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Issue Number: #969
Date: Sunday 11th November 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Disaster Relief Fund
3. Take Control Of Your Music With "Show Cues"
4. Doug Henning's Water Torture Cell
5. Remarkable Magic #56 - Nick Lewin
6. Email Marketing - #280 - Kyle Peron
7. In Conversation with Pat Fallon - #8
8. Broken Wand - Everett Andrews
9. Broken Wand - Allen Tipton
10. Magic's Greatest Adventure ... Secrets in Africa
11. Close-Up Magic Show In Las Vegas
12. 10th Annual MagiCelebration 2013
13. Due To Work Commitments And Forthcoming Travel
14. Christchurch Magicians Convention Photos
15. David Oliver Needs Help
16. The Biggest Issue of Genii Ever!
17. Magic New Zealand App
18. e-zine Archives
19. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
The most memorial event for me this week was when I was packing down after a show in a hotel bar and lounge a fight broke and turned into a brawl involving more than 40 people which lasted a long 10 minutes. Furniture was being smashed, punching, bottles thrown, I thought I was being transported back in time to an old cowboy movie! Quite a frightening experience and surprisingly enough I eventually got paid by one of the brawl instigators!

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Disaster Relief Fund
Message by George Schindler (US)

The Society of American Magicians Endowment Fund is offering assistance to magicians and allied artists who have suffered losses from the "Sandy" storm. Victims can contact the Disaster Relief Fund at - relief@magicsam.com. The fund will cover the loss of props, spoiled foods, clothing etc, and non insured losses in a limited capacity. Each request will be handled confidentially on a case by case basis after verification. More critical needs will take priority as long as money is available.

For help concerning injuries and/or medical assistance see the Houdini Fund at www.magicsam.com

Tax exempt donations to the Disaster Relief Fund may be made by credit card at donate@magicsam.com or mailed to the S. A.M. Magic Endowment Fund at 234
Towyn Ct- Ambler PA 19002.

3. Take Control Of Your Music With "Show Cues"
Message by Wayne Rogers (New Zealand)

For me it started with a gig for Chinese New Year 2012. My daughter and I were booked to do an illusion show, and being a family event it included some patter routines that also required background music. We had only 8 music cues but prepared a detailed cue sheet. It was not possible to do a full technical rehearsal, but we talked through the whole show with the sound operator.

Came the night and all the music was late. Even with my daughter signaling the operator to run the next track, he failed to do anything on cue. Next day I vowed I would never rely on a sound operator again for a one-off spot where rehearsals were not possible.

A few months later I heard about "Show Cues" for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It was reviewed in Paul Romhany's Vanish Magazine. The concept is by Shawn Popp and programming by Carl Andrews. I downloaded the reasonably priced software for my iPad from mojosoftwareonline.com and have never been let down by the sound guys since. Basically "Show cues" allows you to use your iDevice Touch to control and play your soundtracks. Leave your bulky laptop behind and travel light.

I can set up my entire show play list, and run everything myself from on stage either manually by touch, via a remote, or have my assistant (when working with one) hit the cues from the wings. If there is an opportunity to rehearse and work with a sound operator, they can hit the cues, and there is provision in "Show Cues" to have additional notes displayed for the operator.

A few of the many features of the program are:
Fade Out
No Pause
Unlimited Playlists
Real Time Clock
Large Track title display
Indicator lights show playback state etc etc

When working my current one man show, which is predominately Mentalism, most
of the tracks are for background music. All I need to do is touch pause and the current track fades out. Within seconds the next track is cued ready to go. With Show Cues you can access any track on your device and build a playlist on the spot.

The Real Time Clock timer is another valuable asset when you are performing in a critical time slot or competing in a competition.

If you use the iNav remote (sold separately) you don't even need to touch the screen. Clip the remote to your belt.

And if your plug your device into a radio mic belt pack, you can even transmit the signal back to the main sound desk. You control the music and the sound guy controls the levels.

Performing magic is all about being in command of your surroundings. Sound cues gives you more control of a vital part your overall presentation . . . the music.

