon Caesar having been given manual labour duty of bringing tables
backwards and forwards ;-)

1. Shinichi Maruyama - Cards - Japan
An over-riding theme that plagues so many of the foreign competitors is the language barrier. Non-English speakers valiantly try and speak English but unfortunately it is very difficult to understand what they are saying - and the acts suffer.

Appearing decks, card discoveries, visual transformations with a signed card and a nasty habit of yelling into a microphone.

2. Pierric Tenthorey - Parlor - Switzerland
A hit of the morning with a recurring theme of starting the act over due to limited time. 4 aces with deck vanish, wrist watch and pocket hank continually switch places, a matrix finale that caught everyone off guard and a comic twisting foot. A real magician pleaser.

3. Manuel Sanchez - Cards - Magnolo - Spain
A Borat look alike which I can't understand for love or money. The act features a big screen plasma TV which ostensibly is intended to show a close-up of what is happening on the TV. The TV feed is in fact non-live and we have interaction with his on-screen self.

4. Michael Walther - Micro - The Netherlands
Kicks off with the soundtrack of Thriller ... and the arrival of a Sherlock Holmes character. Alrighty then - those two go together. Multiplying magnifying glasses, shrinking and expanding cards, mini CD manipulation, jumbo matrix. The act bizarrely receives a partial standing ovation which wasn't deserved.

5. Kazuki Sakai - Cards - Indy - Japan
Another act which I unfortunately struggled to understand or left any impression. Next please.

6. Marcelo Insua - Micro - Tango - Argentina
Here's a FISM first - the story of Judas done to the coin matrix. Mmmmmmmm - must have sounded good on paper.

7. Peter Woerde - Cards - Netherlands
An entertaining act with the spectator taking on the role of "the world's best card cheat" - 4 aces ( why ... oh why dear magicians of the world ) and cards reset to new deck order.

8. Angel San Martin - Micro - Looking Magic - Spain
Another Blackpool standing ovation recipient ... clever use of emotive music with cups and balls, appearing shot glasses, color changing waistcoat et al.

9. Hyun Min Yoo - Cards - Zeki Yoo - Korea
A strange and crazy Korean who looks 13. Envelope and signed card transpose multiple times ... another standing o ( or the audience need to stretch their legs too often )

10. Simon Coronel - Micro - Australia
The lone entrant from the land downunder with a dramatic start focusing on a "moment that lingers". Simon brought along his own video camera to provide an up close view of what's happening on the table -very visual vanishes, color changes et al. With a signed card ending up in a sealed envelope. Magicians loved it. Ended with an enigma of sorts with a card that is linked onto itself ending with a penetrating finger ring. Strange indeed. A bit disjointed towards the end but magic candy nevertheless.

11. Miika Pelkonen - Cards - Finland
Next please. Humour failed and the magic forgettable.

12. Morina - Micro - Semba - Argentina
The "close-up" performer who wishes he was on stage. Flowing long hair - cheesy grin - and comes across as if he is mentally touched. Once again - don't understand a word he says and has the most ridiculous fake looking hand available in all of the Blackpool Dealers Hall. For the pièce de
résistance - wouldn't you like to be the female spectator and have your ears physically wiggled for you by the creepy magician? Oh yes - who wouldn't.

13. Francisco Sanchez - Cards - Paco Sanchez - Spain
You know there are problems when even the competitors make fun of the poor performing conditions: "the best camera work ever at FISM" ... 4 aces to deuces with a fantastic vanish of the 4 cards at the end.

14. Ernesto Melero - Parlor - Venezuela
Developing trend - music now a must in all close-up acts. 4 aces (oh yeah!) fast degenerating into confusion with color changing cards and deck.

15. Meelis Kubo - Cards - Latvia
Quotes of the day: "I want you to concentrate on my balls" ... "breathe in and you will see the boobs of conjuring". Enough said.

16. Ben Jackson - Parlor - USA
Centred around the running of a lemonade stand, Ben's act is typical contest fare - flip move with coin and straw, appearing lemon and stand along with the now defacto FISM 4 ace production. The American style ( and forced scripting ) was probably too abrasive for the European audience and please don't shout in the microphone.

17. Paul Sommersguter - Cards - Austria
Equivoque with 1 card under the glass ... Ellusionist's Ultra Smoke (another FISM trend)

18. Jeffrey Tam - Micro - Philippines
Let's take the worst stereotype of someone from China and turn up the volume by 100. A bizarre, wacky and offbeat mash up of jumbo coins from mouth, cups and ball with tea bags and every other prop under the sun. All too much. Strange - very strange. After watching this I feel like I've been hit by an oncoming train ... the audience went wild nonetheless.

