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Issue Number: #977
Date: Sunday 6th January 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Broken Wand - General Norman Schwarzkopf
3. Broken Wand - Scotty York
4. Broken Wand - Harry E. Colestock
5. January 2013 Issue of the Linking Ring Magazine
6. Magic. Mayhem. Mystery. Murder?
7. Remarkable Magic #285 - Nick Lewin
8. Three Excellent E-Books by Paul A. Lelekis
9. Las Vegas Magic - January 2013
10. 2013 January Magic Castle Schedule
11. Jay Scott Berry - The Terra Maya Tour 2013
12. Happy New Year from Magic at the Beach!
13. Magic Podcast Not to Be Missed
14. New Website on the Indian Rope Trick
15. Colon Magicelebration Youth Contest!
16. Australian Ventriloquist Clifford Guest
17. Poof! (A New Magical)
18. I.B.M. Lance Burton Teen Seminar
19. The Society of American Magicians Convention - Washington
20. 12th Magical Convention of Saint-Vincent! - Italy
21. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
22. e-zine Archives
23. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Congralutions go to Barry Brook New Zealand magician who was awarded a Queen's Service Medal (QSM) for Services as an Entertainer. Well done mate!

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2. Broken Wand - General Norman Schwarzkopf
Message by Jamie (The Sandgroper)

OK ! - what's the death of America's General Norman Schwarzkopf got to do with a magic newsletter?

He was a brother magician and like all magicians he thinks/thought just that little different. Was that his secret/s on the battlefield?

None of the Obits in the media mention it - so thought that I should.

We had another famous one in World War Two - Jasper Maskelyn, Credited with all the fake tanks, guns, depots facing France for "D-Day", and also other large scale camouflages.

There was another in World War One. Graf Felix von Luckner, alias the 'feared' "'Seetuefel" (See Devil'). Bring him up on the net -but don't believe anything he says there. Do you do the Hindu Shuffle? He was doing it in Queensland as a mini-teener as the 19th Century closed. Queenslander, Jean Hugard [et al], saw a band of Hindu 'fakir's doing it, and then wrote it up in one of his "Card Manipulations". The young German Count was working his way around Australia with them. He came to New Zealand and Australia on a Nazi spy mission in 1938, and did some tricks for the media. Cinesound Newsreel has him doing the Tearing Telephone Book in half.

Jim McKeague might like to follow-up these Fakir's of the 1900 to see if they did anything like the alleged 'Indian Rope Trick'.

3. Broken Wand - Scotty York
Message by Bill Wells (US)

Scotty York passed away unexpectedly on December 28, 2012 after a short illness. Scotty was 75. He was a legendary close up and bar magician in the Washington, D.C. area and the creator of a number of effects many of which have been featured in the repertoire of other famous magicians. A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held on January 26th from 3 to 6 pm at the Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA.

4. Broken Wand - Harry E. Colestock
Message by Ben Robinson (US)

Harry E. Colestock
(1923 - 2012)
By Ben Robinson

On December 28, 2012, a Renaissance spirit left Earth after dazzling its inhabitants much the same way Jacques Cousteau or Leonardo Da Vinci did. While Harry Colestock did not achieve the legendary status those icons did with their flying machines and underwater lungs, Mr. Colestock did something that surely no magician before has done: he designed a computer that is currently on the moon. That computer has been there since the Apollo mission of 1969, when Neil Armstrong uttered the famous words, "One small step for Man. One giant leap for Mankind." As of this writing, that computer is still transmitting data to Earth on solar and thermal patterns, his machines exceeding expectations by thirty years!

Harry Colestock's brochures depict his various talents: Magician, Clown, Santa Claus, and watercolorist. By trade he was an engineer. But, his visionary spirit and intelligence surely wrought other more elite titles.

After running his company Ann Arbor Instruments for many years, he moved north to Petoskey, MI. After 57 years of marriage to his wife Marian, she passed. But, not before, on her deathbed making Harry promise that he would not look away from love. One year later, he married Marilyn on June 16, 2001.

Harry was one of the select invitees to the exclusive invitation-only 1987 Oban Event produced at Niagara-on-the-Lake Canada by the irrepressible Bob Weill. Along with John Booth, Allan Slaight, Ken Klosterman, David Ben, Stewart James and Sid Lorraine (among 30 other impressive names) Harry was able to bring his very refined expertise as a electronics engineer to the wonders sought, and executed, by star magicians. For Billy McComb he created the deKolta card shower; and for David Copperfield a two-way microphone that let the magician communicate backstage without the audience being aware.

Harry Colestock was a poet who published a book titled What Really Matters. His voluminous output of watercolors wrought tears of joy in the eyes of the lucky owners. Ships sailed on lakes, baseballs pitchers unloaded fastballs and flowers burst into bright colors to the viewer. The judges who awarded him honors at many competitions, throughout the US - where he often took first place - were impressed he began painting in this medium well into his 70's. One New York magician made sure Harry was introduced to master Chinese watercolorist Charles Chu (who had educated the foremost Chinese scholars and Chinese calligraphers in the US over the last 50 years). Charles Chu and Harry Colestock made perfect compatriots given their mutual love and talent for poetry and an accompanying illustration.

