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Matthew Wright's Lecture in Auckland is this coming **Wednesday Night**


Auckland Lecture
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Wednesday 6th February2013
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: The Shore City Magicians Club Inc. club rooms, Senior Citizen Hall, back of the Takapuna Library, The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland.
Adult Lecture Fee: $25
Juniors (School age) and financial IBM 160 members: $10
Wives or Partners: $5
Email: Keith Garrett -

Christchurch Lecture
Saturday 9th February 2013
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: Greg & Sue Britts, 23 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch 8025.
Lecture Fee: Adults $25, Juniors $15, Non magician partners $5
A light supper will be served.
Book in your attendance Email: Greg Britt -

Matthew's products for sale

Unusual suspect DVD $40

The Marvelous Nutdropper $60

Final destination $240

Fourseen wallet $200

Lippincott box $50
The Lippincott Box has been used as the finale to many impossible location effects for many years since its introduction for the "Quarter Go" effect. What I have done with it is turned it on its head to become one of the most devious vanishes of a small object around.

The magician holds the box at fingertips. The spectator places a ring into the box. They see the ring clearly in the box. They close the lid and lock the padlock into place. The magician now never touches the box again. The spectator rattles the box and clearly hears the ring inside. The box is placed inside a bag which is then secured, The bag can now be handed out for safe keeping. Anytime the magician chooses the box can be opened by a spectator and shown empty.

I have managed to source exactly the right box with all the right "bits" in all the right places to make this vanish possible. Of course, you can still use the box in the traditional way.

Johnson envelopes. $40
A genius piece of kit invented by Roy Johnson that allows you to very cleanly place a small,object into a sign envelope which is sealed and given to the spectator to hold whilst secretly stealing out the object and switching it for something else

Double or nothin deck $30

Looking For Mr. Wright?
Two time FISM award winner Matthew Wright is about to embark on his “LOOKING FOR MR. WRIGHT?” lecture touring Auckland and Christchurch very soon. As well as winning every competition worth winning in the UK Matthew is also a full-time working pro.

He has been the Director of Magic at The House of Illusion in Spain for the past four years and was the Head Magician at Illusions Magic Bar in the UK before that. As well as his magic experience he has also studied Theatre Practise at the UKs top Drama School (Central School of Speech and Drama) in London and gained a BA (hons) degree in Special Effects from the University of Hertfordshire.

Matthew brings all this experience together in an action packed lecture which includes every aspect of performance including character building, movement, scripting and routining. The lecture also includes many effects which feature directly in Matthews’ working repertoire and has something for everyone of all skill levels, from self working miracles to more challenging sleights and from walkaround close-up magic through to parlour and cabaret effects.

Having not seen Matthew before I was not prepared for the great evening that we had. The fact that he was The Magic Circle Close-up Magician 2008, The International Champion of Close-up Magic and 2nd in the F.I.S.M. Championship should have been a big enough clue but he surpassed all my expectations. What was so good about this lecture was not just his comedy performance of some really impressive magic but that we were truly entertained.

Even the explanations were entertaining! Entertainment, we are constantly told, is what magic is about and here was a classic example.
Bill Jenner - Bexley Magic Society

I've attended quite a few lectures during my time at the SCA , some good, some very good, and some not so good. Well Matthew Wright's lecture was up there with the best of them. Everyone likes being entertained and Matthew entertained, everyone likes magic and Matthew was magic, everyone left the club with a smile on their face. In fact I'd go as far to say that even if there were no explanations I would still have felt the lecture was great value because I could watch Matthew all night. An excellent performer and an all round nice guy.
Jim Kelly - President of the Scottish Conjurers' Association

Matthews lecture is so much more than just a lecture, it is an insight into the working mind of a professional with a fantastic personality who is at the very top of his profession. The lecture is one which is full of workers, everyone in the room left with effects which could be added to their current working repertoire, but we didn't just learn tricks, we also left with an understanding of how to structure and script an act and how to entertain.

Matthews effects are ones which have been honed over 1000's of performances and this really shows with the magic he performs, add Matts personality and humour to the effects and you are set for 2 hours in the company of truly magical performer. This is a lecture you must see and one which you will learn so much from, go book him now.......have you booked it yet?
Alan Mylecraine- organizer of the Northern Magic Circle convention

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