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Issue Number: #990
Date: Sunday 10th February 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Richard Webster's Magic Evening
3. Richard Webster Honoured As Grand Master Of Magic
4. Vanish Magic Magazine Available On Free E-Reader
5. Making Mentalism Meaningful - A Chat With Paul Draper
6. I.B.M. And S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention Update
7. Remarkable Magic #290 - Nick Lewin
8. To Clean Up Or Not - #288 - Kyle Peron
9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 3
10. Secrets In Africa - Magic's Greatest Adventure
11. Attend A Mega-Convention For Just $99!!!
12. Magic Camp Scholarships
13. The Japan Cup 2013 (Close-up Magic Convention)
14. Darwin Ortiz Returning To The Sugden Theater
15. Masters Of Magic Convention
16. RG Smith's 26th Annual Comedy & Magic Spectacular
17. 34th Abbott Magic Close-up Convention
18. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
19. Magic New Zealand App
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
The high light of the week for me was presenting the highest New Zealand magic award "Grand Master of Magic" to Richard Webster. See items 2 & 3.

Michele and I really enjoyed watching Matthew Wright's lecture in Auckland which was up there with the best of them. Everyone who attended were thoroughly entertained. Matthew has a fantastic personality, is an excellent performer needless to say his sales table of goodies just vanished out the door!

Tommy Orchard (Orchante) was rushed to hospital after having a heart attack on Saturday. The doctor said Tom has to be the luckiest man on the planet as the artery was almost totally blocked and he was lucky the ambulance was called when it was. He will be transferred back to the DRI as soon as there is a bed available and expects to be in hospital for about a week. Tommy has many magical friends around the world and if you would like to send his wife Veronica message for him email orchante@uwclub.net

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Richard Webster's Magic Evening
Message by Jim Squires (US)

I've been lucky enough to attend almost all of Richard Webster's magic evenings over the years, but the one he had this week was the most amazing one yet. Just as Richard was about to introduce the featured entertainer, Matthew Wright from the UK, several magicians came into the hall, and one of them, Stan Goudge, told the audience about New Zealand's premier magic award, the Grand Master of Magic. He then proceeded to congratulate Richard on becoming a Grand Master. To say Richard was gob-smacked is to put it mildly. I've never seen anyone look as stunned and surprised as he did. Alan Watson, President of the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, and also a Grand Master, presented Richard with the award, and Mick Peck, President of the Shore City Magicians Club, presented Margaret with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After this, Richard introduced Matthew Wright, a two-time FISM winner, and Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the year in 2008. Our expectations were extremely high. I have to say he surpassed mine. Matthew has a wonderful sense of humour that kept us laughing continually, as he presented his well-honed, highly professional act. His sleight of hand with cards was incredible, and also highly entertaining, as everything was accompanied by a delightful story about a recurring dream he has. A non magician friend of mine was brave enough to lend him his wedding ring, and freaked out totally when the ring, after a series of mishaps, disappeared completely, and finally returned inside a walnut, which happened to be inside a lemon, one of the loads from Matthew's Cups and Balls routine.

Matthew's wonderful stage presence, charm, humour, and audience skills, not to mention his unbelievable magic, make him one of the best magicians I've ever seen. I'm still chuckling, days later.

Congratulations, Richard, on becoming a Grand Master of Magic. Thank you Richard and Margaret for hosting yet another wonderful evening. As always, the wine was excellent, and your daughter's baking was superb. I can't wait for your next magic evening.

3. Richard Webster Honoured As Grand Master Of Magic
Message by Mick Peck - President SCMC President

Richard Webster was awarded the prestigious Grand Master of Magic medallion in a surprise ceremony in front of friends and family this week. The award was jointly presented by the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians and the Shore City Magicians Club. BAM Secretary Stan Goudge gave the citation. The medallion was presented by BAM President and Benny Award Winner Alan Watson and SCMC President Mick Peck presented Margaret Webster with a floral tribute.