19. Costa Goncalo - Cards - Portugal
Strict performer setup times seemed to have gone out the window at the FISM close-up with very little stage management and performers taking forever to get ready. Color changing decks, lost and found card, and more of the same. Unfortunately being last performer after a very long day can never play to your advantage.

Prognosis after the first session of close-up ? Not too shabby ... the standard is definitely better than yesterday's stage ... and hopefully continues to improve. A short respite of 30 minutes before we race next door for 3½ hours of stage contests.

As everyone's favourite mindfreak would say ... "Are you ready?"

Or in Blackpool FISM speak - what were we thinking...

Stage Contest - Tuesday afternoon

4 hours of close-up magic and now an afternoon of stage awaits. One thing is for sure - stamina is a pre-requisite for FISM.

Onto the acts ...
1. Klaus Grunewald - Flick Flack Modern Magic - Stage Illusions - GermanyTwo German illusionists .... bulging biceps and leather pants ... oh, the stereotype with the all-knowing "look how wonderful I am" on-stage persona. Jim Steinmeyer's Op-Art, some more boxes and appearing girls behind lycra screens. In the world of illusion, the number of female assistants is directly proportional to the number of ridiculous hand gestures. We need to move on people - no wonder illusionists are so lampooned.

2. Huang Po Han - General Magic - Taiwan
Memories of Beijing come flooding back of mild political protest ;-) An intriguing act of a Chinese scholar setting off to Cambridge for the first time against the backdrop of the spoken word. Slow and dramatic it most certainly is very different ... and unlike any other card manipulation act
that has preceded it. Whilst very theatrical, the act unfortunately lacked magic punch for the finale.

3. Drei Zauberere - Comedy Magic - Germany Did not perform

4. Mattthew Gore - General - South Africa
Started off with magic staples of appearing canes & candles and vanishing balls in a throwback to the 1980's and quickly moved up-tempo with a pulsating rave soundtrack. Sponge ball manipulation, glow in the dark juggling, LED dancing cane, confetti, glitter, card fountain and Kabuki streamers ... can we feature any other stock-standard effects ?

5. Dancho Baldzhiev - Valdi - Manipulation - Bulgaria
Let's do the time warp again. Red card to Bulgaria as the act is disqualified for being below FISM standard. Top hat and tails and appearing necklaces ... please make it stop.

6. Cheng-Ming Chao - Mike Chao - Manipulation - Taiwan
Beautiful, smooth and graceful and a possible prize contender with some extremely visual pieces. Coins, cards & billiard balls ... all magician fodder.

7. Juan Jose Coyto - Harry Scott - Mental Magic - Uruguay
I have a new suggestion. All mentalist acts at FISM should now be forced to perform for themselves in a room far, far away from humanity. Funny for all the wrong reasons with a hapless performer who's butchering of the English language had the audience in hysterics. With the number of on-stage female help - it would appear that speed dating started early in Blackpool. Red lighted.

8. Martin Kosh - Comedy Magic - Austria
Comedy magic seems to be the safe category for borderline acts. A one-man act playing the part of 2 roles - a 'drunk' magic examiner and the hapless auditionee.

9. Reuben Moreland - Manipulation - USA
Unfortunately anyone entering manipulation has an impossible task against the onslaught of the Asian invasion and Reuben tries admirably. A visit to the costume department - and gym, is still sorely needed I am afraid. Jeans and tie simply don't cut it especially when they are highly unflattering and leave one with the impression of an overweight Clark Kent.

Chris Kenner spoke at length about magicians and body image at a previous Magic Live - and everything he says is so true and more. We are an image conscious society - and magic and your appearance on stage needs to reflect that. Reuben is skilled no doubt - but the geeky magic kid persona is holding him back ... and there is no doubt he can overcome this.

10. Maria Dolores Bavaro - Dolly Kent - General Magic - Argentina
Feather boas & cards to the infectious tune of Chicago's "All that Jazz" that had the audience eating out of her hand ( and cleavage never hurts either ! ) Whilst very standard material, a very polished performance piece alive with energy and coming at just the right time in the morning's

11. Manuel Paredes - Talman Cesaral - Mental magic - Spain
Mentalism ... oh joy. When you can't understand the performer ... even worse. Note to mentalists - LCD screens are not the new replacement for chalk boards. Please don't be surprised when your grand revelation of a selected word on a "picture frame" meets with silence. We can see that they
are LCD screens - and yes, it is possible for any prediction to thus appear on your "picture frame" Not that impossible ... even in technology-defunct Blackpool.

12. Vladyslav Krynogov - Vlad - Comedy Magic - Russia
A bizarre act featuring sleight of feet, silk through ear and all manner of wacky manipulations ending in the dropping of jumbo lampshade to reveal the production of a lady. Different.

