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Issue Number: #993
Date: Sunday 17th February 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. McBride Magic & Mystery School Adds Two New Scholarships
3. FISM Europe 2014 - ECM FISM 2014
4. I.B.M. And S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention Update
5. A Big Thank You From Richard Webster
6. Thieving Magician Who Worked At Harrods
7. Remarkable Magic #291 - Nick Lewin
8. Terms and Conditions - #289 - Kyle Peron
9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 4
10. The Ali Bongo Saturday Shows
11. Passing of David Gaiser - Benny Chavez' Last Student
12. March Issue Genii Magazine
13. The Japan Cup 2013 (Close-up Magic Convention)
14. Abbott's 34th Annual Close-up Convention
15. Washington Symposium On Magic History
16. Tony Wilson Is Selling Off Preloved Magic
17. Update On Daytona Festival Of Magic
18. Cath Jamison In 2 Minds - Adelaide Fringe Festival
19. Masters Of Magic Convention
20. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
21. Magic New Zealand App
22. e-zine Archives
23. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Working on an iphone app. for Magic New Zealand which will be released

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2. McBride Magic & Mystery School Adds Two New Scholarships
Message by Larry Hass

January 9, 2012, Las Vegas, NV - Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School just announced the creation of two new scholarships. The SARMOTI Legacy Scholarship was founded and funded by a generous grant from the Siegfried and Roy North American Fan Club. The Magic & Mystery School Scholarship is supported through donations of magicians and fans of magic from around the world.

McBride's school in Las Vegas has achieved global acclaim. The BBC termed it "the world's most prestigious school for magicians" in a recent broadcast, and both MAGIC and Genii magazines, the preeminent trade journals for magicians, have profiled the school. The Society of American Magicians and London's Magic Circle have both provided past scholarships for students to attend the school, and the new scholarships will supplement those continuing programs.

"Scholarships provide aid to students who need help closing the financial gap to get the magic education they need. Magicians must apply for a scholarship," says Dr. Lawrence Hass (Associate Dean of the School), "and the process is competitive. We do not have enough funds to meet all the requests we receive. Even so, we are committed to awarding these scholarship dollars and we encourage anyone who qualifies to apply."

For that purpose, the school has set up a special web-page application at

Dr. Hass says: "In 2012 we awarded three scholarships to wonderful, talented, highly motivated magicians, and that is only the beginning of our efforts to help people make their magic education goals a reality."

Dr. Hass continues, "Both of the new Scholarships are funded through the generosity of people in the world-wide magic community and our Magic & Mystery School community. Donations are gladly and gratefully accepted and can be made if you will go to our web-page for the scholarship program at

The McBride Magic & Mystery School has been offering high-quality, high-impact magic education in live classes and events for over twenty years. Interested students can visit www.magicalwisdom.com to see the full slate of its live classes in Las Vegas and recently added online learning experiences.

3. FISM Europe 2014 - ECM FISM 2014
Message by Peter Din

For the first time FISM Europe 2014 will be organized, on a cruise ship, by France.
The ship will sail from Marseille September 24th 2014, through Ajaccio, Palma, Barcelona and will be back in Marseille Sunday September 28th 2014.

Since September 2012 sales have kicked off. The reservation which comprises the registration for the congress and a down payment for the cabin, is from 190? per person until June 2013, at this date an increase of 50? per person will be implemented.

Be the first to enroll for this exceptional event at
This ship is entirely booked for you which will allow more time for stuff sellers or other activities.

It is also an opportunity for you and your partner to visit the city where we are going to anchor.

Take time to enjoy life register at http://www.ecm2014fism.com

The organizing team is at your service.

4. I.B.M. And S.A.M. 2014 Combined Convention Update
Space is limited and the 2014 Combined Convention is expected sell out.

Early Bird Registration closing in 2 weeks time! Register now for only $295 US

For more information and to register go to: http://ibmsam.com

At the end of February, registration will close until July 2013 when the registration price will be $395.

February 1-28, 2013 - February 1-28, 2013
March 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013 - Registration Closed
July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 - $395
January 1, 2014 through June 15, 2014 - $495
After June 15, 2014 - $595

The world's two largest magic organizations will hold a combined convention in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 1-5, 2014. The convention will draw amateur and professional magic enthusiasts from every corner of the world and attendance will be limited to 1400 registrants.

