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Issue Number: #1047

Date: Sunday 8th September 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. IBM/SAM 2014 Competitions
3. IBM/SAM 2014 Headliners
4. IBM/SAM 2014 Preliminary Schedule Of Events
5. Texas Association Of Magicians Podcast
6. September Review Of The Linking Ring Magazine
7. Remarkable Magic #317 - Nick Lewin
8. Brainstorming - Group Session - #310 - Kyle Peron
9. The Weekend Of Wonder!
10. Exposed & Fearless
11. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
12. Magic's Comeback No Illusion
13. FISM Europe 2014 Convention
14. Findacadabra - World Map of Magic Places
15. Gerard Kunian Lecture Of UK
16. Broken Wand Jacques Tandeau (1933-2013)
17. Musical Houdini, Starring Hugh Jackman
18. Palmerston North Magic Circle Convention
19. Magic New Zealand App
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
If you are planning to attend the Palmerston North Magic Circle Convention the **Early Bird Registration closes today the 6th September**.

For more information see item 14.

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. IBM/SAM 2014 Competitions
IMPORTANT NOTICE - We hear that registrations for the joint IBM / SAM
Convention 2014 in St Louis, Missouri is heading toward the 1,000 mark already.

If you are planning to enter the competitions you will need to register NOW as they will be closing off registrations at 1,400.

For more information on the competitions and rules go to: http://ibmsam.com/contests-temp/

Online Registrations:
Step 1. Go to: http://ibmsam.com/online-registration-form/ complete the Online Registration Form and make your payment.

3. IBM/SAM 2014 Headliners
Wondering who will be in St. Louis????

Here are some of the talent we will have for you!

--The Fat Brothers!!! Dani DaOrtiz, Miguel Angel GEA, and Christian Engblom

--The Magic of Korea
Yuji Yasuda, Ted Kim, Haon Gun, Yu Ho-Jin, Zeki Yoo's, E.K., Do Ki-Moon, Lukas, and Casa (Kim Hyung June)

-- The Magic of Germany
Gaston, Sebastian Nicolas, Timothy Trust & Diamond, Martin Eisele and Timo Marc

....and if you're between the ages of 7-19, don't forget the Lance Burton Young Magician's Seminar - June 29-30, 2014!

See you in St. Louis, where It's All About the Magic!

For more information or to register go to: http://ibmsam.com/

4. IBM/SAM 2014 Preliminary Schedule Of Events
Preliminary 2014 Convention Schedule Overview

Sunday June 29
Two-day convention for young magicians ages 7-19 yrs.
Sponsored by I.B.M. and S.Y.M. and featuring special guests.

Monday June 30
Registration opens at 12 noon
Dealers open in the evening for early birds
All contestants meeting
I.B.M. Board Meeting
S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund Meeting
Opening night party and midnight mingle!

Tuesday July 1
Morning Gala Kick-Off Show - Ferrara Theater
Dealer Room Grand Opening
FISM qualifying close-Up contest #1 - Ferrara Theater
Gala Show #1 - Peabody Opera House

Wednesday July 2
Special Event #1
FISM qualifying stage Contest #1 - Ferrara Theater
I.B.M. Annual Meeting
Gala Show #2 - Peabody Opera House

Thursday July 3
Special Event #2
FISM qualifying close-Up Contest #2 - Ferrara Theater
S.A.M. National Council Meeting
Gala Show #3 - Peabody Opera House

Friday July 4
S.A.M. Life Member Breakfast
Special Event #3
FISM qualifying stage Contest #2 - Ferrara Theater
Cocktail Party
I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Banquet
Professional Close-Up Show
4th of July Fireworks over the Gateway Arch

Saturday July 5
I.B.M. Order of Merlin Breakfast
Special Event #4
I.B.M./S.A.M. Close-Up Contest Finals
Special Event #5
I.B.M./S.A.M. Stage Contest Finals
Farewell Autograph Party and Award Presentations

For more information or to register go to: http://ibmsam.com/

5. Texas Association Of Magicians Podcast
Message by Scott Wells (US)

The T.A.O.M. convention in Dallas, Texas is over and it certainly was one for the history books. And if you weren't here to see and experience all the greatness of the event that included Johnny Thompson, Harry Anderson, Tom Mullica, Fielding West and so many more, then you can hear all the sounds and see some photos from this seminal event on The Magic Word.

