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Issue Number: #986
Date: Sunday 3rd February 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Vanish Magazine Edition #6 - Free Magic Magazine
3. I.B.M. and S.A.M 2014 Combined Convention Registration
4. The Indian Rope Trick
5. The Attack: In Wayne Houchin's Words
6. February 2013 Issue Of The Linking Ring Magazine
7. Remarkable Magic #289 - Nick Lewin
8. Your Impact on Magic - #287 - Kyle Peron
9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 2
10. 2013 February Magic Castle Schedule
11. S.A.M. #59 Annual Banquet Honors New Dean Of Magic
12. Gay Blackstone - Show Masters Of Illusion Live
13. Columbus Magi-Fest Is On The Air
14. Jason Andrews 2013 International Tour
15. Silent Magic" Show To Make History
16. "Magicana" for February/March
17. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
18. Magic New Zealand App
19. e-zine Archives
20. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Michele and I attended the last joint IBM/SAM convention in Louisville, Kentucky 2006 and we had a fabulous time and we have now registered for the joint I.B.M./S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention in St. Louis, Missouri and look forward to seeing you there.

So get the Special Early bird rate which ends on 28th February register NOW as it was a complete sell-out last time! For more information go to item 3.

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Vanish Magazine Edition #6 - Free Magic Magazine
Message by Paul Romhany (NZ)

We celebrate our first year with our largest edition yet! Available for FREE download from February 6th onwards at www.vanishmagazine.com

World Exclusives: We are proud and honored that Vanish Magic Magazine has been chosen to get two world exclusive interviews

1) The Illusionists - the largest touring illusion show in the world - and we have photos from the tour and have spoken to all those involved.

2) Yif - The art of Magic - currently the latest superstar of magic on television in Asia Tim Ellis gives us the exclusive interview.

Contents include:

Choosing the material for your act by Matthew Fallon
Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
Magician's Crossword Puzzle
The Illusionists Exclusive World first by Chipper Lowell
Michael Giles interview Part 2 by Chipper Lowell
Business Cards and Online Printing by Kyel Peron
Just say YES to acting Part 2 by Joey Pipia
Nick Lewin Presents ... The Magic Castle's 50th Birthday Bash
Analyzing Charlie Chaplins' What People Laugh At by Ben Robinson
Sound Advice by Peter Mennie
Hands-Off - Routine by Stefan Olschewski
Yif - Art of Magic Interview by Tim Ellis
Buying The Perfect Domain Name by Leif David
It's Childs Play by Tony Chris
Coming Up With Original Ideas by Charles Bach
Downsizing of Magic by Jeff McBride
The Magic Assistant Interview with Temika Sperry
The Ring Rip-Off by Paul Romhany
Piracy by Bizzaro
50th Acknowledgements by Steve Spill
Choosing Your First Grand Illusion by JC Sum
Compatability Test by Richard Webster
Ultimate Victory Cartons Illusion by JC Sum
The Elimination Game by Wayne Rogers
Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany & friends
Stand and Deliver by Dean Hankey and Kerrin Hogan
Billz routine by TC Tahoe
Wilson Meets Weber by Danny Archer
Young Magicians Corner by Chase Hasty
The Success Series by Cris Johnson
Income Marketing for Magicians by Randy Charach
From the Desk of Keith Fields
And Another Thing by Chipper Lowell

3. I.B.M. and S.A.M 2014 Combined Convention Registration
Message by Becki Wells (US)

I.B.M. and S.A.M. Announce Registration For Blockbuster 2014 Combined Convention

The world's two largest magic organizations will hold a combined convention in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 1-5, 2014. The convention will draw amateur and professional magic enthusiasts from every corner of the world and attendance will be limited to 1400 registrants.