Grand Master of Magic Citation by Stan Goudge for the presentation to Richard Webster on Monday 4th February 2013 reads:

There exists a list of New Zealand Magicians who have graced the art and craft of magic over a long period, and who have been honoured by their peers as a Grand Master of Magic. That roll of honour was begun in 1969 with the name of Edgar, "the Great Benyon." Since then 15 names have been added. Sixteen magicians in all over a period of forty four years. A small and select band. That list includes the names of Jack Read, Jon and Janet Zealando, Jim Reilly, Harold Chandler, Francis Newmarch, Peter and Phillipa Evans, Tony Wilson, Barry Brook, Bernard Reid, Burns Scandrett, Wayne Rogers, Alan Watson, Greg Britt and Ken Bates. Why am I telling you all this, it is because tonight we are to add a new name to that list. The seventeenth Grand Master is Richard Webster. The award is being made jointly by the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, and the Shore City Magicians Club.

Richard has many credentials as an author, a psychic entertainer, a hypnotist, and prolific publisher of books. I understand that Richard has sold over ten million books worldwide. Other people have noted his contribution to these areas and he has received numerous awards for these accomplishments. But we are more concerned tonight with his contribution to the world of magic.

Richard became interested in magic at the age of eight. His mother read tea leaves and used her wedding ring tied to a piece of string to determine the sex of unborn babies. Richard was too young to join the New Zealand Society of Magicians, you had to be fourteen years of age, so he just read books, devoured anything he could read and developed his own tricks and magical style. In later years his company Brookfield Press was to publish 29 of his books on magic.

He had an early interest in hypnotism after seeing the Great Franquin's show that toured New Zealand in 50's and 60's, and later he was to publish in the United States his video course, The Richard Webster Hypnotism Show in 1995. It was the first instructional video on how to become a stage hypnotist.

When he left school he worked for William Collins the book publisher and in his early twenties was living in London. One day while in Vienna, walking past a magic shop he went in, purchased several magic tricks, and the magic bug came back again, in the guise of Riccardo the Magician. Richard developed his children's act with Ronnie the Rabbit. He was a successful entertainer for children's parties in family homes, and also worked as a magician in New Zealand malls. He competed with distinction in the Children's' Entertainer and the Mentalism sections at New Zealand Magician's Conventions. He was interested in ventriloquism and after all these years he still has the Ronnie the Rabbit who sometimes makes an appearance at grandchildren's parties. From 1972-1998 Richard was a busy children's entertainer, mentalist and hypnotist.

Richard joined the BAM and was a member from 1987-1995, and President in 1987-88 and Vice President in 1989 and 1991. As well as a stage performer and a hypnotherapist, he authored seven magical videos including The Close-Up Mentalism of Richard Webster in 1988.

But it was the allied arts, that is additional ways of entertaining that were allied to magic, that interested Richard more, and so he increasingly become interest in Mentalism and the magic of the mind. Richard is one of a handful of psychic entertainers that dominate the international world of Mentalism. He has performed in many venues around the world and his books on these subjects are warmly purchased, avidly read, and willingly endorsed by the top flight of performers. One example: His Great For Two Book Test is the book test used by Kreskin, Peter Reveen, Paul Daniels, Alan Watson, Paul Romhany and many other leading professionals.

At the 29th New Zealand Magicians Convention held in Auckland in December 2008, Richard Webster was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of a lifetime dedicated to excellence in writing magical literature." The presentation by the Awards Committee of Magic New Zealand, like this one tonight, was a surprise, unexpected but deserved.

Webster the book man, who has written over a hundred publications, is interested in helping other promising New Zealand authors. He set up the "The Richard Webster Popular Fiction Award" in 2000, to help encourage New Zealand writers to write popular books for an international market. Richard provides a $5,000 prize for the winning entry each year.

Some of his best writing for magicians has appeared in New Zealand's own magic magazine entitled Magicana, a bi-monthly periodical for which he has written a column over many years, (since the late 80's) sharing some favourite routines and ideas from the vast store of his experience. He has featured in other magical periodicals like The Linking Ring, Magigram, Alakazam!, Magik, The New Invocation, Genii and Vanish Magazine.

Richard is Patron of the Shore City Magicians Club, and is a regular attender and performer at meetings. He is keen to develop the skills and abilities of the young magicians, and has donated many magic books to the society's library.

Before the presentation is made I want to read to you all the criteria for the Grand Master of Magic Award. "its purpose is to honour those magicians who are acknowledged by their fellow magicians to be masters of the art and craft of magic. The recipients first and foremost must be magical performers of a high standard. In addition they might be originators of magical effects, or administrators giving time and expertise to running societies and conventions. They could be consistent competition winners, or have an international standing, or be known only in the New Zealand setting. But above all they are people who have served magic well, have graced our art, and made a special contribution over many years. When making the award consideration must also be given to the standard achieved by the previous recipients."