Featured during the five day event will be the FISM North American Championships of Magic in close-up and stage with winners having the opportunity to compete in the FISM 2015 World Championships of Magic in Rimini, Italy. Competitors will also be competing in stage and close-up magic for the I.B.M. Gold Medal and Gold Cups, the S.A.M. Gold and Silver Medals of Honor, as well as the IBM/SAM Champion of Magic selected by People's Choice. Cash prizes and performing contracts for winners could exceed $20,000.

5. A Big Thank You From Richard Webster
Message by Richard Webster (New Zealand)

Thank you very much for mentioning my Grand Master of Magic Award in your ezine last week. Since then I've received hundreds of emails, cards and phone calls from magicians all around the world congratulating me.

I feel humbled and honoured by everyone's kindness and good thoughts, and am amazed that so many people would take the time and trouble to contact me. As it's going to take me months to reply to each one individually, would you please let them know how thankful I am.

Thanks. I'd also like to express my gratitude to the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, the Shore City Magicians Club, and all the magicians of New Zealand for this unexpected honour.

6. Thieving Magician Who Worked At Harrods'
Message by Mick Peck (New Zealand)

Thieving magician who worked at Harrods' cheese counter used 'talent to take
money with one hand and hide it with the other'

Any magician worth his salt must master sleight of hand.

But when Amit Gadhia, an in-store entertainer at Harrods, abused his talents to pilfer cash, he wasn't quite clever enough.

Gadhia, 35, saw his opportunity after being moved to a job on the cheese counter using one hand to slip money from the till and the other to conceal it.

His deception was revealed because the day's takings didn't match sales that had been rung up and he confessed when confronted by staff.

Now Gadhia could be about to perform a vanishing act, after magistrates warned he faced a jail term for stealing about £70.

Gadhia will first have to explain his actions to his parents, with whom he lives in Enfield, North London. They knew nothing about his crime until they were contacted by the Daily Mail yesterday. His father, Rajni, 60, said: 'I thought he had gone to work as normal this morning when he left. I didn't know he was going to court.'

Gadhia worked at the Knightsbridge store for two and a half years before he was caught.

Originally an entertainer, he performed magic tricks for customers who were then encouraged to buy packs of cards and other paraphernalia. He moved to the food hall after a position became available and was placed on the cheese counter.

But he was stopped by staff on January 2 after questions were raised about missing takings. When he was searched by staff he was also found to be carrying cocaine.

Prosecutor Tom Gill told Hammersmith Magistrates' Court, in West London: 'The defendant worked at Harrods on the cheese counter, dealing with members of the public and taking money for transactions.

'He was designated a particular till and it was noted there were small amounts of cash going missing.

'The defendant was previously a magician within the store and used his talent to take money with one hand and secrete it with the other.'

Gadhia, who is divorced and has no children, admitted to police he had taken between £1 and £20 on different occasions in the lead-up to Christmas.

Catherine Newey, defending, said her client had run into financial difficulties after his parents' home was burgled and he contributed a 'significant amount' towards a security system.

She added: 'He simply had no money to get the basics and was tempted by the
opportunity that arose.' Gadhia, who was cautioned for theft in 2011, admitted theft and possessing a controlled drug.

He was unavailable for comment after the hearing but his father, who was born in Kenya but is of Indian heritage, said the caution involved a previous burglary at the family home when he and his wife, Hansa, 56, were on holiday. Mr Gadhia, who works in retail, said his son removed other items from the house 'so that I could claim more'.

The father of three added: 'I don't know why he does these stupid things. It's not like we're not comfortable.

'He pays me £500 a month because he lives with us but I could have helped if he was in trouble.'

Gadhia is due to return to court on Monday to be sentenced.

Read more:

7. Remarkable Magic #291 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

The Journey not the destination. Part Two.

Last week I discussed ways to improve the journey to the destination that is the reveals in your show, and the finale of your entire performance. My emphasis was on ways to keep the show of maximum interest to your audience while navigating the natural action points provided by the magical highlights.

Ken Brooke was a great believer in interjecting visual stunts and 'linkage' into his show in order to help maintain a steady pace; his style was not particularly driven by spoken jokes. Billy McComb of course used his verbal wit as a highly effective way to streamline the proceedings. I learned a lot from both of these two mentors and have combined their respective styles as much as possible, while adding much of my own.