Featured during the five day event will be the FISM North American Championships of Magic in close-up and stage with winners having the opportunity to compete in the FISM 2015 World Championships of Magic in Rimini, Italy. Competitors will also be competing in stage and close-up magic for I.B.M. and S.A.M., as well as the IBM/SAM Champion of Magic selected by People's Choice. Cash prizes and performing contracts for winners could exceed $20,000.

Beginning February 1st, for a period of 28 days, those who plan to attend will have the opportunity to register for the convention at an all-inclusive price of $295. Register on-line and by mail. No telephone registrations will be accepted. At the end of February, registration will close until July 2013 when the registration price will be $395.

New for the 2014 Combined Convention will be a special two day event, the Lance Burton Young Magician's Seminar, for magicians between the ages of 7 and 19. Young magicians under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (parent, relative or guardian) who is registered for the 2014 Combined Convention.

Registration information and forms, contest information and forms and a preliminary schedule overview can be found on the convention website www.ibmsam.com

For more information contact:
Becki Wells

4. The Indian Rope Trick
Message by David J. (Down under)

For those of you who are interested in the history of magic and in particular the legend of the Indian Rope Trick, there is a relatively new website created by Australian performer and magical historian, Jim McKeague. He is presently researching the performing life of Arthur Darby an English magician who immigrated to Western Australia in 1948. Darby performed at state, agricultural fairs around Australia performing his version of the fabled Indian Rope Trick, under the name of the Great Karachi. Karachi and his wife lie buried in Perth.

As a result of the extensive research carried out by Jim McKeague, he delved further into the origins and mythical stories that have always surrounded the Indian Rope Trick. Jim was present at one of the more recent performances of this illusion at Malpe Beach, Karnataka in India performed by a street magician named Ishamuddin. He performed a very creditable Indian Rope Trick before a crowd of thousands, including many I B M members

Jim has created an interesting website at http://theindianropetrick.com where he discusses some of his findings that for many has become a magical enigma. For Australian readers who may have any information regarding the Great Karachi, Jim would be delighted to hear from you at: mckeaguejw@gmail.com

Is the Indian Rope Trick real or merely a myth surrounded by fascinating stories. Why not explore the website and judge for yourself.

5. The Attack: In Wayne Houchin's Words
Message by David J. Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

The cover of the February issue of MAGIC Magazine might be the most shocking cover we've ever run. But then, I can't recall a more shocking story than the unprovoked attack on Wayne Houchin. When the early reports were getting out that an American magician had been set on fire in the Dominican Republic, I remember thinking that it didn't sound possible. Even after watching the video clip, I still found it hard to believe. If ever there was a WTF moment, this has to be it. The good news is that Wayne's doing great. But you do not go through something like this without a few scars, physically and emotionally. He talks openly about all of that with our associate editor Alan Howard in this month's exclusive interview.

Also this month, we have Jamie D. Grant's amazing story of Daniel Madison. Here's the opening sentence: "There was no way Daniel could have known that within two hours he'd be lying in a deserted parking lot, unconscious, with three broken ribs, a broken kneecap, and two broken bones in his right hand - the hand that was, at this moment, shuffling three Kings to the bottom of a deck of cards while in a game of five-card draw."

Plus Lupe Nielsen's fascinating life in magic, a recently discovered interview with the musical director of Doug Henning's television specials, a look at three magic revues in Germany, the Magic Castle turns 50, farewells to Scotty York and Bill Chaudet, plus columns by Joshua Jay, Mark Kornhauser, Ian Rowland, Mike Bent, Payne, Milt Larsen, Jared Sherlock, Richard Hatch, and Rick Lax.

All this and more in the February 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine. Visit

6. February 2013 Issue Of The Linking Ring Magazine
Message by Paul A. Lelekis

February 2013 issue of The Linking Ring magazine, Vol. 93, No. 2:

Editor: Samuel Patrick Smith
Reviewed by Paul A. Lelekis

The Linking Ring has the largest circulation of any magician's magazine.
Members can access TLR at www.magician.org.

