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Issue Number: #973
Date: Sunday 9th December 2012
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Vanish Magazine Edition 5
3. Tommy Cooper: 'Jus' Like That!'By John Fisher
4. The Linking Ring Magazine - December 2012 Issue
5. Remarkable Magic #58 - Nick Lewin
6. Double Birthday Parties - #282 - Kyle Peron
7. In Conversation with Pat Fallon - #12
8. Broken Ward - Tom Owen
9. The Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc.
10. Six Lectures Announced For 2013 Convention
11. Does Anyone Have Info On The Origin OF This Great Idea?
12. Tributes Paid To Tom Owen
13. Alan Shaxon's 'Confabulation Deluxe'
14. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
15. Magic In The Rockies 2012 Review
16. Henry Dean - Famous To Generations Of Conjuring Historians
17. Magic New Zealand App
18. e-zine Archives
19. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
This week's issue of Magic New Zealand is being published very early this week as I am out of town from tomorrow performing corporate shows.

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Vanish Magazine Edition 5
Message by Paul Romhany - Editor of Vanish Magic Magazine

With over 70,000 readers we now must be the largest read trade magic magazine in the world. Quite an achievement since we are only up to edition five. Please keep the comments coming, and we are always open to suggestions for articles and stories.

We also have more and more advertisers are coming on board which is great. Our rates are much more reasonable and we have a wider circulation than other trade magazines.

Remember it's a FREE Magic Magazine and can be downloaded from

This issue, as always offers amazing articles by working pros, and some great tricks from mentalism to close-up.


Becoming Comfortably Confident by Matthew Fallon

Bamboozlers by Jim Diamond Tyler

Magician's Crossword Puzzle

Feature Story: Michael Giles - Illusionist by Chipper Lowell

Pyramid's Eye by Banachek

The Success Series - Marquee Magic Tricks by Cris Johnson

Just Say Yest To Acting by Joey Pipia

Name Dropper by Wayne Rogers

Why Vegas? by Bizzaro

Millenium Supermentalism by Tony Binarelli

Edinburgh Love Affair by Ventriloquist Sarah Jones

How To Get Amazing Testimonials by Leif David

Who Wants to Stop Performing by Ken Dyne

It's Child's Play by Tony Chris

Routing and Illusion Part 2 by Charles Bach

Thinking and Doing Magic by Eugene Burger

The Magic Assistant by Gwyn Auger

The First Time I Advertised My Magic Show by Steve Spill

Nicholas Night Exclusive Interview by Paul Romhany

Into The Future by Richard Webster

Double Prediction by Luca Volpe

Magic Reviews latest Tricks, DVDs, books and Apps

Nick Lewin Presents by Nick Lewin

Czech This Out! by Lee Alex

Be Cool by Danny Archer

Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach

Let's Make Deal or No Deal by TC Tahoe

From the Desk of Keith Fields

Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas and look forward to an exciting 2013.

3. Tommy Cooper: 'Jus' Like That!'By John Fisher
Message by Amelia Harvell (UK)

'Tommy was amazing. He looked like Mount Rushmore on legs. He never said anything about real life so he never dates.' Ronnie Barker

'Absolutely fantastic. No other comic would work with him, he was too good.' Barry Cryer

Tommy Cooper:
'Jus' Like That!' A Life in Jokes and Pictures By John Fisher

Published in hardback by Preface 25th October 2012, £12.99

For the first time John Fisher, 'Keeper of the Cooper flame', collects the cream of Tommy Cooper's personal archive bequeathed to Fisher by Cooper's widow Gwen and manager Miff Ferrie.

For the first time, Tommy Cooper's biographer, writer and producer, John Fisher, collects between two covers the cream of the comedian's personal archives, with photographs, memorabilia and documents that have never been seen before.

Had Cooper kept a scrapbook, this is what he would have produced. Souvenirs from his many stage and television triumphs jostle side by side with candid shots of him at play with his family, many revealing a side to the man the public never really saw. Here is the authentic side of Tommy in the forces, the early show business struggle, the backstage world of his magic, the newspaper coverage of the most recognisable man in Britain, the crazy japes at home with wife Gwen, and so much more.

This book, with its brilliant colour images and hilarious text, puts the successive stages of Tommy's life in full context. And if you don't want to follow his life in biographical detail, just sit back and relax by laughing at the many jokes that crowd the pages. They tell their own story!