To this proud tradition we now add a new name. Please acknowledge Richard Webster our new Grand Master of Magic. The presentation of the Grand Master Medallion is to be made by Alan Watson, the President of the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians Incorporated. Mick Peck President of the Shore City Magicians Club will present flowers to Margaret Webster. The presentation to Margaret is an acknowledgement of her contribution to Richard's achievements.

4. Vanish Magic Magazine Available On Free E-Reader
Message by Paul Romhany - Editor Vanish Magazine

Vanish Magic Magazine Edition 6 is now available on www.revizzit.com using their free e-reader. Simply download the e-reader on your computer (Mac or PC) and you can get the freebie Vanish Magic Magazine latest edition. It's incredible because you can view the magazine in single page, double page (which it is designed to be viewed in) and even the entire magazine in one screen!

Other features include using the video links as they open up in the e-reader making it much easier to navigate back and forth - this is a major step forward to Vanish Magic Magazine. The team at Revizzit are also working on an APP so very soon you can get the magazine as a downloadable APP - stay tuned!!

Visit: http://www.revizzit.com to get your free e-reader than head over to freebies and get Vanish edition 6

5. Making Mentalism Meaningful - A Chat With Paul Draper
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

How does one create a meaningful, memorable and fun character on stage? How
can you make a mentalism show seem less like a series of predictions? What is the best strategy for marketing your magic/mentalism show? What is the difference between "hot readings" and "cold readings"?

These and so many other questions were answered in Paul Draper's lecture as he toured the U.S. If you missed him when he came through or near your city, or you are looking forward to seeing him when he travels to the U.K. in June for a lecture tour there, then you should listen to this week's podcast on The Magic Word at http://TheMagicWordPodcast.com You can listen online, download it from the website or iTunes or a variety of other feeds.

To keep up to date with all the latest interviews, videos, pictures and stories from some of the top magicians in the world, then subscribe to The Magic Word. You can also keep up to date on what's happening through Facebook by "Liking" the page at: http://www.facebook.com/themagicwordpodcast/

6. I.B.M. And S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention Update
The world's two largest magic organizations will hold a combined convention in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 1-5, 2014. The convention will draw amateur and professional magic enthusiasts from every corner of the world and attendance will be limited to 1400 registrants.

This convention is going to be a SELL OUT event register NOW for the early bird rate by going to: http://ibmsam.com

Featured during the five day event will be the FISM North American Championships of Magic in close-up and stage with winners having the opportunity to compete in the FISM 2015 World Championships of Magic in Rimini, Italy. Competitors will also be competing in stage and close-up magic for the I.B.M. Gold Medal and Gold Cups, the S.A.M. Gold and Silver Medals of Honor, as well as the IBM/SAM Champion of Magic selected by People's Choice. Cash prizes and performing contracts for winners could exceed $20,000.

Space is limited and the 2014 Combined Convention is expected to be a SELL OUT.

During the month of February 2013, for a period of 28 days, those who plan to attend will have the opportunity to register for the convention at an all-inclusive price of $295. Registration opens on February 1 on-line and by mail. No telephone registrations will be accepted. At the end of February, registration will close until July 2013 when the registration price will be $395.

February 1-28, 2013 - February 1-28, 2013
March 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013 - Registration Closed
July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 - $395
January 1, 2014 through June 15, 2014 - $495
After June 15, 2014 - $595

7. Remarkable Magic #290 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

The Journey not the destination. Part One.

One of the things that my first magical mentor, Ken Brooke, used to repeat to me on a regular basis was, "It isn't the journey it's the destination." I'm not sure he ever used those words but they certainly express the sentiment. Roy Johnson certainly did use the words in one of his early books, and in more philosophical ways it has been featured in many great metaphysical texts.

There is a very real problem with the performance of magic if you don't heed these words and accept them as a warning. The nature of most tricks is to have a set-up and then action that leads to a finale. I actually prefer to use the term reveal rather than finale. Usually that reveal is very fast and functions as an applause cue.

There is often a tendency for an effect that has a five-minute build up to result in a five-second reveal. If this is the case then you really need to pace those first five minutes and make sure they contain enough entertainment 'meat' that your audience don't lose too much critical interest in what is happening prior to your reveal. Turning a reveal into a double punch finale is another useful way to add impact to any show.