13. Matteo Cucchi - Manipulation - Italy
Manipulation with horseshoes. Why ? No idea.

14. Kristy Melnik - Kristy - General Magic - Russia
Deja vu - Chicago's "All that Jazz" take two. Horrible color changing stockings, terrible costume change and a levitating cap.

15. Felix Ruiz - Felix - Manipulation - Spain
Formulaic magic contest act. Fire and candles, tux and tails, appearing glasses, multiplying card boxes, jumbo fan production, jumbo bottle of champagne production, even bigger glass production, lots of confetti ... ho hum. "Why should we care?"

16. Oe Tsuyoshi - General Magic - Japan
Masks, masks and more masks. Appearing masks. Vanishing masks. Color changing masks.

17. Jakob Mathias - Jakob - General Magic - Germany
The nightmare is still fresh. Off we go to the beach with blow-up pool toys, two assistants who have no idea what's potting - and a young blond-haired magician who strips to his shorts and flexes his muscles ... as one must generally do on a German beach ? With the ocean being represented by the magic blue cloth of mystery ( please ignore the on-stage shuffle of
assistants feet underneath that we are not meant to see ) - our heroic titan will now straddle the cloth of mystery and levitate across the fabric. And grand finale - my Teutonic twin will reappear in the audience with portable shower so you may gaze across my awesome chest. Entertaining it was.

18. Lee Ang Hsuan - Manipulation - Taiwan
Ending the day's stage contest on a high - cards, cards and more cards. Cards of every color. Cards appearing. Cards vanishing. Cards to confetti. Cards to billiard balls. Cards to jumbo cards. Very slick and a very vocal audience showing their appreciation.

All-in-all ... an exciting afternoon of magic. The standard is definitely picking up. A few lingering thoughts:

Despite being red lighted - the curtain mysteriously does not close ... reported reason: "communication difficulties between front of house and back stage" ... mmmmm. The conspiracy theorist inside me would like to think differently ... but we wait and see if these 'communication difficulties' have been resolved for the next session.

So many of the acts have yet to ask the all-important question - "why should an audience care?" Producing a billiard ball means nothing to me. A card vanishing for the umpteenth time is of little consequence in the grand scheme of the universe. Connect with me as a person. Find the ability to
communicate with my emotion. Let me feel love, hate, joy, excitement, sympathy, despair ... but let me feel something. Otherwise you'll be just another magic act that forever fades into obscurity -relegated to the realm of insignificance.

Why would you ever want that?

Story Source:

4. Michael Finney's 16th Dry Heat Classic Charity Event
Message by Michael Finney (US)

Thought I would take you up on letting you know who the magicians are that will be performing this year at the Dry Heat Charity event! I am very excited.

Magicial guests of Honor Mark and Nani Wilson with their son Greg Wilson!

From Califorina
Luna Shimada Las Vegas
Mike Douglas Las Vegas
Steve Bargatze Nashville Tn
Feilding West Las Vegas
Larry Wilson Reno Nv
Gregory A Wilson Long Beach Calif
Kenton Knepper Phx Az
Ken Scott Atlanta Ga
Brad Zinn Phx Az

5. 84th Convention Of The IBM
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Staff Report - IBM Web Portal

Norfolk, VA - The 84th Annual Convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians came to a close sometime after midnight, July 7, after five days of wall-to-wall magic. Appropriately, Day Five of the convention was packed with over sixteen hours of magic, including a special breakfast, two
lectures, six teach-in sessions, (given twice); a special panel discussion, a youth show, the awards presentation, the Stars of Magic Show, and a Farewell Party, including a Strolling Olympics. Whew!

The annual Order of Merlin Breakfast began the last day at 8 o'clock in the morning. This is the special event which recognizes longevity in the membership. You earn the Order of Merlin award with twenty-five years of continuous membership. Then at thirty-five years, it becomes an Order of Merlin Shield award. At fifty years, the award is the Order of Merlin Excalibur, and at sixty years, it is the Order of Merlin Excelsior. The complete list of the class of 2012 is given in the July issue of The Linking Ring.

The guest speaker for the breakfast was Chip Romero, the cruise ship magic king, and magic historian.

One of the biggest benefits of entering the I.B.M. contests, is getting constructive feedback from the judges. The annual Judges Critique sessions were held this morning. At the same time, the always-popular Juliana Chen, from Las Vegas, lectured to attendees.

Last year in Dallas, one of the most popular events at the I.B.M. Convention was the SIG (Special Interest Groups), small-group teach-in sessions. So this year's convention committee was smart to bring them back. This year they called them Six Pack Sessions, featuring -- you guessed it -- six teach-in sessions. They repeated them so attendees could get to two of the six sessions.