4. Doug Henning's Water Torture Cell
Message by Dean Gunnarson

How many magicians today remember sitting in front of their TV sets in 1975 watching Doug Henning's very first television special? It changed magic and many magicians' lives forever. I know how it changed mine as a 10 year old. The big finale was Doug attempting his version of Houdini's Water Torture Cell. More than 50 million viewers tuned in to NBC for the December 1975 broadcast of "Doug Henning's World of Magic", hosted by Bill Cosby.Early in my magic/escape career I was very fortunate to be able to acquire Henning's WTC that he performed on that very first TV show. I have performed that WTC with great pride all over the world. It is a beautiful piece of magic history that was built by Owens Magic just for Henning.

I have not used this WTC for the last few years. At one time I kept it in a Magic Museum here in Canada, but whenever I need to use the Cell, it was a lot of work loading it out and in of the Museum so I just started storing it in my storage.

The time has come for me to find a better home for this important piece of modern magic history. I would love the WTC to have a new guardian and it go someplace where people could see and really appreciate Doug and his contribution to the magic world.

It is also still in good performing shape so if you wanted to present it each night to an audience you could. It is a beautiful quality piece of magic history.

If would like to watch Doug perform the WTC you can watch here;

I have chosen to try this route first of finding it a home rather than a general auction because I really felt it is an important part of magic History. I would like it to go to someone who loves it as much as I have and not just as an investment that will continue to rise in value. With the tragic loss of Houdini's WTC Henning's would historically be the most important WTC in magic today.

Please send any serious inquires, questions, or offers to:

Thank you.
Always escaping,
Dean Gunnarson

5. Remarkable Magic #56 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Getting ready to lecture.

I have broken down my various columns in Magic New Zealand into 4 series
(All with the word 'Remarkable' in the title) over the past six years. I recently added up the actual number of columns and realized that it should really be Remarkable Magic #278, or around that figure---I lost a few in a hard drive crash!

I was sitting in Richard Webster's living room when Richard told me I should write. Alan Watson said he would publish my columns if I wrote them---I agreed to it, and I am proud to have been going ever since! In fact starting next week, I am going to revert to my initial title and start numbering my columns at the (approximately) correct number of 280. It has given me enormous satisfaction to be a part of Alan's wonderful newsletter and I hope my columns have given our readers half the fun I have had writing them!

I was very disappointed that as a result of the recent 'superstorm' Sandy I was stuck on the East Coast and unable to attend the 'Three of Clubs' magic convention in Victoria. I had been really looking forward to attending the event. There was no arguing with a storm like Sandy though! I hope I will get a chance to attend next year.

I recently lectured at the Magic Castle, for the first time in 30 years and really enjoyed doing so. It is a little intimidating to look out into the audience at your lecture and see some heroes and inspirations sitting out front, however, the lecture was a smash and a highlight of my year so far.

I am also appearing next year at the International Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio. The dates of the convention are May 2nd-4th. I have heard about this convention many times from my old buddy Billy McComb who always used to say it was one of the craziest around. Sounds right up my alley! Te details for the convention are available at http://www.battleofmagicians.com

I am very happy to be slowing down my travels and work schedule next year and getting a chance to perform and lecture at some magic events. There seems to be an entire generation of magicians who are more familiar with me from my various columns and articles than they are as a performer. After making a great living performing magic for over 40 years as a full time pro, it is great to return to my roots a little and show magicians what my work is all about. I really enjoy getting to meet and know my readers in person.

I have spent a year putting the finishing touches to my new lecture and coming up with a cool product line of commercial effects to share with the magic fraternity. The lecture includes an entire spectrum of magical routines that range from stage to strolling magic. Over the course of my career so far, I have performed just about every kind of magic there is to do. It is now a very real pleasure to share some of my secrets, information and routines with other magicians. Those stage shows and cabaret performances are really fun too!

In January, Susan and I are moving to Austin, Texas and really getting to work on booking my lecture and convention engagements. If you are interested in having me appear at an event you are involved in, send an email to get any details and availabilities. The email address to contact is

There are more details about the lecture and some really great magical items in my online store, plus some great video that is unavailable anywhere else!

Check out my website, at www.nicklewin.com

6. Email Marketing - #280 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

How many "email blasts" does it take to wear out your welcome?