Much of magic is proudly based in the past, and very little new stuff is really going on. Think about how many magic props look like they are sloppy reproductions of Victorian props. The more expensive props often look like good reproductions of Victoriana. A great deal of nostalgia is involved in a love of magic. For a lay audience nostalgia about magic usually doesn't stretch any further than memories of what they saw as kids.

One of the things to be greatly affected since TV became the standard entertainment medium is pacing. You have to keep things moving at a fairish pace for a contemporary audience. You don't have to rush things, but you need to add interest points throughout your routine.

One thing you can do is to ruthlessly strip away unnecessary wasted space or as it is known in radio 'dead air.' One of the writing rules of the great Elmore Leonard is, "I try and cut out all the writing that people will tend to skip when they read the book." Ah, words of sublime simplicity and wisdom from a master.

As a spoken/visual art form the audience are held hostage to your pacing and can't skip the bits they find dull. What they can do is loose interest/attention in what you are doing, and that is bad, very bad. Sometimes as performers we are very attached to things that we do/say that really don't move the action forward or contribute to the audience's enjoyment.

Sadly we magicians are seldom able to enjoy the benefits of a good and impartial outside director. We are primarily self- directed and that leads to us failing to be edited by an outsider with theatrical knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes. It is a problem to step out of ourselves and prune the rosebush to improve the blooms.

Illusionists have a separate problem because they often miss the critical aspect of a director. is replaced by someone adding choreography and lighting. Both of these elements certainly have a real role in improving a performance but not if they clutter the action and slow down the action. Performers who speak are probably using to many words to say what they mean, and are therefore confusing/delaying the action.

With the instant access to movies and television afforded to the general public they have become, sometimes unknowingly, used to a directors touch in shaping a performance. We need to self-direct and make our work as commercial and accessible as possible.I will finish my thoughts on this topic next week..

I have some great products and videos online. Check them out on my web site.

8. To Clean Up Or Not - #288 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

I had an interesting discussion between fellow magicians the other day over a topic I really thought would have been one-sided. I was actually surprised by the difference of opinions expressed and thought I would share it with you all.

You are at a gig and use confetti and possibly streamers in the course of your show and performance. The question is quite simple. Do you stay and clean it up?

Now you may be saying to yourself, "of course". This question may seem to you as common sense. However, the opinion expressed by other magicians I talked to showed an interesting and different viewpoint. They felt that you do not have to stop and clean it up.

Their view was that confetti or streamers is a part of the show experience and also a part of what the client is paying for. It is expected that this is part of the performance to make their event the best it can be. Because of this, it is also understood that the client cleans up after the event and so you do not have to worry about this.

They went on to express that you are also the magician and seen as a celebrity of sorts. You have other shows to do and to get to. Once you stop to clean up, you lessen the impact of your status to the people around you. It hurts the image of what you spent a long time trying to create.

It is an interesting opinion and one I must say differs a lot from what I feel personally. It is my belief that you are a professional on and off the stage. You leave an event the way you found it or better. If you make a mess in a show YOU created, then you should clean it up. You are the one who caused the mess in the first place. It should be understood that you take a little time out of your schedule to clean up after yourself before moving on to another gig. You make and set up time in your schedule to do this.

I am in the business of solving problems for my clients and not creating them. The more problems I solve the greater my value is to them. I am also building relationships. How much effort does it really take to simply clean up after yourself?

I just find it a bit rude and disrespectful to a client to make a mess and leave it like that.

Now there is another way you can handle this. If by chance you really do not want to spend the time cleaning up after the show, then at least make sure it is agreed upon in advance with the client. Never go into any venue, leave a mess and walk out assuming it is perfectly OK. That is one sure fire way to never get asked back.

Make up a contract and state in the contract what you and the client agree to do or not do in regards to this issue. Get it in writing and get it signed. Let the client know what they can expect. At least by doing this, you cover yourself and there are no surprises later on.

But if you want to be a professional and to build relationships with your clients, I say have common sense. If you make a mess, clean it up. It really is as simple as that. The small amount of time it takes to do this goes a very long way.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from

Entertainers, please visit:

9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 3
Message by Anthony Darkstone - USA/Europe

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that I would be including thoughts and musings from various guests who have kindly shared their perspectives. I shall begin with Paul Draper.