As a gigging magician Harry performed at school shows, Kiwanis Club (where he was voted Kiwanian of the Year twice), and hospital shows with frequency over 60 years! Well into his 80's, he was toting his original magic bag to all sort of shows, one of the last being at a company party where he was not only engaged to do magic and make balloon animals, and Santa, but he also donated the watercolor painting he created for the company lobby.

His accomplishments, impressive and many, Harry designed the guidance computer for the Atlas missile that put astronaut John Glen into orbit in 1962. While less dramatic, hundreds of school children received his aid when his tutorial skills for math or science were sought. He was always willing to lend a hand. Today, some of those students are now designers of computer architecture and platforms for companies we all know: Google, Microsoft and Apple. Harry and Marian lived near Whitmore Lake in the upper reaches of Michigan. The Superintendent of Schools wrote, "Harry Colestock is one of the most unselfish people I have ever met." For the Red Cross, Harry Colestock personally gave 87 pints of blood, nearly ten gallons. He wrote that he had been given so much and it was the responsibility of such fortunate people to give back. He did what he said and said what he did.

Harry's last book Industrial Robots was published by McGraw-Hill and sold thousands in the industrial and educational market the first week of release in 2004. Harry Colestock was awarded 37 patents throughout his lifetime. Chances are, something in your home right now, no matter where you live on this planet, is under the rubric of a Colestock patent. The automaton he made in replica of the great ventriloquist-comedian-magician Jay Marshall rests in the forefront of the American Museum of Magic. Harry was one of the producers of the Michigan Magic Spectacular, and later ended up being interviewed on stage by superstar TV magician Paul Daniels. Of that meeting he was particularly proud, Harry being a huge Daniels fan.

Whether being Director of Engineering for the Burroughs Corp, or Bendix Aerospace, or General Electric (where he tested gun controls), Harry brought his quiet, supremely innovative mind to his work. One of his sons continues in his tradition being based at a Los Alamos lab. In line with his father's accomplishments, his team discovered a breakthrough Quark, which was noted as a breakthrough in physics. Another son became a colonel who marshalled troops in the Gulf War, called Desert Storm.

In 1993 Harry returned to New York City, after a 40-year absence. He had not been in Gotham since he returned from Europe as an enlisted man after WWII. He had been brought to assist a magician in designing a one-man show for the largest festival of street entertainers extant, the 1995 Buskers Festival. Over 18-months, a script was created out of several hundred hours discussion and then many letters were exchanged over 18-months. Due to Harry Colestock's guidance, that show went on to open for the acclaimed singing act Earth, Wind & Fire, and later enjoyed a 20-week development deal in Seattle. His gossamer touch was evident in the final production.

We will never see his kind again. Harry Colestock will be sorely missed.

5. January 2013 Issue of the Linking Ring Magazine
Message by Paul A. Lelekis

Review for Linking Ring magazine

January 2013 issue of The Linking Ring magazine,Vol. 93, No. 1:

Editor: Samuel Patrick Smith
Reviewed by Paul A. Lelekis

The Linking Ring has the largest circulation of any magician's magazine. Members can access TLR at www.magician.org.

The January issue of TLR is customarily dedicated to the British Ring #25, the world's largest I.B.M. ring!

Our cover and inside story features the newest President of Ring 25, Mr. John "Sly" Smith which was written by past I.B.M. President, Vanni Pulé! Plus Geoffrey Newton reports on the Annual Convention by the I.B.M.'s British Ring 25 in Great Yarmouth!

In addition, this month's Hocus Pocus Parade was assembled by Ian Adair - as he has done for over three decades! He presents the magical contributions of some of the members of Ring 25! Year after year, the brethren of the I.B.M. are honored with the brilliant magic of this group of multi-talented magicians! I've said it before and I'll say it again - ".these British magicians have something special going on!" They are extremely talented and the rest of the magical world is very fortunate to be able to share their magic! Check This Parade Out!

Note Page Three of this month's TLR! Early registration for the I.B.M./S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention in St. Louis will be for 28 days only (Feb. 1- 28) where members can receive a big discount! Those who take advantage of this offer will save $100!

Past I.B.M. President, Mike Stratman, continues to promote the 2013 I.B.M. Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, July 17-20. Early registration Before Feb. 1 will save you $25.00!

From The Editor of TLR, Sammy Smith puts a positive spin on a 100-year-old tome by Elbert Hubbard. The controversial Mr. Hubbard wrote, "To escape criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." Sammy Smith decided to put a "positive spin" on this apparently negative castigation with," .do something, say something, be something!" What a wonderfully positive outlook for coming New Year!

Celebrating The Linking Ring is an article by Ring 165, observing the ninetieth anniversary of TLR with this ring's namesake, William V. Rauscher and the wonderful assistant to the Great Blackstone, Adele Friel Rhindress!

Polishing The Rings by Skip Way discusses the "7 Rules For Successful
Magicians!" The Kid-Show Circuit by Marty Hahne presents some very good advice, "You Can Never Be Too Careful", addressing having at least ONE adult present in your Kid Shows! BUSINESS OF THE SHOW by Scott Humston discusses about getting publicity for yourself by "tooting your own horn"!

Cutting Up Jackpots by Bev Bergeron is always a treat! Bev presents an article this month on Professor Pearl Reynolds! This old-world magician would float in to his shows by parachute after having cut himself loose from a hot air balloon! Fascinating!

For those of you who love to learn new magic will be thrilled with the wonderful contributions of magic, fully explained, in the following articles:

Mike Power's Card Corner - All I will say about this month's Corner is that we are all very lucky to get a contribution by gambling expert and master card man, Darwin Ortiz!