John Fisher has enjoyed and long and distinguished career as a television producer and executive working for both the BBC and ITV. He worked with Tommy Cooper on several occasions and includes the bestselling biography Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing amongst his published works. He is the owner of Tommy's personal joke files.

For more information please contact Amelia Harvell
aharvell@randomhouse.co.uk or call 020 7840 8623

4. The Linking Ring Magazine - December 2012 Issue
Message by Paul A. Lelekis

December 2012 issue of The Linking Ring magazine,
Vol. 92, No. 12:

Editor: Samuel Patrick Smith
Reviewed by Paul A. Lelekis

Welcome to The Happy Holiday edition of The Linking Ring!
The Linking Ring has the largest circulation of any magician's magazine in the world.

Windy & Sunny are featured in this month's edition of The Linking Ring! Read about Russell and Maryellen Douton's remarkable and magical journey through life in their inside story!

You won't believe the "Who's Who" of celebrities that have befriended them and their own success as T.V. stars! This pair has done it all!

Windy & Sunny have been performing, full-time for well over 60 years.and are still performing full time! What a remarkable duo!

This month's Parade features Windy & Sunny! They generously share the wonderful magic that has kept this pair very busy AND, I believe a first, they share some of their secrets of DOVE magic!

In addition, they provide information on the care, feeding and training of doves for those who might want to get started in Dove magic!

Doves have been an integral part of their repertoire for close to 60 years and Windy & Sunny Have Something To Say!

Ian Adair, an amazingly inventive magician, (is there anyone who doesn't know this remarkable man?!) is given tribute this month! Ian has been writing Parades for 50 years (this month!) and writing Parades for the I.B.M.'s largest ring, ring #25, The British Ring for 36 years!

C. Dennis Schick shares with readers the benevolence and generosity of magicians throughout the world! He touts that "magicians are amongst the most generous people in the world!"

Mike Power's Card Corner - This month Joe Nalepa has provided a wonderful routine called, My Collectors, based on the late, J.C. Wagner's "Omni Twist Collectors"!

Ways And Means by Joe M. Turner presents a very magical production of the 4 Aces called PRAces by Jeff Prace. This one is a very clever, yet easy production!

Peter Marucci's Showtime gives readers a very cute effect that is more of a gag and ideal for table-hopping! He calls it Psydney the Psychic Psalmon - very memorable!

Storytelling Magic by Ed Solomon presents yet another adventure by DeNomolos. This one is Christmas oriented and a very nice one that can be accomplished with an old prop you might have!

There many wonderful articles, magic items and discussions that will interest any age group or type of magician!

The Linking Ring has a team of experts who review many new items of magic so that the magicians of the world may purchase wisely!

Advertisers -- your products will enjoy unsurpassed worldwide promotion in The Linking Ring through the beautiful printed magazine, the dazzling digital edition, and links from the I.B.M. Web Portal.

For details about advertising in The Linking Ring, contact BJ Hickman at

5. Remarkable Magic #58 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Let's do some magic....

One of my original goals in writing this column was to talk about the various magicians I have met who have helped and inspired me throughout my magic career. That's why I called it 'Meetings With Remarkable Magicians,' which is also a nod of the head to my spiritual teacher Mr. G.I. Gurdjieff.

One of the things I really tried to stress was how sometimes a brief/chance meeting could cause a huge difference in ones understanding and outlook as a magician. Along our path you sometimes make contact with an individual who just refreshes your life, just with their presence and being. David Oliver is one of those people for me. We haven't met often, but have a lovely relationship and he is one of those people I wish I lived closeer to, so a fully-fledged friendship could blossom.

David has been a full-time magician and full-time asset to magic for many years and recently has been a frequent performer at 'Monday Night Magic' in New York and the 'Mystery Lounge' in Boston. He has been an advisor and mentor to hundreds of young magicians throughout the years. One of the first things you take away from meeting David is his generosity towards magic and magicians.

In October 2008, David underwent lung surgery after contracting a potentially fatal lung affliction called hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This ailment is also known as Bird Fanciers Lung, and it was caused by working and living with the doves that he featured in his show for more than 25 years. The August 2011 issue of Genii featured a full account of his ordeal. It also detailed a complete list of symptoms and how to avoid the same situation, essential reading and research if you are a dove worker.