A clever addition to the convention was a Panel Discussion by the Stars of Asia. What a neat session, an opportunity to talk with and ask questions of the performers from the night before.

Meanwhile, the youth were wrapping up the week of special events, by conducting their own show. After listening to, talking with, and learning from magicians all week, it was time for the young, aspiring magicians to perform themselves, for each other. Acts came from all over -- Argentina,
Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, etc. A couple of them even served as emcees. Afterward, Aubrey and Bruce taught them a couple of card tricks. What a great week it was for the youth.

Paul Gertner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the last lecturer for the convention, and the last event of the daytime hours.

At 7 pm, a special Awards Presentation at the Chrysler Theater, announced the winners of the Close-up and Stage Competitions.

Contest Chairman Oscar Munoz, announced the winners. In the 2012 I.B.M. Gold Cups Close-up Contest, the judges did not award the Gold Cups this year. Also, there were no youth competitors this year in the Close-up Contest. In the Adult Category for Close-up, First Place went to Michael Dardant from Louisiana. He won $2,000. Second Place, and $500, went to Ed Ripley, from Tennessee.

As people left the theater Friday night, they voted for the People's Choice Award. The winner of that award, along with $500 and an invitation to the next 4F Convention in New York, also went to Michael Dardant.

The Preliminary Stage Contest was held over two days, with fifteen contestants. Of those, six were selected by the judges to move to the Finals Round of the Gold Medal Competition, Friday night. Those six were: Jean Paul Olhaberry, Mago Sebak, Ding Yang, Jay Hock Yang, Nicky Yang, and Joseph Young. In the Gold Medal Stage Contest, the judges did not award the Gold Medal this year.

In the Youth Category of the Stage Contest, winning First Place, $500, and the Fantasma Prize Package, was Mago Sebak, from Argentina. Second Place, and $250, was won by Leo Kanzelberger, of Washington.

In the Adult Category of the Stage Contest, First Place and $2,000 went to Jean Paul Olhaberry, from Chile, who also won the People's Choice Award for stage. Second Place and $250 was won by Jay Hock Yang, from South Korea.

Immediately following the announcement of the contest winners, the final evening show took place -- the "Stars of Magic Show." It was another terrific way to end a terrific week. So how do you say goodbye to all the friends -- old and new -- you talked with during the week? How about a
Farewell Party, including the popular Strolling Olympics? And that's why the oldest and best magic convention in the world, went past midnight after five days.

Start making your plans now to attend the 85th Annual I.B.M. Convention in Phoenix, Arizona Next July. More details will starting coming your way soon.

6. Magicseen No. 45
Message by Chris Wasshuber (US)

by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 8, No. 3, July 2012; 64 pages

Cover: Ian D. Montfort

Welcome - editor's letter
Readers' Letters
Did You Know? - trivia
In The News
Florian Zimmer: Stylish & Sensational - interview
In the Phone Box - Mark Leveridge interviews Chris Cox
Street Wise: How to Succeed as a Street Performer - Mark Leveridge
One-Liner Heaven! - jokes from Tim Vine & Gary Delaney
The Rise of the Designer Deck: The Custom Cards Causing a Stir - Eoin Smith
John Marshall: The King of Clubs - interview
Ian D. Montfort: The World is not Enough! - cover article/interview by
Graham Hey
Marvin's Magic School - interview with Jay Fortune
Wild Card Reverse - Alexandr Erohin
Cannibal Collectors - Marcus Gordon
A Week in the Life of a Magic Dealership - at Merlins of Wakefield with Phil
Peters and Mark Lee
Uday: Making Your Magic a Reality! - interview and an introduction by Paul
Maestro - 4 DVD set - René Lavand
Instant Reset Wallet MK2 - Harry Robson
Pocketed - effect by Bob Solari
A Dog-umentary: Routines and Bone-us Bits of Business with the Dog Arm
Puppet - DVD by Jeremy Le Poldevin with 'Robbie'
Damage - DVD & gimmick or video download from Dave Forrest
Spineless - book test by Chad Long
Dave Stone Word(s) -effect by Yoan Tenuji & Stéphane Guekko
Just a Cup - effect by Axel Hecklau
Enigma Card - effect by Bob Solari
Childsplay - effect by Chris Congreave
Fooling Houdini - book by Alex Stone
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7. Remarkable Magic #41 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

'The Dry Heat Classic 2012'.

Everyone in the magic world knows what a gem we have in our midst with Michael Finney. He is a brilliant comedy magician, a true patriot and a philanthropist, and also performs the funniest rope routine in magic! As promised last week I want to take the time this week to tell you about a project that is near and dear to his heart.

