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Issue Number: #949
Date: Sunday 26th August 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. America's Got Talent
3. Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine
4. Bloomsbury Auctions - Tricks, Books And Pictures
5. Remarkable Magic #47 - Nick Lewin
6. Increasing Your Business - #270 - Kyle Peron
7. In Conversation with George Schindler - #7
8. Las Vegas Magic - September, 2012
9. Night Of Zabrecky
10. Science And Magic
11. Latest Issue Of Magicol
12. Danny Archer Lectures
13. Weekend Of Wonder
14. Week Two Of Cafe Culture Shows - Elio Simonetti
15. The Cardwarp Tour
16. Robert Haley - Mind Reader
17. Magic New Zealand App
18. e-zine Archives
19. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
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2. America's Got Talent
Article by Wayne Kawamoto, About.com Guide forwarded on by Mel Kientz

I've been quiet about this season's "America's Got Talent," but last night's "YouTube" episode, which featured the talents of Rudy Coby, Eric Buss and Puck, has motivated me to comment.

I think that the "America's Got Talent" (AGT) judges were particularly harsh towards the magicians. To start, I wonder if a lot of problem is the format. The judges are watching 90-second snippets of the performers' acts and don't get to see how pros such as Coby, Buss and Puck develop their personalities and create a rapport with their audiences during full shows. Great magic isn't always about big boxes and pyro.

Another concern is that the judges mentioned that they had already seen the performances - I'm assuming through the YouTube videos that were voted on. But if the judges had already seen and studied the routines (I'm not sure that this is the case), then the performances would lack the element of surprise and suffer from a reduction of impact.

Still "Coolest Magician" . . . Coby is a complete pro with an entertaining, brilliant and creative act. In Coby's television special from decades ago, his "Puppet Boy" routine was his closer. By the time this routine arrived in that television special, the audience had been treated to great magic and gotten to known Coby's unusual humor and stage personality. I'm saddened that a pro with this level of talent would be criticized in this manner by the judges.

Buss is another pro who was brutalized by the judges. I've enjoyed Buss' act many times at the Magic Castle and his zany character wasn't given a chance to build and show in the short 90-seconds that he was given. This routine is a crowd pleaser. But don't simply take it from me. If Buss' routine was good enough for him to be featured on David Letterman's show, it's good enough for AGT.

Puck delivered a great routine and performance. As with Buss, I have enjoyed watching Puck at the Magic Castle and I think his "dancing handkerchief" is the best that I've seen (along with that of David Copperfield from an early TV special). At least Puck was spared the snide comments from the judges.

To win AGT in the future, I guess magicians will almost have to toss out the elements that make for a great magic show and rapidly perform one big illusion after another to satisfy the judges' insatiable need for a "wow factor." Character, great scripting as well as baffling magic? Forget it. Just slam out the big illusions and hope for the best.

You can watch the AGT episode on NBC's site:

3. Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine
Message by Richard Webster (New Zealand)

Four years ago, Nick Lewin entertained a party of my friends. They're still talking about it. They remember Nick's energy, charm and humor - and his linking finger rings. The impossibility of the effect, and the fact that it was done using their own rings, places the linking finger rings in the miracle category.

In this book, Nick has included absolutely everything you need to perform this effect. Every detail, every nuance, is clearly covered. Nick has honed this effect over thousands of performances in every type of situation, and his knowledge and expertise is apparent on every page. His advice on the type of ring to buy surprised me, but it made perfect sense after reading why he uses the particular ring he does.

That small piece of advice alone could save you a great deal of money. The second part of the book takes you step-by-step through the performance of the routine. Nick clearly explains every detail, and even includes his hilarious faith-healing stunts, complete with the sound effects which are on the CD contained in the package. Nick also includes a DVD containing full instructions and a complete performance.

After watching Nick perform his ultimate linking rings routine, and knowing how he did it, I wrote: "When Nick linked the rings directly in front of me, the only explanation I had was that it was genuine magic, I still get goose bumps when I recall the moment." If you want to perform real magic, and give your audience goose bumps when they think about your act afterwards, you should seriously consider buying Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine.

You can purchase Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine by going
to: http://www.nicklewin.com/online-store.html

4. Bloomsbury Auctions - Tricks, Books And Pictures
Message by Poppy Walker
Marketing Manager

Bloomsbury Auctions are holding an exciting sale of Conjuring equipment, books and pictures on 20th September 2012. A selection of highlights are provided below. Also included in the auction are various books from the collection of Christopher Woodward, trade and cigarette cards from the collection of the late Chris Pratt and an extensive collection of circus photographs formed by the late Lewis Teasdale.

