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John Kaplan's Lectures this Week

Wellington Lecture
Date: Tuesday 12th March 2013
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Catalyst Building, 150 Willis Street, Wellington CBD
Lecture Fee: Members $20 - Non-Members $25
Email: Nopera Whitley -

Auckland Lecture
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Thursday 14th March 2013
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: The Shore City Magicians Club Inc. club rooms, Senior Citizen Hall, back of the Takapuna Library, The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland.
Adult Lecture Fee: $25
Juniors (School age) and financial IBM 160 members: $10
Wives or Partners: $5
Email: Keith Garrett -

Message from John Kaplan
Well, Heather and I have landed in New Zealand and have already received the royal treatment from our wonderful hosts Alan and Michele Watson!

Can't wait to meet the magicians at my Wellington and Auckland lectures. If you're looking for some new original routines and effects, and/or if you want the insider information on how to make a good living performing magic, you really need to attend. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to make the trip from Canada to share with my brother magicians, very much looking forward to meeting a lot of you in the next few days ... cheers!

Message by Paul Romhany
As you all know we are looking forward to John Kaplan coming to lecture next week here in NZ. I've toured with John in Canada and he is one of the most respected magicians in North America. John is a worker - in other words he's made his living from magic for the past several decades and his material is definitely something NZ magicians will add to their shows. His lecture is divided in to two parts, the first he will share some of his pet tricks, and his cut and restored hanky will fool you badly, and you will definitely want to include it in your shows. If you work for family audiences then DON'T MISS THIS LECTURE.

The second part is where John really comes in to his own. He is THE KING of business in Canada and he will discuss how he has made an amazing living by touring Canada. For me personally, I think this is what NZ magicians and performers will really gain from in this lecture. There is a way to make a great full time living by doing what John will explain inhis lecture. I've toured with him and seen him in action. It's a completely different approach to doing school shows and tours that magicians in NZ would be silly not to look in to.

This lecture offers something for every type of performer from close-up to stand up, comedy and stage.

Canada's John Kaplan is a career magician that has literally "done it all" … cruise ships, birthday parties, banquets, fundraisers, corporate events, promotions, fairs, festivals, tradeshows, restaurants, theatre productions, comedy clubs, strip clubs, shopping malls, television, major sporting events and countless other venues. John has a wealth of experience performing close-up, platform and Grande Illusion.

In this 90-min lecture he shares several original effects and routines that come directly from his professional repertoire. Audience-tested "real world" material that you can and will use. This lecture is full of "workers" that John performs regularly to entertain children and adults, both in family audience settings as well as adult-only functions.

As a bonus, in the 2nd part of the lecture John reveals some of his promotional secrets and marketing strategies he's used to be super successful in the realm of creating, selling and performing fundraising shows for family audiences, a niche he's developed that has allowed him to "never have a day job" and carve out a very comfortable living - performing the type of shows he prefers, to audiences of his choosing - for the past 3 decades.

Murray Hatfield explains in his article on John Kaplan in the September 2009 issue of Magic Magazine that it was John who first inspired and influenced him and many other magicians to become successful performers. John Kaplan was Murray Hatfield's friend, teacher and first mentor. He set Murray on a path that has influenced every part of his life, his friends, his career and even the woman he married.

John Kaplan started in magic at the age of nine when a performance by renowned magic publisher and dealer Micky Hades planted the seed. Whilst John later influenced Murray Hatfield he was influenced himself by such performers as Micky Hades, Dale Harney, Stephen Minch, Doug Henning (before he was famous) and Australia's Peter Reveen. John has been touring Canada for over thirty years, performing his unique brand of family friendly magic for audiences in every major city, as well as the remotest communities. Along the way his Fundraising Magic Program has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for hundreds of community organisations.

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" Selling the Impossible
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" John Kaplan's Mind Reading Orange ……...……….......... $35

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