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Issue Number: #1066
Date: Sunday 22nd December 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. 2014 Combined IBM/SAM Convention Contests
3. 2014 Combined IBM/SAM Convention Update
4. Medical Journal?
5. Why It's Wrong To Steal
6. Remarkable Magic #332 - Nick Lewin
7. Working With Agents - #324 - Kyle Peron
8. Magic - Art, Craft or Neither? (Suzanne The Magician - Part 2)
9. A Magician's Morning... You Will Enjoy It
10. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
11. Magic YouTube Clip of the Week
12. Free Festival Of Magic!
13. Latest Update to the John Giordmaine Tribute Site
14. This Week's Podcast on the Magic Word
15. January 2014 Issue of Genii
16. Band Of Magicians World Premiere In Sydney, Australia
17. The Magic Of Christmas Show
18. Magic New Zealand App
19. e-zine Archives
20. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This will be the last issue of Magic New Zealand for 2013. We will be taking a two week break and the next issue will be published around 10th January.

Michele and I would like to thank Nick Lewin, Kyle Peron and Tony Brook for contributing their wonderful weekly columns. Also thank you to all those subscribers who sent in news items over the last twelve months.

If any major news item is sent in over this time we will send it out as a News Flash.

For those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2013-Jan-to-Dec-2013/1066-Dec22-2013.html

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. 2014 Combined IBM/SAM Convention Contests
Message by Becki Wells (US)

Just a quick reminder that the January 1st registration increase for the I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention is quickly approaching. We are still looking for good close-up and stage competitors to fill our contest pool. Although the deadline for submitting your act is mid-March, slots are filling quickly, and if you want to ensure a spot you should register for the convention send a video of your act in as soon as possible.

Remember one magician has the potential for winning top prizes in both the I.B.M. and S.A.M. contests (if members of both organizations) as well as being selected as the North American FISM Champion. Don't miss your chance - sign up today!

Information about how to enter, the rules, and information about the competition are on our website: www.IBMSAM.com

Hope to see you in July!

Joan Caesar

3. 2014 Combined IBM/SAM Convention Update
Message by Becki Wells (US)

Happy Holidays from the I.B.M. / S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention Team!

Just a quick reminder for those planning to go to the 2014 Convention that have not yet registered for the event. The registration fee will increase from $395 to $495 on January 1, 2014! Don't hesitate - REGISTER TODAY!

The 2014 Convention will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, from July 1 through July 5. The host hotel is the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel located at 800 Washington Avenue. Room rates are $115/night single or double plus applicable taxes. This rate is applicable three days prior and post-convention (based on availability) if you plan to stay and make it a vacation. You can reserve your room by clicking on this link https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10723061, going to the convention website - IBMSAM.Com -, or by calling the hotel at 1-888-236- 2427 (be sure to tell them you are with the I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention to get the convention rate).

Thinking about competing at the convention? You can enter one, two or all three contests! The I.B.M. and S.A.M. will be holding their annual stage and close-up contests with cash awards totaling over $30,000. If you are a member of both organizations, your act will be considered for the awards being given by both organizations. In addition, the Combined Convention will be the host for the North American FISM Championships. Entry slots available to North America for the 2015 FISM World Championships of Magic in Rimini, Italy will be awarded to the TOP North American residents with a score of 80 or better. This is the ONLY way for a North American magician to compete at the 2015 FISM. For more information on all three contests and to register for the contests, go to the Combined Convention website - http://ibmsam.com/contests-temp/.

Following on the successful presentation of the Lance Burton Teen Seminar in Phoenix, the Combined Convention will present the Lance Burton Young Magicians Seminar on June 29-30. This event is being sponsored by the I.B.M. and S.Y.M. and is open to all young magicians between the ages of 7-19. We are planning two different tracts - one for magicians 7-12 and the other for the 13-19 year olds. This is the must attend event for young magicians!

