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Issue Number: #1011
Date: Sunday 21st April 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Breaking News From Vanish Magic Magazine
3. Peter Reveen - "Memorial / Life Celebration"
4. The Melbourne Magic Festival
5. Remarkable Magic #297 - Nick Lewin
6. Corporate Banquets - #294 - Kyle Peron
7. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither
8. The Magic History Gathering At The Magic Circle
9. In Celebration of Dick Stoner
10. Buying and Selling Vintage & Historical Magician Goods
11. Broken Wand - Paul Gerber
12. IBM Ring 45, Miami, Florida - One Day Mini Magic Convention
13. 4th Annual One-Day Magicfest Convention
14. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
15. Magic New Zealand App
16. e-zine Archives
17. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Pleased to see that the target of 2,400 followers for their new The Society of American Magicians Facebook page within 24 hours was more than achieved.
Total is now at 3,083.

If you would like join this page go to:

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Breaking News From Vanish Magic Magazine
Message by Paul Romhany
Editor - Vanish - International Magic Magazine

iPad Version now ready for Free Download!!!!

Our dream has come true - Vanish Magic Magazine FREE for iPad users!!!

Imagine getting a FREE magazine every two months that is fully interactive with your iPad.

In conjunction with Revizzit e-reader we are now able to offer this incredible FREE product to every magician around the world who owns an iPad. This is ground breaking for the world of magic as we offer a FREE product that is a professional bi-monthly magic magazine.

Here are all the details:
The Revizzit Mobile App for iPad is free at the iTunes App store. Simply intall the APP on your iPad, you login in with your Revizzit account information and your iPad Vanish Magic Magazine will be ready to read and interact with you on your iPad.

Unique Feature: The app has been specially designed to preserve the hard drive space on their iPad with a unique, cloud-based on/off feature that lets them have what they want, when they want - without having to sync with iTunes!

So - visit www.revizzit.com today, join in (it's FREE to join and download the e-reader for iPad and computer) then click on Vanish Magic Magazine 7 to get your free copy and start reading and enjoying all the interactive videos. As we grow we will be introducing more videos including reviews and effects from the creators so stay tuned.

You can still download the free magazine from www.vanishmagazine.com as a PDF for your Kindle, etc.

3. Peter Reveen - "Memorial / Life Celebration"
Published with the permission of SAMtalk

This just in from Norm Nielsen

There will be a "Memorial / Life Celebration" for Peter Reveen.

Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2013
Time: 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Place: Desert Willow Country Club - 2020 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy.,
Henderson, NV 89012

George Schindler

4. The Melbourne Magic Festival
Message by Tim Ellis (Aust)

The Melbourne Magic Festival casts its spell across the Northcote Town Hall from 1 to 13 July 2013 and promises to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre with over 175 performances of 40 different shows including our special international guest from the USA, advisor to Criss Angel and founder of Theory 11, Wayne Houchin.

The full program of events is now up at www.MelbourneMagicFestival.com and tickets go on sale from April 22

Last year over 50% of the shows were completely sold out so book early to
avoid missing out!

5. Remarkable Magic #296 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

A Palace show fit for Royalty.

A visit to the Magic Castle last week ended up with me seeing one of the best Palace shows that it has been my pleasure to witness. It was well planned and booked, and a delight to watch such skilled performers each making the room their own; let me give credit to them all.

The bill was emcee'd by funnyman Tom Burgoon, who started the show by borrowing a quarter. Doesn't sound like much of a kick off to a show, does it? Well believe me, he got lots of laughs and warmed up the crowd instantly - he even set up a 'call back' for later in the show. He quickly broke the ice with the crowd and set the stage perfectly for the first performer - the real job of any MC.

As the first 'real' entertainer David Sandy performed a smooth and polished act. He looks, and is, extremely skilled both in his magic and the relaxed manner in which he presents it. There was no hurry, no fuss - just smooth magic that won the audiences heart and mind. There was an also a little good-natured participation in the show from Burgoon, I always enjoy this kind of crossover reaction between performers - as did the Castle audience.