Ways And Means by Joe M. Turner presents a very cool walk-around trick called, "Fortune Telling Prediction" by Henry Holava. This is a very sweet effect!

Peter Marucci's Showtime presents his very first marketed effect called "Assault & Battery" which is a clever effect with a clever "play on words"!

Storytelling Magic by Ed Solomon provides readers with "Ghosts, Goblins and Gully Gaggers"! A very colorful story and effect utilizing the popular, "Ghost Trap" otherwise known as "Glorpy" or "Hiram the Haunted Hank"! Dust off your old trick and use this patter!

Hocus in Focus has a team of experts who review many new items of magic so
that the magicians of the world may purchase wisely!

The Broken Wand pays a monthly tribute to fellow performers who have passed.

There are too many articles and too much magic in this issue of The Linking Ring for me to list, but everyone is world class!

Advertisers -- your products will enjoy unsurpassed worldwide promotion in The Linking Ring through the beautiful printed magazine, the dazzling digital edition, and links from the I.B.M. Web Portal. For details about advertising in The Linking Ring, contact BJ Hickman at advertising@magician.org.

6. Magic. Mayhem. Mystery. Murder?
Message by Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

Well, maybe murder. Maybe not. One thing's for sure: somebody's dead, and the art of magic might have something to do with it.

The scene is the Trocadero Vaudevilles theater at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. has hired Harry Robenstein to perform his magic in a variety show, alongside a number of other acts. Things get hairy for Harry when another magician barges onstage and cuts the wire Harry uses to raise his Hindu Rope in the air. The interloper is the young Erik Weisz. He exposes Harry's method, claiming that he, Erik, will be the greatest magician in the world. Robenstein is enraged that this young man not only exposes his magic, but that Erik wants his spot in the show! And he gets it, replacing Harry with his own magic and escape act, and throwing the two magicians into a battle to make it in the world of showbiz. It's all part of "Harry the Great," an original theater production that recently debuted in Colorado, and the whole story is in the current issue of MAGIC Magazine.

This month, we also feature a profile of Alana from Germany, a look back at Houdini's movies, an update on Wayne Houchin, the shocking reappearance of Bob Markwood, and New Year's resolutions from 30 name magicians, plus columns by Joshua Jay, Mark Kornhauser, Ian Rowland, Joanie Spina, Mike Bent, Payne, Milt Larsen, Cory Haines, and Rick Lax.

On cover is Danny Cole, who started gaining attention as a teenage magician from Southern California, but today performs all over the world. And he has turned his talents toward creating unique magic effects for Internet viewers. To date, he's released ten of these short videos - and we've got 'em all on MAGIC Plus. Danny has also given us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his most recent head-scratcher!

All this and more is in the January 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine. Visit

7. Remarkable Magic #285 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

50 years of Magic Castle and Counting. Part One.

January 2nd 2013 is a very special day in Los Angeles and for magic lovers around the world. There are birthday parties and there are birthday parties, but when the Magic Castle hits the half-century mark we really have something to celebrate about. While it is obviously inaccurate to describe the Castle as the Impossible Dream---it is only realistic to call it the Improbable Dream.

The Larsen family dream has become a glorious reality and only foolish money would bet on it not being around for another fifty years. Ever since I joined the Castle in 1974 there have been problems and potential disasters that threatened its future. Somehow this quirky clubhouse keeps right on ticking along. Viva La Castle!

I wonder how many magicians have enjoyed seven-day engagements at the Castle since its doors first opened? How many cards have been selected and found? How many visiting guest decided to dedicate their time and attention to become magicians themselves? There are many facts and figures that I would love to be able to quote in this column but I don't think you could even guess at the answers.

Let me give a personal testimony. When I arrived in Los Angeles in January 1974 as a full-time but rookie magician, it was the Castle that allowed me to become a fully-fledged and self-sufficient performer. I practiced and began to perfect my craft in its showrooms. There are two kinds of magicians in the world; those who have played the Castle and those who want to.

What a great party we will enjoy on the 2nd of January Founders Day Party, free booze, free food and a bunch of my favorite magicians all in one place! There is a cocktail party from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm and then the Proclamation by the City and Presentation hosted by our very own Steve Valentine.

The turnout is anticipated to be large enough to extend these activities for two more days, with events on the 3rd and 4th of January. A special booking in the Palace of Mystery features Milt Larsen and his niece Liberty Larsen all week and an all too rare Palace booking on January 6th by Goldfinger and Dove. In fact we will be kicking of an entire years worth of celebrations at the Castle, and I will be keeping you up to date on the events as they are announced.

In perfect timing with the 50th year celebrations is the publishing of Milt Larsen's new book 'My Magical Journey: The First 30,000 Days.' It is a delightful account of the life of the Castle's co-founder and resident carpenter/creator. Next week I will be writing a full-scale review of this delightful book. I started reading it at 2:00am in morning after Milt gave me a copy during a Castle visit, and couldn't go to sleep until I had finished my first reading of it.

If you think the last paragraph constitutes a spoiler about what I thought of the book you would be absolutely right! It is a wonderful read that allows you to explore the life of one of the most influential men in magic. I have been proud to know Milt for 39 years and was very pleased to have a book that connected up so many dots in his extraordinary life.You can check out my product line, order items and check out cool videos on my website. I have been receiving rave reviews for my 'Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine' and 'Cruise Magic 101.'