Along with the outstanding competitions taking place in St. Louis, there will be lectures and evening shows presented by top magicians from around the world. Enjoy performances and lectures by our team of Family Entertainers, The Fat Brothers, The Magic of Germany AND The Magic of Korea. These events include top artists such as Danny Orleans, Dani D'Ortiz, Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom, Timo Marc, Gaston, Lukas, Yu Ho-Jin, Henry Evans, Shawn Farquhar and Xavier Mortimer to name a few. (Note: Acts are subject to change without notice.)

Interested in being a Dealer at the Combined Convention - check with our Dealer Chairman, Obie O'Brien to see if there any spaces open. Send an email to dealers@ibmsam.com.

As you can see, the 2014 Combined Convention will be an EPIC event!

Meet Us in St. Louis where IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MAGIC!

Happy Holidays!

I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention Team!

4. Medical Journal?
Message by Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

The January 2014 issue, which is now out, might feel a bit like a medical journal, in part because of the article about David Oliver. It's an amazing story of a magician who spent twenty-plus years freely giving his time to help young magicians and then found himself in need of help.

A few pages later, we start out a profile on Gary Peterson with the words "Your child has six months to live." And then there's our follow-up with Wayne Houchin, one year after he was brutally burned while appearing on a television show in the Dominican Republic. All three of these stories could have ended in disaster - but they don't!

Read all three articles in the January 2014 issue of MAGIC Magazine. Plus, the exclusive behind-the-scenes story of Andrew Mayne's new television series, premiering on A&E in January... and a lot more! Visit www.MAGICmagazine.com

5. Why It's Wrong To Steal
Message by Paul Romhany

Why It's Wrong To Steal - Warning - following article will disturb some magicians

This is such an ongoing problem in the magic industry and recently I have been the victim of somebody taking over 30 years of my life's work and 'stealing it from me. How do I feel? It's like somebody breaking in to my home and stealing my possessions!! Yes, that is how strong I feel about this. If you are reading this and stolen another person's act think about somebody breaking in to your house and doing the most horrific thing you can think of!!!!

I spent over 30 plus years studying, watching and rehearsing my craft to get to a level where I can travel the globe and get paid very good money for it. For somebody to think they have the right to take what I spent most of my life creating is way beyond my comprehension.

This is nothing new in magic, but with the Internet it seems to have gotten worse. The low life's in magic who feel they have the right to STEAL other people's intellectual material because it might be on 'YouTube' or perhaps think it's all right for their local market as the creator will never see it need to be told and stopped. This is where local clubs need to step up and take action!

I understand being influenced by what we see on television, but it's high time we learnt to respect magic. When I was growing up I went through my Copperfield, Henning and Paul Daniels phases. It was the older magicians in my area who would tell me why it was wrong to try and be these well-known artists. I eventually found success came when I simply became 'me', and developed what worked for me.

It doesn't matter what level of magic you are at, from beginner to a full-time pro, we all need to learn to respect our craft. Only then will magic be taken seriously as an art form rather than a low form of entertainment. The respect for magic needs to come from US before it comes from the public.

Why Do People Steal?
1) They are just plain ignorant - they may very well be a few sandwiches short of a picnic if you know what I mean. However often they will play this role when caught out!
2) They think they can get away with it - because you live in a faraway country they feel nobody will catch them - however they often prove themselves to be number 1 (above) and put their stolen performance up on YouTube.
3) They lack ethics and morals - chances are they are part of society who for whatever reason feel committing a crime is acceptable - yes stealing is a crime. They belong to the thieving magician's gang - and while people try to police these gangs they still continue.

Recently on several .... Got Talent Shows issues have aired stolen material. Why anybody would go on national television and perform somebody else's routine without the creator's permission is beyond me. Perhaps they get sucked in to the 'hype' and feel they will become a household name and nobody can stand in their way. (Back to number 1)

There are so many cases of blatant stealing, from Teller's Rose Routine to Raymond Crowes Dancing Coat routine to Copperfield's Illusions to name a few.