The centerpiece of Sandy's show was the 'Blaney Levitation,' which must surely rate as one of the greatest illusions ever created. It is baffling and beautiful to watch and fools the eye and mind in an immaculate fashion. The manner in which David set his audience volunteer at ease was an object lesson on the topic for other performers. Given the shortness of the dress his volunteer was wearing---this could have been a problem!

Burgoon then reappeared to present his own act, which was original, fast paced and very well received. He is a genuinely funny performer, who has spent a great deal of time honing his material into a seamless attack on his audience's funny bone. His facial expressions and constant laugh lines were enough to keep the audience laughing non-stop. His signature 'Toilet Paper From Mouth' (If you haven't seen him---don't even ask!) was a delightful surprise and it made me laugh a lot!

Closing the bill was the 'Classic Contemporary' manipulation act of Jason Andrews. Elegant and artistic, Andrews brings a youthful charm and sophistication to this style of magic that I haven't seen since the early days of Lance Burton. The classic elements of a manipulative act are the framework for Jason's tightly knit show, however it is his charm and sheer presence that seal the deal.

I have been following Andrews's career for quite a few years now and the Castle audience just saw his eight-minute manipulative act. However, I have seen his full-fledged show that incorporates illusions, comedy and stage magic. Very few performers in their mid-twenties can carry off an entire two-hour theatre show the way Jason can.

Andrews just returned from an extensive tour of Turkey, which included a residency in the Trump Tower in Istanbul. He returned with a rush of confidence and experience that has enlivened his Castle show in no small way. The toughest test of a magician is often the way he handles his applause and the reaction to his feats of magic. The casual and knowingly underplayed manner in which Jason presented his tricks and accepted his applause resulted in standing ovations throughout his Castle engagement making.

I hope I have given you a taste of the great magic and comedy that was on display at the Castle last week, in nearly 40 years I don't remember a bill that was better balanced and booked. After 45-minutes the audience left the room discussing in delighted voices what they had seen and isn't that exactly what we want in our club.

My only disappointment was missing out on a birthday drink with the inimitable Milt Larsen, who had turned 82 earlier in the week. Happy Birthday Milt - without you none of this would have been possible!

I just got a rave review for my 'Cruise Magic 101 How to make a great living performing on cruise ships' in The Linking Ring magazine. It is featured in my website.


6. Corporate Banquets - #294 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

I love doing corporate banquet shows and get a lot out of them. The income potential is usually pretty high because they have budgets allocated for them. The atmosphere is usually really nice and I usually get to perform in nice banquet halls and country clubs. It is also a great way to network with folks who can refer you to others they know.

I wanted to list just a few techniques I have used over the years when working corporate events. These are just simple tips that have really made a HUGE difference for me in regards to how well the event goes over. The show tends to be much better received from simply following a few of these rules/tips I have implemented a long time ago.

1) Have your client introduce you to the CEO or the highest ranked employee at the event. This is just a proper protocol and not only makes you look good, but does some things for you as well. I like to shake their hand and say thank you to them. It also gets them to directly know who I am and why I am there. In many cases, they are not the ones hiring you and so there is disconnect. This way they get to know me and it tends to build a better relationship. It also allows others to see me talking with the CEO and so people tend to treat me much better.

2) I always will ask the client to give me the names of 3 people who they personally feel are lively, outgoing and the life of the party. I ask them for names of folks who do not mind coming up and helping and if I mentioned their names, the audience would love it. I do this because I want lively adults helping me. I want folks who are fun and good-natured. The client loves it because they get to be involved in the selection and they give me names of people who are just perfect. When I mention their names in the course of the show, the audience goes nuts before anything has even happened. They pay attention and the routine goes so much better.

3) Meet and greet the banquet staff ahead of time. It is very important to show respect to the banquet staff or the staff running the event/meals etc. As much as the client is in charge and making requests of you, the banquet staff has to coordinate it all having them on your side is always a win-win situation. They can help you in so many ways to ensure you have things you need, proper staging and you can ensure that you are not in their way. Very important to take time when you get there to greet them and just go over some things with them.