For more information email: pwalker@bloomsburyauctions.com

5. Remarkable Magic #47 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

The Mystery Lounge in Boston.

I had one of those rare 'everything was great' evening performing last night at the fabulous 'Mystery Lounge' in Cambridge, MA. Maybe I'm getting a little cynical as I get older, but I seldom just really enjoy a gig from the moment I walk through the door until after I have left. I did last night!

It was my good fortune to be booked at the 'Mystery Lounge' last night with my friends Joe Howard and Steve Kradolfer, they were wonderful hosts and tremendous performers who had the crowd screaming with their polished and laugh packed acts.

The 'Lounge' was created over 13 years ago and is Boston's longest running magic and comedy club. It has become a very real part of the fabric of the always fun Cambridge scene. It must be very gratifying to its two founding producers, Steve Kradolfer and Jon Stetson to see the continued success of their 'brainchild.'

I remember, back in the height of the comedy club era, always looking forward to playing in Cambridge at the 'Catch a Rising Star' club. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was that I got to spend some time with Jon Stetson - one of magic's very nicest people! On one visit Jon told me about the Magic Lounge idea, and its Tuesday night occupancy. 13 years later the project is still going strong!

The audience in the Mystery Lounge is a great mix of ages and people. Magicians are scattered in the crowd with magic lovers, and they are so enthusiastic that it truly warms one's heart. The 8:00 pm show started promptly at 8:15 and then the action never stopped. The audience really got their money's worth and it was tough to keep the show to a sensible length.

The core group of performers, who are at the centre of the 'Lounge' are Jon Stetson, Steve Kradolfer, Mike Bent, Joe Howard David Oliver and Bob Riordan. That is quite a line-up of talent for the talent pool, other local and visiting magicians add to the performance roster. What is amazing is how fresh the whole event feels and how genuinely friendly things are.

I love the structure of the show they present each Tuesday, no boring opening/middle/closing format at the lounge. Boston is famous in the comedy world for the way their shows are usually hosted by the headliner - who goes into overdrive and whips the audience into shape. He introduces a couple of acts as his special guests and then finishes the show with his actual set. This system really works!

Joe Howard opened up the bill last night with a ten minute set that had the audience, eating out of the palm of his hand. He was funny, street savvy and smoother than silk. In ten minutes he took the crowd from zero to 100, and that was just for openers.

Steve Kradolfer followed Joe and kept the pace moving perfectly. He is a very funny man and he does some - and they are all funny.

You realize instantly with Steve that you are in the hands of a real pro and just settle back and enjoy the ride. His closing 'bit' is an inspired and original comedy/magic routine that perfectly concluded his 25-minute performance, I was ready to watch much more!

Joe returned to the and picked up the energy still further, by the time he had finished his 15 minute second set the crowd was roaring. Joe truly has one of the greatest routines for the 'Cups and Balls' and it is visible and perfect entertainment even in a full showroom setting. I am usually not a big fan of the 'Cups and Balls' onstage, however Joe made me realize how wrong about it I could be.

Next on the bill, local Stand-Up comedian, Langston Kerman performed a smooth and effective ten minute set of pure stand-up. He was a nice addition to the show and as the audience had seen plenty of great magic and were ready for a 'comedy break'. It made a very nice touch to feature a classic comedy monologist at this point in the show.

It is a rare thing to fall into a beautifully oiled machine, designed to maximize your working environment. Thank you all for letting me participate in the evening. If you are not familiar with the Mystery Lounge check out their website www.mysterylounge.com and if you are in the Boston area, block of that Tuesday on your calendar - you won't regret it!

Check out my website, which contains a product line that includes magic and mentalism items! I have just uploading a two part TV interview with Max Maven from my 90s Fox series 'The Entertainment Files'. The website can be found at www.nicklewin.com

6. Increasing Your Business - #270 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Increasing Your Business - #270 - Kyle Peron

One of the biggest factors towards anyone's success in magic as a business is the sheer ability to consistently take action. Not just any old action. Consistent action on a daily level that leads one down the right path towards achieving or reaching an obtainable goal.