An effective email campaign that I do follows a 3 step process. The key is having a qualified lead list and then having 3 emails set up in template fashion. Each email is different and serves a unique purpose. The first is sent out, then I send a follow up email 5 business days later if I do not hear back. The final one is sent out 2 weeks after the second. Then campaign ends.

This does not mean that I do not keep in touch with the folks on the list. You can always send out emails to your list for holiday greetings throughout the year. Not all emails have to be a hard sell tactic.

Holiday Greeting style emails are a nice way in which you can stay in contact with any suspect, prospect or client by simply being kind. You are not making a hard sell. You are simply sending well wishes and personalizing it.

The idea about sending holiday greetings and non-hard sell style emails is to stay in contact with people throughout the year and build those relationships up. Like any consumer, they will only buy something when the need is there. So when the need for entertainment comes up, you want your name fresh in their mind.

Anything more than 3 emails in the course of a month period tends to fall flat. I have had many people open and respond and landed MANY shows on the very first email that went out.

However, I have also landed a LOT of gigs on the 2nd or even the 3rd email. The reason is that my email system works for me effectively without coming off as spamming or as sending the same thing over and over to them. It is an effective means of marketing in a timely manner that communicates.

That is the problem, many folks go about email marketing so it comes off as "junk" mail. There is a method or methods in which you can do effective email marketing and have it not come off as junk mail.

There also are different forms of email marketing based upon who you are sending to. Emails to past clients will differ greatly then emails to suspects. Emails to prospects can be handled differently then emails to those who you got a business card from at an event.

One method of email marketing that does work is what we refer to as qualifying the lead. Some do this through phone calls but many take this approach through email marketing. It comes across much more open and friendly. You are not hard selling. You are being kind and not hiding anything.

In this process, the email you send out is not hard selling your show. It is simply asking the person to confirm contact information for the decision maker of said event so that you can send information to them for their consideration.

I personally and sending this style email out when I do not know the exact decision maker. Usually the person I am sending to MIGHT be the decision maker or they might be a gate keeper. A gate keeper is a person that stands between you and the decision maker. This could be a receptionist or secretary or numerous folks.

The email I send out tends to get the person to respond back. If they ARE the decision maker, they usually respond letting me know and then I can update my lead list accordingly and start a discussion with them.

If they are a gate keeper, my friendly email approach to them gets them to answer my question by confirming the contact information I am seeking.

So this is my method it does work very well. Once again I am not saying this is everyone's method or that it is for everyone. This is only just ONE method of email marketing that I utilize with great results for me personally.

It really is amazing some of the stuff that is being done these days with big success. The area of email, social and mobile marketing alone is amazing and staggering what is being created even when this area of marketing it relatively new. In this day and age it is all about client interaction and engagement. For the first time ever, email, social media and mobile media allow a business to directly engage the customer like never before. This interaction is a very powerful thing and allows businesses to build relationships through interaction.

For example, MGM Grand in Las Vegas created a mobile app experiences unlike anything I have seen to date. It knows when you are on their property and asks you if you would like to get free information while you are there. You simply click yes and you are all set. But what this does is now allows you a full CUSTOMIZED user experience. Because the phone has a GPS, it can know if you are walking past a restaurant in their hotel and it can prompt you with a coupon for that food establishment as you pass it. But that is not all. It starts to understand your likes and dislikes and will populate information that pertains to what you like to do.

It is absolutely amazing when we saw this being demonstrated at our work the other day. Disney is also starting to get into the mobile experience. Next time you are on a social media site or using your phone, be conscious of how things are working and how businesses are using both these areas effectively. It can be used for any business including your magic business.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

7. In Conversation with Pat Fallon - #8
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA


AD: Tell us a little about the Irish IBM Ring .

PF: Our annual IBM convention moves around the country and is hosted by whatever local society is in that area. That being the case we only have the convention in Dublin every three years, which give us plenty of time to plan. I feel my organizing days are drawing to a close as the society made me an honorary life patron at the last convention. I feel is always a sign that they want you to move on when they start presenting you with things.

AD: You also are a Creative Magical thinker .