4) Do your homework. What I always will do is check out the website of the company I am performing for. I read up as much as I can on their history, what they do and even names of their board officers. This information is so helpful as I will always customize the show and the routines and the patter I use to reflect what their company does. They love it because it is directed to what they know and can relate to the client loves the effort you put forth to customize the experience for them. If I hear a person's name or see a name tag, I will usually already know who they are within the company.

5) Corporate based comedy is something I always do in my scripting for corporate events. People want to laugh but they are unsure of who you are or what they are to see. Jokes and patter that ties in to corporate culture just plays really well. They can relate to it and it always get them laughing and engaging me. For example when you bring a person up on stage you could say, "You're probably wondering why I brought you up here. Well two words sums it up rather well.....Human Resources." It always get a huge laugh and usually gets a funny response from the helper you can improvise off.

These are just a few tips and techniques that I use that make a huge difference for me. I hope they may help you as well or at least remind you of important things you can do.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

7. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither
Message by Anthony Darkstone - USA/Europe

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that I would be including thoughts & musings from various guests who have kindly shared their perspectives. This week I am delighted to continue to welcome Ivonne Perez Montijo

For just over 3 decades, has been active in Film & TV. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has also written and produced independent short films and theatrical productions. Her "day job" has been as "Pinky the Clown", performing magic and entertaining young children all over Los Angeles. Ivonne has a B.A. in Spanish Literature with a minor in Theatre & Film from U.C.L.A. and a M.A. in Religious Studies from C.S.U.L.B.

She is currently studying music theory, piano, and guitar at Long Beach City College. Ivonne is first and foremost a writer and a story teller. She has written numerous poems over the years and her work can be found on:-www.ivonnemontijo.wordpress.com.

I have not read all her written work but from the writings that I have perused, itis indeed praiseworthy. Her conceptual thinking and phraseology are superb. I have publicly stated that some aspects of her work flow in a similar vein to Kahlil Gibran. She is also currently developing her thesis, "Mary Magdalene: Beloved Wife and Disciple of Jesus of Nazareth" into a book. I am eagerly looking forward to this as the topic has interested me for some 50 years. She also has a page dedicated to inspiring thoughts on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ForTheLoveOfYou.April2012

For reasons that will become apparent as you read the following words, I am both deeply appreciative & delighted that she responded to my request to contribute to the topic. Of necessity, The Editor and I have chosen to publish it in installments over the next few weeks.

The Art of Magic - Part 3
By Ivonne Perez Montijo, M.A.

Mircea Eliade states, "For of course, the shaman is also a magician and medicine man; he is believed to cure, like all doctors, and to perform miracles of the fakir type, like all magicians, whether primitive or modern. In ancient Egypt and biblical days, the priests were magicians. Go back to Moses battling it out with the magicians of Pharaoh in his attempts to free the Hebrew slaves. In Exodus 8:7 it states, "But the magicians did the same by their secret arts and made frogs come up on the land of Egypt."

In Acts 8:9-13 we find the following, "But there was a man named Simon, who had previously practiced magic in the city and amazed the people of Samaria, saying that he himself was somebody great. They all paid attention to him, from the least to the greatest, saying, 'This man is the power of God that is called Great.' And they paid attention to him because for a long time he had amazed them with his magic."

Johnny Thompson, has stated that, "At one time we held a lot of power until they caught a guy switching bricks at the last second, a gold one for a real one, you know. But till then we were held in pretty high esteem now we have had to turn it into an art form instead of a religious form - End of Part 3

8. The Magic History Gathering At The Magic Circle
Message by Dr. Edwin A. Dawes (UK)

The renamed Magic Circle Collectors' Day will be held at the Centre for the Magic Arts, London, on Saturday, 1 June 2013.