Please visit http://TheMagicWordPodcast.com/ where you can listen online, download from iTunes or download an MP3 of the podcasts.

6. September Review Of The Linking Ring Magazine
Message by Paul A. Lelekis

September review 2013 issue of The Linking Ring Magazine, Vol. 93, No. 9:

Editor: Samuel Patrick Smith
Reviewed by Paul A. Lelekis

The Linking Ring has the largest circulation of any magician's magazine. Members can access TLR at www.magician.org.

The cover of this month's issue of TLR presents a beautiful collage of pictures of many magicians in action at the 2013 I.B.M Convention in Phoenix and Dennis Schick (The Linking Ring's web portal editor) writes a beautiful article about André Kole who is the recipient of the I.B.M. Lifetime Achievement Award!
In addition ex-International President, Rolando Santos reviews the stage acts of this fantastic convention with brilliant color photos by Michael Messing!

Harry Lorayne has honored The Linking Ring with his article, "Before I Forget", Copycat! The prolific Mr. Lorayne has written numerous books and videos on card magic as well as many books on his Memory system which has been used, successfully by many prominent people and famous stars and rubbed "elbows" with the most famous magicians in the world. This is an excellent article about NOT copying other peoples magic and presentations, but, instead, being yourself! No one can do this, better than YOU!

The Playing Card Art of Arthur Szyk, written by Arthur Kurzweil, is takes readers into the mind of prolific playing card artist, Arthur Szyk (1894-1951), reveals two beautiful decks of cards, drawn by Mr. Szyk, for the very first time!

June in September showcases 100 year old June Horowitz who is past International President of the I.B.M.! She's still active in magic and is magical "gem"! Read this fascinating interview with the 1st Lady of Magic!

From The Editor, the monthly article, by our own Linking Ring editor, Sammy Smith, addresses Myopia or near-sightedness and dealing with people who chastise this condition!

Cutting Up Jackpots by Bev Bergeron writes about how "David Hoy Opened New Doors to Mentalism". This is a terrific "read" about this talented mentalist and his influences.

The Kid-Show Circuit by Marty Hahne discusses "Let the Children Do the Magic"! This is truly informative article about how to bring your children's shows to a new level!

Polishing The Rings by Skip Way presents an article this month called, "Every Student a Leader" which provides some excellent guidelines for making our youth, stronger and more confident leaders…not only in magic, but in life!

The Magic Section!

Those of you who love to learn new magic will be thrilled with these wonderful contributions of magic by prominent magicians, all fully explained, in the following columns below:

Henry Holava presents TLR with his One-Man Parade! Henry is a performer, writer, lecturer and inventor of magic having won several awards for his originality!
Henry Holava has endowed readers with a Baker's Dozen of beautiful magical items - and what a diversity of magic! You're going to love this Parade!

Mike Power's Card Corner - This month features a very cool effect by Ed Oschmann called Discrepancy City Revelation that is a rendition of John Bannon's effect from his book, Impossibilia! This is a remarkable effect!

Ways And Means by Joe M. Turner presents a wonderful routine by Chris Beason called Wintergreen! An empty pack of gum is torn in half and then becomes a full pack of gum!

Peter Marucci's Showtime gives us a very nice effect with a spelling trick and the Battle of Culloden! Easy to do and very entertaining!

Storytelling Magic by Ed Solomon - Ed has provided readers with another magical and colorful adventure through the "eyes" of Miss Lilly! This is a wonderful story with a very magical outcome…Mr. Solomon DOES know how to "spin a yarn"!

Hocus in Focus has a team of experts who review many new items of magic so that the magicians of the world may purchase wisely!

The Broken Wand pays a monthly tribute to our fellow performers who have passed and celebrates their lives rather than morns their passing.

There are too many items and too much magic in this issue of The Linking Ring for me to list, but everyone is world class!

I.B.M. members can access each issue on the I.B.M. Web Portal either by downloading the PDF or by reading the digital version.

Advertisers -- your products will enjoy unsurpassed worldwide promotion in The Linking Ring through the beautiful printed magazine, the dazzling digital edition, and links from the I.B.M. Web Portal.

For details about advertising in The Linking Ring, contact BJ Hickman at advertising@magician.org.

7. Remarkable Magic #317 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Remarkable Magic #317. Looking ahead to the MAES Convention.