Paul W. Draper

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, he is an accomplished International Artist. He is currently on a 25 day 18 city tour. His expertise covers areas that appeal to me greatly. He is a trained Anthropologist, Mentalist, Corporate Speaker & Organizational Expert, University Lecturer and a former Faculty Member of The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Many leading international television channels have frequently sought his expertise. Here are just two examples that refer to his excellence:-

"My department regularly works with the entire gamut of talented performers. What sets Paul apart is his giftedness and craftsmanship in multiple areas of art, from singing, to educating, to performing magic. We were incredibly fortunate to find such an accomplished person who can educate, entertain, and mesmerize an audience and help us put on a show that our fans will remember for the rest of their lives." - Mike RiceVice President at NBC Universal & President of the ESCB

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the participants of the recent Utah Youth Summit. The presentations were one of the highlights of the summit and the feedback from your presentation was VERY positive. AMAZING! Extraordinary! Awesome experience! Totally in Awe! A huge success! Wonderful! Incredible! "Becky Mitchell 4-H Development Specialist
Further words of mine would be superfluous. Visit
http://www.PaulWDraper.com/ and sign up for his wonderful newsletter.

Paul Draper states:-
Is the child who dances in the rain, in their backyard, between mud puddles performing art? A skilled craftsman? Or, merely exuding the joy for life? If a parent of that youth takes a lovely photograph of their child dancing, leaping in the air with a face full of joy and water splashing all around them. is that art? I believe that it becomes art the moment that someone else sees the creation and says "I am deeply and profoundly touched by that experience, that is art." Art to me is defined by the other. The experience of the outside individual who experiences it. I become an artist through the interaction of my art and the audience. I think that the context also has a lot to do with art. The frame, the museum, thetheater, the space within
which the art is displayed.

As shown in this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnOPu0_YWhw ,
And Washington Post Story
about the performance of expert violinist Joshua Bell performing classical
pieces in the subway station to see if anyone would stop for free art the
same week he had performed for $100 per ticket at Boston's stately Symphony

Is Sophia Lucia an Artist or Craftswoman?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1ugCCXmNGs . She clearly has nearlyperfect
technique and execution of the moves, but has she performed art with her

Perhaps you would enjoy her work more if played on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqQWeWjMqrc . Certainly we now pay greater
attention. But even in this venue, is it art or craft?

So to define the separation of artist, variety artist, performance artist and craftsman is a very difficult one. In England and throughout the UK they separate the joiner from the carpenter. One build things out of wood as a craftsman and one creates art with wood. In the US we use the same word for both. Perhaps something is lost in that transatlantic translation within the same language.

For now I will say that I work on my craft with the intention of creating art and my audience decides after seeing my performances if I am an artist.

Paul Draper

10. Secrets In Africa - Magic's Greatest Adventure
Message by Craig Mitchell (South Africa)

Once in a lifetime comes the opportunity to be a part of something truly special. An exclusive gathering of friends, performers and lovers of the art embark on a journey in Sept 2013 to one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

From the awe-inspiring majesty of South Africa to the breath-taking search for the Big Five in the African savannah, those fortunate enough to attend will experience a safari in the company of some of magic's finest performers ... a trip of joy, friendship, amazement and magic as you sit in awe of Africa's untamed wild.

Welcome to Magic's Greatest Adventure ... welcome to Secrets in Africa


"3 of magic's finest performers - a journey you'll never forget"
Boris Wild - Banachek - Eric Jones
September 2013

11. Attend A Mega-Convention For Just $99!!!
Message by Steve Daly

AbraCORNdabra & The Clown CORNvention presented at the same time May 16 -19, 2013.

Iowa's largest magic convention (and is the Midwest's most talked about conventions ever!) Is happening at the same time as Iowa's newest (and largest) clown convention - in the same resort hotel!

Magic & clown headliners - we got dozens of them!

* Alex Ramon - Mickey's Magic Show, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus
Ringmaster Magician, and Star of "illusion fusion", the finest magic show in The United States (It is, I have seen it - Amazing!)

* Toto Johnson - International traveling super star clown and Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown Alumni

* Jim Steinmeyer - "THE" Jim Steinmeyer.

* Felix Silla - A three foot tall Ringling Clown in the 1950's, more famously known as "Cousin Itt" from the Addams Family TV Show and as "Tweaky" from the Buck Rogers and the 25th Century TV Show.