David has been courageously battling this health condition since 2008 and is
now facing a double lung transplant. There has been a fund established to
help David, and full details of his condition and magical achievements can
be reached on the Internet at www.letsdomagic.org If you make a donation you
will receive a purple wristband with David's tagline on it. I am proud to
wear mine.

A Gala event "Let's Do Magic" is to be presented as a benefit for David Oliver on January 19th 2013. The event will be held at Clark's University's Daniels Theater, 950 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts where there will be two performances at 2:00pm and 7:30pm. Knowing those New England magicians I am sure it will be a fabulous event and jam packed with great magic and magicians.

There is also a program booklet that will be released in conjunction with this event, and it will contain advertising space for greetings and messages. 'Advertising rates' range from $600 for the back cover to $25 for a 'well-wisher' listing and ALL the proceeds will go Directly To David. It is a wonderful way to help a truly unique member of our community at a time when he could use our support and assistance.

For full details of the event, exact pricing and how to reserve your space in the program contact Bob Riordan at bobriordan@comcast.net The closing date for your kindness to be included in the program is Tuesday, January 8th 2113. Donations can be made by check, money order or electronically via the web site. You can also contact via phone at (203) 877 0157. Your contribution is very much appreciated and is a chance to help save a life. David Oliver is a true gentleman and the kind of person who glows like a beacon in our worldwide magic community. It is with respect and from the heart that I ask you to join the 'Let's Do Magic Team' and take the
opportunity to give something back to someone who has given a great deal to magic. Thank you.

You can check out my product line, order items and check out cool videos on my website. If someone wants to order one of my limited 'Ultimate Linking Finger Ring' packages from the web site I will contribute the entire proceeds to the 'Let's do Magic' fund. You can find my website at www.nicklewin.com

6. Double Birthday Parties - #282 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron

It is a common thing these days for an entertainer to book a birthday party event and realize it is for 2 children. Many times it could be twins. However, often times parents have children with birthday's that are not that far apart. In cases like these, it makes sense for the parent to host a single party for both children.

The challenge is in know how to go about working it so that each child gets ample time in the spotlight without one overshadowing the other.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure that events like this run smoothly for you:

When talking with the client in the pre-booking stage, always make sure to ask questions up front. You will want to know if the children are related to each other as well as their ages.

The reason I ask if they are related is that sometimes families and friends hold joint parties. If this is the case, I want to be sure that both parents are there and that I know what parents belongs to what child. This just helps me to be better prepared during the show and to customize or adjust the experience as needed.

You always want to ask the ages as the age really defines what you may do or may have to do. If the children are around the same age, it is fairly common to be able to do your standard show for that age knowing it will play effectively.

The challenge is when you have 2 Birthday children that are in different age ranges. For example, performing for a child who is 4 and the other who is 7 requires a different approach to how you go about your show.

As you know, what works for 4 year olds does not always play for 7 year olds and vice-versa. When in a situation like this, you will want to adjust your show so that you get all children involved in the routines and the fun. You want to make sure that you have enough that appeals to the younger set and also to the older set without excluding anyone. A proper flow and structure of the show can help in this.

One thing you can also do is to utilize both children in a single routine that you do. By doing so, everyone gets involved. There are many effects where 2 people can be used. Allow the younger child to hold the comedy wands and to assist you while the older child does some of the harder things that may require memorization etc. The idea is to get both working as a team for a fun and interactive routine that gets the audience focused on them both.

If you end your show by doing a finale piece with a Birthday child, make sure both are used. You do not want to end the show by singling out any one child over the other. Make them both the stars of the show and it will work much better for you and for the client as well.

If one of the children is of a younger age, always talk with the client to make sure that the younger child is not shy and is willing to participate. Use the parents feedback and information to make adjustments to what you may have planned. I say this as some younger siblings may not always want to assist. Knowing this up front can help you to better plan your presentations.

If you use some of these simple tips and techniques, you may find yourself much better prepared and be able to offer a customized show experience everyone will remember.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

7. In Conversation with Pat Fallon - #12
Message by Anthony Darkstone Brook - Europe/USA


AD: Strategy, strategy and more strategy, I agree, an 800 year old tree is an 800 year old tree and will take another 200 years before it is a 1000 year old tree. Tell us a bit about your Turning Points.