Recently on New Zealand's Got Talent magician's appeared performing knock off illusions and one person went as far performing somebody else's routine that appeared recently on a major TV talk show. Both acts should have known better, but for them to feel they also had the right to put the performances on YouTube shows a lack of respect for those who spent years studying their craft. In the second case the effect is a marketed trick, however the routine that he chose to perform was NOT part of the sale. On the website it states, "The routine by ....................... is NOT for sale and cannot be copied!"

Sadly, if somebody were to take these people aside and try and explain why it is wrong to steal they may not understand - and so this is where magic will always fail. It seems to attract people who don't care - they don't care about magic, they don't care about those who spent their lives creating original material, and they don't care about the final outcome. It saddens me deeply because I know both acts and feel they should know better.

This epidemic is worldwide and we see it daily online. I wish I knew the answer. The world is made up of people who have morals and ethics and those who don't. Sadly those who don't are the ones killing magic and treating it with the respect it deserves.

In writing this little essay I certainly hope it gets people talking and even discussing it at local meetings. If you know of somebody who is doing something from another person's personal act, and is NOT a marketed trick, then perhaps have a gentle word to them in the hope ONE of them realizes and will learn to respect our craft.

Paul Romhany

6. Remarkable Magic #332 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Phases and stages. (Part four)

Looking back at the success of my show 'Comedy Magic' at the Maxim in Las Vegas I suspect the true key to why we succeeded was because there was virtually no competition at that 1.00 and 3.00 pm time slot. This was no coincidence. The fact that there was no other similar show playing in the afternoon was also the reason that so many people assumed that the show wouldn't work.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that you should never listen to anyone who tells you something can't succeed just because it is unique. You should also be very dubious if people tell you something will work just because a lot of other people are doing it! Always do your research thoroughly and then think for yourself.

What has been happening in my career since finishing my run in Las Vegas? I have been enjoying myself performing in a variety of venues and I have been travelling and performing on a fairly non-stop basis. It has been particularly exciting playing the wonderfully equipped Performing Arts Centers that have sprung up around the country. It is a real delight to play in these beautiful theatres as part of their entertainment programs. These are the current gems that have replaced nightclubs.

Nearly seven years ago during a visit to New Zealand and while enjoying a cup of tea with Alan Watson and Richard Webster I was excited to be offered the chance to write a weekly column for 'Magic New Zealand.' I have been doing so ever since. I am also a writer for Vanish Magazine, have contributed an award winning column to 'The Linking Ring' and articles for 'Magic Magazine' and other magic journals.

Many of these` columns and other original pieces are collected on my blog site at www.remarkablemagic.com which also features my original photos and graphics. I have always been an avid writer, my first book 'Sleight of Crime' was published back in 1977, and in the last year I published two books for the magic market. It has been a lot of fun to start a transition that makes writing a central part of my creative work.

I have also created an online magic store to release my own line of magical routines and props. I have a schedule to release 24 more items via www.nicklewin.com in the next three years. As part of my commitment to this project I have begun to lecture and perform at magic conventions across the country. It has been a lot of fun to reconnect with other magicians and share the information that I have acquired over the years.

Having spent the last 39 years living in either California or Nevada, Susan and I are pleased to announce that we are moving to Austin, Texas in the next couple of months. We look forward to becoming part of the magic community in our favorite American city. As a music lover (especially Western Swing, Tex-Mex, Bluegrass and Classic Country) there are few cities that offer the dazzling array of live music that exists on a nightly basis in Austin.

I am planning to create a weekly magic night 'Outlaw Magic' in Austin and document what we are going to set it up and make it work. I am absolutely convinced that regional events such as 'Monday Night Magic' in New York, 'Mystery Lounge' in Boston and 'The California Magic Dinner Theatre' in Northern California are a the best opportunity to share our love of magic with the general public. I also firmly believe that it is important to establish centers for magicians to practice and improve their performing skills in front of non-magician audiences.

I plan to continue writing for Magic New Zealand for as long as Alan wants me to. I think that the Internet has created an amazing new learning zone for magicians around the world and I am proud to be a part of it.