So many of us can succeed and reach levels we never thought of if we simply had the ability to take action daily. Sounds simple doesn't it? However, it is not as simple as it may sound when stated. The reason is that there are just so many things that hinder us from taking this type of action.

It is really easy to become set in our ways. It is easy to be comfortable right where we are. Action requires work and work requires effort. This alone can lead many away from doing what they really know will help them succeed.

The other problem folks have is that they simply get lost with how to get to where they want to go. They set a lofty goal and the goal seems so huge that they have no idea what steps to take to get there. Climbing that mountain seems impossible.

So what have I learned that has helped make a HUGE difference for me? That is the ability to write down goals and to create a consistent daily to do list. I cannot tell you just how much this has changed my approach to my business and the success I want to achieve. It works and works amazingly well.

Before you can have success, you must first define it for yourself. So the first step is to define the goals you are after for each part of your business. It is not good enough to just have them in your head. You must take effort to write them down and to be specific about each one.

To state "to be a success" is not defined well enough. However saying "I would like to reach the profit goal of $25,000 by year's end," is a goal that is specific and has weight to it. It is defined by you.

When you have these written down, post them in your office so you can see them every single day. This is to remind you what you are after and seeing it every day helps you to take the next steps.

The next steps is a means in which to get to the goals. In many ways we need to take steps or set up small tasks to help us reach the summit. How do I do just that? I use a daily to do list.

I use a program called Evernote. Evernote allows me to create and update lists and have the ability to obtain that list file anywhere I am. I can look at it on any computer and on any phone as long as I have internet access. My To Do list is then available no matter where I am.

A to do list is as easy as it sounds. I write down small tasks each day that I need to accomplish and I assign dates for when I need to get it done by. By marking down these tasks, I am ways in line of getting them done. As I get them done, I erase them. As the status on a tasks changes, I can update it.

It is simply amazing how much you can do and accomplish simply by using this system. It energizes you and it takes the confusion totally out of the picture. Each day I review my list and each evening I update it. Very simple and easy. The key is making sure that I do this every day and make it a habit.

Imagine how much further you can be if you accomplished even one tasks a day, every day for a solid year? It could and can take you places you never thought of before. Suddenly those lofty goals do not seem so hard to reach. You tend to get there faster than you may realize.

I challenge each of you to start doing this system for yourself. It is an amazing thing. If anyone has any questions or wants more information, PLEASE let me know. This is too good to keep to myself. Contact me at magic4u02@aol.com.

7. In Conversation with George Schindler - #7
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA

AD: He! He! Now that's really funny Kuda Bux crossing the street without a blindfold!!! Speaking of blindfolds, decks and other paraphernalia, I've been privileged to have been taken by you to your secret magic warehouses and had a fun time playing with some of the goodies . tell us how and when ShowBiz services got started and who can purchase from you. ..

GS: It was a pleasure Tony but there is no brick and mortar shop. I got into the dealer business the long way. I used to write gags for comedians. One guy, I worked for did a vent act and asked if I could get him a vent doll. I found Paul Stadelman who sold them and made a deal for a wholesale price. I discovered that some magic dealers did not have a source. So Showbiz Comedy Service sold gags and vent dolls. When Frank Garcia asked me to write Million Dollar Card Secrets we became partners and sold the book to the shops. I added a few tricks and Showbiz Services became a magic jobber. I won't turn down a retail order but normally, I sell only to dealers.

AD: I'm glad you mentioned that about the gag-writing; you have done a lot of that over the years and if I may say, your best "signature" piece is your wit. You have a very quintessential New York style in the same vein as Henny Youngman, Milton Berle, etc . I am continually amused by your creativity, delivery, pace and timing .. Say a few words on this essence of George Schindler .

GS: As a young magician appearing at the Catskill Resorts I met many of the great one liner comedians. I wrote for a few of them and my gag-file grew. I can't resist a pun and while studying to be an English Teacher (I never made it!!!) I got a flavor of the language and how it can be twisted to other comical meanings; I would rather go for the laugh than "fool" someone with "trick".

End of Part 7

9. Las Vegas Magic - September, 2012
Message by David Neubauer - www.dnmagic.com

Amazing Johnathan
Opening August 28
10 pm (Dark Sun. & Mon.) - Bally's.

Criss Angel - Believe
7 (except Wed. & Thurs.) & 9:30 pm (Dark Sun. - Mon.) - Luxor.