One thing that both these performers, and most other top professionals, share is a show that doesn't seem to have any awkward transitions where the audience notices when the performer finishes one trick and begins another. A seamless show is a strong one when it comes to retaining an audience's attention.

I understand the notion of the 'storytelling' approach to magic, but it can seem extremely dated to a contemporary audience unless it is very expertly handled. I see a lot of performers treat each item as a separate gem and spending a great deal of time 'setting things up' instead of moving ahead in a speedier manner. You really can add too many details and too much color. The yarn you spin may actually be of much less interest to the audience than you think.

One of the most quoted phrases in magic is Robert Houdin's statement that, 'A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician.' Definitely true, but no longer a radical thought and maybe it is time to just accept it and take a deeper look. What this concept does not do, is give a magician a reason to pontificate, be precious or worse still become self-important.

It bears reflection that an actor enters the arena with a good script, a director and usually an additional cast in order to help create the play. As William Shakespeare stated, "The play is the thing," and not the player. With a magic show it is the act that is the thing and not just the performer. Sure the personality of the performer is a key ingredient in making the show enjoyable but it is not the only element.

A good show is like a good play and the construction of both has a huge amount to do with finishing a successful journey and arriving at a mutually enjoyable destination. Enjoy every sight and sound that you can include on your travels, share them with your audience and make sure they enhance the experience as you do so. Then you are traveling on a first class ticket!

Advice that I never tire of sharing with fellow magicians is to write down your show and study the way it looks on paper. It is much easier to judge what your product is and then to improve it, if you write it down. You really can't successfully edit something until you solidify it, you may be dealing with what you think is going on/being said onstage rather than what is actually happening.

In your show you must know where you are going and how you are going to get there. When you have a clear picture of these two vital details then you can get to work on ways to make it as enjoyable as possible for your audience to take the journey with you. To paraphrase Elmore Leonard's 'Writing Rule' that I quoted last week, it probably wouldn't do any harm to analyze the bits in your show that the audience find least interesting - and then skip them. A poor performer works for himself and a good performers works for his audience.

I have some great products and videos online. Check them out on my web site.

I enjoy hearing from our readers at nicklewin1@mac.com

8. Terms And Conditions - #289 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

In this day and age, there are terms and conditions applied to most everything. You cannot buy anything or even take part in a raffle without some form of terms and conditions attached to it. It gets to a point where legality starts to bring fear to the consumer. We get to a point of being afraid to sign anything or agree to anything out of a nervous feeling of it coming back to harm us later on.

In the realm of working festivals this is also clearly seen. It is a simple matter of fact that if you work with festivals, terms and conditions will be applied. You will be asked to review terms and conditions and to sign and abide by them.

This notion of having to sign and abide by a festival's terms and conditions often is a strong deterrent for entertainers. They fear having to be locked in and so tend to avoid the market all together. But one does not have to fear terms and conditions when working festivals.

It is a matter of understanding terms and conditions, why they are used for festivals and how best YOU can work with it. The first thing one should understand is what is the real underlying meaning of the phrase "Terms and Conditions"?

If I could boil it down to one simple word, terms and conditions would simply mean "protection". It really is as easy as that. Terms and conditions "protects" the seller of said product or service from damages or legal issues as a result of the consumer.

I bring this up because if you know this basic principle I just stated, it is often much easier to understand how to not fear it and how to work with festivals so that terms and conditions becomes a simple part of doing proper business.

One of the biggest issues that comes up with festivals concerning terms and conditions is the feeling of being locked in with no control. This is not always the case and it does not need to be.

One of the areas you need to understand is the difference between working a festival as a vendor vs. working the festival as a paid entertainer. Here in lies a big difference in regards to how terms and conditions are applied.

Many associate terms and conditions as a one way street. They fear that the festival is imposing it on them and they have no control over it. Well in the case of coming in as a vendor, this may be closer to the truth. The reason is that you must look at it as you paying the festival money to occupy a vendor space at their event. You are paying money for a product or service THEY are providing directly to you. Because you are paying for the usage of their spot, then terms and conditions must be applied to protect the festival. You do not have much power in regards to demanding your own terms simply because you are the one buying something from them.