* Christopher Hart - Amazing manipulation skills with "Thing"... THE hand from the Addams Family Movies.

* Earl "Mister Clown" Chaney - A living legend from the Ringling Circus as well as Ronald McDonald for 22-years. Maybe you have heard of his Dad? Lon Chaney Jr, The Wolfman for Universal Pictures.

* Michael Goudeau - Lance Burton's Juggler & former Ringling Clown. (Among other credits)

* Scott & Marissa Hitchcock - Jeff McBride's former right hand man (Now has right hand men of his own!)

* Jim Howle - Another living legend from the Ringling Circus. And America's number one Oil Painting Portrait Artists.

* Jay Scott Berry - presenting his all new stuff before anyone else gets to see it in the Midwest! Direct from Australia.

* Pricilla Mooseburger - Owner/operator of the famed "Mooseburger Clown Camps" and Costume Designer - also a former Ringling Star.

* Daryl - Close-up God! (*And a heck of a nice guy ta boot!)

* Sean Rader - America's youngest and brightest rising clown stars. You got to see this "just turned 9" year old work - Amazing!

* Mike Norden & Gord Boyes - Canada's premiere Children's Entertainer and Game Show producers.

* Gloria Wilkerson - Ringling Seamstress, Clown, and Chicken Wrangler - still traveling the country more than 7 decades later

* Keith West - Vegas-style Magic Illusions at their best.

* Greg DeSanto - Curator of the World Famous International Clown Hall of Fame & Research Center. A Former Ringling Brothers Clown Star with ALL the History

* Julie Varholdt - A Caring Clown expert and ubber talented party clown

* "Silly Sally" & Pam "Sparky" Moody - Top notch professional party & event clowns teach hands on.

* Big Name Mystery Magician (To be announced during the convention.... last year, it was none other than Banachek!)

* Big Name Mystery Clown - (To be announced during the Convention...) Also a Living Legend from the Ringling Days of Clowning!

Plus the Kernels Young Magicians Showcase Show, free pizza parties, free gifts, huge dealers room (Both conventions will share the dealers room!), Game shows, Flea Markets, Silent Auction, Raffles, Giant Pie Fight, Free Drinks & Snacks, 17 Lectures between the two conventions, Spectacular Gala Stage Show featuring Professional Magicians & Clowns, Close-up shows in the Sangrene Close-up Parlors, a performing "Meet & Greet" bus tour of the Capitol of Iowa, and so much more! These two conventions are NOT like all the other conventions out there - these are truly very different!

Registration Cost?

For readers of Alan Watson's Magic New Zealand Newsletter - We offer a $99 Registration for all three days of the convention of your choice! Note: offer is good until April 1st, 2013

(*Folks may only register for one convention or the other), so if your spouse is a clown and you are a magician - This Is The Combo Conventions For You! Attendees are not permitted to enter the other convention's rooms or activities - however, both share the Mega Dealers room and the Gala show!

Check them EACH out at their websites:

12. Magic Camp Scholarships
Message by Warren J. Kaps

The Society of American Magicians
Magic Endowment Fund
Presents . . .
Magic Camp Scholarships

For over twenty years, the Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund has awarded full tuition scholarships to promising young magicians between the ages of 10 and 18 to attend facilities focused on the magical performing arts.

The S.A.M. has awarded over $115,000 in scholarships over the years to support magic education for our youth. Scholarships are available for either Tannen's Magic Camp in Pennsylvania (July 13 - July 20) or the Sorcerer's Safari Magic Camp in Toronto, Canada (August 27 - September 1). The Magic Endowment Fund realizes the importance of the magic arts in the lives of youngsters. The development of magical skills and respect for the art of magic can help them gain a positive mental attitude and become more confident in themselves. Candidates must be able to demonstrate talent and dedication to the magical performing arts discipline.

Both camps are wonderful places for youngsters to learn new skills, improve their performance abilities and make new friends with similar interests. The campers study under some of the leading professionals, receive helpful critiques of their performance ability, and attend classes which improve their skills.

Applications may be obtained by writing to the S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund, 15 Warren Street, Suite 39, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601, or by e-mail, stating your mailing address, to kapsmagic@optimum.net. A copy of the application may also be downloaded from the S.A.M. website,

* * * Scholarship Applications DUE JUNE 1, 2013 * * *
For further information contact:
Warren J. Kaps
15 Warren Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Tel: 561-392-1196
Email: kapsmagic@optimum.net

For Immediate Release:

Performing Magic At A Higher Level

Do you want to study under the world's best teachers of magic? Are you working on a magic act and need professional direction and coaching? You can achieve all of these goals by applying for a full tuition scholarship offered by the Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund.

The Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund is awarding a full tuition scholarship to a promising and aspiring magician to attend the Jeff McBride Extended Master Class at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. Founded by Master Magician, Jeff McBride, The Magic & Mystery School is celebrated as "the world's most prestigious magic school" (BBC television). The winner of this scholarship will study with Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, and the world-class faculty at an Extended master Class being held in Las Vegas during the Summer of 2013.

The winner can choose which Extended Master Class to attend, either July 7-13, 2013, or August 16-22, 2013. The scholarship covers the full tuition of the Master Class, but the winner will be responsible for his or her transportation to Las Vegas, lodging and meals. Applicants must be at least 13 years of age. Otherwise, there is no age requirement to attend. (If the winner is under the age of 18, he or she must have a parent or legal guardian in Las Vegas during the week of the Master Class.)

Magic Class is an extraordinary experience, which includes critique of your magic performance, creativity, script writing and professional feedback of your performance.

All candidates must demonstrate existing talent and dedication to achieve improved magical performances and skills. Applications may be obtained by writing to the S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund, 15 Warren Street, Suite 39, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601, or by e-mail, stating your mailing address, to kapsmagic@optimum.net. A copy of the application and instructions may also be downloaded from the S.A.M. website, www.magicsam.com.

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2013.

13. The Japan Cup 2013 (Close-up Magic Convention)
Message by Tashiro Shigeru

Every April, we, JCMA (Japan Close-up Magicians' Association) have a close-up magic convention named The Japan Cup. TJC2013 will be held form 5th
(Fri) to 7th (Sun), April, 2013, in Tokyo, Japan. It'll be the 12th convention.

Guest Performers:
*Jan Logemann (Germany, the 1st prize winner at card magic category in FISM,
*Stefan Lraft (Germany, the director of Jan's act)
*Billy Debu (France, a talented teen magician)
*Ars (Osaka, Japan, one of the most skilled cardishian in Japan)
*Doi Takao (Himeji, Japan, his new technique is one of the must-see)
*Shoma (Nagoya, Japan, a very professional magician in Japan)

We also need attendees for close-up magic contest.
The dead line is the end of February.
Please make contact with Dr. Tashiro at magic@kk.iij4u.or.jp .

14. Darwin Ortiz Returning To The Sugden Theater
Message by Eddy Lester

Darwin Ortiz Made Return Engagement For Obama Inaugural Banquets and Returning To The Sugden Theater Monday Feb 11 and Tuesday

Mon Feb 11 and Tue Feb 12 at 3:00pm in the afternoon, Mr. Darwin Ortiz will be making a return engagement at the Sugden Theater with his very funny and astonishing show, "Scams & Fantasies with Cards." He is coming direct from his performance at President Obama's Inaugural Banquet. Mr Ortiz also performed at the first Obama Inaugural and for President Bush's Inaugural Banquet.

Darwin Ortiz as an entertainer and expert consultant has performed on every continent except Antarctica. At an age when other children were learning to play marbles. Darwin was learning how to manipulate a deck from the card "mechanics'' (cheats) in his South Bronx neighborhood. Eventually he left New York University Law School to pursue his interest full time. Darwin practices four hours a day wearing out over five hundred decks of cards each year. Through his dedication, he has brought the art of sleight of hand to a new level of perfection. Many of the techniques he employs in his performance have never been duplicated.

As a sleight-of-hand entertainer. Darwin is constantly in demand to appear at corporate and private functions. His clients have included IBM, Nextel, Bear Stearns, Purolator Courier, Aetna Insurance, the Pentagon, Price Waterhouse, the senior management of McDonald's Corp. Eton College in Windsor, England and two Barack Obama and George W. Bush Presidential Inaugural banquets. His venues for corporate clients include conventions, banquets, hospitality suites, theaters, and senior management retreats.

He has been featured in the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Atlantic City Press, Penthouse, and over forty other publications. Darwin has appeared on over seventy television and radio programs, including The CBS Morning Program, shows on NBC, HBO, CNN, CNBC, A&E, The USA Network, The Learning Channel and both America's Most Wanted and Britain's Most Wanted (as an expert on card cheating, not as a fugitive). He has also been featured on national TV in France and Argentina and BBC TV in England.