I have always tried to write about the magic scene through my own eyes without writing to extensively about myself. These last four columns are the most overtly autobiographical columns that I have written. I did this because some of my long-term readers have very specifically requested that I do so and I hope you have enjoyed reading this retrospective of my magical journey as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I always enjoy emails from my readers, especially when they suggest topics of interest for future articles. You can always reach me at www.nicklewin1@mac.com I also encourage you to check out my blog, which contains some detailed articles about the topics that I have touched on in these last four columns.

My email address is nicklewin1@mac.com
My blog is at www.remarkablemagic.com
My web site/online store is www.nicklewin.com
7. Working With Agents - #324 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Working with an agent or an agency can often times be difficult. There sometimes is a sense of loss of control or a feeling of lack of trust.

What I always tell folks it is not just you representing the agency but the agency is also representing YOU. It is a two way street. Because it is this way, I often will interview the agency as much as they interview me. I need to know if they are right for me and to develop a proper relationship. I also want to ensure everything is thought out and figured out and in writing before we begin working together. If something is not right or does not feel right, then you have to be able to walk away.

It is not about you calling all the shots. It is about a mutual agreement between 2 businesses. If you do not treat your business as a business, and get them to see that, then you will be treated no more than a product they can use and throw away.

I am not saying make crazy demands or be mean about it. I am saying that you act as a professional and you smile and you go over things with them as much as they go over things with you.

It is indeed a two way street. They need to feel comfortable with you and you must feel comfortable with them. The only way you can do this is by asking questions and asking the right questions. When I do this you will be amazed at how differently I am treated. Many agencies actually totally respect me more and see more value in me by me coming to the table with the right questions and solutions that is a win-win situation for us both.

If one only allows an agency to handle everything and without any guidelines or without any questions or agreement up front, then one is a bit foolish. We work a business and agencies that do well and that I want to work with, also know I run a business and so my asking them questions (and my going over things with them in detail) is not only appreciated, but they actually expect it.

One thing to point out is that an agent or agency should at least be open and honest and let you know the rough estimate of the value the client is paying for the event. I personally do not mind what the agency makes off me as long as I get my quoted fee.

However, I do need to have a general idea of the overall show package the client is paying for. The reason is simple. Imagine you think you are doing a show package for say $200. Your $200 show package consists of certain things you do etc. However the client is actually paying for say a $500 show package.

So what you have is you thinking you are doing a $200 show package when in reality the client is wanting and expecting a $500 one. If you are not aware of this, it can cause issues for you.

The client has a perception of what is worth in their mind $500 vs. $200. That is a very strong thing. If I do not know what package was chosen and the value of that package, it can be a very awkward situation. The agency needs to be upfront and honest with me to ensure that the show package I am offering is indeed what the client wants and expects.

I will always give 100% quality performance no matter what. I will never cut corners. However, a dishonest agent can cause issues if they state I am to do one show package when in reality the client thinks they are getting something else.

It just means open lines of communication between you and the agent or agency you are working for is all. Just building that relationship so things are stated and agreed upon in advance.

8. Magic - Art, Craft or Neither? (Suzanne The Magician - Part 2)
Message by Anthony Darkstone - Europe/USA

This series continues with several more World Class names. Starting this month in grand style is the wonderful Suzanne The Magician.

Suzanne was the First Female Magician to win The Magic Castle's Close-Up Magician of The Year title. She has regularly been featured in the Magic and non-magic media and performed at several Conventions. She appeared of the covers of Genii and M-U-M and was recently featured in the October 2013 issue of The Linking Ring. Her signature piece is magic with a Band-Aid. It is an extraordinary performance of Magic on many levels.

Her philosophy on the performance of Magic can be best conveyed by quoting her own words:- " …my performance is all about the connection I make with my audience. I always give every ounce of energy I have for every show. When I give everything I have, everything I am, and open my heart, I know I am doing my best".

I am delighted that she took time out to share her perspective on Magic- Art, Craft or Neither.