The February issue of TLR features card magic teacher great, Roberto Giobbi on the cover! In addition Mr. Giobbi has wonderful in-depth cover story and interview - and he has graciously provided I.B.M. readers of TLR with a free downloadable text and video book, Roberto Giobbi's Introduction to Card Magic! This is a real treat!

I.B.M. Lance Burton Teen Seminar will be presented for young magicians, ages 13-19, on July 15 - 17 (immediately preceding the I.B.M. Convention in Phoenix Arizona) Lance Burton, Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger will be present for these lucky youths!

China's Grand Plans - The government of China is planning on a grand design for the development of the magic industry!

The Story of The Linking Ring, Part Six: How 20 year old Hazel Miller played a very important role with the I.B.M. for the next quarter century!

Roberto Giobbi is the highlight of this month's One Man Parade! Lucky readers will benefit greatly from the excellent card magic in this Parade! He also goes into detail with a variety of cool deck switches! You have to read this.deck switches are very powerful!

From The Editor of TLR, Mr. Samuel Patrick Smith gives readers great insight on the old adage "Haste Makes Waste" and dealing with the increased pace that our society has adopted. I found Mr. Smith's article fascinating.especially Hubbard's quote at the end!

Polishing The Rings by Skip Way discusses "Funding Your Youth Program" and Skip gives a variety of very clever ways to fund these programs without "breaking the bank!"

The Kid-Show Circuit by Marty Hahne presents some great advice on closing a children's show! Not only examples of what to do but what NOT to do! Terrific article!

Business Of The Show by Scott Humston gives readers reasons for setting goals for this New Year! He's right! Goals for your entire life will give you reason to achieve!

Cutting Up Jackpots by Bev Bergeron is one of my favorite articles to read! This month Bev presents an essay, "Kick the Clown" that is fascinating! Bev's recollections as, Rebo the Clown, on the T.V. program, The Magic Land of Allakazam, has probably happened to most children's entertainers at some time or other! Not rude children - but their crazy mothers! I know it has happened to me a number of times as a magician! Bev has such a wealth of experience, that there is NO ONE who can't learn something from him!

In Memoriam - Scotty York, written by past International President, Bill Wells, reminisces about the great Georgetown bar magician! I was deeply saddened by his passing as he was a one-of-a-kind magician! I have learned many things from Scotty! RIP.

For those of you who love to learn new magic will be thrilled with the wonderful contributions of magic, fully explained, in the following columns below:

Mike Power's Card Corner - Mike presents yet another powerhouse of card magic this month.the incomparable Allan Ackerman! Allan's AA Oil and Water is a wonderful two- stage routine that is an excellent variation of a classic of magic!

Ways And Means by Joe M. Turner is always a treat! Joe has presented readers with, Frixion Prophesy by an excellent magician, Christophe Fouquet. You will not only learn a very commercial routine using a business card and a deck of cards, but also some principles of magic that you may or may not already know - including something very clever that you can pick up, inexpensively, from a drug store or any major chain stores!

Peter Marucci's Showtime gives us a wonderful effect, Bell, Book and Candle, which presents a very colorful and bestows readers with a very easy, yet powerful effect that will thrill your spectators! I really like this one! Mr. Marucci is quite creative!

Storytelling Magic by Ed Solomon - As usual, Ed has provided readers with another magical and colorful adventure of his alter-ego, DeNomolos called, Le Portal Rouge! Spirits are all around you! A very spooky and engaging effect!

Hocus in Focus has a team of experts who review many new items of magic so that the magicians of the world may purchase wisely!

The Broken Wand pays a monthly tribute to our fellow performers who have passed.

There are too many items and too much magic in this issue of The Linking Ring for me to list, but everyone is world class!

I.B.M. members can access each issue on the I.B.M. Web Portal either by downloading the PDF or by reading the digital version.

Advertisers -- your products will enjoy unsurpassed worldwide promotion in The Linking Ring through the beautiful printed magazine, the dazzling digital edition, and links from the I.B.M. Web Portal.