PF: OK. The five year plan was instigated in the spring of '89 and was an important turning point in my life for a variety of reasons. For the first year nothing really changed but the sudden death of my Uncle in January 1990 was in a strange way the real beginning of progress. He had left me a small sum of money in his will and with some additional financial help from my brother I was able to buy a small van. The van gave me the freedom to do some illusions in the show so I enlisted the help of a couple of dancers which ensured I always had a box jumper available when I need one. I was now in a position to pursue better gigs and bigger fees so things began to improve.

However it was not until February 1992 following the swift blow to my rump by Paul Welch over the five year plan that major changes began to take place. I had been booked to perform at a fashion launch for the Pepe clothing company and had posed for some press photographs with a young dancer Tanya Kelly. For me it was just another gig and I thought nothing more of it until we bumped into one another on the set of a Halloween television show later that year.

In the interim period I had begun appearing on odd dates with Ireland's busiest comedian Brendan Grace. His management had enquired about my availability to tour on a regular basis with him, but to do that I would need a full time assistant.

From my point of view Tanya was an obvious choice as she had just graduated from Dance College with the Dublin City Ballet, with little or no prospect of work as a dancer on the horizon. We worked well together as she quickly developed a great interest in magic and before long, despite a twenty three year age difference, a romantic relationship also developed.

The relationship and the work prospered and when we were not touring the length and breadth of Ireland we were working corporate events and private parties around the Dublin area. We formed ABC magic which was primarily an agency to supply magicians to perform close-up magic at events I was unable to fit in myself. Most of the current crop of Irish close-up magicians began their performing careers on one of those events.

On February the 4th 1994 the five year plan reached its conclusion when we appeared in the Davenport Theatre in Stockport, just south of Manchester in England, on what was to be the first in a series of dates on two lengthy tours of the UK with Brendan Grace in the spring and autumn of that year. The five year plan had taken all of five years and despite my skepticism it had come to pass. We celebrated it and Tanya's twenty first birthday on that tour.

End of Part 12

8. Broken Ward - Tom Owen
Message by Derek Lever
President Blackpool Magicians Club

I am very sorry to inform you that Tom Owen passed away on Sunday after a short illness which created severe breathing difficulties.

Tom joined Blackpool Magicians Club in 1954 and was a Past President and Honorary Life Vice President. He was a Joint Convention Organiser for many years and received the prestigious "Murray Award" For Services To Magic.

He was a Past President of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and held the degree of "Member Of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star". He will be greatly missed by the magical fraternity. The funeral arrangements are not yet known.

9. The Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc.
Message by Magic Joan

Following the recent, on-air events in the Dominican Republic, The Academy of Magical Arts, its Board of Directors and its Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc., have established a special fund to assist Wayne Houchin. To make donations, please send your check to:

Dai Vernon Fund
c/o The Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90026

Be sure to write "Houchin" in the memo section of your check.

One hundred percent (100%) of the funds received will go directly to Wayne Houchin.

Thank you!

10. Six Lectures Announced For 2013 Convention
Message by George Schindler (US)

Mike Miller, talent producer of the Society of American Magicians, announced that he has booked six lectures to date for the annual convention in Washington DC (Arlington VA) on July 3-4-5-6, 2013. More acts are still being added to this super event. Here are the lecturers already booked: Levent, Steve Marshall, Rick Merrill, Shoot Ogawa, Christian and Katalina Painter and Bob Sheets,

Click on the Convention page for photos and credentials at www.magicsam.com

11. Does Anyone Have Info On The Origin OF This Great Idea?
Message by George Schindler (US)

If you had a chance to read the Dean's Diary in the new MUM (December - 2012 Page 68) I referred to a Comedy Card effect I saw 35 years ago.

Does anyone out there have info on the origin and who had this great idea. It' still viable. -E-mail if you can help. Subject Card Trick; dean@magicsam.com Thanks.

12. Tributes Paid To Tom Owen
Message by Paul Stone (US)

I was really upset to hear the sad news that Tom Owen died earlier this week. I'm sure that there will be several tributes paid to Tom detailing his many achievements in the world of magic.

Tom was a past President and a long standing Committee member of the IBM British Ring and for a number of years, together with Bill Lamb, produced some of the best ever and most memorable Blackpool Magicians Conventions, and was hugely responsible for establishing and helping to build it into what it is today.