David Copperfield - An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion
7 & 9:30 pm & also 4 pm Sat. - MGM Grand.

Gerry McCambridge - The Mentalist
7:30 pm (Dark Wed.) - Planet Hollywood.
Comp Tickets and info: www.mentalist.com

Illusions - Jan Rouven
7 pm (Dark Wed.) - Riviera.

It's Tricky - the "Original Nerd of Magic" Kyle Marlett
Starring the 5 pm, (Dark Wed. - Thurs.) - Royal House Resort.

Jeff McBride's Wonderground
3rd Thurs. each month 7:30 to midnight - The Olive (3850 E Sunset Dr.)
Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each month. Free
with 2 drink minimum.
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

Mac King Comedy Magic Show
1 & 3 pm, (Dark Sun. & Mon.) - Harrah's.
Free tickets (buy 1 drink) usually available at the concierge desk or handed out by showgirls.
Bring California ID for 1/2 price tickets at the Box Office through Labor Day, 2012.

Magic and Mayhem starring Michael Turco
4 pm - Saxe Theater, Miracle Mile Shops - Planet Hollywood.

Magic, Mind Reading & Mystery with Paul Vigil
7 pm (Wed.) - King Ink, Mirage.

Magical Mix starring Christopher Karpiak
7-10 pm (Dark Tues. - Wed.) - Mix Lounge, Mandalay Bay.
Free to locals until 10 pm.

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show
7 pm (Dark Sun. & Mon.) - Four Queens.
$14.95 discounted tix + free drink:

Mind Blowing Comedy - Kevin Burke
9:13 pm - The D.
Two for One: www.vegas4locals.com/couponfitzoflaughterlasvegas.html
Dinner & Tix: www.vegas4locals.com/couponfeastoflaughterlasvegas.html

Murray - Celebrity Magician
With Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich.
7 pm - Laugh Factory at the Tropicana.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show
4 pm, (Dark Mon.) - Flamingo.
Armando Vera's Up-Close "VIP Experience" is performed pre-show @ 3 pm
FREE Balcony Tickets:

Penn & Teller
9 pm, (Dark Thurs. - Fri.) - Rio.

Magic In Production Shows
Bram Charles
2 sets between 10 pm - 2 am (Dark Mon. - Thurs.)
The Can Can Room on Industrial.

Crazy Girls
Tony Douglas - 9:30 pm (Dark Tues.) - Riviera.

Crazy Horse, Paris
Jason Andrews - 8 pm & 10:30 (Dark Tues.) - MGM Grand.
(may change venues in Oct.)

Haunted Vegas Show and Tour
Jac Hayden, Robert Allen.
9:30 pm, picks up at the Royal Resort.

V The Ultimate Variety Show
Featuring Melinda - First Lady of Magic
7 & 8:30, V Theater, Planet Hollywood

Vegas Close-Up Magic
Shimshi - Resident Magician - Wynn/Encore.
Seth Grabel - Fri. & Sat. 9-11 pm - Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay.
Ben Seidman - Resident Magician - Mandalay Bay.
Cameron Shadow - Resident Magician - Pure Nightclub, Caesars Palace.
Craig Keith performs bar magic, various times - Dick's Last Resort, Excalibur.
JungleJosh - House Magician - Señor Frogs at Treasure Island (Dark Mon.), 5
pm to 1 am. Table-hopping and Comedy Magic on the stages. No Cover, No Min.
Smoothini - Wed. to Sun. 8 pm-10:30 at Hard Rock Café (2nd Floor Bar); 11 pm
to 2 am at Zingers, 3743 Las Vegas Blvd. and after 2 am at New York New York's
Pour 24.

Jamie Porter's Radio Side Show
Sat @ 5 am, KLAV FM 1230.

Las Vegas Magic Organizations
Fantasma I.B.M. Ring 257, 7 pm - 8:45, 1st Monday each month at Denny & Lee's
Magic Shop, 5115 Dean Martin Dr. #102 Free Children's Classes at 5:45. No meeting if the 1st Monday is a major Holiday. ($24 a year to be a member).
Darwin's Magic Club 9 pm Wednesdays at Boomers, 3200 Sirius Ave.