For details about advertising in The Linking Ring, contact BJ Hickman at advertising@magician.org.

7. Remarkable Magic #289 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

The 'H' word and dealing with it.

The reason I am referring to the topic of this column by an initial is for the same reason most words are handled in this manner. It is considered by many to be a dirty word, not by everyone but certainly by many. Brace yourself---the word is heckling. There I said it.

There has recently been a long flare on the Magic Castle Facebook page about how terrible the heckling has become at the Castle and how to deal with it. Some of the solutions range from thoughtful to downright stupid. I don't want to get into a discussion of that particular situation because it is incredibly location specific.

The Magic Castle is a unique venue that seems to be suffering some audience problems as it has been transforming from an intimate private club into a mega busy niche entertainment centre that marches to a cash beat. Of course, to remain viable as our clubhouse that cash needs to flow in on a very regular basis. However no member should be surprised if the magicians are treated less with respectful awe and more as a commodity. This is the trade off.

If you perform for any length of time you will eventually get heckled. It is like that hard drive failure--- not a case of if but when. Magic is a particularly delicate area when it comes to heckling. Sometimes a heckler is just saying something that is obvious to everyone - like the outcome of a trick. It can be disconcerting when after burning a dollar bill, the moment you pull out a lemon; someone says, "I'll bet the dollar is in it!" If you experience a decrease in interest and a loss of authority then consider yourself heckled - but not necessarily in a negative way.

If this happens more than once, you should try and add a few curve balls and re-construct your repertoire so that you turn the tables on your audience's expectations. I do this in many routines as a matter of course, and it pays big dividends in reaction.

Very often an audience is way ahead of the pace and direction you are operating at and it behoves you to add a couple of twists. You have to do it, while they only have to think it, and thoughts are infinitely faster than actions.

If on the other hand, someone drunkenly shouts out something incoherently during your show then you have received the most classic and toughest to handle heckle. If it is a woman heckling it is infinitely worse. Your job number 1 is silencing the person and keeping them from getting out of control and spoiling the show for everyone else. The strongest tool you have at your disposal is to unite the audience behind you and let the heckler know that they are not appreciated by anyone present and are making a fool of themselves.

The easiest kind of heckling to handle, and yet one that I see the most consistently mishandled, is when someone makes a genuinely witty or salient comment during your show. A simple technique under these circumstances is to register the remark, smile at the person who made it and say, "That's funny - I must remember to say that next time." Another approach is to give a rueful smile and say, "I hate it when the audience is funnier than I am!" Don't treat this kind of heckler as the enemy or they may become one.

What I haven't discussed is that ever-popular mythical beast of magical booklets, 'The Put Down,' 'Zingers' or 'The Zaps.' Leave them in the outdated 'gag book' you find them in, as they can often open a can of worms you don't want opened. The real danger with hecklers is that they are often totally genuine in their belief that they are helping you out.

As you perform you will develop some genuinely funny and relevant lines that you can use to stop a heckler. Not to put down, zap or zing him - but to STOP him. These lines are generally ad-libs that are contextually effective, and your job is to make a mental note of the effective ones for future occasions when similar circumstances.

My personal technique when I want to use humor to silence someone is to do three short, scathing and really funny lines in a row directed straight at the heckler and then gazing directly (and pointedly) into his eyes say, "The LAST thing you want is my total attention." This usually gets a strong reaction from the audience and usually convinces the heckler that I have a very good point. Never attempt this, or any comedic anti-heckling approaches unless you are armed with a microphone, and never let your microphone into the hands of a heckler. Amen.

I've been getting a great reaction to my book 'Cruise Magic 101'. Check it out on my web site.

8. Your Impact on Magic - #287 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

I had a wonderful experience this past weekend performing both a show and then a teaching workshop for children who had an interest in magic. It was one of those shows where everything goes right and the crowd loves every minute of the experience that unfolds before them.