However, festival terms and conditions does not have to be a one way street if you work them as a paid entertainer. As a paid entertainer, the tables are turned a bit. The festival is coming to YOU and paying YOU for services and products You are supplying to them. See the difference?

Because they are paying you for your services and product, you have a right to be able to "protect" yourself just as much as they do. Think about it this way. If you go in and by a washer, don't terms and conditions protect the seller of the washer? Of course. So you must remember that you also are selling a product and service. Because the festival is buying your service, you have a right to terms and conditions applied to what you are giving to them and you should not fear it.

When you are hired to be a paid entertainer, you may find that the festival has their own terms and conditions and you have yours as well. That is fine and it is natural for this to happen. The problem lies in that entertainers often feel they must sign and abide by the festivals terms 100%. They feel either the festivals or their own terms must be chosen but not both.

Remember that terms and conditions can and should protect both parties. When
working with a festival, it is OK if the festival sends you their terms and conditions for you to look over and sign. However, this does not mean a one way street.

What I will always do is be open and honest with every festival I work. I will talk about my own needs for the show and my own terms that ensures a smooth show for them and protects me from situations they may not have even considered. As a working professional who treats his magic business as a business, most festivals understand this.

So what I do is to make an addendum to their terms they send to me. If a festival has a terms and conditions form that they send my way, I can read it over and attach an addendum to it. The addendum simply adds on my terms that should be followed and also mentions any changes that I feel should be made to theirs.

In this fashion, you are working with the festival to make sure that both parties are protected equally and all bases are covered. Once the terms have been adjusted, they can easily be signed by both parties.

As you can see, this is a fair way of working and it takes the fear out of working with festivals. The mindset should be that you are a business working with another business on a joint venture/agreement. If you understand this approach, then you can go about working with them so both parties are satisfied and covered.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 4
Message by Anthony Darkstone - USA/Europe

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that I would be including thoughts and musings from various guests who have kindly shared their perspectives. Last week it was Paul Draper. This week, I am delighted to have my good friend, Jason Andrews, who is also based in Vegas, share his thoughts on the topic. Regular readers will be familiar with this name as he has been a guest on my series " Anthony Darkstone In Conversation With .." . If you missed it or an installment go to :- http://www.cbrookmagic.net/magwords/index.html

Together with Michael Finney, Shawn Farquhar and Joe M.Turner he was a guest on my Talk Show at the IBM British Ring 2011 Convention. Jason has also been mentioned several times in this e-zine by both myself and co-columnist Nick Lewin. Neither Nick, nor I, bestow praise lightly but in Jason's case it was, and is, more than richly deserved.

Born in Merrillville, Indiana, Jason's family moved to Las Vegas when he was just 2. After attending the Las Vegas Academy for the performing arts, Jason guest starred on 2 American National Tours. Born in 1986, Jason became interested in magic at the age of 12, when he saw Master Magician: Lance Burton.

"Magician" - Jason Andrews is the iconic image that springs to mind. His contemporary classic style combines classical magic with contemporary flair and elegance. Jason recently returned to the US after a successful 3-week tour of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. In 2012, Jason appeared at the world famous "Crazy Horse" at the MGM Grand in the Las Vegas. Having appeared on NBC's "America's Got Talent", Jason has been awarded a total of 25 variety accolades including International Champion of Magic & Entertainer of the Year.

Unparalleled charisma, elegance and talent are just some of the features that make him a World Class Entertainer.
International Champion Magician
Jason Andrews
Contemporary Classic Magic

Thank you Tony, for asking for my thoughts on your topic of Magic - Craft, Art, or Neither. You've made some interesting points in your introduction to your series.

The skills we develop as performers - our dexterity, our timing, and our creativity are all tools. Tools that allow us to create art. Much like a painter must learn to use a brush and mix colors before painting.

Magic is interesting because it encompasses ALL forms of performance mediums. Dance/movement, music, language, costuming, lighting, design, color, scent, PLUS making the impossible possible. So absolutely magic is an Art.

Our personalities are only a portion of the full picture. Many performers' personalities can be considered art as well. Consider Sylvester the Jester. He is larger than life and every characteristic he has on stage has been thought out to mimic a cartoon. Personally I want to be friends with the audience and make them feel as if they know exactly who I am by the end of the show. I feel that people are more interested in their friends than some stranger that keeps raising his eyebrow when he does the impossible.