You can find my website at www.nicklewin.com

8. Three Excellent E-Books by Paul A. Lelekis
Message by Paul A. Lelekis

Paul A. Lelekis has posted three excellent e-books in Lybrary.com for the serious close up magician with photos! "A Fix on Six!", "Maximum Impact" and "Eight Plus One!" These e-books are very modestly priced and have some excellent magic for close up performer - plus many tips! Stay tuned for Paul's Trilogy - three more E-books coming out in the next three weeks, Close Up Journey I, II and III for the close up professional!

Go to www.Lybrary.com!

9. Las Vegas Magic - January 2013
Message by David Neubauer - www.dnmagic.com

Criss Angel - Believe
7 (except Wed. & Thurs.) & 9:30 pm (Dark Sun. - Mon.) - Luxor.

David Copperfield - An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion
Dec. 16-31, Jan. 1-16, Jan. 24-Feb. 20, Feb. 28-Mar. 6, Mar. 14-Apr. 17,
Apr. 25-Jun. 5, Jun. 13-Sept. 1
7 & 9:30 pm & also 4 pm Sat. - MGM Grand.

Gerry McCambridge - The Mentalist
7:30 pm (Dark Wed.) - Planet Hollywood.

Illusions - Jan Rouven
7 pm (Dark Wed.) - Riviera.

It's Tricky - the Original Nerd of Magic - Kyle Marlett
5 pm, (Dark Wed. - Thurs.) - Royal House Resort.

3rd Thurs. each month 7:30 to midnight - The Olive (3850 E Sunset Dr.)
Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each month. $10
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

Mac King Comedy Magic Show
1 & 3 pm, (Dark Sun. & Mon.) - Harrah's.
Free tickets (buy 1 drink) usually available at the concierge desk or handed
out by showgirls.

Magic, Mind Reading & Mystery - Paul Vigil
7 pm (Wed.) - King Ink, Mirage.

Magical Mix - Christopher Karpiak
7-10 pm (Dark Tues. - Wed.) - Mix Lounge, Mandalay Bay.
Free to locals until 10 pm.

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show
7 pm (Dark Sun. & Mon.) - Four Queens.
$14.95 discounted tix + free drink:

Murray - Celebrity Magician with Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich.
7 pm - Laugh Factory at the Tropicana.
Two for One Tickets: www.vegas4locals.com/couponmurray.html

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show
4 pm, (Dark Mon.) - Saxe Theater - Planet Hollywood.
Current Guest Stars: Jeff Civillico and Russ Merlin
Armando Vera's Up-Close "VIP Experience" is performed pre-show @ 3:00 pm
FREE Back row tickets:

Penn & Teller
9 pm, (Dark Thurs. - Fri.) - Rio.

Seth Grabel - Variety Magic
6 pm, (Dark Sun. - Wed.) - Clarion.

Tommy Wind - A Unique Magic and Music Experience
5 pm & 7 pm - The Boulevard Theatre
Both times through end of 2012, then 7 pm through 2014
(Vegas Blvd between the MGM and Planet Hollywood).
Magic in Production Shows
Bram Charles
2 sets between 10 pm - 2 am (Dark Mon. - Thurs.)
The Can Can Room on Industrial.

Crazy Girls
Tony Douglas - 9:30 pm (Dark Tues.) - Riviera.

Haunted Vegas Show and Tour - Jac Hayden, Robert Allen.
9:30 pm, picks up at the Royal Resort.

V The Ultimate Variety Show
Featuring Melinda - First Lady of Magic
7 & 8:30, V Theater, Planet Hollywood
Shimshi - Resident Magician - Wynn/Encore.
Seth Grabel - Fri. & Sat. 9-11 pm - Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay.
Ben Seidman - Resident Magician - Mandalay Bay.
Cameron Shadow - Resident Magician - Pure Nightclub, Caesars Palace.
Craig Keith performs bar magic, various times - Dick's Last Resort,
JungleJosh - House Magician - Señor Frogs at Treasure Island (Dark Mon.), 5 pm to 1 am. Table-hopping and Comedy Magic on the stages. No Cover, No Min.Smoothini - Wed. to Sun. 8 pm-10:30 at Hard Rock Café (2nd Floor Bar); 11 pm to 2 am at Zingers, 3743 Las Vegas Blvd. and after 2 am at New York New York's Pour 24.

Jamie Porter's Radio Side Show Sat @ 5 am, KLAV FM 1230.

Las Vegas Magic Organizations
Fantasma I.B.M. Ring 257, 7 pm - 8:45, 1st Monday each month at Denny & Lee's
Magic Shop, 5115 Dean Martin Dr. #102. Free Children's Classes at 5:45. No meeting if the 1st Monday is a major Holiday. ($24 a year to be a member). Current President and contact: John McClenahan, doctormagiclv@embarqmail.com
or 702-395-3856. www.ibm257.com

Darwin's Magic Club 9 pm each Wed. at Boomers, 3200 Sirius Ave.

Upcoming Special Events
December, 2012
Dec. 20: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 pm to midnight - The Olive (3850 E
Sunset Dr.) Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each
month. $10 cover.
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

January, 2013
Jan. 17: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 pm to midnight - The Olive (3850 E Sunset Dr.) Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each month. $10 cover.
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

January 25-27: McBride's Magic & Mystery School Master Class. Teachers: Jeff McBride & Eugene Burger.