Suzanne The Magician

art (ahrt) - - noun
1. the production of something beautiful or extraordinary
2. paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.
3. skill; ability
4. subjects other than the sciences
Using this definition: Some people believe that certain magical effects or routines are beautiful and/or extraordinary. Of course, magic is not a painting, drawing, or sculpture but when they add "etc", that could include magic. Magic is definitely a skill and an ability. And the last is so ambiguous that it could mean anything.
Let me ask a few questions that might help your readers decide for themselves whether magic is art or not.
Does the person watching the magic believe they're watching something artistic?
- Is the person presenting the magic trying to present an artistic interpretation of something meaningful to themselves?
- Is the magic being presented as an original piece of work and/or is it being presented in an original way?
- Does the magic have something to say?
- Does the magic evoke an emotional response from the watcher?

I think if the answer is "yes" to any of these questions that is an indication that it's probably "art". But notice I said "probably". Isn't it also fair to say that art is in the eye of the beholder? Whether the beholder is the creator or the watcher, it only takes one person to believe it is art and that, for me makes it art.

9. A Magician's Morning... You Will Enjoy It
Message by Joyce Basch (US)


10. Updates So Far This Week On VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

Updates so far this week on VanishLive.com include:

- Magic, Why? by Tobias Beckwith
- Keith Barry Still Angry Over Grandfather's Death
- Brownie Points for Derren Brown's Art Attack
- Lawyer's Level Headed - For a Magician
- 'Now You See Me' Tops 2013 Movie Mistakes List
- Tony Chris on performing for very young audiences

DAILY magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:


- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

11. Magic YouTube Clip of the Week
Sent in by Joyce Basch (US)

Michael Carbonaro - The Magic Clerk

12. Free Festival Of Magic!
Message by Todd Karr (US)

A gift for your readers! The complete Festival of Magic 1957. Free!


Best wishes,

Published on 11 Dec 2013

William H. McIlhany and Todd Karr of The Miracle Factory offer you a free viewing of "Festival of Magic," a revolutionary magic television special from 1957. This video belongs to the world as a record of some of the world's greatest magicians on this show. The original, unique transfer was made by William H. McIlhany from a 16mm kinescope belonging to Milbourne Christopher, then his wife Maurine.

You'll see host Ernie Kovacs with Robert Harbin, Li King Si, Sorcar, René Septembre, Milbourne Christopher, June Merlin, Cardini, and more, with the original introductory clips included. This was originally a $35 DVD, now offered to you free of charge to enjoy.

13. Latest Update to the John Giordmaine Tribute Site
Message by John Richards

From its curator:

The online tribute to Canada's most beloved children's magician Johnny Giordmaine (1898-1974) wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday season with its latest update: a selection of vintage archival photos from IBM Ring 17 in Toronto (reposted with kind permission of Ring 17); a special personal remembrance by Robert H. Rastorp; and a celebration of Johnny winning the prestigious IBM Star of Magic Award fifty years ago. A couple months ago the site also added a rare 1930's postcard mail-out from Johnny not seen in public for perhaps 80 years!

These latest features bring to 15 the number of new pages added during 2013.

If you remember Johnny or would like to be inspired by one of magic's most memorable entertainers, please visit. And if you have any memories or photos to share, please get in touch. Contact information is on the site which is:


14. This Week's Podcast on the Magic Word
Message by Scott Wells. A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

This week's podcast on The Magic Word features a variety of voices you might recognize. In honor of the season, we have over a half dozen magicians and mentalists sharing in the reading of one of the world's most beloved and oft quoted poem, "The Night Before Christmas". See if you can recognize the voices of Stan Allen, Banachek, Docc Hilford, Chad Long, Kerry Pollock, Paul Vigil, Jeff McBride, Lupe Nielsen, Bob Cassidy and others in this very special (and seasonal) podcast.

This is our shortest podcast ever that comes in well under ten minutes. I know you will have as much fun listening to this one as they had recording it. You can hear it all at http://TheMagicWordPodcast.com/

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

15. January 2014 Issue Of Genii
Message by Richard Kaufman - Editor Genii Magazine

I'm pleased to tell you that, despite being a few days late, the January 2014 digital issue of Genii, the largest selling magic magazine in the world, is now live for computer users; app (tablet and smartphone) users will find it later tonight or tomorrow.