PF. Yes Tony. Besides performing and attending conventions I also love developing routines and finding easy solutions to difficult moves. I often open my lecture by stating I have been a professional magician for twenty five years and I have yet to perform a difficult trick. That statement is absolutely true as the only moves or sleights I perform is an occasional Double Lift and the Elmsley Count.

I also love collecting quotes and the above statement reminds me that Max Maven once said something like "Magicians love finding solutions for problems that don't exist". Well I think it was Max who said that.

AD: Yes I believe it was and he used it on My Talk Show in Israel when he was my guest. Speak to us a bit about the marketing of effects.

PF: Although I market a number of my own effects, all of which I have personally road tested in the real world, I fear for the future quality of magical effects; there are a lot of really bad tricks appearing every week. With modern technology it is so easy these days to bring a new trick to the market place, unlike the old days when you had to take your idea to a proper dealer to see if they would be interested in buying it from you.

This one act alone kept the standard a lot higher as no dealer would take on an effect that they thought they could not sell. A lot of magic was sold in shops and at conventions so it had to demo well and fool magicians in real time. Now a well edited video plus some outrageous claims of greatness will sell a load of rubbish to gullible magicians who should know better and magical nerds who don't know any better.

End of Part 8

8. Broken Wand - Everett Andrews
Message by Brent Smith

Calgary Icon magician Everett Andrews 77, of Calgary Alberta died October 15th 2012.

He was well known in Calgary as an international award-winning magician, illusionist, and children's entertainer, who performed for thousands of people, doing magic for over 40 years. He was Territorial Vice President of the IBM for Alberta and Saskatchewan for a number of years and was active in Ring 66 for many years.

His effort for making the junior club in Calgary what it is today will not be forgotten. Many full time professional magicians in Calgary and surrounding area are doing magic because Everett helped them every step of the way.

Everett will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Beverly; sons, David (San Jose, CA) and Douglas (Toccoa, GA), as well as sisters-in- law, nieces, nephews and cousins. Everett was predeceased by his first wife, Shirley, and brothers, Reid and Lyle. Everett was a charter member of Foothills Alliance Church, where he served faithfully through the years in many areas.

9. Broken Wand - Allen Tipton
Message by Gunnar Kr. Sigurjónsson

Don't know if you got this sad news, but Allen Tipton of UK, just passed away this morning.

Here are some information about him.

He began magic in 1942, at the age of 9. Accepted as member of the Staffs. MS at 14. On their Council at 16. Head of Drama Faculty in 3 schools--now retired. Director/Tutor of Youth Drama at Nottingham & Sheffield Playhouses and various Nottingham Theatre Clubs. Made Magician of the Month in 1980 by the IBM International President, Cliff Townsend, for my reproduction of Dante' Sim Sala Bim. Honorary Life Member & 8 times President of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians. Wrote Dear magician column for Abra magazine for several years. Lectured on Magic--mainly Showmanship, Presentation, Routining Theatre techniques to a number of UK magic Societies.

Allen always gave young magicians good advice and was extremely helpful and
generous, and will surely be remembered as such.

10. Magic's Greatest Adventure ... Secrets in Africa
Message by Craig Mitchell

Once in a lifetime comes the opportunity to be a part of something truly special. An exclusive gathering of friends, performers and lovers of the art embark on a journey in Sept 2013 to one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

From the awe-inspiring majesty of South Africa to the breath-taking search for the Big Five in the African savannah, those fortunate enough to attend will experience a safari in the company of some of magic's finest performers... a trip of joy, friendship, amazement and magic as you sit in awe of Africa's untamed wild.

Welcome to Magic's Greatest Adventure ...

"3 of magic's finest performers - a journey you'll never forget"
Boris Wild - Banachek - Eric Jones
September 2013

11. Close-Up Magic Show In Las Vegas
Message by Rene Crestani

The only Close-Up Magic show in Las Vegas is getting bigger and stronger. Mexican Magician Armando Vera is now presenting his "VIP Up-Close Experience" at Planet Hollywood Casino at the Saxe Theater everyday at 3pm except Monday.

Here is an interesting article about this show.