Organised by Chairman Eddie Dawes and Peter Lane, the Programme is composed of the following contributions:

The Enchanted Parcels: A Wartime Tale of Magical Friendship

Devised and presented by James Hagy with a supporting cast

As in many nations engulfed in the struggle of World War II, British citizens experienced shortages of food, clothing, and other basic necessities. Rationing continued after the War, extending well into the 1950s. Paper for printing was scarce; transatlantic exchanges of printed matter and conjurers' apparatus all but impossible.

Yet the families of several English magicians enjoyed relief from an unexpected source. As an accomplished economist and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Paul Gemmill theorized about the depravations of the War and the merits of rationing. As a magician and publisher, under his stage name Paul Fleming, he worked at a practical level to alleviate these shortages for his friends, including Robertson Keene, Bert Pratt, Wilfrid Johnson, and George Jenness. They also collaborated across the Atlantic, kindling the spirit of conjuring creativity through the exchange of props, dreaming of new publications, and sharing visits by the Flemings in the immediate post-war years.

In this presentation, the voices of Fleming and his English magical colleagues will tell their own story based on their wartime correspondence.

75 Years of Genii by Richard Kaufman
Last October Genii, launched in 1936 by William Larsen Senior and now the longest-running commercial magic magazine, celebrated its 75th anniversary with the 'Genii Bash' in Washington. It was masterminded by Editor/Owner Richard Kaufman, and acclaimed by all attendees as a truly memorable event.

It seemed highly appropriate therefore that the Magic History Gathering at The Magic Circle should recognise this historic occasion and invited Richard to present the story of these 75 momentous years. Breslaw's Last Legacy by James Smith James is a book collector and keen amateur researcher from the UK. In this talk he will take us on a journey back to the 1780s when the Prussian magician, Philip Breslaw, was performing at his prime. An apparent untimely death led to the publication of his "last legacy".

James will unveil his research on the story behind the publication of Breslaw's Last Legacy and reveal the contemporary influences that shaped the book. Along the way he will introduce us to other magicians of the period as well as a number of other contemporaneous conjuring publications. This is not only a story of one book but a snapshot of magic at the tail-end of the eighteenth century.

Three Conjurers and the Vanishing and Reappearing Maidservant
by Ian Keable

A print purchased on an impulse buy from the Bob Read sale, entitled The Conjurers 1753, led Ian Keable to investigate an 18th century unresolved mystery. The maid servant Elizabeth Canning vanished in 1753 and then made a miraculous reappearance one month later, claiming she had been held in a house of ill repute without sustenance. The truth, or otherwise, of her story embroiled, amongst others, the author Henry Fielding in its wake and became as celebrated a 'hoax', with its depiction in numerous prints and books, as the Bottle Conjurer and Mary Toft, the 'rabbit breeder'.

Some Seldom Seen Tricks from Hoffmann
By Will Houstoun

A selection of items from the works of Professor Hoffmann will be presented.

The Works of Hoffmann
Mounted by Will Houstoun

Philip Breslaw
Mounted by James Smith

In addition to his talk, James will also be displaying a small collection of books and newspapers relating to his research that will help transport us back to the late 18th century.

Coffee will be served from 10.00 a.m.
Tickets (including lunch and afternoon tea) £40
Available from The Magic Circle, The Centre for the Magic Arts,
12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD
Tel. 020 7387 2222
Email cma@themagiccircle.co.uk
Payment may be made by cheque (payable to 'The Magic Circle') or by Visa /

9. In Celebration of Dick Stoner
Message by MikeD (US)

It was a great day, despite the less than perfect weather. It had been difficult, but everyone had managed to keep the secret, so when things kicked off with Tom Henry the Mayor of Fort Wayne presenting Dick Stoner with the proclamation of "April 13th 2013 as Dick Stoner Day", Dick was, for the first time since I have known him, speechless.