In 1938 The Magicians Alliance of Eastern States came into being and started to bring together magicians under its wings. It has a fine reputation and has been holding conventions on and off ever since. I am looking forward to being able to attend their next convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It should be a blast….

Their convention takes place this year on October 4th-5th, at the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill. MAES have a wonderful line up of performers and lecturers and the event should be really first rate. I am especially happy to say that I will be both lecturing and performing at the convention.

Marc DeSouza and Mike Miller have put together a truly outstanding talent roster for the event, which promises to royally amaze and amuse the attendees. In fact if you register for the full convention there is a delightful bonus on the evening of the 3rd October featuring the one and only Aldo Colombini.

Aldo will be performing a special lecture on that pre-convention evening and it is a unique event exclusive to MAES. As many of you will know Aldo and his lovely wife Rachael retired from touring in 2011 but they will be presenting this featured event for MAES and it will not be repeated on any lecture tour. What a great way to kick off a convention, I'm coming in a night early to catch this delightful addition to the proceedings.

2013 convention headliners include Scott Alexander who has being wowing audiences on this season's 'America's Got Talent,' Bizzaro-The Optical Illusionist, who will be spreading his demented brand of magical entertainment, and manipulative sensation Farrell Dillon, who has taken his magic to some amazing places since graduating from 'The Chavez Studio of Magic' in California. This is just three of the stars that will be adding their unique skills to the convention.

Other performers/lecturers being highlighted during the convention are Alexander Boyce, Doc Dixon, Michael Feldman, Corey Haines, Hilby the Skinny German Juggler Boy, Anthony Lindan, Zoe Reiches, Torkova and yours truly. That is a lot of magic to pack into a couple of days, and I can't wait to get started!

For those of you wanting to purchase your registrations you can do so by visiting http://www.maesonline.org, which will give you a chance to purchase various admissions to the convention. There are also great rates still available at the Crowne Plaza starting at $109 per night for single or double occupancy. You can contact the hotel at 856 665 6666 but make sure you mention the MAES convention to ensure your discounted booking.

There are a fine group of magic dealers attending the event to keep the attendees busy when they are not watching the shows, lectures, auction and contests that will be the heart of the convention. I suspect there will be several very late nights in store when this group gets together to celebrate. I love those late night magic sessions at the bar!

If you are interested in participating in the contests then you can learn more details by contacting Arlen Solomon at novce@aol.com or by telephone at 215 443 7908. It is always a pleasure to watch magic contests and see what is new in the performing field.

As always I will look forward to meeting any of my readers in person who don't know me other than by my writings; I hope you will make a point of saying 'Hi' to me. There will be plenty of old friends there too, and I am very excited to be a part of the convention.

I have just added three new items to the Online Store on my website-'Nick Lewin's Ultimate Slow Motion Newspaper Tear,' 'Nick Lewin's Ultimate Microphone Holder' and 'Nick Lewin's Ultimate Signed Card in Envelope.' We have also been getting great reactions to our 'Psychometry Royale' effect.

My email address is nicklewin1@mac.com
My blog is at www.remarkablemagic.com
My web site is www.nicklewin.com

8. Brainstorming - Group Session - #310 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron

In the world of creativity and creative thought there are many avenues to travel. None is right nor wrong. A lot is based upon personal choice. A lot also is determined based upon who you are, your personality on and off stage and who you are to your audiences.

However, I think it is safe to say that every entertainer seeks out creativity or should seek creative thought at some point in their magical journey. If you ask me personally, I think you should always be seeking creativity in what you do at all times and never stop seeking it.

A magician should never settle for second best. If we are going to be magicians, then we should be professionals at all times. It means that we strive to give our audiences the very best we can every time out on that sage. So how do we brainstorm? One way is with a group brainstorming session.

I know many of you are thinking that brainstorming with other magicians is asking for trouble. It is asking for yelling, arguing and stealing. However, if one goes about it the right way, then one can have an amazing brainstorming team that can and will help you generate amazing ideas every week.

The first step is realizing you need to do this and want to do this. Then it is finding like-minded people who share the same interest in wanting to learn and share creative ideas and thoughts with you. These people need to be folks you know and folks you trust. They need to be people who you feel can share their insight and ideas and be of value to you. But also, you want them a little different then you are. You want them to be able to see things in a fresh new way.