I feel that you must know the craft to create the Art.

Chat soon!

Jason Andrews

10. The Ali Bongo Saturday Shows
Message by Mandy Davis (UK)

Ten Years On:
The Ali Bongo Saturday Shows

On arrival at Young Magicians Club workshops, at The Magic Circle, in the past the most noticeable figure was Ali Bongo. He was always there, brightly but expensively dressed, wandering among the members of YMC giving advice, helping to improve a trick or performance and being very much part of the junior club. It was this involvement that inspired him to start the Saturday shows.

Ali decided on shows that would run late afternoon, an hour or so after the
workshops ended, and finish in good time for people to get trains or drive back if they lived any distance away. The shows would comprise both close-up and stage, with some of our top professional performers alongside those working on new material or trying stage work for the first time. Thus the tickets would be kept low priced for all the family to enjoy. They would ONLY BE SOLD to YMC members and their families and friends or Members of The Magic Circle with their families and friends so prospective bookers would be asked to name their contacts before they got tickets. Thus, in 2003, the Saturday shows were born.

In the past ten years we have been delighted that so many great names have agreed to take part. When overseas members visit London we have managed to get some of them to perform too - Eric de Camps, Andy Dallas, Dan Garrett from the US have all been part of our shows. Similarly John Archer, Paul Daniels and other personalities have been very well received by our niche audiences. Some of the award-winning members of YMC have also performed - particularly when they graduate into The Magic Circle - whilst other acts are candidates for Membership of The Magic Circle and are being judged during the shows.

We mustn't forget the hard-working stage crew which is often enhanced by YMC
members learning about the technical side of theatre work during these shows. Past members such as Natalie Cro, Joshua Miller, Harry de Cruz and Ed Hilsum are all now part of the regular crew of The Magic Circle - and some have continued with stage management studies at college when they leave school. Our museum is always open too - with the Head Curator willing to give talks and show off the exhibits.

The Ali Bongo shows have been, and will be, a wonderful place to introduce friends and family to the world of magic - as well as for many magicians to see magic performed in a professional way. We keep Ali's name and traditions alive - and here's to another ten years!

11. Passing of David Gaiser - Benny Chavez' Last Student
Message by Dale Salwak (US)

David William Gaiser, 70, a charter member of I.B.M. Hoosier Houdini Ring 168 and the last student of Benny Chavez, died peacefully on Wednesday, January 30 at 11:30 a.m. at his home in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Son of Martin William and Margaret Gaiser, David was born on April 21, 1942 and raised in Kokomo, Indiana where he developed a lifelong love of family and a passion for magic. After graduation from Kokomo High School in 1961, he traveled west along with Mark Green to pursue his dream of becoming a magician. He graduated from the Chavez Studio of Magic two years later. An autographed photograph of Benny Chavez - one of the last he signed before his passing later that year - reads, "To Dave: Keep up the good work."

I first met David two months later on August 18 after he appeared in "Stars of Magic" at the Lafayette (Indiana) Magic Day along with Werner "Dorny" Dornfield, Dick Stoner, Gene Kirk, Bob King & Tiny, Gene Keeney, Jimmy Trimble, The Judy Heiken Marionettes, Hart Fisher & Co., Dick Ryan, Dr. Faust, Ronald Haines, and Neil Foster. Dressed in white tie and tails, looking very much the part of the classic magician, David performed expertly with doves and cigarettes and exited to strong applause.

Soon afterward he invited me to his home where he performed and we talked magic through much of the night. I had just enrolled in the Chavez home-study course, and so it meant a great deal to me to see a graduate up close. It was in part because of David's example that six years later I moved to California to study with Marian Chavez. Although David performed less frequently after he later moved to California, he never lost his passion for the art and was a frequent visitor to the Magic Castle. He was a good friend whose smile and gracious manner projected everywhere he went an optimistic and kind spirit.

David is survived by his wife, of 30 years, Louise Calderon Gaiser; his children, Philip William of Los Angeles, Heather Elaine Moses (Jonathan) of Culver City, Matthew William of San Francisco; sisters, Johanna Lamberson (John) of Utica, PA and Rebecca Chapman (Mark) of Cincinnati, OH; and grandchildren Ari and Ayla.

