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Matthew Wright's Lecture in Auckland is this coming **Wednesday Night**


Auckland Lecture
Sponsored by IBM Ring 160 & Magic New Zealand
Date: Wednesday 6th February2013
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: The Shore City Magicians Club Inc. club rooms, Senior Citizen Hall, back of the Takapuna Library, The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland.
Adult Lecture Fee: $25
Juniors (School age) and financial IBM 160 members: $10
Wives or Partners: $5
Email: Keith Garrett -

Christchurch Lecture
Saturday 9th February 2013
Time: 7.30pm sharp
Venue: Greg & Sue Britts, 23 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch 8025.
Lecture Fee: Adults $25, Juniors $15, Non magician partners $5
A light supper will be served.
Book in your attendance Email: Greg Britt -

Message from Matthew...

G'day All,
I have just arrived in your amazing country and i must say I'm really excited to be here.
From the moment I stepped off the plane and saw how much you have taken The Lord of the Rings into part of your culture I knew I was in a very magical place.

Last night we stayed with Alan and Michele Watson and slept in the same bed that Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee had once shared.........and that's quite a special thing for a Brit!

We have been away from home for around three months now and have done our lecture from Hong Kong all the way down through Asia and Australia and will be finishing up here.

To celebrate the end of our tour ( and to avoid excess luggage on the way home) we have revised our product prices and have put together some great package offers especially for the Kiwis. We don't want to take anything back with these deals are designed to sell!

Matthew's products for sale - End of tour bargins

Unusual suspect DVD $30 (was $40)

The Marvelous Nutdropper $50 (was $60)

Final destination $200 (was $240)

Fourseen wallet $150 (was $200)

Invisible thread
Extra strong thread on spool $10 (That's plenty cheap enough anyway!)

Johnson envelopes $30 (was $40)
A genius piece of kit invented by Roy Johnson that allows you to very cleanly place a small, object into a sign envelope which is sealed and given to the spectator to hold whilst secretly stealing out the object and switching it for something else

Double or nothin deck $20 (was $30)

Unusual suspect & nutdropper $60 (should be $100 indiviaually or $80 after discounts)

Unusual suspect & nutdropper & Johnson envelopes & Double or nothing Deck & invisible thread. $100 (should be $180 individually or $140 after discounts)

Package two & final destination $250 (would be $420 or $340)

Package two & Fourseen Wallet $200 (would be $380 or $290)

EVERYTHING $300. (Would be $670 or $490)

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