Now the reason for a group brainstorm is the simple fact that often times the best ideas come from places you never even thought of. Some of the best ideas come from others or other sources. So a brainstorm group helps cultivate this.

OK so you have written down a few folks you feel fit the mold as a person you know, trust, likes creativity and you feel can add to any conversation. The next step is asking them if they want to take part in it. Now before you ask them you need to know how this works so you can share it with them. You need to get their agreement on it. Not just a verbal agreement but a written one. I will tell why in a minute.

What you will do is create a Skype brainstorm group. I would limit the group to no more than 5 but it can be as many as you like. I like to keep it small because it makes it easier to manage. Now because it is on Skype, it is much easier for you to 1) brainstorm with anyone around the world and have them be a part of your group, 2) be able to share video freely and easily only to group members and 3) save any information if the group agrees on it.

You choose to do this once or twice a week or set a time that works best for everyone. That is totally up to the group to decide. But here is how you do this so it becomes constructive and not destructive. Everyone in the group agrees that every idea shared freely is an opinion and it is aimed to help the person at hand. They all agree that no idea is a bad idea and that all ideas can and should be shared.

All ideas are also to be used by the person being helped if they choose to use them. Now if a group member shares an idea that they do not want anyone using (say for a creative example) then the person simply states that openly. Other than that all ideas can be used.

Now the group also agrees that everything stated in the session remains with the group and does not get shared or talked about to anyone outside of that group. This is critically important to the trust that must happen.

When it comes times for a session, it gets agreed upon by all members up front. You then sign on to Skype and determine if it will be type session, talking session or combination of both. Now to make this work, you must go about it this way. Every session is based upon helping one person from the group. This person is selected ahead of time so they can prepare.

Now the person selected is the MC and the one that controls that brainstorm session. They get to share the problem they are having and they get to ask the questions. It is up the others to listen, watch and only give advice based upon what the selected person asks. By doing it this way you remain in control and gain that control. It stops it from being a free for all.

It is as simple as that. But the key is getting people that agree to the terms and getting them to SIGN an agreement before you start the group. That is why I say start with folks whom you know and trust and start there.

TRY this because I know it works. It is an amazing way to get creative ideas faster and freer. It is a means in which you can develop ideas with others. One creative brain is fine but 5 or more is even better.

Give this a try and I know you will be amazed at the results. If you have any questions at all about how this works or how to go about it, ask me. I will be happy to help you.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

9. The Weekend Of Wonder!
Message by Jay Scott Berry

In just two weeks, the historic downtown district of Hot Springs will come alive with Magic, Mystery and Enchantment for the first annual Weekend of Wonder. World renowned magicians, Jay Scott Berry and Maxwell Blade have teamed up to produce an event that promises to be one of the largest Festivals of Magic ever held in the US. From Friday, September 20th through Sunday the 22nd, a Dream Team of Master Magicians will appear at a dozen venues in a dazzling showcase of Close-up, Stage and Street Magic, One-Man Shows and All-Star Galas.

International Stars joining Blade and Berry are: Direct from Las Vegas, multi award-winning Master Wizard, Jeff McBride, World Champion Close-up Artist, Michael Ammar and Europe's Magic Sensation, Dirk Losander.

World-class feature Artists include: The Serpentine Sorcery of Daryl Sprout, Little Rock's award-winning Derrick Rose and Paul Prater, From Las Vegas, The Comedy Impressions of Timothy Smallwood, two of magic's brightest young stars, John Venus and Rokas Bernatonis, the Balloon Artistry of Tommy Whoo, the Close-up Wizardry of Ken Boyer, the Street Magic of Scottdini and more.

The Weekend of Wonder is a golden ticket into the world of pure imagination, perfect for families and everyone who loves magic. Your journey begins at The Maxwell Blade Theatre, where many of the shows and special events will take place. This intimate setting will showcase all of the weekend's One-Man Shows plus The All Star Gala on Friday night. From there you can venture in all directions to be amazed, amused and inspired.

Tickets for all the main events start at only $10 each and many of the shows throughout the Festival are free. All of this presented as magic should be seen: Live, in person, with no camera tricks!

Don't miss the Grand Opening Celebration, high noon on Friday at The Springs Hotel. Later that night, the Meet the Stars party starts at 10pm. The Festival wraps up with the Closing Party at 8pm Sunday night. In between will be non-stop fun, surprise shows, magic lectures, workshops and more!