A memorial service is scheduled for March 1st at the Capo Beach Cavalry Church, CA (1 p.m.). Donations may be made to the American Diabetes Association or Another Man's Treasure.

12. March Issue Genii Magazine
Message by Richard Kaufman - Editor Genii Magazine

The March Issue of the Biggest Magazine in Magic: Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine

Remember that all subscribers to Genii get the digital issue FREE, with supplemental audio and video that add to your reading experience.

For those viewing on desktop and laptop computers, the digital version of the March issue of Genii is now live (those with tablets--iPads, Kindle Fire, and Android--and smartphones will need to wait until tomorrow for the videos to be converted).

This issue we introduce a new monthly feature to our digital edition: "Face to Face with Genii," a series of interviews conducted by my long-time friend, journalist Matthew Field. The subjects are stars in our world, and we begin with the inimitable Tom Stone.

This issue contains a video of my trip to the Columbus Magi-Fest with performances by John Guastaferro, Doug Conn, Scott Robinson, and Tony Change; audio columns from Max Maven and Jon Racherbaumer; video of Imam; and three videos of Danny Orleans.

On our cover this issue is my old friend Danny Orleans. Danny has branched out widely, working as both a kid's magician, a very successful corporate magician, and also doing a two-person mindreading act with his lovely wife Jan. Jon Racherbaumer takes a rather unconventional look at Danny Orleans.

Jeff Scanlon has been making impossible bottles in the style of the late Harry Eng for several years and we're pleased to feature an interesting look at the origin of his interest in this odd pastime, as well as allowing you to peruse his creations. The interest in the stuffing of things that should not be in bottles into bottles puzzles me, but it's very popular and people collect them-I hope you find the article of interest.

Once doesn't usually think of Jim Steinmeyer and "McDonald's Aces" in the same moment, but this month in "Conjuring" Jim proves that you should, with a wonderful stand-up version of Hofzinser's classic routine

Tom unloads two Stones this month in "Lodestones"-two fascinating effects. The second is a much easier version of MagoMigue's "Card in Glass" which appeared in our issue (on DVD and digital form) last month.

Further exhuming treasures from the vault of Magic Man Examiner has led to a pretty damn swift card effect from Michael Weber-I know it would have fooled me badly if I'd seen him perform it before I read the explanation

Fans of Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" will find an unlikely ally in Max Maven this month, as he predicts you'll smile when you read "Lost Horizons"

In "Chamber of Secrets" John Gaughan talks about an antique Ball Vase with no gimmick-think about that before you read it

A new column debuts this month on the intersection of modern art with magic themes, written by art-book publisher Volker Huber

"Magicana" consists of a remembrance of Scotty York by Jon Racherbaumer and
then, through the auspices of Bill Wells, four extremely fine routines of Scotty's which he wrote for a 2003 lecture that was seen by only a small group. The material is very fine-worth this year's subscription price, they could form the core of a working repertoire.

Jamy Ian Swiss remembers Imam, the great Indian magician who ran Mostly Magic in New York City for many years.

John Lovick reveals what he thinks of four books, Dustin Stinett slogged through a bunch of videos (but really likes the new thing by Carney), and David Regal reviews a bunch of Book Tests, among other fun things.

* Every month Genii gives you more pages than any other independent magazine: a 104 to 112 page paper magazine mailed directly to you.

* Every month Genii gives you a FREE digital issue with supplementary video and audio columns that can be viewed on ANY computer, desktop or laptop, as well as on any tablet or smartphone, and we have special apps for both the iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. We do NOT limit you to the iPad or iPhone. We do NOT charge you a penny extra for your digital copy of Genii, and unlike other magazines we give you the entire magazine in digital form for free.

* Every month Genii gives you, absolutely FREE, online access to all 75 years of our back issues via a searchable database. That's tens of thousands of pages of tricks, reviews, and news going all the way back to 1936 at no charge.

No other independent magazine gives you what Genii does!

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$58 for both US and foreign customers.

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If you are a subscriber and haven't sent us your e-mail address yet, please do so to: genii@geniimagazine.com). If you want to access to all of this astounding material and you are not a subscriber, please join us as we make available to you untold magical riches at www.geniimagazine.com. All digital content is free when you subscribe to Genii.