This is the first issue of our 77th year of publication, and the start of my 16th year as editor and publisher. Thank you!

This issue features the remarkable bi-annual Los Angeles Conference on Magic History on our cover, written by Dustin Stinett. This wonderful event is always eagerly awaited by those of us lucky enough to be invited, and we have complete coverage for you, so you'll feel that you were there with us. We also have video (silent) shot by Bill Taylor of the final illusion of the Saturday night show: "Astarte" as rebuilt by John Gaughan.

Our secondary feature is an excerpt from the novel "Magician's Choice" by Todd Gipstein.

We have David Oliver memorializing John Calvert, and three videos to accompany that,

Peter Samelson is interviewed by Matthew Field in our monthly video column "Face to Face."

We welcome new columnist Jonathan Pendragon this month with "Panmagium," where he will discourse on many of things he's learned as one of the top pros in the world. This month he writes about the importance of lighting to an illusion.

He joins our continuing columnists:
* Max Maven, with an audio "Speaking of Max" as well as the mentalism of "Lost Horizons.
* David Britland, with a new installment of "Cardopolis"--The Computer Deck.
* Dani DaOritz, who in "DaOrtiz ala Carte!" solves one of Hofzinser's many mysteries.
* Tom Stone, who this month is a mystery himself, and presents an excellent and simple feat of mentalism, in "Lodestones."
* Magicana, which contains three excellent routines including a wild coin assembly by Hiro Sakai.
* The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii, with Daniel Ulin's "Knights at The Magic Castle" and a video interview and performance by Howard Hamburg.
* Jon Racherbaumer, with both a written and audio versions of "On the Slant."

Our reviewers this time around are David Britland on books, Dustin Stinett on videos, and David Regal on tricks.

Don't forget that as a subscriber to Genii you are entitled to a visit to The Magic Castle each year.

And if you renew, or add one year to your subscription you can get Ricky Jay's new DVD "Deceptive Practice" for 50% off the retail price, only $15, mailed anywhere in the world:

So take a look at the largest-selling magazine for magicians in the world! All subscribers get free access to all 75 years of our back issues on Ask Alexander.

If you don't yet subscribe, we've got free giveaways at every subscription level. Give yourself a gift for the holidays! Please take a note of our special offers. Lots of free stuff when you subscribe!

A 1-year subscription gets you Ricky Jay's DVD Deceptive Practice for 50% off the retail price, $15 including postage anywhere in the world.

A 2-year subscription gets you a copy of Jennings '67 for free, you just pay the postage.

A 3-year subscription gets you a choice of either The Talisman or The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard for only $15 plus postage.


* Every month Genii gives you more pages than any other independent magazine.
* Every month Genii gives you a FREE digital issue with supplementary video and audio columns that can be viewed on ANY computer, desktop or laptop, as well as on any tablet or smartphone, and we have special apps for both the iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. We do NOT charge you a penny extra for your digital copy of Genii, and unlike other magazines we give you the entire magazine in digital form for free.
* Every month Genii gives you, absolutely FREE, online access to all 75 years of our back issues via a searchable database on Ask Alexander. That's 53,000 of pages of tricks, reviews, and news going all the way back to 1936 at no charge.

Visit www.geniimagazine.com and subscribe today! Subscriptions start at only $58 for both US and foreign customers.

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Remember that the price of Genii drops from the $6 cover price to only $4.50 per issue when you subscribe for one year. Please visit the Genii website and subscribe today at www.geniimagazine.com. If you subscribe for 3 years, you only pay for 26 issues, but receive 36! That's 10 issues for free.

Visit The Genii Forum, the "smart" online discussion group: www.forums.geniimagazine.com

Visit MagicPedia, the most complete online encyclopedia of magical information with almost 5,000 entries. It's a living encyclopedia to which you are welcome to contribute! www.magicpedia.net

16. Band Of Magicians World Premiere In Sydney, Australia
Message by Nathan Barker

Magicians Justin Willman, Nate Staniforth, Justin Flom & James Galea will be bringing their newest creation, Band Of Magicians to the Sydney Festival from January 9-19.