Not to be missed is the Masters of Magic Gala, Saturday night at The Central Theater. Other feature venues include The Colonial Restaurant, Fat Jacks, Rolando's, The Steinhaus Keller, The Arlington Hotel, The Gangster Museum, The Ohio Club and the all new Superior Brewery. Street shows will be held around The Blade Theatre as well as on The Arlington Stage and Central Street Stage.

Make plans now to be a part of this historic event. The Springs Hotel, at the heart of the action, is offering special rates for all Festival goers. Detailed schedule, venue map, tickets and show times are available directly on the Official Festival Website: www.WeekendofWonder.com

10. Exposed & Fearless
Message by Vinny Grosso
Past National President of the S.A.M.

I recently launched a project on Kickstarter for my new book Exposed & Fearless. It's a collection of personal short stories about amazing people who do seemingly impossible things. I explore how they do it and how they address their fears. The magic community will be familiar with many of the subjects like Banachek, Richard Turner & Doc Swan. And if you're a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are in the book too. I have some more, really exciting surprise topics that I'm going to release over the course of the funding process.

I have received a great response from the magic community and want to keep the momentum going. The book is for a broader audience and I'm asking all of my friends in magic (that's you!) to help me promote it. You can check the project out here:


Then if you think it has merit, please share it with your friends on Facebook and tweet it to your followers. I'd really appreciate that because it will help a lot. …and if you really think it's great you can always support it by buying a copy of the book!

Exposed & Fearless is also a live show, like none you have ever seen. I will be premiering it in NYC on March 21st and offering tickets to the show and after party exclusively through Kickstarter. It would be great to see you there!

Thank you!

11. Updates So Far This Week On VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

Updates so far this week on VanishLive.com include:

- We interview local magicians ... and come away with dating tips
- Norden the Magician plays to kids and their parents
- David Copperfield to Continue 2013 Shows at MGM Grand
- Nick Lewin on the Fabulously Funny Mr. Finney
- Profile on Norden the magician, named PCAM Best Children's Entertainer
- Keith Fields on the difference between a magic trick and a miracle
- Adele wants David Blaine for her baby's birthday
- Boy magician now dazzling audiences abroad
- Harry Anderson Has Something Up His Sleeve

VanishLive features *DAILY* updates of magic news from around the globe as it happens. Plus regular contributions from Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Steve Spill, Nick Lewin, Keith Fields, Bizarro, Paul Romhany, Richard Webster and others.

Bookmark us today at:


- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

12. Magic's Comeback No Illusion
Message by Mick Peck (NZ)

"Magic's Comeback No Illusion" - a recent news feature screened on New Zealand television about the resurgence of magic, Dynamo and movies such as "Burt Wonderstone" and "Now You See Me".

Featuring magicians Mick Peck, Alan Watson and Chicane.


13. FISM Europe 2014 Convention
Message by Condette Williams

Since our last newsletter more of you have registered in this wonderful magical adventure. The organizing team is very sensitive to this trust that you, magicians from all countries, give to it by accepting to participate in the second European Congress Magic FISM 2014 (ECM).

Lennart green and Bebel were the first artists who subscribed to this meeting. Absent from our congress since 2000 for the first one and 2009 for the second one, they will make us dream with their well-known talents.

As John Pye said in the first newsletter, the soonest you get your subscription, the more we can prepare quickly trays dream and unpublished lectures and you will have a better sit.

To receive the newsletter of the European championship of Magic 2014 go to http://news.ecm2014fism.com/

To register in the conference go to www.ecm2014fism.com

14. Findacadabra - World Map Of Magic Places
Message by Riccardo Rampini (Italy)

Findacadabra is a sort of "Google Maps" entirely dedicated to magic.

I launched it about two years ago, and it now features more than 750 points of interest (POIs) including magic clubs, shops, museums, theatres, libraries, graves and other places related to magic, with visitors from about 100 Countries all over the world.

Moreover, Findacadabra is a "collaborative website", where every magician can login (the registration is free) and add new places to the map.

I think that Findacadabra can represent a useful tool for magicians and for everybody who loves the art of magic and may contribute to the wide-spreading of magic history and culture in the world.

If you consider it worthwhile, it would be great if this information could be included in your newsletter.

I hope you like it!