In the past 15 years 'The Michael Finney Foundation' has nurtured the 'Dry Heat Classic from modest beginnings and transformed it into one of the country's most eagerly anticipated charity events. Michael Finney is Arizona's master comedian magician and he has added magic to the lives of all the people who have been affected by his tirelessly philanthropic nature.

As a result of Michael's foundation, over $900,000 has been donated to a variety of worthwhile charities in the last 15 years. This isn't how much money was raised, but is how much cash has actually ended up going to assist needy children. Every donation of $6000 can provide open-heart surgery for a child, surgery that would normally cost $150,000. That is an amazing amount of lives touched and transformed, and each year the numbers keeps increasing.

The recipients from 'The Dry Heat Classic 2012' charity golf tournament also include 'Gift of Life,' 'Operation Smile,' 'Wounded Warriors' and 'The Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association'-a chapter of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The 'Dry Heat's' sweet sixteen celebration will spread some very sweet relief to a wide range of excellent causes during the year ahead.

At the heart of the foundation, and supervising every step of the tournament, are Michael and his multi-talented wife Lori SooHoo Finney. Together they have developed an unbeatable format for making 'The Dry Heat Classic' a highlight event for all their attendees. There formula is simple, they do it by throwing a great three-day party where golf, fine food and world-class entertainment are blended together into an irresistible package.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the 'Dry Heat' two years ago and can tell you first hand just how much fun it is. If you have the chance to attend I can promise you an event you will never forget. Whether you attend for the golf, the magic or the comedy you are in for a treat.

The beautiful 'Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino' and the 'Whirl Wind Golf Course' are the location of the 'Dry Heat Classic' and they are the perfect place to house an event of this nature, making a superb base for every aspect of the activities. They comprise a perfect blend of design, location and spirit, which elegantly highlights each facet of the three-day celebration.

One of America's most sought after stand-up performers, Finney persuades many of his best friends in the world of comedy, magic, sports and entertainment to join him each year for this special event. In fact the various shows that accompany the tournament have become so popular that a special package is now available for non-golfers who just want to attend the fine dining and entertainment events.

A multi-award winning magician, Michael succeeds in presenting many of the world's most prestigious magical entertainers during his gala events. This year is no exception and the tournament is hosting a special tribute to one of magic's most iconic teams, the legendary, Mark and Nani Wilson. As stars of groundbreaking network TV series, such as the 'Magic Land of Allakazam' Mark and Nani's live and television appearances have been a huge influence to entire generations of magicians. Mark and Nani will be accompanied at the tournament by their son Greg and his beautiful wife Ayako.

During the festivities, guests of honor Mark and Nani Wilson will be joined onstage by such magicalnotables as; Steven Bargatze, Mike Douglas, Kenton Knepper, Max Krause, Fielding West, Greg Wilson, Larry Wilson, Ken Scott, Luna Shimada, and Brad Zinn. The magic featured will be world class and unique in its breadth and scope. From dazzling close-up miracles to stunning full-scale illusions, there are guaranteed to be gasps of amazement throughout.

Adding laughter to the shows will be a host of comedians familiar to television viewers. Adding comedic pizzazz to the event are funnymen; Nate Bargatze, Bruce 'Babyman' Baum, David Gee, Denny Johnston, Jack Mayberry, Tom McTigue, John Mendoza, and the emotional and highly anticipated return to the 'Dry Heat' by the beloved comedy team O'Brien & Valdez. A host of
other celebrities from the sporting and entertainment world will also be in attendance.

From July 26th to the 28th, the stars will be shining as brightly inside 'The Wild Horse Hotel and Casino' as in the desert skies above the resort. Best of all, when the party winds down, there will be a wonderful residual benefit, another sizeable contribution to some truly deserving charities.
Congratulations to Michael and Lori are in order for the wonderful job they do year after year with this event.

For registration and full details of 'The Dry Heat Classic' click on their website at

If you want to check out my website go to

8. Sharing The Stage - #265 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

So I am excited to be performing at a festival and performing my stage show with my wife. I am blessed to perform with my wife as a partner and festivals are always fun for us. We get there and the client had everything set up for us and a great place to park. It was easy load in and load out.
The sound people already had sound set up and the stage was covered with an awning to provide shade.

It was 105 degree heat index and so we drank plenty of water and took it easy setting up and performing. However, any professional knows that if you work festivals, you must learn to adapt to ever changing situations.

So why write this article if everything seems so perfect? Well it was until the show ended. Performing in 105 degree heat and humidity was bad enough but dealing with fellow entertainers who shared the stage with me was far worse.