Please note the new show time is 3pm


For more information go to www.ArmandoVeraMagic.com

12. 10th Annual MagiCelebration 2013
Message by Rick Fisher (US)

10th Annual MagiCelebration 2013 - July 31st - August 3rd - Colon Michigan
We've just added some terrific performers for our 10th Anniversary Bash next August!
The Remarkable Charlie Frye & Company will be performing, lecturing and working our close up show along with:
Sonny Fontana
Sylvester Jester
Norm Barnhart
Dick Stoner
Aaron Balcom & Company
The Zodiacs
Gordo & Company
Baffling Bill & Company
Bobby Maverick
Rick Fisher & Riley Rabbit
Illusions every night! Comedy, Ventriloquism and so much more

4 Big Evening Shows, 6 Lectures, Busking Competition, Close Up Show, World's Largest Magic Flea market & so much more...

All for the amazing registration price of $125.00 for all 4 Days PLUS spouse gets in for $75.00 and kids 16 and under only $75.00

Includes the evening shows - Wednesday night show is our Salute To The Military Night! Active duty family members here in St. Joseph county will be allowed in FREE!

We have lots more planned...stay tuned to:
http://www.colonmichiganmagic.com/ - This is the convention to attend in
2013! Always more bang for your buck at FAB Magic!

13. Due To Work Commitments And Forthcoming Travel
Message by Anthony Darkstone

Due to work commitments and forthcoming travel I will taking a short break from my , "Anthony Darkstone In Conversation With ." series. Thank you all for all your kind words. I am honored to have had such wonderful guests/friends to share with you. Each and every one of them made the series special. In January 2013, I shall return with more wonderful names to share. I take this opportunity to wish you all a pleasant December and a Prosperous 2013.

On a side note, I was recently involved as a Consultant on Roy Zaltsman's new DVD entitled, 'Requires Only You'. He will be launching it this weekend in Vegas during Mindvention. http://www.mindvention.net/

Where he will be performing and lecturing. This is an amazing DVD and he tips some very cool secrets and subtleties. More details on:

14. Christchurch Magicians Convention Photos
Message by Wayne Rogers (NZ)

Would anyone who attended the recent Christchurch Magicians Convention and took photos during the Children's Magic Act Competition please contact Wayne Rogers chicane@nzmagic.com

This competition was not covered by the convention photographer, and some performers are interested in obtaining any photographs taken of their acts.

15. David Oliver Needs Help
Message from Peter Fuller

We have a dear friend and fellow magician that had a very serious medical
condition. Because of his condition he is unable to entertain.

Magic has been his lively hood for most of his life.

David Oliver's resume is outstanding as not only as a performer but as a teacher and mentor to 100s of young and promising magicians.

As part of my magic group, the Central Connecticut Magicians Association
(CCMA), I have set up a web page that we are asking for donations to help with
David's day to day medical and living expenses. Even if you don't donate, please take the time to read about him.

A link to his Wikipedia page is on the web site.

If you make a donation, we would be happy to send as our thanks, a purple wristband with David's tag line.

These purple wristbands are now being worn by some of magic's most influential people.

Please go to: http://domagic4davidoliver.blogspot.com/ to read about David, his condition, donate and then share this link with all your friends.

I want to thank you for your support.

16. The Biggest Issue of Genii Ever!
Message by Richard Kaufman - Editor Genii Magazine

To celebrate the grand finale of Genii's 75th Anniversary year, we are publishing a massive November/December double issue this month. At 196 pages, it's the largest single issue of a magazine ever published in our field. When we say Genii is the largest magazine in magic, that ain't hay. The culmination of our 75th anniversary year demands nothing less! In our pages this month you will find only my column "Genii Speaks," Jon Racherbaumer's reflections on the Genii Bash in "On the Slant, an obituary for the charming Alan Shaxon, and then the entire history of Genii from 1936 until now, entertainingly told by Max Maven in 132 pages.

Mixed in with Max's text are an astounding 69 tricks, ranging from a very rare effect by William Larsen, Sr. and T. Page Wright that was loosely inserted into the April 1940 issue (and which is missing from most copies), through all six installments of Steranko's "Room 477 Card Workshop" columns, and all the way to a few highlights from our own first 14 years, including close-up, parlor magic, and illusions.