Best regards,

Riccardo Rampini

M. L. King, 829016 Cortemaggiore (Piacenza) - Italycell: +39
339-5788405skype: riccardo.rampinimail: rampini.riccardo@gmail.com

15. Gerard Kunian Lecture Of UK
Message by Gerard Kunian

I'll be in England for some shows and lectures.

Here's my schedule:
September 6, 2013
16 Lecture - The Magic Circle, London
18 Lecture - International Magic, London
21 Show - The Magic Circle, London
22 Exonian Magic Society Convention - Langstone Cliff Hotel - Dawlish, Devon
23 Lecture - Manchester Magic Club
24 Lecture - Blackpool Magic Club
26 Conjuring At The Court - The Drayton Court, West Ealing - 8pm - http://www.conjuringatthecourt.com
27 Show - Magician At The Half Moon, Bishops, Stortford28 Smoke & Mirrors, 8 Denmark Street, Bristol - 8pm - http://www.smokeandmirrorsbar.co.uk/
29 Workshops (Two!) - 2pm & 6pm - Cost: £30 (£25 for WAM members) - The Bricket Wood Social Club Oak Avenue, Bricket Wood, St Albans' Herts. AL2 3LQ
30 Lecture - Leicester Magic Club

October 1 Lecture - Watford I look forward to making lots of new friends on this tour. Thanks to my good 4F buddy Martin Cox for coordinating this tour for me. Geoff Williams

16. Broken Wand Jacques Tandeau (1933-2013)
Jacques Tandeau (1933-2013) died quietly at home on 16th August as he was sleeping.

He'll be buried on Monday 9th September in Thiais. He was stated to be one of the best card magicians of France. He was known for being a fantastic technician in a kind of Ed Marlo French way! He is the author of one of the best modern technical books: "*Les Cartes en Magie Rapprochée"* (G.Proust academie de magie, Paris editor). In this book, dedicated to experts, he details secret handlings and finesse used by sharper or expert close-up entertainers.

He was beloved by the best French magicians. Due to his fellowship with Dai Vernon, he made the Professor come to France in order to give a private lecture in the sixties at Mayette Magic Shop.

(It was for me a great day as I took my one and unique lesson in magic from the Master) Jacques Tandeau I loved you have to be remembered by the magic community. GK is prof.wonderfool 06 13 90 05 52 fixe: 09 53 74 33 77

17. Musical Houdini, Starring Hugh Jackman
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)


Hugh Jackman to play Harry Houdini on Broadway with music by Stephen Schwartz

Acclaimed Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz says he's hard at work on a full draft of the musical Houdini, starring Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

"I'm specifically writing for Hugh in terms of what I think will sound good in his voice and what sorts of things will really help him to do the things that he does," Schwartz said during the Dramatist Guild of America's conference in Chicago. He is the group's president.

The Academy Award- and Grammy Award-winner - famous for Wicked, Godspell and Pippin - said a reading of the new full show is scheduled for December and he's been "writing away on it" with a collaborator. So far, he said, they have a full first act of Houdini.

"As soon as we finished it, of course, we immediately said, 'We have to rewrite this entire thing,'" Schwartz said. "But nevertheless we're moving on to try to get a complete draft of the show."

Houdini is scheduled to reach Broadway during the 2013-2014 season. Schwartz said he hopes the show will make an out-of-town debut in Chicago before it premieres on Broadway.

So far, the fun, he said, has been writing music and lyrics with Jackman in mind. Schwartz said he's considering "Where does he want to stretch himself? Where does he want to do something that he feels he has and we feel he has that he hasn't really shown before?"

In April, admirers of the composer packed Carnegie Hall in New York for a tribute marking both Schwartz's 65th birthday and the 10th anniversary of Wicked, which is still a tough ticket. But that show's success doesn't amount to pressure, he said.

"It sort of makes you feel, 'I have this big hit running, well if this doesn't work out, it doesn't work out," Schwartz said.

Schwartz's work on Houdini could serve to counteract what he calls a recent "artistic slump" in commercial musical theater with shows that he says are safe and formulaic." I've found the last couple of Broadway seasons pretty disappointing from the point of view of musicals," Schwartz said. "Though from the point of view of plays it's been pretty exciting."

Besides Houdini, Schwartz has been focusing on his role as president of the dramatist guild. He cited censorship at schools and theaters as one threat that is proving stifling and discouraging for playwrights. He said his own 1971 work, Godspell, has become more controversial recently. The guild has a legal defense fund that can help writers with censorship, copyright and other issues, he said.