Upcoming Special Events
September, 2012
September 20: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 to midnight at The Olive -
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and an ever changing cast.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Innovention 2012 - Dedicated to Master Magician and World
famous Hypnotist Peter Reveen and honoring Circus Legend TIHANY. Jeff Hobson, Amazing Johnathan, The Great Tomsoni & Co, Fielding West, Michael Holly, Armando Lucero, Michael Goudeau, Christopher Hart, Ben Stone, Farrell Dillon, Sos & Victoria, Paul Vigil, Scott Alexander, Gabrielle Lyster, Bill Smith, Kyle & Mistie Knight, Bob Kohler, Seth Kramer, Paul Stone, Sos Jnr. Gold Coast. Limited to 250 attendees. For details and register, contact info@innovention2012.com

October 4-7: World Stars of Magic Hosted by Ben Stone, line-up includes: Jeff Hobson, Sos & Victoria, Christopher Hart, Kyle & Mistie Knight - Gold Coast.

October, 2012
October 12-14: Magic & Mystery School: Focus on Street Magic with Jeff McBride.

October 17-20: Magic & Mystery School hosts: The Magic & Meaning Conference
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Larry Hass, George Parker.

October 18: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 to midnight at The Olive - Jeff
McBride, Eugene Burger and an ever changing cast.

November, 2012
November 8-11: Magic & Mystery School presents Magic & Medicine (now with CME Credit) Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Ricardo Rosenkranz, M. D., and Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.

Nov. 11-13: MINDvention - Kenton Knepper, Max Krause, Patrick Redford/George
Tait, Roy Zaltsman, Colin McLeod, Larry Haas, Satori, Ross Johnson, Tony Chris, Christopher Taylor, Paul Draper. (more details on the website) - Palace Station.
November 14-16: Magic & Mystery School: Master Class for Mentalism - Ross Johnson, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride.

November 18: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 to midnight at The Olive - Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and an ever changing cast.

December, 2012
December 18: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 to midnight at The Olive - Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and an ever changing cast.

9. Night Of Zabrecky
Message by Rob Zabrecky

Live Performances at LA's Steve Allen Theater!
September 5th, & October 10th

Current Magic Castle "Stage Magician of the Year", Rob Zabrecky presents a one-man variety show quite unlike any other. After several recent sold-out performances at the Steve Allen Theater, Zabrecky's laugh till you cry act returns with a revised program featuring highlights from his award winning Magic Castle act, song & dance, conversations with outmoded satellites, audience interaction, absurdist parapsychology, and more.

With very special Musical Accompaniment by Kristian HoffmanDirected by Jack Lovick

"Rob Zabrecky - the name means 'Abracadabra,' sideways" - LA Weekly

"Zabrecky's art often involves opening a door on the mysterious and the bizarre and walking people through it. These new shows, at The Steve Allen Theater, allow Zabrecky to combine his many talents - acting, music, magic, and dance - into one highly entertaining bundle with a distinct point of view." - LA Times

"A fascinating and entertaining unique persona. One cannot help but wonder, however, just how much of a strange fellow on stage is the real Rob and how much is acted by design." - Magic Magazine

Get Tickets Online

10. Science And Magic
Message by Joel Moskowitz (US)

Those of us who are bewitched by magic are often skeptical. We, in the know, recognize the frailties of human perceptions. The psychology/science of magic has been thus far uncharted. Jay Olson, a teaching assistant at Simon Fraser University writing in Scientific American teamed up with another researcher, Alym Amlani and with Professor Ronald Rensink utilizing techniques from vision science attempted to study card choices. Their work triggered my opinion about the essential worth of magic.

The authors attest to their surveying over a thousand people and identified that the most frequent card chosen or visualized was the Ace of Hearts. Asked to name a card, over 50% of the people chose an ace, a queen, a king. No magician will trust his fame on this incidence.

While the mystery of the appreciation of magic is a tantalizing theme, this study contributes little. We don't know the demonographics of the study group i.e. males/females - ages? - ethnic composition? - level of education? - and what was the education focus - sociology or science? - religious devotion?

In my monograph, The Sorcerer's Apprentice or the use of magic in psychotherapy of Children, I emphasized that children tend to be concrete - they are not easily deceived by feints i.e. the sponge ball must be in the hand no matter what gestures the magician does. Also there is the concept of 'magical thinking'. Infants 'conclude' that their wish to be fed is magically transmitted to their mother who arrives with the bottle. This 'talent' makes motions by a magician seem to be an inferior way to effect a production of a silk...of a bird?