Working together as a team, the four magicians have created something greater than the sum of their parts and Sydney audiences will be the first to witness this event in just 3 weeks time.

Find out more here - http://www.sydneyfestival.org.au/2014/Family/Band-of-Magicians/

17. The Magic Of Christmas Show
Message by Wayne Alan

The Magic of Christmas Show appearing at The Historic North Theatre

The Magic of Christmas Magic Show starring World Champion Illusionist Wayne Alan will appear live on stage this Saturday and next Friday and Saturday at the Historic North Theatre in Danville, VA. It is an exciting yet heart warming magic and illusion show themed around Christmas. This holiday show which is full of family fun has not only amazing magic but also great music, including many of your favorite sacred and secular holiday songs.

Add lots of good clean comedy to the show, and you have the perfect family entertainment. Christianity, the real meaning of Christmas is woven throughout the show. For the first time this year and soon to become a Danville tradition, the show will close with the theatre's classic portrayal of the nativity live on stage. The production is inspired by the famous Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Performance dates and times are: Saturday, Dec. 21 at 8:00 PM, Friday, Dec. 27 at 8:00 PM and Saturday, Dec. 28 at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Tickets are $30.00 front orchestra, $25.00 middle orchestra, $20.00 back orchestra and $10.00 for the back row. Children 12 or under are half price. Discounts for groups are available. Tickets can be purchased on the theatre's website: www.TheNorthTheatre.com or by calling the box office at 434-793-SHOW (7469).

The show features 17 dancers from the Danville Academy of Dance Concert Dancers and The Historic North Theatre Christmas Carolers. The show is under the direction of Mimi Johnson Grubb. This wonderful production emphasizes throughout the show that Jesus is the reason for the season. Opening night's audience unanimously declared it a wonderful show. One comment, "It is a great family show that Danville really needs." Another comment, "It was the most beautiful living nativity I have ever seen."

The Historic North Theatre originally opened on August 25, 1947 as Danville's finest movie and vaudeville house but closed in the 1970's. In 2005 over 3.5 million dollars was spent on the restoration of the charming theatre with 500 seats including a full balcony. The theatre operated for 5 years but closed in 2010 and was put up for sale. Celebrity magician Wayne Alan, America's Only World Champion Illusionist, ( www.WayneAlanMagic.com ) discovered it and bought it on Friday the 13th, 2012. He saved it from being converted to another use or possibly being demolished.

Under Mr. Alan's ownership the performing arts complex now includes the Main Theatre, Balcony Mini Theatre, Restaurant & Bar, Art Gallery, Gift Shop and the Celebrity B&B which includes the Frank Sinatra Room, the Marilyn Monroe Room and the Nat King Cole Room. The theatre also books top celebrity touring concerts, Broadway musicals, other productions, festivals and special events.

The goal is to provide top quality, wholesome and family friendly entertainment. Mr. Alan said, "We will strive to live up to the North's first advertisement in the 1947 newspaper: "Visit Danville's new and finest theatre for the best in entertainment."

18. Magic New Zealand App
Magic New Zealand now has its very own app that can be launched on any tablet.

Go to: www.app.cat/magicnewzealand on your tablet to download the FREE Magic New Zealand app.

19. e-zine Archives
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Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

Our subscriber list is not made available to any other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Magic New Zealand® E-zine at www.magicnewzealand.com Magic New Zealand® E-zine is published each Sunday. The opinions expressed therein are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of Magic New Zealand®. Neither Magic New Zealand® nor Alan Watson vouch for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, message, statement, or other information reported via Magic New Zealand® E-zine. Subscribers to this publication and authors who contribute to it by doing so agree they will not hold Magic New Zealand® or Alan Watson, jointly or individually liable or responsible in any way for the opinions expressed therein.
Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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