Now do not get me wrong. I love sharing the stage with others. I love getting to know them and sharing in the experience. I love networking and building a relationship and making friends. Those are always the benefits of sharing the stage with someone else.

However, what happened to my wife and I should be a lesson in 1) self-control and 2) how never to act when sharing a stage with someone else. We get done and I know a band is on after us. They are the local township community band and I realize they have a lot to set up. However, I made it a point to tell the director I would be going on a bit early and give them an hour set up after my show. I went as far as to tell them the one side of the stage can be used before my show to store props to make it easier for them.

So all was well? Wrong. I get the show done and the next thing I know there is a stampede of band members rushing onstage oblivious of me, my wife or my props. I go to take down my sound system and turn around to realize I had been boxed in by chairs being set up 2 inches from where I was standing.

I try and walk across the stage and realize I can't pick up my sound cords cause they placed chairs directly on the lines. I get to my table and props (which I kindly moved to the side of the stage area) and realize my wife has now been boxed in with chairs and instruments with band members standing around seeming as if they do not care one bit about the safety of my wife.

The icing on the cake was when I was packing up my sound case (with well over 3k worth of equipment) and I turn to realize some band member was 2 seconds from stepping right on it. Not only that but they blocked the only access I had to my truck by placing a xylophone right in the path they knew I was using.

Now let me say I am a patient man and I try and work with everyone. But this is unacceptable and no way any entertainer should ever act this way or treat someone else like this. I pulled the director aside and explained to him nicely that I am doing everything I can to make room for them, give them proper time but they have to realize my equipment and the safety of my team is JUST as important as theirs. He understood and apologized to me but certainly the message did not get to the band members.

So what does all of this mean? It means when you are sharing the stage with fellow entertainers, make sure you act professionally. Being a professional does not start when the curtains open nor end when they close. You are one at All times on stage and off stage. Every entertainer deserves respect and it takes respect to gain respect back.

I will always ask the client if I am sharing a stage ahead of time and get the name of the group and a contact email or number if available. I express that I like to reach out to them in advance so as to introduce myself to them ahead of time.

I also make sure that adequate time is given between the end of my show and the start of the next performer's spot. I will then work to ensure that my set up and my breakdown works smoothly and allows me to get my stuff off and an area to pack up while the transition takes place. When I arrive, I greet the other entertainers and I tell them how I am going to work with them.
This gets them to help me out as well and to discuss proper stage management.

We discuss timing that we each need and adjust things accordingly. The important thing is to be professional and kind and in doing so gain that back from them. However, my show is my show and nothing can interfere with how it is run. That means I control things and I plainly state that they can Not be setting up while the show is on and that any cords run must be done so after my show for the safety of my wife and I. If they are professionals, they will understand that they want their show to play as well as I want my own.

After the show is over, there must be an understanding that no one is to rush the stage with their group to start setting up until I have had time to move my props and equipment to an agreed upon safe area and only based on my cue are they to start setting up.

All in all it is about proper respect and the ability to make sure you take care of a lot of this well in advance of the show date itself. When you get there, make sure to go over this. The worse you can do is assume that others are as professional as you are. Some simply are not.

Peron Design is my freelance design company that specializes in providing graphic design and marketing services for entertainers and small businesses. If you would like to see samples of my work, please find me on Facebook at: You may also send me an email and I would be happy to send out samples to you or answer any questions you may have. As always, I can be reached at

9. In Conversation with George Schindler - #1
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA

George Schindler is The Dean of The Society of American Magicians. A position richly deserved. George has served The Society in many roles including that of President. He also currently is the Head of Public Relations and Advisor to many committees.

I am delighted to state that I have known him for several years and thanks to him, I am an International Deputy/Envoy for the Society of American Magicians. I am honored to call him my friend and have spent delightful times in his company both at S.A.M Council meetings and at informal gatherings & social events. The most memorable was in June 2011, when I was a house-guest at his home in Brooklyn, New York.

George, and his lady, Nina took wonderful care of me and I was made privy to many wonderful secrets including a visit to the Showbiz secret Magic warehouses, secret homemade breakfast bagels by Aunt Nina who also especially got in brown sugar and often teased me with, "you want a little coffee with all that sugar" . and last but not least, the location of the Houdini bust.

Whilst there, George personally escorted me to Tannen's and Fantasma. Lunch at the Edison Café with some cool Magi and many other wonderful happenings. My absolute highlight of my visit was when George took me to Houdini's gravesite. We spent quality time there, just the two of us, chatting, taking photos and video, which, incidentally is presently being made into a short DVD which we will share with The S.A.M.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share a conversation with Uncle George and Aunt Nina.