The great bulk of the tricks and routines reproduced throughout the issue are from Genii's first 61 years-before we bought it. That's not an accident. I have no reason to toot my own horn over the tricks published here in the last 14 years; David Acer has been doing a superb job with "Magicana." Even though all of Genii is available online for subscribers, I took the opportunity to collect within these pages some of my favorite magic from the first six decades, including a meaty selection of items from Charlie Miller's "Magicana" column-it's nice to see these great sleights, effects, routines, and illusions back in print.

This issue, in fact, contains more tricks than most magic books and at less than a quarter of the cost--only $12 plus postage if you want to order it separately, but included with all subscriptions. It's a gift to our readers as we end our remarkable 75th year and move forward. All of our regular columnists, reviews, and features will return next month as Genii begins its 76th year of publication. Who could have imagined that we would outlast the thousands of magazines that have gone out of business, and that while Life, Look, Gourmet, PC Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and even Newsweek are gone, Genii is still here.

About the Audio and Video Supplements in Genii's digital edition: Thousands of people have downloaded Genii's free iPad and iPhone apps, and the issues on the iPad and iPhone are free to all subscribers as well.

We're not greedy at Genii: I feel that when you subscribe to the paper magazine, you should get the digital version FREE. One of the things I enjoy about our iGenii digital edition of the magazine is the opportunity to include audio and video supplements. As I meet Genii readers at magic conventions, I ask if they've looked at the digital edition and they sometimes say, "I'm a paper guy." Well, even if you prefer to read the paper edition of Genii, the digital iGenii edition offers at least an hour of video and audio in almost every issue. We give you more than any other independent magazine in magic for your money. And you don't need an iPad or iPhone--you can view the digital edition on any computer--desktop or laptop. We'll shortly be adding apps for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire.

Subscriber to Genii for only $56 for one year and you receive:

* 12 paper issues delivered to your home.

* The current issue online, free to all subscribers, with audio and video

(Subscribers can read these issues weeks before the paper issue arrives.)

* Access to every single back issue Genii has published from 1936 through December 2012. That's a lot of magic! Tens of thousands of columns, tricks, illusions, and articles. And it's all absolutely free to every Genii subscriber. Of course you will have to be on the internet for access, which will be through the Conjuring Arts Research Center. The issues are simple pdf documents which can be read on most electronic devices including newer Kindles, Sony eReaders, Nook, iPhone, iPad and of course any desktop or laptop computer. Every subscriber will have access to an electronic version of every issue for the duration of his or her subscription.

Digital-only subscriptions are available for $56 to residents outside the United States:


If you are a subscriber and haven't sent us your e-mail address yet, please do so to: genii@geniimagazine.com). If you want to access to all of this astounding material and you are not a subscriber, please join us as we make available to you untold magical riches at www.geniimagazine.com. All digital content is free when you subscribe to Genii.

And we've got a great offer for anyone who wants to subscribe or renew: the three-DVD set "Houdini The Movie Star" from Kino is now available from us for a limited time for 50% off the retail price of $40. YOU pay only $20, postpaid anywhere in the US. (Add $11 postage anywhere else in the world.) This 3 DVD set includes most of the surviving films and footage of Houdini. We don't sell it separately: subscribe today or renew your existing subscription for one year and you can receive this extraordinary value.

If you subscribe to Genii for 3 years, or renew your existing subscription and bring it up to a total of 3 years, you can purchase our brand new book, Talisman, for only $15 (or you can select The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard, also only $15). Details here:


Remember that the price of Genii drops from the $6 cover price to only $4.50 per issue when you subscribe for one year. Please visit the Genii website and subscribe today at www.geniimagazine.com

Visit The Genii Forum, the "smart" online discussion group:

Visit MagicPedia, the most complete online encyclopedia of magical information with almost 5,000 entries. It's a living encyclopedia to which you are welcome to contribute! www.magicpedia.net

17. Magic New Zealand App
Magic New Zealand now has its very own app that can be launched on any tablet.

Go to: www.app.cat/magicnewzealand on your tablet to download the FREE Magic
New Zealand app.

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Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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