"Really that's what theaters should be doing, is causing audiences and people to think about things and look at things in a different way," Schwartz said. "Not flag-waving for whatever the prevailing point of view is at that point."

18. Palmerston North Magic Circle Convention
Message by Andrew Wilson (New Zealand)

Palmerston North 26th - 28th October 2013

Hosted by the Palmerston North Magic Circle (Inc.) and supported by IBM Ring 160

With Joe Monti (USA), Marcelo Insua (Argentina), Richard Webster GMM (New Zealand) and El Gregoe MNZM GMM (New Zealand)

To register go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/email/pn.pdf

**Early Bird Registration closes on the 6th September**

Cheques to Palmerston North Magic Circle (Inc.) Convention 2013
Direct payment to 116900-0023950-11 (please include your name)
Send your completed forms to the Organiser: Andrew Wilson, 174 Nannestad Line, RD 5, Feilding 4775. jmwilson@xtra.co.nz and phone 06 329 29 28

Early Bird Registration by the 6th September will cost $90 for magicians and $50 for wives, partners, students and parents of students. This includes Sunday's refreshments at morning and afternoon tea and a Gala Show Ticket.

Late registrations after 7th September will be $120 and $70.

The Convention Venue is The Speirs Centre (part of PNBHS) Featherston Street

The Convention Hotel is Travelodge, 175 Cuba St, Palmerston North. Phone 06 366 5895; email tpmr@travelodge.co.nz with a convention deal of $105 for a double room and $141 including a full breakfast for two.

Our headliner stars for the convention are Joe Monti, celebrated comedy magician from USA, and Marcelo Insua, FISM Gold Medal winner for Invention in 2012 and Richard Webster GMM international recognised icon for mentalism.

Marcelo is a specialist in coin magic, owns Tango Magic in Argentina, and will be bringing his special coins in various denominations including NZ currency.

Palmerston North Magicians' Convention Programme

Saturday 26 Oct

4 p.m. Travelodge Hotel: Informal gathering and first registrations. Coffee etc; Bar open.
Pippity Pop, the balloon sculpture expert will run an on-going workshop in the hotel.
5.30 Speirs Centre: setting up lights/screen and dealers' room. Performers can inspect the stage and talk to technicians. Some dealers may be in action in the Dealers' Room.
7 for 7.30 Valentine's Restaurant, Featherston Street. Bar Open. Buffet dinner and Cabaret. This is an extra cost of $34. Registration continues in Valentine's bar. Cabaret includes Joe Monti, Marcelo, Joel Howlett, Roderick Mulgan, Jon Zealando GMM, Bill Seagraves (compere).

Sunday 27 Oct

9.00 Welcome to the Convention. Introduction of our Stars: Joe Monti, Marcelo, Joel Howlett, Richard Webster GMM, El Gregoe GMM, Pippity Pop. Invitation to buy raffle tickets.
9.15 First Lecture (90 mins) by Joe Monti
10.45 a.m. Morning tea (supplied). Visit the dealers.
11.30 a.m. Second Lecture (60 mins) by Richard Webster GMM on mental magic.
12.30 Lunch Break (Visit local eateries)
2 p.m. Third lecture from Marcelo Insua - Mr Tango (90mins)
3.30 Afternoon Tea
4 p.m. Fourth Lecture from Joel Howlett (60 mins)
5.15 El Gregoe's Kidabra Lecture: 'How to hold an audience without a rope' (60 mins)
7.30 Gala Show: Extra Tickets and public tickets: $25 and family 2 adult 2 children $70

Performers: Michael Woolf (Compere), Joe Monti, Marcelo Insua - Mr Tango, Bill Seagraves, Adrian Kirk (Juggler), El Gregoe GMM, Zappo and Joel Howlett.

After the Show: Travelodge Bar
El Gregoe GMM: comedy trick and vent
Joel Howlett: manipulations to music
Bill Seagraves

…………………….Interval ……………………….
El Gregoe GMM comedy magic bit
Adrian Kirk (juggler)
Joe Monti

Monday 28 Oct
9.30 Pippity Pop Balloon Informal Workshop in the Speirs Centre
Last chance with the Dealers.
Conventioneers buy and sell tables. Bring your priced books, tricks, DVDs and so forth.
12 Noon. The Convention closes.

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