I had great admiration for the way Tom took care of his wife Margaret after her stroke and ongoing illness. After Margaret died, Tom battled on even though he was not in the best of health himself for some time.

Tom always told you what he thought so you knew exactly where you stood, and
that honesty was for me one of his most endearing features. Above all, he was a good man and a good friend, and I will miss him. RIP.

13. Alan Shaxon's 'Confabulation Deluxe'
Message by Paul Stone (US)

We have just had a small delivery of ( 12 sets ) of Alan Shaxon's 'Confabulation Deluxe'. The props are made in the very highest quality leather. Confabulation is without doubt one of the strongest and most powerful 5-8 minute Cabaret and Stand up effects in magic, and a genuine reputation maker. The Confabulation DVD features Alan's handling and set up, and also shows him performing this signature effect on two separate occasions. As a special offer, we'll include the DVD free of charge!

We also have a few only of Johnny Thompson's ( The Great Tomsoni & Co ) brilliant 'Nemo 1500' back in stock, also superbly made. Another sensational effect from a true legend in magic. Both would make wonderful gifts for Christmas, or just treat yourself... you deserve it!

For details, email info@uniquemagiccollection.com

14. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (NZ)

Karl Koppertop with Jeff Kaylor (US) Lectures

Auckland - Friday 11th January 2013
Wellington - Saturday 19th January
Dunedin - Monday 21st January
Palmerston North - Saturday 2nd February

Both American magicians have websites and YouTube clips, so Goggle them for more information. Karl is a versatile stand up, close up magician and an inventive balloon sculptor. Jeff is a magical inventor famous for TKO.2 an outstanding control device, and Any Card to any Wallet.

Matthew Write (UK) Lectures

Auckland - Wednesday 6th February 2013
Christchurch - Saturday 9th February

Marvelous Matthew Write from the UK. Two time FISM award winner. IBM Magician of the Year. The Magic Circle Magician of the Year. International Magician of the year. Brilliant Close Up performer. Director of Magic at the House of Illusions in Spain. Catch him on YouTube.

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures

Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013
Auckland Thursday 14th March

An article in the MAGIC magazine ran on John couple years ago ...


John has a wealth of experience performing close-up, platform and grande illusion. In this 90-min lecture he shares several original effects and routines that come directly from his professional repertoire. Audience-tested "real world" material that you can and will use.

This lecture is full of "workers" that John performs regularly to entertain children and
adults, both in family audience settings as well as adult-only functions.

As a bonus, in the 2nd part of the lecture John reveals some of his promotional secrets and marketing strategies he's used to be super successful in the realm of creating, selling and performing fundraising shows for family audiences, a niche he's developed that has allowed him to "never have a day job" and carve out a very comfortable living - performing the type of shows he prefers, to audiences of his choosing - for the past 3 decades.

15. Magic In The Rockies 2012 Review
Report forwarded by Edward Hurtubis

Magic in the Rockies 2012 - 19th Annual
September 6, 7, 8, and 9, 2012
IBM Ring 250, The Presto-Digitators
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Magic In The Rockies 2012: The Reunion Convention

A Review by David Goodsell

The Monday before the start of this year's Magic in the Rockies 2012 convention I was on the phone with Stan Allen, editor/publisher of MAGIC Magazine. I told him we would be at the convention later that week. "I'll see you there!" Stan replied. "I've never been, but when Charlie Frye and his wife, Sherry, were on the show a couple of years ago and then went back the following year as regular registrants, I knew there must be something special about it.

So this year I contacted Tim Pendergast and Lew Wymisner and Stuart and I will perform at the gala public show at the Lincoln Center on Saturday night." When I hung up the phone I made a note to visit with Stan after the convention. Flash forward to Sunday morning. "You were great last night, Stan. The audience loved the way that little guy (the bunny puppet) came alive." "What a great venue! What a great audience!" was Stan's immediate response. And that was true. The Lincoln Center Performance Hall, which seats 1180, is a lovely setting.

The stage feels close to every seat, and the light was perfect for Stan and Stuart, zoning in on the kid (everything is relative - Stan is a kid to me), his little bunny, and the prop that delivers the surprising finish to what has become a classic act. We've seen Stan and Stuart many times, but this just might have been the most effective performance ever. We don't particularly like Stan, but that bunny sure knows how to compensate! "We'll come back," said Stan. I believe him.