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If you subscribe to Genii for 3 years, or renew your existing subscription and bring it up to a total of 3 years, you can purchase our brand new book, Talisman, for only $15 (or you can select The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard).

Details here:
Remember that the price of Genii drops from the $6 cover price to only $4.50 per issue when you subscribe for one year. Please visit the Genii website and subscribe today at www.geniimagazine.com

Visit The Genii Forum, the "smart" online discussion group:

Visit MagicPedia, the most complete online encyclopedia of magical information with almost 5,000 entries. It's a living encyclopedia to which you are welcome to contribute! www.magicpedia.net

13. The Japan Cup 2013 (Close-up Magic Convention)
Message by Tashiro Shigeru (Japan)

The Japan Cup is the annual close-up convention we (The Japan Close-up
Magicians' Association - JCMA) host in Japan.

This year, The Japan Cup 2013 (TJC2013) will be held in Tokyo from April 5 (Friday) through April 7 (Sunday), 2013.

This will be our 12th convention, and we would like to invite you!

The Guest Performers include:
*Jan Logemann (Germany - 1st Prize Card Magic FISM 2012)
*Stefan Kraft (Germany - the director of Jan's act)
*Billy Debu (France - a talented young Magician whose DVDs, The Great Classics Revisited By Billy and Haute Voltige, are receiving great press)
*Ars (Osaka, Japan - a noted cardician)
*Doi Takao (Himeji, Japan - creator of a new technique in card Magic)
*Shoma (Nagoya, Japan - noted professional Magician and owner of a Magic shop: "Te-ji-na-ya")

There will also be a close-up contest, and we invite you to apply.

a) The dead line for the registration for the contest is February 28, 2013.

b) You will need to send via email a video of the act you will perform if accepted.

c) We will let you know within a week of your submission of the video if you have been accepted into the contest.

d) For all the details, please contact: Dr. Tashiro at magic@kk.iij4u.or.jp

Dr. Paul Critelli, the chairperson of S.A.M. contest, is a consultant for the contest and convention.

If you have some questions about what The Japan Cup is like, please contact him at: magicpaul@aol.com

Arigato goziamasu!

We hope to see YOU in Tokyo!

14. Abbott's 34th Annual Close-up Convention
Message by John Luka (US)

Eric Jones and David Regal headline the 34th Abbott Close-up Convention. The
Abbott's Close-up Convention has provided Magicians the chance to expand their repertoires with the greatest close-up talent in the world performing and lecturing at a reasonable price. The 34th Annual Abbott Close-up Convention will be held March 15 & 16, 2013, The 33rd and 32nd were sold out a week before the event so it really helps to order early.

Registrations Available online at
or call at 1 269 432 3235.

2013 Close-up Convention Schedule

Friday, March 15th

7:00pm Introduction by Gordon Miller, Dollar Raffle and Auction.

7:15pm People's Choice one trick contest with $300 in merchandise certificate prizes.

9:00pm Show featuring Eric Jones & David Regal in Concert will take place.

Saturday, March 16th

9:00am Coffee and donuts compliments of Abbott Magic

10:00am Mini Auction - Close-up Effects

10:30am Eric Jones Lecture

12:00 noon Lunch on your own

1:30pm Mini Auction - Close-up & General Magic

2:00PM David Regal Lecture

4:30pm Banquet - Menu includes salad, Broasted Chicken, Mostaccioli with Italian sausage, Mostaccioli with sauce, Green Bean casserole, rolls, salad, Coffee, Tea, Punch, and Dessert.

6:30pm Saturday Night Gala Show will begin.

15. Washington Symposium On Magic History
Message by Kenneth Trembly (US)

The Washington Symposium on Magic History announces some of its speakers. The Washington Symposium on Magic History, set for April 25-27 in Bethesda Maryland, minutes from Washington DC ,is finalizing the booking of speakers on a variety of eclectic topics of interest to magic enthusiasts.

So far, we have commitments from the following; Bill Kalush, Dale Salwak,
Darwin Ortiz, James Hamilton, Dean Arnold, Eric Henning and Maggie Jones..with more to come! In addition to a huge dealers room filled with books, apparatus, posters and other original collectibles, AND a vetted auction, we are planning a special exhibit for our attendees only at The library of Congress, courtesy of their Rare Book Division,..and more.