AD: Hello Uncle George. I am delighted to have this time with you and we can finally sit down and spend some time talking about you & Aunt Nina and Magic. As you know, the terms Uncle & Aunt are terms of endearment and I am honored that I and many others, including many famous names, affectionately consider you both in this manner. So, let me begin by asking how you and Nina met.

GS: It was back in 1957. Nina's cousin and my sister, who were college friends, arranged a blind date for us. I was doing comedy at that time and I was told that Nina was a good laugher. We have had a lot of fun and laughter since then including children and grandchildren and after all these years she still laughs at my jokes.

AD: You once told me that you always travel with Nina and that you would rather give up a gig than not take her along. Care to share some of that .

GS: Nina is part of the club date act and stage show. We try to have a vacation every time we travel. If we can't have fun, it becomes, 'Work" but I do the trade shows alone.

End of Part1

10. EMC 2012
Message by Luis de Matos (Portugal)

Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy. The Essential Magic Conference is the world's first digital conference for magic and magicians. 33 magicians, 3 days of magic.

Watch live via the Internet. View on your computer, your iPad or even your iPhone. Watch all sessions online and on-demand for one year. And receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. DVDs mailed post free to anywhere in the world.

Special guests: Derren Brown and Teller

Conference speakers already announced are:
Armando Lucero (United States)
Bill Malone (United States)
Chris Kenner (United States)
Dani DaOrtiz (Spain)
Daniel Madison (United Kingdom)
David Berglas (United Kingdom)
David Britland (United Kingdom)
David Williamson (United States)
Debbie McGee (United Kingdom)
Denis Behr (Germany)
Eberhard Riese (Germany)
Eric Mead (United States)
Gaetan Bloom (France)
Gene Matsuura (United States)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Hiro Sakai (Japan)
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Graham Jolley (United Kingdom)
Guy Hollingworth (United Kingdom)
Luis de Matos
Luis Piedrahita (Spain)
Marco Tempest (United States)
Max Maven (United States)
Michel Clavello (Argentina)
Mike Caveney (United States)
Norberto Jansenson (Argentina)
Paul Daniels (United Kingdom)
Paul Harris (United States)
Richard Wiseman (United Kingdom)
Stan Allen (United States)
Steve Cohen (United States)
Tina Lenert (United States)
Tom Stone (Sweden)
Topas (Germany)
William Kalush (United States)
Woody Aragón (Spain)
Yann Frisch (France)
Yigal Mesika (Israel)

Register today - access passes are limited. Register now! By going to:

11. The Magic Word Podcast
Message by Scott Wells

This week on The Magic Word podcast, Scott Wells visited the Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock, Colorado. He had a nice long chat with owners, operators and resident magicians, Joe Givan and Carol Massie. Carol talked about the Wizard's Camp for young magicians that they hold annually at the Theatre. During the discussion with Joe and Carol, they were pleasantly "interrupted" by a cell phone call from Oscar Munoz. Joe and Oscar, both winners of the I.B.M. Gold Cups, had a lively discussion about contests, performing, and preparation. More information on the Theatre of Magic, the Wizards Camp and more, please visit:

On The Magic Word website (at there are also a few new videos the first of which is a short video tour of the Theatre of Dreams. The second of which is a video and photo montage of the recently fire-ravaged area around Colorado Springs, Colorado. Finally, there is a very fun, very short 46 second promo video for The Magic Word that you MUST see. Watch it on The Magic Word at:

You can listen online or download the podcast at or you can download it through the iTunes store. Just search for The Magic Word podcast. Thanks for

12. In Episode 064 Of The Magic Rush Podcast
Message by Michael Wilkinson

In episode 064 of the Magic Rush podcast this week we discussed the world from an infant's perspective, David Copperfield's childhood abuse, Paul Daniel's Beckham-like photo shoot, the world's worst magician, black magic, performing magic at school, and more.

All episodes are free at and at iTunes.

13. American Museum Of Magic - Doc Eason Lecture And Workshop
Message by Doc Eason

The American Museum of Magic is pleased to announce a lecture and workshop that is sure to please magicians and those with an interest in magic. Celebrated magician Doc Eason will present a lecture and a separate intensive workshop on Saturday, July 21. Not just about bar magic, this highly entertaining talk is loaded with tips, lines, bits of business, tricks, and the real secrets of magic.

It reflects Doc's 35 years performing behind the bar. From the absolute novice to the seasoned pro, there is something here for everyone. The Academy of Magical Arts has awarded him Lecturer of the Year, W.C. Fields Bar Magician of the year and - for two years in a row - Close-up Magician of the year. Doc's lecture will be held at the Franke Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. Cost of the lecture is $15. Students enrolled in AMM's Abracadabra Magic Camps may attend for $5.