That whole show was terrific, by the way. Pickpocket - watch stealing expert Gene Turner opened that gala public show getting a half dozen folks from the audience up on stage. While doing a sponge ball/sponge rabbit routine he stole watches, switched them from one person to another, lifted wallets, teased ties away from an unsuspecting volunteer, and our favorite, took all the credit cards out of one spectator's wallet. We think he gave most of them back. It was great to see Gene do the things he had lectured about earlier in the week.

We watched him misdirect his audience helpers as he moved through the act. Gene gave us another performance on the Saturday night Soirée - more about that later. Gene Turner is a top pro, and his lecture is based on thousands of hours of experience. By the way, as we report on our Magic in the Rockies experience we will touch only on the highlights of the various performances and lectures. To do otherwise would take up the whole Ring Events section of The Linking Ring! Back to the public show.

We'll mention Eddie Goldstein here, because he did a fine job as emcee, energizing the crowd, moving the show along, and doing his own fine juggling bits. Seasoned performer Mysto the Magi aka Mitch Harwood and his lovely assistant, Erika gave us an effective neo-classic Origami Illusion moment and 16-year-old "Mighty Mini," known in the real world as Lauren Miller, gave us another as she floated a little girl from the audience. By the way, a helium balloon tied to the little tyke's wrist provided a great visual. Magic in the Rockies believes in kids. There is even a rumor that Lew Wymisner, the wizened, old talent director for the convention, was one once. We had seen Lauren a few days earlier on the Junior Showcase Show perform a stage-sized stop-light routine (Strat-O-Spheres) with a giant cylinder and basketball-sized red, yellow and green balls. Ah, yes, the future of magic is in good hands.

Living legend Johnny Thompson charmed the audience with his Malini egg bag routine that has been honed to perfection by more years than a good many there have been alive. I know, 'cause I've been around awhile too and am fast catching up to Johnny! Watching him do any magic is always a lesson in presentation. At his Sunday morning lecture Johnny went through the details of the egg bag routine. The smart magicians in the audience paid attention to the thinking behind those details because they can be applied to all magic.

And then the public show finale. I don't care who you are; Stephen Bargatze should be one of your heroes! He is a wonderful entertainer and a highlight of any show he is on. At his lecture the day before we enjoyed his interaction with two teenagers as he performed his classic sponge ball routine, which was as skillful as it was hilarious. But also, we were impressed by the thoughtfulness of his comments about using other people's materials and by Stephen's own story of how he came to be a professional magician.

Saturday night he had the audience of magicians and real people in tears of laughter as he worked with kids and adults. It was a powerful way to finish the show. On the way out real people asked Lew, "When can we see that show again?" "Never," was Lew's gruff reply. "Never! This is the only time we will ever have this perfect mix of talent." But come back next year, was implied, for we will have another terrific unique mix of talent!

Oh. We actually did have a chance to see Stephen Bargatze one more time because he closed the Saturday night Soirée with "The Straight Jacket of Death." Dear readers, if you have never seen Stephen Bargatze and you have a chance to, even if you have to drive 10 hours to see him, do it. But try to see him work for real people.

The Saturday night Soirée, a favorite tradition at Magic in the Rockies, is a late night show in the hotel showroom for Magic in the Rockies registrants and townies. Talent is not booked for this, magicians simply volunteer to perform. This night we saw a rising young magician, Derek McKee, do selections from his excellent act, followed by Harvey Berg performing his famous book test, Ne Plus Ultra.

Harvey had explained this and a few other things at his lecture on Thursday, so we were pleased to see how it played for normal people. Not everyone likes mentalism, but the audience was tuned in as Harvey described a scene selected from any page of any of three classic novels and read silently by an audience member. Very impressive! Christian Engblom once again performed his card routine in which his pockets vanished (he had performed this on the close-up show). Gregg Tobo told a Japanese fable and illustrated it by making several images with a bamboo mat. This is actually a classic form of Japanese entertainment, kind of a Japanese Troublewit. Using a simple bamboo mat, maybe 16 inches by 24 inches in size, and loosely constructed, which can be manipulated into a six-foot diameter sun, a large fish, a small box, an undersea cave, and the hanging branches of a weeping willow, if you know how. It was lovely and different!