Maturing and disappointments that 'magical thinking' is less and less successful, converts the child to leave this primitive 'explanation' for wonderful magic. He/she now is an audience for the tools of the conjurer - examples are misdirection and slight of tongue,

Olson's findings that hecklers will shout out "The Six of Clubs" He writes that most magicians believe that is the least chosen card (how did he survey these magicians - are they cardicians? - do they work on cruise ships? walk around? etc. One of the Black nines is actually the least chosen card out of 1150. Only chosen four times!

Simulating free choice but actually forcing: the magicians' choice is a standard technique for conjurers. Until scientific studies will be more convincing and less full of unknown variables, equivocae is the charm.

A favorite illustration of the magician's choice: Six cards of which one is a joker False shuffle the packet retaining the joker as third from the top. Deal the cards from left to right face down. Ask the spectator to choose a number i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Should they choose 'one', you say 'O; 'N', 'E' counting from the left. 'Two'? saw 'T' 'W' 'O' counting from left to right. If '3' , count from lft to right'1' '2' '3'. If they say 'four' Count from the right 'F' 'O' 'U' 'R'. Similarly if they say 'five': from the right count 'F' 'I' 'V' 'E'. Should they say 'six': Count from the left 'S' 'I' 'X'. All land on the joker which is the third from the left and the third from the top of the packet.

Analytic audiences may challenge the counting procedure but the psychology of those who glom onto magic theater is to side with the magician. They want to see magic. Most adults unconsciously yearn for the marvel of magical thinking of infancy where wonderous happenings occur.

Arthur C. Clarke postulated 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'. With androids, ipads, gps and ships that visit Mars, one might think that the phenomenon of sawing a girl in half would have no appeal. Yet people throng to David Copperfield, are fascinated by the likes of Max Maven and even are mystified by Uri Geller.

This author suggests that a more intriguing target scientific study would be directed towards understanding the usefullness of primitive magical thinking rather than knowing the preferences of card choices. To paraphrase Clarke's third law, magic (magical thinking) is the basis for the pursuit of advanced technology. Magic can be admired for stimulating curiosity which is the foundation for scientific achievements. What wonderous effects would be achieved by knowing and understanding the value of magical thinking.

11. Latest Issue Of Magicol
Message by Ellise Ramos

Yes, it's true! Magicol is now in the hands of our printer! And we are proud of the beautiful issue No. 183, The Joy of Posters.

A massive collaborative effort, No. 183 focuses on the bliss of magic poster-collecting, the meaning and significance we place on the posters we posses, and the colourful history that each magic poster emanates. From "The King of Handcuffs" to "The Great Herrmann", this issue will feature numerous, graphically astounding posters gallantly provided by collectors. A sure treat for our dear subscribers!

We start by revisiting Mario Carrandi's wonderful article introducing readers to the lost art of lithography, originally published in Dr. Albo's More Classic Magic With Apparatus in 1976. It is the perfect introduction, in fact, to the series posters which follow in, A Magical Oasis.

Then, Charles Greene III and Pietro Micheli enlighten readers with a pair of terrific articles on the essentials for Poster Preservation, Parts I and II. Anyone who has any artwork hanging on their walls will find these articles quite insightful and very helpful! But how much does one invest in all that paper preservation and restoration? How much is your paper worth - to you? Well, David Ben explores this
question by outlining his 'metrics guide' of how to determine the value of magic posters. It's actually an open conversation which solicits your thoughts and comments on how to measure a magic poster's weight in coin.

Dustin Stinett then provides an overview of our 43rd Magic Collectors Weekend, followed by an appreciation by Tom Ewing of long-time Magicol subscriber, Frank Dailey who sadly passed away earlier this year.

This is our largest issue to date and we hope you agree with us that it was worth the "weight".

12. Danny Archer Lectures
Message by Danny Archer (US)

Part of the time, Danny Archer lectures and performs for conventions and magic clubs all over the world. At some time he has produced over twenty magic and mentalism conventions. At one time he has released to the magic community more than twenty-five effects and DVD's. But mostly Danny is a full time working close-up magician who performs hundreds of gigs every year. If you are in the area, please try and catch Danny's lecture... if you have questions, please contact Danny = danny@dannyarcher.com

Wed 9/ 19 - Chicago (Midwest Magic)
Thu 9/20 - Chicago (Magic Masters
Sat 9/22 - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Mon 9/24 - Oklahoma City, OK
Tue 9/25 - Branson, MI
Sun 9/30 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Tue 10/2 - Houston, TX
Wed 10/3 - McAllen, TX
Thu 10/4 - Austin, TX
Sat 10/6 - New Orleans, LA
Mon 10/8 - Birmingham, AL
Tue 10/9 - Louisville, KY
Wen 10/10 - Knoxville, TN
10/11 Atlanta, GA

13. Weekend Of Wonder
Message by George Schindler (US)

Current And Past Presidents Mentor SYM ""Weekend Of Wonder" Attendees.