The workshop is an opportunity to sit down with a working professional and pick his brain. The workshop will start with a performance of the cornerstone to his act - his classic card under glass. In deconstructing this masterpiece of routining, card handling and psychology, techniques such as his false shuffle, double lift and his top change are fully discussed.

Usually this discussion sparks other questions and thoughts and further explorations. He discusses the folding of a cocktail rose, a skill everyone should know and the tips that make this work, as well as a cocktail party stunt that Doc has used for years. Tips and ideas begin to flow and the time melts by.

Doc encourages the folks who sign up for this to bring specific questions. Supplies needed are a deck of cards and a close-up mat. Doc also suggests attendees bring a few half dollars as well.

Because of the intensive nature of the workshop, attendance will be limited to 10. The workshop will be held at 3 p.m. at the American Museum of Magic, 107 E. Michigan Ave., Marshall, MI.

Tickets for the workshop are $45 and include a set of Doc's notes.

Tickets for the lecture and the workshop may be purchased at the museum or by calling 269-781-7570.

The American Museum of Magic is open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00pm during the months of April, May, September and October, and Tuesday through Saturday in June, July and August (Adults $5/Children $3.50), or by request (269-781-7570).

The mission of the American Museum of Magic is to inspire and delight the public with the wonder of magic, as well as to document and celebrate the contributions and resilience of the magician.

14. Magic At The Beach 2013
Message by Mike Heidtman/Event Coordinator

Magic at the Beach is very pleased to announce another incredible performer to our lineup - Juliana Chen !!

Juliana Chen is the first woman, and first magician of Chinese heritage, to win a world title for a solo act in the 50-year history of The World Congress of Magicians. She is "The World's First Lady of Magic."

Juliana was born and raised in China and, at age 10, was selected for specialized training at the Hunan Academy for the Performing Arts. Originally trained in ballet, she later moved on to acrobatics and juggling then took an interest in magic as a teenager. In 1986, she won the All-China Best Magician competition. As she developed her talents further, she won numerous magic competitions in Europe and the USA, including the 1997 world title for Manipulation (sleight-of-hand) at The World Congress of Magicians in Dresden, Germany.

Juliana has been awarded the Chavez Memorial Cup, recognized for her professional excellence, and was nominated for Stage Magician Of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

That makes 6 amazing acts that have been announced for MATB2013. Registration is open and calls and emails are coming in daily. Have we gotten yours yet? If not you may register securely and safely via our website or call 843.626.8191 and we will be happy to assist you. All rooms
are $59USD/night at the resort and all rooms are ocean front. Everybody loves our lavish Welcome Reception the first night as well as our awesome Swag Bags. We are limited to the first 250 guests to register for the convention and rates will go up after December 1st if we haven't sold out by

See all the info at .

What are you waiting for? We'll see you at the beach - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA.

15. Innovention 2012
Message by Paul Stone (US)

It's been Magic's Best Kept Secret ... but now the word is out!

Innovention 2012 is taking place at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from September 30 - October 3

The Convention is dedicated to Peter Reveen, Master Magician, world famous Hypnotist and formerly Lance Burton's Personal Manager.

A special 'Outstanding Achievement' Award will be presented to Circus Legend, Tihany

The Innovention is different to ANY other Magic Convention ...

. Number of attendees are limited to 250 people
. Fantastic line-up of Talent
. Professional technical support
. Everyone is treated like a VIP
. Intimate Showroom with excellent seats for EVERY Show, Workshop and Lecture
. Unrivalled access to the performers and lecturers
.Great location with comfortable accommodation at unbeatable prices!
.Unbeatable selection of restaurants, cafes

So, the combination of a high quality, intimate Convention with top class talent and production, at a great location offering fantastic value for money, makes this the ONE Convention you simply MUST attend in 2012!

We guarantee an unrivalled high quality, exciting and magical few days with outstanding performers and lecturers, and a few surprises too!

Performers and Lecturers appearing include.
The Great Tomsoni & Co, Jeff Hobson, Amazing Jonathon, Michael Holly, Michael Goudeau, Eric Buss, Christopher Hart, Fielding West, Kyle & Mistie Knight, Farrell Dillon, Dana Daniels, Ben Stone, Armando Lucero, Sos Petrosyan, Paul Vigil, Bob Kohler, Bill Smith, Scott Alexander, Seth Kramer,
Gabrielle Lyster and juggling Legend Kris Kremo with more surprises still to be announced!

Look at this unbelievable VIP Registration Offer ..... We will knock an amazing $100 off the regular $345 Registration cost ...... So You Pay Just $245!

But we highly recommend that you make your booking quickly! Once we reach 250 Registrations, there will be no more!

If you'd like to take advantage of this very special offer, email for full details on how to register!

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