Over the past few years we have watched Paul Draper develop into an excellent entertainer. He is funny; he is smart; he is clever; he is unique; he can sing opera (and did - an operatic, Italian version of "Happy Birthday!") and he makes mentalism fast, funny, and highly effective. Talent bookers - don't overlook Paul Draper! The audience loved him at the Saturday night Soirée.

And, of course, we closed with Stephen Bargatze. We need to add that Eric Mead did a great job emceeing the show. Folks, that little throwaway, volunteer, Saturday night Soirée show (woe to those who were too tired to attend) could play any convention!

"So, Stan," says I. "What did you like about this convention?" "First of all, Rhonda (Stan's far better half) loves Fort Collins. The people everywhere are really friendly, and she loved the downtown 'college town' feel." Yeah, Stan, fine, fine, but what about the convention! I didn't say this. I just thought it.

"But it doesn't feel like a convention. (said Stan, and he's been to more than a few). it feels. like a reunion!" At that moment I had my headline. And it fits! For example, Stephen Bargatze told us, with real emotion, that this was where he could sit and visit with old friends, even more so than in his own home town. Stan continued, "And the guys who run it, Ed Hurtubis, Tim Pendergast, and Lew Wymisner, go out of their way to make the performers feel at home. They are probably the most laid back convention organizers I have ever known." And then he wrapped it up with this classic line: "If Lew Wymisner were any more laid back they would have to plant him!"

We drive to Magic in the Rockies and always arrive on Wednesday night. The next morning I wandered into the lobby where I found my old pal, Barrie Richardson. We had not visited more than ten minutes when we were joined by Harvey Berg, of book test fame. A few minutes later Tim Zager of Kansas City joined us, and showed us his latest creation, a wonderful card routine that will be marketed by Card-Shark. Doc Eason, another standard fixture at Magic in the Rockies, stopped by to say hello. We chatted briefly about a visit we had last year. Then Kozmo, then Armando Lucero. and so it goes at Magic in the Rockies.

Yes, a few tricks were demonstrated, but there would be lots of that over the next four days. What was even better were the stories by both Harvey and Barrie, and later by Doc Eason and Garrett Thomas, of events in their lives that bring the human element to magic. and THAT is what makes Magic in the Rockies such a wonderful experience!

The next morning I once again joined Barrie in the lobby and settled in for a chat when Gene Turner wandered by. He first stole Barrie's watch, and then mine, and we both have stretch bands! Gene is a fun guy, and friendly with everyone - as are all the pros at Magic in the Rockies. Barrie Richardson is, indeed, a legend in magic, although he would deny this. Yes, I have known him for years and feel comfortable joining him for a chat. But. and this is what you need to know. if you, any of you, happen by at that moment and hang around looking the least bit interested, you will be welcomed to pull up a chair and join us, and Barrie and the other performers are likely to ask you directly to do so.

Here is another example: Jeff Montel, a friend from the Colorado Springs area, stopped Garrett Thomas - the Garrett Thomas; the brilliant Garrett Thomas - in the lobby to ask him a question about something from Garrett's lecture. Garrett was happy to respond. Jeff noticed that a couple of real people from North Dakota paused to watch what was happening. Jeff said to Garrett, "Garrett, you need to show these fellows something." Those two visitors took twenty minutes of awe and wonder back to North Dakota with them. And that could have been R. Paul Wilson, or Paul Vigil, or Armando Lucero, or Christian Engblom or any of the other celebrities at Magic in the Rockies. Man! I can hardly wait 'til next year!

I need to tell you about the powerful Headliner Close-up Show: Garrett Thomas' stunning coin routine, Christian Engblom's vanishing pockets (you had to be there), Paul Wilson's Chaos Nines (my name for his impossible card trick) and a lovely Ramsey/Vernon cylinder, cork, and silver dollars routine; Jason England's complete control of a deck of cards - the spectator cut the deck to the last ace! Armando Lucero's coin and card routine set to music, which can only be described as poetry - a ballet with cards. We watched his work from overhead via video camera. Flawless! We thought that was it, but no, Johnny Thompson was a surprise finish with his classic ball and net routine and a prediction (Nemo 1500) that had us all scratching our heads. It was a great, great, close-up show, and the large-screen video coverage to the left of the stage area meant that everyone could see!