I think it is safe to say we all have had experiences like this. It is the one thing I feel is true magic when it happens. But there was also something that happened that made me really think a lot on the drive home.

After the teaching workshop, every child gets called up one at a time for a handshake, applause from his/her new peers in magic and a certificate I present to them. It is made to be a big deal because it really is one and always should be.

When this one child came up and shook my hand he had tears of joy in his eyes and just looked at me and at his dad and said "WOW!" One word was all it took to get me to smile so big that moment but to also get me thinking on the way home.

My thoughts were about how much of an impact WE as entertainers can have on a child. So many times we go and do a show because it is a job and we are getting paid for it. Sure we have fun and a good time, but the often times what is in our heads is making sure the "job" gets done, you get paid and move on to the next one.

Now this does not mean we do a bad show or we do anything less than giving 100%. It just means that a lot of times we forget a very important thing. We forget that in some cases WE are the very FIRST magician a child may ever see. We are the ones that can make a child love magic or hate it.

Every one of us can recall seeing a magician as a child. That one magician we watched that for whatever reason made us fall in love with this magical arts. There was something about what he/she did that captivated us and made us want to pursue it further.

We all can remember that one magician who took time out of their day to talk to us, shake our hand, sign an autograph and just make us feel like a million bucks. Is it not these moments that we remember that fuels our passion?

We must remember these memories because WE have the unique POWER of now being in that position to make it happen to someone else. We can be that person who makes a child love magic. We can become the person they talk about years later as having an impact on why they love what they now do.

So the next time you are at an event, take a moment to look out into the audience and realize the time you spend with them before, during and after the show can mean the world to them. You could be making the future stars of tomorrow.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 2
Message by Anthony Darkstone - USA/Europe

MAGIC - Art, Craft or Neither - Part 2

Since the publication of Part 1 last week I have had a myriad of interesting responses and conversations. I am most appreciative of all my guests who have submitted their musings, which I shall be sharing in due course.

The topic is indeed interesting, controversial and time-honored. It has triggered a variety of responses. As mentioned in Part 1, there are no right or wrong answers just views and opinions. I have received some fascinating thoughts and musings from a wide variety of excellent thinkers. In the coming weeks I shall be sharing those; at this stage it is suffice to state that their views will certainly make you stop and ponder further on the topic.

The words, 'Art' and 'Craft' appear to be synonyms but when applied to Magic does that apparent similarity still have a validity? Perhaps, my question is rhetoric.

Does skill, dexterity, and technique make the performance an Art or are they components of a worthy Craft. Is the Art in the Presentation? Is the Craft in the skill? Many great Master Magicians have independently remarked, "If they like you, they will like your Magic."

Consider Eugene Burger performing his Gypsy Thread. Please go back and read that again. Notice that I used the pronoun "his". Why? He owns it!!!

A while back, together with my pal Christian Diamond I was privileged to be at Chang's Restaurant in Vegas (Eugene's choice) with Eugene and to my delight my other dinner companions were Larry Hass, Tobias Beckwith and Bob Neale. All three have written books and articles on Magic that are essential reading for any Performer. Our conversation at the table involved several topics pertaining to Magic and included the Performance & Presentation of Magic. Those of you who have read my work and attended my lectures on this aspect of Magic will know my passionate views on Performance & Presentation.

I am very fortunate and honored to have worked alongside some of the best in the business and indeed honored to call many leading names my friends. I am not bragging but merely transmitting that, without exception, all of them have elevated Magic into an Art form. When I referred earlier to Eugene's performance of The Gypsy Thread, I can only state that his Presentation & Performance is pure Art. I absolutely urge you to watch Eugene perform this; of course, he does other effects equally well... however, I use this example as an exercise in Pure Art. If you cannot see him Live, get hold of a video or DVD - beg, borrow or steal (well, maybe ask permission before!!!) and pay close attention. Pay very close attention.