As the world's foremost expert on crooked gambling. Darwin frequently conducts seminars for gambling casino managements and police agencies. He has also testified as an expert witness in casino cheating cases. His casino clients span five continents and have included Hilton, Caesars Palace, the Trump Casinos, and Carnival Cruise Lines. He resides in Washington, D.C. Naples resident Eddy Lester has been Darwin Ortiz Theatrical Manager for over 30 years. For Tickets call Sugden Box-office 239 263 7990

Eddy Lester END
Talent Management Since 1970
Web Site: lesterproductions.net
+1 239.774.0106
Email: eddylester@gmail.com
Naples, Florida 34112 USA

15. Masters Of Magic Convention
Message by Elena - Masters of Magic Staff

I send you some information on Masters of Magic Convention, an event that we organize each year here in Italy, with the greatest magicians in the world.

For 2013 the Convention will take place in April, from Thursday the 11th to Sunday 14th, in Saint-Vincent (Aosta), at the Resort and Casino.

During Galas, lectures and workshops, all participants will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most renowned stars in the magic scene.

Luis de Matos, Lu Chen, Topas, John Carney, Woody Aragon, Raul Cremona, Jason England, Luke Jarmay, Paul Wilson: these are just some of the names that appear in the cast of the Convention 2013.

Moreover, at the Convention, Masters of Magic organizes several contests (like the Italian Championship of Magic) and rewards the most amazing magicians of the moment with Grolla d'Oro Awards.

Finally there will be parties, spaghetti dinners and other amusing moments to plunge in the Convention's magical atmosphere.

Next month the complete schedule of the Convention will be online at

I enclose also our last Newsletter.

For any further information, please contact me: I'm at your complete disposal.

Thank you very much! Best wishes also from Mr. Rolfo,

Elena - Masters of Magic Staff the Convention will be online at

16. RG Smith's 26th Annual Comedy & Magic Spectacular
Message by RG Smith (US)
RG Smith's 26th annual Comedy & Magic Spectacular will be presented:

March 2, Asplundh Auditorium, West Chester, PA
March 9, Capitol Theater, Chambersburg, PA
Marcch 16, Weinberg Center, Frederick, MD
March 23, Maryland Theater, Hagerstown, MD
April 5, Eichelberger Center, Hanover, PA
April 6, Lampeter-Strasburg High Arts Center, Lancaster, PA

All shows are 7pm and feature:

Ice McDonald
Eric Buss
Nathan Kepner
Crescent Circus
Michael Grasso & Company
RG Smith will MC

17. 34th Abbott Magic Close-up Convention

March 15 & 16 - Eric Jones & David Regal

Eric Jones and David Regal headline the 34th Abbott Close-up Convention. The
Abbott Magic Close-up Convention has provided Magicians the chance to expand
their repertoires with the greatest close-up talent in the world performing and lecturing at a reasonable price. The 34th Annual Abbott Close-up Convention will be held March 15 & 16 2013. For pictures (about 500) of past Close-up Conventions and a complete list past lecturers please visit

Registrations only $85 and are available Online at www.abbottmagic.com or call us at 1 269 432 3235. The 33rd and 32nd were standing room only a week before the event so it really makes sense to order early. Below is a schedule of events.

2013 Close-up Convention Schedule

Friday, March 15th

7:00pm Introduction by Gordon Miller, Dollar Raffle and Auction.

7:15pm People's Choice one trick contest with $300 in merchandise certificate prizes.

9:00pm Show featuring Eric Jones & David Regal in Concert will take place.

Saturday, March 16th

9:00am Coffee and donuts compliments of Abbott Magic

10:00am Mini Auction - Close-up Effects

10:30am Eric Jones Lecture

12:00 noon Lunch on your own

1:30pm Mini Auction - Close-up & General Magic

2:00pm David Regal Lecture

4:30pm Banquet - Menu includes salad, Roasted Chicken, Mostaccioli with Italian sausage, Mostaccioli with sauce, Green Bean casserole, rolls, salad, Coffee, Tea, Punch, and Dessert.

6:30pm Saturday Night Gala Show will begin.

18. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (NZ)

Christchurch - Saturday 9th February
Dunedin - Monday 11th February

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures

Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013
Auckland Thursday 14th March

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