Paul Vigil is a master of magic theater, as evidenced by his hour-long performance of mentalism. From start to finish Paul captures the attention of the audience. Magicians will recognize some of his routines as classic magic (such as his opening chop cup routine) disguised as psychological and even paranormal events, but his patter is so well crafted and his confidence so evident that his work is extremely convincing. He has designed a perfect showcase for mental magic! The next day Paul explained a few of his routines in his lecture slot, reinforcing his reputation as one of today's premier performers. Mentalism? Mental Magic? Just Magic? His audience will only know that what they have seen seems impossible!

We'll wrap this up with a summary of highlights we haven't yet mentioned: Kozmo's street magic lecture featured his actual street show. Hannibal's theatrical cylinder and coins routine using a tube from a push-up ice cream, Morgan silver dollars, and a story about his grandfather. Christian Engblom's lovely "Oil over Troubled Waters" oil and water effect. Stan Allen's late night interview with Johnny Thompson. Garrett Thomas's Speed Readers marked cards. Doc Eason and the other performers at the traditional late night Rocky Mountain Bar magic session, an event so popular that video has to be piped into another area so everyone can see it; and Doc's son Ryan making his bar magic debut. Doc sharing a new routine for a lucky few in a tucked-away corner of the bar after hours. The Magic in the Rockies Junior Showcase Show, featuring young magicians eight to eighteen: Lauren Miller, Gerald Robinson, A.J. Perea, Bennett Shulze, Max Andrews, and our favorite, Chase Hasty, who performed classic magic in a tuxedo and wowed us all with his linking rings. Steve Spangler aka "The Science Guy" as seen on the Ellen DeGeneres show with the help of Eddie Goldstein presented a lecture on "The Science of Magic." Armando Lucero's thought-provoking lecture - he is truly one of magic's finest thinkers, constantly seeking perfection. Diamond Jim Tyler's quick wit and clever, clever magic - once again, bookers take note. Wayne Dobson, another regular, with humor we have come to expect. And. a great dealer's room!

We close with a few words by Garrett Thomas, thoughtful magician, one who takes his craft very seriously. "Love every trick you do," he says, "and remember that those who create magic touch people forever and that by doing magic you are giving a gift of value."

Magic in the Rockies is a gift of value. Thank you, Lew, Tim, Ed, Geoff, Dave, Brian, Andy, and Bob and all your hard working volunteers at IBM Ring 250 and elsewhere! If you wish, you may watch the Magic in the Rockies 2012 slide show at http://www.youtube.com/embed/bYoNqSOv_sc?rel=0.

16. Henry Dean - Famous To Generations Of Conjuring Historians
Message by Clay Shevlin

Henry Dean's name has been famous to generations of conjuring historians and collectors as the author of the 18th century's best-selling English magic book, The Whole Art of Legerdemain, or, Hocus Pocus in Perfection (London, 1722). But even very rudimentary details of Dean's life have remained elusive in spite of dedicated inquiries and research spanning the last 150 years. The magic scholar to most recently address this mystery was Raymond Toole Stott, who sought to provide fresh insight on Dean in the annotations to his A Bibliography of English Conjuring 1581-1876 (Derby, 1976). However, despite his intensive investigations, Toole Stott came away as stymied as his predecessors and even questioned whether Henry Dean ever existed!

Now, with the aid of modern research technologies, much new information has been uncovered on Dean's life and his iconic work, with some very surprising and intriguing results. Early last month, renowned historian Dr. Edwin A. Dawes spoke about some of these fascinating discoveries at the Yankee Gathering held by the New England Magic Collectors Association, and to commemorate his talk I have published a 28 page monograph, Henry Dean: Eighteenth-Century Best-Selling Magic Author/Compiler. It is well illustrated, with a full color cover, and features subject matter covered by Eddie as well as additional material not included in his lecture.

The edition of this monograph is limited to 150 numbered copies, only 125 of which were offered for sale. Most copies have been sold, but those that remain are available for purchase by U.S. buyers from me or Byron Walker for $25 postpaid, and by international buyers from Byron for $29 postpaid. Orders will be filled strictly as they are received, and this monograph will not be reprinted. You may write to me at chshevlin@sbcglobal.net or to Byron at byron.walker@comcast.net to inquire about availability.

More information may also be found here:

Clay Shevlin

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