February, 2013
Feb. 21: Jeff McBride's Wonderground 7:30 pm to midnight - The Olive (3850 E
Sunset Dr.) Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each
month. $10 cover.
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

January 25-27: McBride's Magic & Mystery School Master Class. Teachers: Jeff
McBride & Eugene Burger.

March, 2013
Mar. 21: Jeff McBride's WONDERGROUND 7:30 pm to midnight - The Olive (3850 E
Sunset Dr.) Non-stop Magic & Variety Performance Art. A whole new show each
month. $10 cover.
www.vegaswonderground.com watch live: www.streetofcards.tv

March 15-17: McBride's Magic & Mystery School Magic for Speakers &
Presenters. Teachers: Jeff McBride & Eugene Burger.

March 18-24: McBride's Magic & Mystery School Extended Master Class
Teachers: Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Larry Hass & Tobias Beckwith.

July, 2013
July 14-20: McBride's Magic & Mystery School Extended Master Class Teachers:
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Larry Hass, Bryce Kuhlman & Tobias Beckwith.

10. 2013 January Magic Castle Schedule
Message by Jack Goldfinger
Director Of Entertainment
Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

50th Anniversary of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.
Founder's Day January 2nd, 2013.

January 7-13th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Georges-Robert
Late: John Carney

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Sisuepahn Phila
Late: Chris Hannibal

Palace of Mystery
Henry Vargas
Mike Caveney
Jim Steinmeyer

Peller Theatre
Filthy Liars - David Blatter
Filty Liars - Leeman Parker

W. C. Fields Bar
Jeff Ezell

January 14-20th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Tom Ogden
Late: Jeffrey Black

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Chris Korn
Late: Handsome Jack

Palace of Mystery
Ice McDonald

Peller Theatre
Rob Zabrecky
Derek Hughes

W. C. Fields Bar
Pop Haydn

January 21-27th "Fantastic Juniors from the Past"
Close-Up Gallery
Early: Rick Gerber
Late: Bill Goodwin

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Jay Scott Berry
Late: Scott Tokar

Palace of Mystery
Shawn McMaster
Sebastian Kraine
Christopher Broughton

Peller Theatre
David Gabbay
Jimmy H.

W. C. Fields Bar
George Tovar

January 28 - February 3rd
Close-Up Gallery
Early: Adam Wylie
Late: Tam Vo

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Bruce Kalver
Late: Bruce Gold

Palace of Mystery
Chipper Lowell
Danny Cole

Peller Theatre
Brandon Scott
Brian Ochab

W. C. Fields Bar
Jon Armstrong

Performers are subject to change due to circumstances and availability

11. Jay Scott Berry - The Terra Maya Tour 2013
Message by Jay Scott Berry

10 countries in 10 weeks, 70 shows in 70 days - At the World's Premiere Magic Venues.

He is counted among the world's finest master magicians, equally adept, whether close-up or stage. This is no accident. As a young man, Jay Scott Berry made a commitment to excellence, to elegance, to originality and to artistry. For over 30 years, he has maintained an unwavering focus on those ideals. Along the way, he has performed thousands of shows, sharing joy and wonder with millions around the globe. In doing so, he has left an indelible impression upon the Art and upon his peers within the Art. He is an inspiration to many fellow magicians, who credit him with a whole new understanding of magic and it's potential. Original effects, gimmicks and ideas, that Jay pioneered, are now being used by magicians the world over.

"In my entire career, I have never seen anything as convincing. It was real magic, delivered with precision timing and consummate skill." - Mark Wilson, Grandmaster magician

And so, it comes as no surprise that Berry remains relentless in his pursuit of sheer excellence; As driven as ever, continuing to push the frontiers of the Art of Magic. With a style all his own, it is often said that his presentations are "As close to real magic as you will ever see." Still, Jay Scott Berry remains an enigma, as only a wizard should. Characteristically philosophical, he suggests that, "The Magic is Ancient, The Wonder is Timeless. We are the custodians of both. We are the weavers of the fabric of Imagination."
"You've got to see this guy, he's a Great Magician!" - Donald Trump

And so it is with genuine excitement that Berry will launch his 2013 world tour on January 21st at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle. It was within these hallowed halls, many years ago, that his professional career began as the youngest magician to ever perform at this most prestigious of venues. This set a precedent that remains to this day, with Berry having paved the way for countless other young magicians. The following year, he was selected to represent the Castle and the United States at the 1982 FISM World Magic Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland.
"What a perfect act!" - Milt Larsen, founder of The Magic Castle

From this auspicious start, the tour is packed with noteworthy national and international dates. These include: The California Magic Theater, The All American Magic Theater, The Redondo Beach Castle, The South Street Magic Theater, The Magic Jewell Theater, The Magic Art Centre in Holland and The Magic Circle in London. Jay will also give a command performance at the San Diego Marriot for the Spiritual Awakening Conference. His last appearance for this elite group received no less than three full standing ovations! As if that weren't enough, Berry will go on to star at the world's largest annual gathering of magicians, The Blackpool Convention in England. From there, he will fly on to Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia where he will headline the Swedish Magic Championships!
"Jay stands alongside the all-time greats; in the same league as Slydini" -
Ed Rosenthall