The hotel is only $109 a night for a top facility. Here is a link for a website where you can register for the conference, book a room or get more

Don't delay. Register now to avoid disappointment.

16. Tony Wilson Is Selling Off Preloved Magic
Message by Tony Wilson (New Zealand)

Due to space needs and duplicates Tony Wilson is selling off preloved magic items and has prepared three sets of lists under the headings of Silk Magic, General Magic and Close Up magic.

Total number of items for sale are 144.

To request a copy of these items for sale and terms of sale please contact him direct and request an internet copy of either one or more of the above categories and his terms of sale.

His contact details are Tony Wilson, 14 Roadley Avenue, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010, New Zealand, Phone (09)576 9581, Mobile (027)4771240 or tony@twmagic.co.nz

17. Update On Daytona Festival Of Magic
Message by Harry Allen (US)
November 1-2-3 2013

Just Booked Joshua Jay's (New Lecture - Close-Up And Teach-In)

The convention keeps getting better and better!!!
Look who's coming:
James Randi (Amazing Randi)
Puck (Americas Got Talent)
David Regal
Drew Thomas (Americas Got Talent)
Roy Zaltsman (Israel)
Edwin Rojas
Billy Debu (France)
Scott Alexander (Americas Got Talent)
Scott Humston
Harry Allen

To get good seats for the dinner show and Gala show sign up now!!!!!


18. Cath Jamison In 2 Minds - Adelaide Fringe Festival
Message by Cath Jamison (Australia)
Cath Jamison In 2 Minds - Adelaide Fringe Festival

Cath Jamison, Australia's # 1 female magician & mentalist has a brand new show for Adelaide Fringe Festival. In this hilarious show, Cath Jamison explores bizarre dating rituals and the "feminine mystique", with her trademark sass, style and mind manipulation.

Often noted as one of the most "bizarre and unusual" women in Australia, Cath will play with your senses, the only way a woman can. She will leave you gasping, with her dangerous obsession with the blades, bending metal objects and her ability to know what you're thinking!

Cath has won the prestigious title of Australian Champion of Magic at the Australian International Magic Convention and is revered by top illusionists nationally and internationally.

Cath captivates audiences from around the world. Her sassy sense of humour and powerful charismatic stage presence, make this show hilarious, mysterious & bizarre.

So step through the doors of the fabulous Piglet @ Gluttony and find Cath Jamison might just know what you're thinking before you do..

"Crazy Woman...How did she do that?" Tim Burton (USA Film Director)
"A fantastic response from the audience!" Brett Haylock, The Famous Spiegeltent
"I can't work out how she did it! " Edward De Bono, (renowned expert on creative thinking)

Listing Information

Venue: The Piglet @ Gluttony - Rymill Park/Mullawirraburka Cnr East
Tce & Rundle Rd Adelaide 5000 South Australia
Dates: Feb 21,22,23,24,26,27,28 & March 1st 2013
Times: 9.15 pm
Bookings: FringeTIX - adelaidefringe.com.au

19. Masters Of Magic Convention
Message by Elena Mule (Italy)

I send you some information on Masters of Magic Convention, an event that we
organize each year here in Italy, with the greatest magicians in the world.

For 2013 the Convention will take place in April, from Thursday the 11th to Sunday 14th, in Saint-Vincent (Aosta), at the Resort and Casino.

During Galas, lectures and workshops, all participants will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most renowned stars in the magic scene.

Luis de Matos, Lu Chen, Topas, John Carney, Woody Aragon, Raul Cremona, Jason England, Luke Jarmay, Paul Wilson: these are just some of the names that appear in the cast of the Convention 2013.

Moreover, at the Convention, Masters of Magic organizes several contests (like the Italian Championship of Magic) and rewards the most amazing magicians of the moment with Grolla d'Oro Awards.

Finally there will be parties, spaghetti dinners and other amusing moments to plunge in the Convention's magical atmosphere.

Next month the complete schedule of the Convention will be online at

I enclose also our last Newsletter.

For any further information, please contact me: I'm at your complete disposal.

Thank you very much! Best wishes also from Mr. Rolfo,

Elena - Masters of Magic Staff

20. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (New Zealand)

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures

Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013 and
Auckland Thursday 14th March

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