A half dozen Society of American Magicians Past National Presidents and current President J. Christopher Bontjes mentored the small group of SYM members at the "WOW" weekend, underwritten by the SYM Fund of Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund.

The mini convention offered attendees, one on one magic teach-ins, and group sessions, with mini lectures that covered cards, ropes, linking rings and general magic. Necessary props and donated raffle gifts were distributed after each session.

Guest teachers Mandy Davis of London's Magic Circle, Margaret Steele and Dana Ring rounded out the event which also included slide and film show sessions, an afternoon show by the "Bontjes" and two evening shows. Dealer Eddie Gardner of Diamond Magic demonstrated his wares. Parents had a special session entitled "Help! I Am The Parent Of A Magician"

Matt Roberts, winner of this year's Abbott's Stage Contest and People's Choice Awards appeared on Friday evening with his comedy magic act . Saturday evening's gala show was emceed by Dean George Schindler and featured Margaret Steele, Bruce Kalver, Vinny Grosso, Mandy Davis and Bob Carroll. Eric Lampert worked the lights. Along with three meals, and an Ice Cream Social, the girls and buys received additional; gifts donated by several magic dealers. Surprise guest David Oliver visited the event.

It should be noted that all of the performers and mentors volunteered their services at their own expense. Past Presidents in attendance were Rich Doooley, Jann Goodsell, Vinny Grosso, Bruce Kalver, George Schindler, and Ed Thomas. Producers Jann Goodsell, SYM Director, and Bruce Kalver are to be congratulated for their special efforts.

14. Week Two Of Cafe Culture Shows - Elio Simonetti
Message by Elio Simonetti (Australia)

This week's Cafe Culture Shows details

Last weekend, Eva and I began our series of one hour shows throughout regional Victoria.

Our first performance had to be relocated to a larger venue the day prior to accommodate increased audience numbers.

Here are the dates and venues for this week's performances:

8pm on Friday 24 August
Marysville Country Club, 956 Marysville Buxton Rd, Marysville

8pm on Saturday 25 August
Ruffy Public Hall, Main St, Ruffy
Bookings at RuffArtz
Telephone 5790 4318

Come along and enjoy some great live magic - Elio Simonetti.

15. The Cardwarp Tour
Message by Jeff Pierce

After 5+ years my new book "The Cardwarp Tour" is finally available for pre-order. My obsession began in 1976 with the first time I saw Roy Walton's Cardwarp effect. I was working as a demonstrator in a magic shop in Orlando, FL. showing the standard magic effects of the day. In walks a guy I had never met before and he proceeded to fry me with the original Walton Cardwarp routine. After seeing what I thought was real magic, I begged him to teach me the effect, but he would not. Instead he began my love of magic books by insisting that I "look it up."

Of course it wasn't in any magic book I could find at the time, but my love of books began at that moment. I've now published three magic books, a set of personal effects called "The King Has Left the Building...With Amnesia", the second was the biography "Kodell: Do Something Different" the story of famed magician from the fifties, Jack Kodell, and now my latest "The Cardwarp Tour."

If you visit www.thecardwarptour.com you can read the Table of Contents and view sample pages to see the high quality art work that went into the over 400 illustrations.

If you see fit, you may pre-order the book and save by clicking on one of the two buttons available for pre-order.

I hope you like my latest work, I'm very proud of it.

16. Robert Haley - Mind Reader
Message by Richard Webster (New Zealand)

I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of mentalist Robert Haley's five-night season at Auckland's Basement Theatre. Robert had the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he appeared on stage, and his relaxed, low key, gentle persona made his effects believable and convincing. His show was fast moving, with plenty of humour and audience participation.

I was particularly impressed with his Q & A, as he used considerable lateral thinking in the way he answered the questions. His version of Energy Leg was a show stopper.

Robert Haley will be back in Auckland on November 9th with his brand new

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Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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