Later we had a celebratory dinner for Dick at Don Hall's Guesthouse that evening. International Secretary of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Don Wiberg, was there to install the new Ring 221 officers . the pretext that had been used to keep Dick in the dark about the day's events. Ron London was there to 'oversee' the mayhem.Rick Fisher and Jim Snapp, along with Don, provided the entertainment.Ron Danielwicz, many IBM members from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois all made the trek to help Dick and Dee Celebrate.

After the installation of officers, Ring 221 President Terry Owens presented Dick with a 'Lifetime Membership' to the Ring he helped found so many years ago, the ring named in honor of his father A.H. Stoner as well as celebrate his 60 years in the IBM and longer still in magic.

Next Ron presented Dick with a collection of letters from friends of Dick's that couldn't be there . The Academy of Magical Arts, Gary Franks, The Statler Brothers, Past International Presidents Jack Brown and Bev Bergeron. Friends Rick Wilcox, Tony Brent, Walter Blaney and Paul Gertner sent letters, as did many of the 'young' folks Dick had encouraged over the years, Mac King, Lance Burton and Michael Close (remember, compared to Dick, everyone is young . except, maybe, Ron London). Then Jim Snapp, Rick Fisher (and Riley Rabbit), Ron London and Don Wiberg entertained us. It was a great day . in spite of the less than perfect weather.

10. Buying and Selling Vintage & Historical Magician Goods
Message by David Haversat

We are looking to purchase photos, lithographs, letters, postcards, certain books and antique magic apparatus. Please contact me for prompt, confidential services.

Are you looking to consign your magic? Have duplicates? Many items on are lists are consignment pieces from various collectors. Call or e-mail me to find- out how we can sell your magic.

We buy collections.

We appreciate your interest-
Always Buying And Selling-
Please call (203) 828-8058 with any material you may wish to sell.



11. Broken Wand - Paul Gerber
Message by Bob Durante

For anyone who follows the Cleveland Magic Scene Paul Gerber wowed Kids and Adults alike for many years with his great magic and comic skills.

He passed away after a brief bout with cancer. Paul was a great guy and an excellent performer.

12. IBM Ring 45, Miami, Florida - One Day Mini Magic Convention
Rick Del Vecchio
IBM Ring 45 President
Miami, Florida

Elks Lodge 1676 and IBM Ring 45, Miami, Florida are hosting a one day mini Magic convention on May 11th. The full day includes a magic flea market, lunch, two lectures, close-up show, appetizers followed by an Italian dinner, Stage Show and silent auction.

Part of the proceeds go to Elks Charities. The Dinner Show is open to the public. Click here for details:

13. 4th Annual One-Day Magicfest Convention
Message by Ken Spanola, Convention Chairman

The Warren Hamilton I.B.M. Ring 175 will host the 4th annual one-day MagicFest convention in Tampa, FL on June 22, 2013!

This year's event will feature mentalist Richard Osterlind in a rare Florida appearance. Richard will be giving a fantastic lecture and he will perform in our Parlor Show as well. Geoff Williams and Samuel Patrick Smith will also be lecturing and performing in what is sure to be an unbelievable full day of magic! Harry Allen (from Daytona Magic) will also be doing his unique and always fun-filled lecture.

Please feel free to make copies of the attached convention flyer and show it your magic club and magic friends. Convention Registration is only $35 for a FULL Day of Magic. We're expecting a sold-out convention this year and to avoid a delay at the registration desk, call Melissa Spanola, 813-885-2449 (we take credit cards) to make your reservation in advance.

The convention will once again be held at the beautiful Embassy Suites hotel, 3705 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa, FL.

Convention Registration begins at 8:30AM with the Dealers/Flea Market Room doors opening at 9:00AM. The first lecture starts at 9:30AM. For a full schedule, go to our website - "Convention" link for additional information:

There will be a large Dealers Room, packed with Great Dealers from all over Florida. We will again have Flea Market tables in the Dealers Room that will be loaded with lots of outstanding magical treasurers. There will surely be something for everyone. If you would like to have a Flea Market table, while they last, call Ken Spanola, 813-885-2449. A flea market table is only $10 for paid convention registrants.