I am not, for a single moment, suggesting that you imitate Eugene but most categorically stating that there is much to be learnt from observing this true Master at work. Better yet, attend one of his lectures, workshops or classes.

I cannot recall with clarity, but I think it was Henry Moore who, when asked how he sculpted a form from a block of stone answered, "I simply chip away all the bits that don't look like an elephant!"

Does that convey to us lesser mortals that we should seek the Art within the core of the Performance?

To quote the "old" cliché, I trust all of the above words have given you some food for thought. If so, I welcome your thoughts. Email: anthonydarkstone@gmail.com

PS: I like "old" clichés. The new ones aren't as good!!!

10. 2013 February Magic Castle Schedule
Message by Jack Goldfinger
Director Of Entertainment
Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

February 4-10th Magic & Mystery School week

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Lawrence Hass
Late: Bryce Kuhlman

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: George Parker
Late: Jordon Wright

Palace of Mystery
Jeff McBride
Abbi McBride

Peller Theatre
Eugene Burger
Michael Carbonaro

W. C. Fields Bar
Ferdinando Buscema

Friday Luncheon
Lawrence Hass

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Tim Wise

Eugene Burger 2/3 Sunday
Magic & Mystery School Team 2/10 Sunday

February 11-17th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: John Shryock
Late: Suzanne

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Jheff
Late: Fitzgerald

Palace of Mystery
John Carney
Mickey O'Connor
Christopher Hart

Peller Theatre - The Magical Misfits
Doug Brewer
Jeff Abbit
John George

W. C. Fields Bar
Chef Anton

Friday Luncheon
John Shryock

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Dan Jordan

Lecture Sunday 17th
John Shryock

February 18-24th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Pop Haydn
Late: Steve Valentine

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Eric Buss
Late: Kerry Ross

Palace of Mystery
Chuck Jones and Company

Brian Ochab
Brandon Scott

W. C. Fields Bar
Georgc Millward

Friday Luncheon
Pop Haydn

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Joseph Derry

Lecture Sunday 24th
Steve Valentine

February 25-March 3rd
Close-Up Gallery
Early: Rich Bloch
Late: David Minkin

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Matt Marcy
Late: Brent Geris

Palace of Mystery
Tina Lenert
Ardan James
Rob Zabrecky

Peller Theatre
Max Maven

W. C. Fields Bar
Mark Collier

Friday Luncheon
Rich Bloch

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Chuck Jones & Jan

Lecture Sunday 3rd
Pop Haydn

Performers are subject to change due to circumstances and availability

11. S.A.M. #59 Annual Banquet Honors New Dean Of Magic
Message by Michael Roth (US)

S.A.M. #59 Annual Banquet Honors New Dean of Magic, Duane Duvall

On January 18, S.A.M. Assembly #59 held its Annual Black-Tie Optional Banquet at the University Club in downtown Portland, Oregon. President Danny Schreiber announced the new officers, and a specially minted coin in honor of S.A.M. 59 Honorary Life Member, Stan Greer, was given to all assembly members in attendance. A very special moment of the evening was when Past President Larry Seymore and PSM President Michael Sturgeon presented honors to Duane Duvall, a 58+ year member of both the S.A.M. and PSM (est. 1922), when he was named concurrently as Dean of Magic, both for Assembly #59 and the Portland Society of Magicians (PSM), our local sister assembly. This is the first time for a Dean to be named for either group. Duane is the only living founding member of S.A.M. Assembly #59 (1954), and he is still a regular participant in local assembly meetings with both S.A.M. #59 and PSM.