Although primarily a performance tour, Jay will also present his new lecture at a few select venues. This is the same presentation he delivered at last year's FISM World Congress in England, where he was the only starring act from the entire southern hemisphere. In this lecture, Jay will perform and teach many new effects including the mind-bending routine, "A Question of Destiny", the pure, sleight-of-hand coin routine, "Foiled Again", "Solo Silk and Rope", "Spec-ta-cular", The "Zip-it", his brand new Topit design and more!
"Impeccable magic, absolutely wondrous!" - Channing Pollock, Grandmaster

Carefully tailored to appeal to beginner or expert alike, Jay will also feature many of his signature effects and gimmicks, including The Eclipse Tip, The Cloaking Device, The Ring and Ribbon and the FS/2 Gimmick, all with the most recent improvements and up-to-date methods."A true visionary. A man who has gone beyond the boundaries. There are only a handful of magicians who are masters of the art. This man is one of them. Do whatever you have to do to get to one of his lectures shows!" - Anthony Brook, International Deputy - The Society of American Magicians

And so the road goes every onwards and upwards. Berry is already booking the 2nd half of the Terra Maya tour, which begins in June. For more information, please visit:
www.JayScottBerry.com & www.Facebook.com/Illusioneering

12. Happy New Year from Magic at the Beach!
Message by Mike Heidtman US)

In just over two weeks, magicians from all across the world will be descending upon Myrtle Beach for South Carolina's Premiere Magic Convention, Magic at the Beach.

If you've already registered, congratulations - we have an incredible weekend planned for you. If you have not yet registered, it's not too late. Call Broadway Magic at 843-626-8191 or register online by go to:

Unexpectedly magician Rudy Coby has had to step back from our lineup, but he
will be replaced by another Superstar of Magic - Christopher Hart!

Christopher Hart, is known as "The man with the movie star hand", and for good reason. His right hand has been seen in numerous films, commercials, and television specials. Most notably in the cult horror movie Idol Hands and as the "Thing", the loveable disembodied hand in three Addams Family films. In the magic world Mr. Hart has traveled to almost every country making appearances on television specials, casino showrooms, European gala shows, and live touring shows.

He started in the Magic Castle junior program at the age of 16 and quickly moved to working for David Copperfield on the road. After his youth Mr. Hart became an advisor for Copperfield's television specials, live shows, and was a key creator for the Great Wall of China special. His sleight of hand and fast fingers have earned him the coveted "Silver Lions Head" award from Las Vegas stars Siegfried and Roy, top prize at the "Grand Prix Monique" held in Monte Carlo awarded by Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and is also the recipient of being honored twice with the Hollywood Magic Castle's 'Stage Magician of the Year' award.

He has been the cover story on Magic Magazine, a regular act for "Masters of Illusion LIVE", Murray Hatfield and Teresa's' Canadian tour, and now you will see him here - at Magic At the Beach. Christopher Hart will be closing the cabaret show and appearing in the Champions of Magic show.

10 Reasons to be at MATB 2013
1. Beach Party Welcome Reception
2. Awesome Swag Bags
3. Stage and Close-up Contests
4. All Star Cabaret and Close-up Show
5. Incredible Lectures and Workshops
6. World's Greatest Magic Dealers
7. Champions of Magic Gala Show
8. Farewell Party
9. Daryl's "Hands On" Workshop
10. David and Dania Quick Change Workshop
Sounds like a great party? - Don't miss it!

Registrations are limited! Check out our website at www.magicatthebeach.org
for all the latest information.

For more information, call Broadway Magic at 843-626-8191.

13. Magic Podcast Not To Be Missed
Message by Scott Wells

Well, it looks like we survived the "End of the World", but just to make sure we didn't miss out on anything, I chatted with 16 magicians from around the world to get their ideas and opinions from the past year and their look into next year (assuming at the time that we would make it past December 21st).

So now you can take your time to enjoy nearly five hours of premium podcasting broken up into five "easy to digest" episodes. They feature:
Episode One: Richard Kaufman, Marc DeSouza and Banachek
Episode Two: Jon Armstrong, Shawn Farquhar, Tim Trono and Murray SawChuck
Episode Three: Gabe Fajuri, Stan Allen and Kozmo
Episode Four: Chris Bontjes, John Pye and Will Houstoun
Episode Five: Eric DeCamps, Craig Mitchell and Paul Draper

You can hear and/or download these for free (without any commercial interruption) at: www.TheMagicWordPodcast.com or you can get them in the iTunes (podcast) store or through Google's Feedburner at:

And be sure to "Like" us on Facebook at:
www.Facebook.com/TheMagicWordPodcast Happy New Year from all of them and
from all of me to all of you!

14. New Website on the Indian Rope Trick
Message by Joel Howlett (Aust)

Just wanted to draw your reader's attention to a new website on the Indian Rope trick.

The article was written by my friend Jim Mc Keague :


15. Colon Magicelebration Youth Contest!
Message by Rick Fisher

FAB Magic Company will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Colon Michigan July 31 - August 3rd with the Best Value Convention on the planet! 4 Stage Shows featuring: Charlie Frye, Sylvester Jester, Joe Devlin, Sonny Fontana, Dick Stoner, Baffling Bill, Losander, Rick Fisher & Riley Rabbit, Norm Barnhart, Normondo, The Zodiacs, Gordo & Company, Magic Ian Garrison, Kozmo, Aaron Balcom, Bobby Maverick and More!