So as soon as you finish reading this:
Call Melissa Spanola at 813-885-2449 to make your Convention Registration

If you need a Flea Market table or would like to be a Dealer, call Ken Spanola at 813-885-2449. He'll even take your Convention Registration at the same time.

The Warren Hamilton I.B.M. Ring 175 thanks you for your help and we look forward to seeing you at MagicFest on June 22nd.

Ken Spanola, Convention Chairman

PS. Richard Osterlind will be holding an extra fee event on Sunday, June 23rd at The Magic Emporium. The 4 hour Workshop will feature some of Richard's most outstanding items and has a limited number of attendees. The fee for this workshop is only $50.

Call ASAP to make your reservations at The Magic Emporium - 813-265-WAND.

14. Illusion Dream Team Set To Thrill Auckland, New Zealand
We hear magicians from all over New Zealand are planning to come to Auckland
to see one of the biggest selling magic shows on earth today. The

22th May - 2nd June | The Civic, Auckland
Tickets: www.buytickets.co.nz
Or 0800 Buytickets
Performance Times
Wed to Sat 7.30pm, Saturdays 2pm,
Sundays, 11am & 3pm. Tues 28 May, 6.30pm

******If you are planning to see this fabulous magic show make sure you also attend the Kevin James & Jeff Hobson Joint Lecture in Auckland on Monday 27th May.*******

The Illusionists:
* The Anti-Conjurer aka Dan Sperry - Shock illusions
* The Enchantress aka Jinger Leigh - Skills of grace and gravity defiance
* The Escapologist aka Andrew Basso - Death defying escapes
* The Gentleman aka Mark Kalin - Classic magic reimagined
* The Inventor aka Kevin James - Magic inventions and ground breaking illusions
* The Mentalist aka Philip Escoffey - Master of the unexplained
* The Trickster aka Jeff Hobson - Comedy magic. The biggest selling magic show on earth will appear on The Civic stage in May for a two week season featuring seven world grand master magicians in The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible.

The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible launched in January 2012 with a sell-out season at Sydney Opera House reaching an audience of 31,000 in nine days, followed by a Mexico City eight-day season with an audience of 42,000.

More recently the show packed out Adelaide Festival Centre and Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and will visit Auckland before a launching world tour from London's West End.

The hand-picked cast of internationally renowned illusionists together create a blockbuster stage show featuring a stunning mix of their most outrageous and unbelievable optical illusions including nail-biting Russian roulette, jaw-dropping acts of levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and escapes.

This show sees the magicians take their cue from the showmanship of the great illusionists of the past - such as Houdini - and combine it with contemporary sets, costume design, technology and live band Z, best known as touring band for Hip Hop legend NaS, to create a spell-binding family-friendly blockbuster. Creative Producer Simon Painter says the show is a world first, with each of the seven international illusionists the best in their niche and together creating a 21st century stage spectacular that will leave audiences spellbound.

"From Dan Sperry's shock illusions to comedy magician Jeff Hobson to Escapologist Andrew Basso who performs the Houdini inspired underwater escape live on stage, there is no other group of magicians who can deliver the mind-blowing entertainment that The Illusionists do at every show.

"Kevin James, The Inventor, is the man who created most of the famous illusions and tricks that you'll see performed anywhere in the world by top magicians, and we have him bringing his favourite illusions to life as part of the show." Robbie Macrae, Director of THE EDGE Performing Arts Centre says that The Illusionists is a magic show like never before seen in New Zealand and another major stage show for Auckland and the rest of New Zealand to enjoy.

"We're incredibly excited to have secured The Illusionists for a season at The Civic.

We haven't had a blockbuster magic show of this kind in Auckland before and we know that the theatricality and artistry of the show will completely astonish our audiences."

To book or for more information go to:

YouTube clip - The Illusionists - Witness the

15. Magic New Zealand App
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Go to: www.app.cat/magicnewzealand on your tablet to download the FREE Magic
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