A 3' x 4' vinyl banner with a picture of Duane from the cover of the June 1959 M-U-M magazine was unveiled as part of the surprise announcement. Duane was presented with the banner, a beautiful large format award certificate in frame, and a book of letters of congratulations from M.I. Bontjes, Dean Schindler, S.A.M. Deputy for Portugal, Tony Brook and other magicians from around the Northwest and the world. Lon Mandrake, President of S.A.M. #95 from Vancouver BC and his wife Linda, and President of S.A.M. #200 from the Seattle area, JR Russell and his wife Sarah were also in attendance. If any reader would like to honor Dean with additional letters of congratulations, they should be addressed and sent to Duane Duvall, Dean of Magic, S.A.M. Assembly #59 and PSM, 1659 NE 108th Avenue, Portland, OR 97220-3026. He would be honored to hear from you.

12. Gay Blackstone - Show Masters Of Illusion Live
Message by Jane Stuart (US)

From the J.Marberger Stuart Foundation home of the DRAGON Awards.

DRAGON award winner Gay Blackstone has another triumph in her show Masters of Illusion Live. It is based on the Masters of Illusion TV Special. This show is currently featuring an amazing cast including Rick Thomas. They have an innovative staging concept where no one is the Star and there is no MC. The Magic is central and the show runs seamlessly with each act valued for its own contributions to art.

You can see it on Thursday, Jan.31 Reading, PA at the Sovereign Center for the Performing Arts, Friday Feb 2 in Red Bank NJ at the Count Basie Theatre, Sat Feb. 2nd at Morristown, NJ at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, Friday Feb 22 in Windsor, ONT at Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, Sat. Feb 23rd at Indianapolis, IN at Clowns Memorial Hall or Thursday April 11th in Tyler, Tx at the R.Don Cowan Fine and PAC.

The performers vary by the venue so you can see it over and over and have a new experience. I especially enjoyed seeing the multiplying chairs which is an illusion I had not seen for years. There was something for everyone, a straight jacket escape, card fans, thimbles, and too many large illusions to mention. Don't miss it.

13. Columbus Magi-Fest Is On The Air
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

As we flew into Columbus, Ohio for the opening day of Magi-Fest on Thursday
January 24th, the weather was comfortable yet chilly. But we awoke the next morning to frigid temperatures and a couple inches of snow that continued throughout the day. Although it was cold outside, the magic inside was hot, man, and I mean hot!

Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin picked up the reins from the former Director of the Magi-Fest and created Version 2.0 which promises to be a snapshot of how future conventions should look. The emphasis was on content with great T.E.D. talks from young and old alike, the well-known to the lesser known. And it continued into the hallways in the seasoning that went on all day and night. It was heartening to see old men on walkers showing card tricks to teenagers and vice versa. It was not a bunch of cliques of similar aged magicians trading ideas with those in their age category. No, this was a share and share alike for one and all.

There were no contests this year and Joshua told me that it is not in the cards for it to return next year either. Although the Magi-Fest is well known for its family atmosphere and encouragement of youth performances, it seems that fewer and fewer people are competing. Perhaps it's because they can see themselves on YouTube so they already have a performance platform. And the time that contests take away from a convention that is already packed with so many activities, it is probably a good idea to eliminate the contests and leave time for more lectures, T.E.D. talks and time in the dealer room.

And speaking of the Dealer Room, there were 24 dealers in a room that had a capacity of 130 (not including their tables). And when you consider that there were nearly 600 registrants at this convention, well.it was tight to say the least.

I could go on to tell you more about the convention and the outstanding line-up of talent and even those "magic celebrities" who were just there hanging out, but why should I do that when you can hear it all on the daily updates I posted on http://TheMagicWordPodcast.com There you can also see photos and videos taken at the convention. So go, enjoy The Magic Word. And "Like" us on Facebook, too, so you know when the next updates will be posted.

14. Jason Andrews 2013 International Tour
Message by Jerry Connell

Istanbul, Turkey - To kick off 2013, international touring and champion magician Jason Andrews takes his full 1 hour 45 minute show 6,500 miles from Las Vegas to Turkey.

After appearing at the world famous Crazy Horse at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which closed October 1, 2012, Jason Andrews was immediately booked on an international tour including Australia and Turkey, with his full production show.