Registration is only $125.00 for first individual, $75.00 for youth 17 & under & $75.00 for spouse. Your registration is all inclusive! We are also working on special hotel rates for that week.

There is a Close up show, six lectures, dealers, World's Largest Flea Market, Busking Show, and announcing....
Youth Stage Competition for those 17 years and younger. First place prize is
$250 - 2nd - $150 and third $100.

Now for the big news - we are giving away 50 Youth registrations and 50 sponsored registrations for guardian - for those 17 years of age and under - for a total of 100 registrations! To qualify you must put into writing in a short essay of 500 words or less the following

1) Why you want to be a magician,
2) What do you expect to learn at a magic convention.

These can be typewritten or handwritten (printed please) - You may also
email them to: sales@fabmagic.com
Or send to: Contest, c/o FAB Magic Co., PO Box 483, Colon, MI 49040

Deadline is March 30th.

Why are we doing this? It's time to draw the youth back into the magic community. This is our investment in the magicians of tomorrow. It's no secret magic conventions are having a tough time drawing youngsters - it's a trend that needs to STOP and we hope this will in some way spur other conventions to take a hard look at how we attract young folks.

For all of the latest information go to: www.colonmichiganmagic.com

Plan NOW to attend the most affordable star - studded magic convention of 2013 - in where else - The Magic Capital of the World!!

16. Australian Ventriloquist Clifford Guest
Message by Walter Blaney (US)

One of my best friends in show business over the years was Australian ventriloquist Clifford Guest. We did many a show together on bills all over the world. Cliff did some things quite different from most vents, which set him apart from others.

Our favorite engagement together was when we got to open for Bob Hope two nights at the huge Shriner Auditorium in Las Angeles (which seats 5000, where most Oscar Award Nights occur). It was a thrill for Cliff and me, both big fans of Bob Hope. Bob was as nice a man as one would ever hope to meet. We had a blast backstage, and on stage Bob Hope was the master.

I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of Clifford Guest's great talent. Cheers, Walter.


17. Poof! (A New Magical)
Message by Nathan Barker

James Galea has written the score for a new magic/musical about a magician titled Poof! (A New Magical).

The outrageous and insightful album is now available on iTunes, Amazon and
everywhere else you buy your music.

Tracks include: 'If I Really Could Do Magic.', 'All Psychics Are C@%#*', 'Are All Magicians Gay?' and ''I Wish I Was A Wizard'.

If you have anything to do with magic, there's a song just for you.


James can currently be seen with Wayne Houchin, Ben Hanlin and Billy Kidd on the new Discovery Series 'Magic of Science' ('Breaking Magic' in USA) worldwide. (check local Discovery Channel site)

18. I.B.M. Lance Burton Teen Seminar
Message by Becki Wells

The I.B.M. is pleased to announce the I.B.M. Lance Burton Teen Seminar. If you are between the ages of 13-19, interested in magic and looking for something exciting to do this summer, you are invited to attend this special event hosted by world famous magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. This special event on July 15-17 will be held prior to the I.B.M annual convention on July 17-20 at no extra charge if you are registered for our annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

Don't wait, register now while there is still room to join Jeff, Eugene and Lance at this epic event! Remember - there is no extra charge for this two day event, if you are registered for the convention, you can attend this Seminar. Register now! Convention registration price increase effective February 1, 2013. Final details will be announced in the near future.

To register for the 2013 IBM convention and this wonderful opportunity, visit our website at www.magician.org

19. The Society Of American Magicians Convention - Washington
Message by George Schindler (US)

Start the year off right with savings. Register NOW for the Society of American Magicians Convention in Washington DC (July 3-4-5-6) before the price goes up on Feb 1.

Don't miss the friendliest and most fun -packed meeting of the year with
Gala shows, lectures, contests, dealers and underground close-up Magic Sessions performers working the late night shift after the Dealer Room closes.

Meet Eric Jones, Chris Mayhew, Tony Chang, Ben Train, Dan Hauss, and Dan White, whose sessions with the conventioneers go till early morning!

Look at the full range of magic events you can see at www.magicsam,com .

Save now and register at 2012 prices.

20. 12th Magical Convention of Saint-Vincent! - Italy
Message by Marzia Giacoia (Italy)

Dear Friends,

The holidays are upon us and Masters of Magic wants to give its personal wishes for the best New Year. May 2013 be even stronger, warm and magical than past years! Survivors of the Mayan prophecy, we have the great honor to announce that from 11 to 14 April 2013 will be held the 12th edition of the Magical Convention of Saint-Vincent! We have waited until now to make the announcement to be sure that the Convention could come back home to the Grand Hotel Billia, now fully restored and even more beautiful and welcoming.

As soon as we have received the assurance, we started organizing a convention that promises already to be legendary with: Luis De Matos, Marko Karvo, Luke Jermay, Woody Aaragon, Jason England, Topas, Paul Wilson and many more artists that you will soon discover, with a major change from the previous edition:

In 2012, 1,500 delegates have witnessed the quality and excellence of Masters of Magic in the organization of unique and unforgettable Magical Conventions: at the end of this path, after having shown the magic community worldwide we can to create the best possible FISM, we have been awarded the organization of the World Championship of Magic to be held in Rimini in 2015.Now it's time to get back to basics. The Saint-Vincent Convention, regaining its original location, returns as a personal event, intimate and with more attention to You, the real protagonist of the Convention.