Andrews show, "Contemporary Classic Magic", will appear at the new Trump Towers in Istanbul, Turkey January 18- 27, 2013 with a 3 show extension on February 4. Then the show moves to The Congresium Center in the capital city of Ankara, January 31- February 3, 2013. Totaling 26 performances.

Trump Towers, Istanbul Turkey
The Trump Towers state of the art showroom was recently home to "Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival". The first and only Disney production with permission to cast its actors locally.

Congresium Center, Ankara Turkey
The Congresium Center's Gordion Hall in Ankara is one of the largest auditoriums in Europe. It seats 3,107 persons with a proscenium stage.

Jason Andrews is the iconic, not to be confused with stereotypical, image of a magician: the top hat, tails, and white doves. What makes Jason stand out is his take on the classics of magic - he makes them contemporary. "Contemporary Classic Magic" is the name of the show and the audience can expect to see everything from the modern version of Linking Rings, with borrowed gentlemen's finger rings, to Jason's "Tetris" illusion, a twist on sawing a woman in half. Recently added to the show are additional original creations that the people of Turkey will be the first to experience. With audience interaction, comedy, and jaw-dropping magic Turkey will not soon forget their experience with Jason Andrews.

The last American magician to visit Turkey was David Copperfield in 1999. Magicians are very rare in Turkey and there are no Turkish illusionists. Most of the local magicians perform close-up magic & mentalism. Many Turkish speak English, but everyone understands magic. Jason's Contemporary Classic Magic show is appealing to families yet sophisticated for adults.

Jason's on stage assistant, the lady you see floating on air or being cut in half, is Erica Vanlee. Erica is certainly no stranger to Turkey. In 2009 she released her album "Sunset Street" at the world famous club 360 in Istanbul (360istanbul.com). In 2011 her latest single "Feel So Pretty" reached every major city across the nation of 73 million. (EricaVanlee.com)

Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews is an international award-winning magician from Las Vegas, NV. Jason has toured worldwide and has been seen on ABC's hit show "America's Got Talent" as well as the world renowned "Crazy Horse Paris" at the MGM Grand Vegas and the famous "Laugh Factory" at The Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV. You can find out more about Jason Andrews at his web site www.JasonAndrewsMagic.com

15. Silent Magic" Show To Make History
Message by George Schindler (US)

Try this. Stand up with both arms high in the air, palms open. Rotate the wrists of both hands as if screwing in some light bulbs That's all you will need to do to applaud for the deaf performers at the SILENT MAGIC show July 4 at the Society of American Magicians convention in Washington, DC.

This will be first ever show of its kind at a National Convention. Simon Carmel emcees a lineup of all Deaf Magicians such as Liliana Morgan, Matt "Magic Morgan," and Nobu Kamizuru As part of the Society of World Deaf Magicians, they have appeared around the world at their biennial international festivals

This is an historic unique magical experience you won't want to miss. Register now at www.magicsam.com

16. "Magicana" for February/March
Message by Michael Woolf
Managing Editor, "Magicana Magazine

"Magicana" for February/March will be in the mail today.

Contents of this issue include the continuation of Bernard Reid's monumental "History of Magic in New Zealand," regular columns from David Ginn, Ian Adair, Richard Webster and Roderick Mulgan, news from India by Arun Bonerjee, effects by Paul Romhany and Ron Chatburn, a book review from Joel Moscowitz, coverage of Jon Zealando's 72nd birthday, interviews with Murray Sawchuck and Danny Archer, and a historical New Zealand piece on the Nola Brothers.

To subscribe to "Magicana" please visit mail@michaelw.co.nz. PayPal is welcome.

17. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (NZ)

Matthew Wright (UK) Lectures:

Auckland - Wednesday 6th February 2013
Christchurch - Saturday 9th February

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures

Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013
Auckland Thursday 14th March

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