To achieve this, it is essential to make it exclusive. The number of participants will decrease from 1500 to 599: we have established a fixed number of places, beyond which we will no longer accept entries. 599 participants, each one with the best place, the most efficient services and the attention of the team dedicated to You. Each one of You special, each one satisfied. The restricted number of places is synonymous with quality also for magic dealers: we have, in fact, decided to impose selection rules for the dealers at Saint-Vincent, so that they can be varied in regards to the type of items sold and selected according to a strict anti-counterfeiting protocol.

And now let's find out in detail the four most exciting magical days the in the world, with the greatest names in the magical world and an AMAZING surprise coming!

1 - Luis De Matos, Woody Aragon, Luke Jermay, Jason England, Topas, Paul Wilson: in the firmament of Saint-Vincent, come the stars of the magic

2 - The Magic Convention of Saint-Vincent returns to the Grand Hotel Billia: Back to Home!

3 - Rates: register by January 31 to take advantage of discounted Rates!

4 - Preview of Saint-Vincent's Program

1 - The Artists: We are ready to announce that in Saint-Vincent you will have the honour of meeting:

Luis De Matos - a genuine prodigy and a revolutionary of the magic world
Woody Aragón - who has dominated all the latest competitions, is an inventor and his routines have revolutionized the way of performing magic with cards
Marko Karvo - the champion of magic FISM 2012
Luke Jermay - one of the most original, mysterious and fascinating mentalists in the world
Jason England - absolute genius of gambling, consultant to many of the greatest professional card players
Paul Wilson - the "magical face" of BBC, a consultant for The illusionists and one of the world's leading experts of card magic.
Ernesto Planas - back from his world tour will present his latest creation
Francesco Scimemi - showman and undisputed ruler of the crazy nights of Saint-Vincent
The Great Jabba - with a show that you will hardly forget
Raul Cremona - who will present new delightful experiments of Magic Art

Back to Saint-Vincent by popular demand... Topas, who this year will showcase the original and unique illusions of his repertoire.

And this is only the aperitif! Soon we will announce other artists and other surprises.

2 - The location: as we promised the Convention is back to the native home, the Grand Hotel Billia. Completely renovated and transformed into a futuristic Convention Centre, it will return to be the more attractive and comfortable home for the four most exciting days of your year in magic.

Discover the revolution of the Casino de la Vallée and Resort on the dedicated website: http://www.resortcasinosaintvincent.it/

3- Rates: We want all old friends of Masters of Magic to continue to make unique and special the Magical Convention Masters of Magic. For this we have frozen prices until January 31 and we have confirmed the discounted rates for the faithful who have already participated in the previous editions and for those who will participate in the Twinned Conventions (Tariff Twinned Conventions and Loyalty) This year, Saint-Vincent is intertwined with Antibes, and the Colombe d'Or, which in 2013 will be held exceptionally in Saint-Vincent, becoming the point of reference for all members of the French Magica Club to whom we devote special twinned rate. In regards to different tariffs, please note that the VIP rate includes reserved seats in the front rows, a special conventioneer's bag and a workshop reserved exclusively for you.


A) Attendee
Standard Rate: 310 ?
"Twinned and Loyalty Rate": 220 ?

Christmas Special, discounted Attendee rates until 31 January
Standard Rate: 230 ?
"Twinned and Loyalty Rate": 190 ?
B) Family member:
Family member: ? 210
"Twinned and Loyalty Rate" family member rate: 160 ?

Christmas Special, discounted FAMILY rates until 31 January
Family member: ? 170
"Twinned and Loyalty Rate" family member rate: 145 ?

VIP price: 380 ?
"Twinned and Loyalty Rate" VIP: 320 ?

Christmas Special, discounted VIP rate until 31 January
VIP price: 330 ?
" Twinned and Loyalty Rate" VIP: 290 ?
D) Dealers:
? 250 for stand 2mt
? 350 for stand 3mt

Dealers loyalty rate: ? 220 for stand 2mt
Dealers loyalty rate: ? 320 for stand 3mt
As in previous years it will not be mandatory for dealers to buy a
Convention pass.
Dealers who want to buy a Convention rate may do so separately. To learn more on how to register and payment modes, make reservations at

4) Programme
Also this year in Saint-Vincent you will find the best of the magic world, the usual warm welcome of Masters of Magic, theme parties, the unmissable after-nights, the crazy escapades of Francesco Scimemi and his crazy magic midnight show, Jabba's Theater and its amazing creatures, Raul Cremona at the helm and Paul Wilson, in a special lecture, the surprise theme party and all the times when you will be able to meet your favourite magician up close!

We wish you all peaceful and magical holiday and we wait for you on the new site of www.mastersofmagic.it

Marzia Giacoia
Masters of Magic
Corso Unione Sovietica 612/15/A
Torino 10135
Phone +39 0113470338
Fax +39 011 3473834

21. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (NZ)

Karl Hein with Jeff Kaylor (US) Lectures:

Auckland - Friday 11th January 2013
Wellington - Saturday 19th January
Dunedin - Monday 21st January
Palmerston North - Saturday 2nd February

Matthew Wright (UK) Lectures:

Auckland - Wednesday 6th February 2013
Christchurch - Saturday 9th February

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures:

Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013
Auckland Thursday 14th March

Venues to be advised.

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