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Issue Number: #999
Date: Sunday 10th March 2013
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Magician Gone Missing
3. Teller Sues Belgian Magician For Theft - Then Magician Vanishes
4. Ghost Hunting In Texas
5. Broken Wand - Maurine Brooks Christopher
6. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
7. Remarkable Magic #291 - Nick Lewin
8. Festival Marketing: What They Look For - #291 - Kyle Peron
9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 11
10. 2013 March Magic Castle Schedule
11. 4F People Coming In April 2013
12. Update About John Giordmaine Tribute (Canada)
13. Review Of Inscrutable DVD Set
14. "Magicseen 49"
15. Sightseeing At S A M Convention
16. Blackpool Magicians' Club's 61st Annual Convention
17. Illusion Dream Team Set To Thrill Auckland, New Zealand
18. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
19. Magic New Zealand App
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Michele and I are really looking forward to seeing the fabulous magic show The Illusionists which opens in Auckland, New Zealand 22th May - 2nd June. Tickets are now on sale, go to: www.buytickets.co.nz

We hear magicians from all over New Zealand are planning to come to Auckland to see the show and also attend the joint Kevin James and Jeff Hobson lecture on Monday 27th May.

For more information on "The Illusionists" show go to item 17.

For those who would like to read Magic New Zealand in a HTML format go to:

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Magician Gone Missing
Message by Geoffrey Hansen (US)

I have just forwarded you an e-mail with a Media Release regarding a Missing Person.

What the Police Bulletin does not mention - He is a longtime member of the IBM in San Jose, CA. He has been missing since February 7, 2013. His photo appeared last year in Linking Ring Magazine.

Well known as Mysterious Stan, Jr. (Stanley F. Jacobson Jr.), is missing along with his car. All of his belongings including his wallet were found in his apartment. Hiscredit card(s) have not been used.

Any help you can offer by posting this would be greatly appreciated.

Article go to:

3. Teller Sues Belgian Magician For Theft - Then Magician Vanishes
Article forwarded by Peter Sevens (US)

Digital Journal

By Richard Mccallum

Las Vegas - As a teenager Raymond Teller created a signature illusion which he called The Rose and The Shadow, but when a Belgian magician named Dogge recreated it on YouTube and offered to sell the method the silent magician decided to bring him to court.

When court officials tried to serve Dogge with a summons, the Belgian magician took flight.....

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/345028

4. Ghost Hunting In Texas
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

I had my first, real, honest to goodness ghost hunt this past weekend. Really.

It was complete with use of all the necessary equipment including EMF meters, digital voice recorders, infrared cameras, IR thermometers and more. This equipment was provided by the Southern Paranormal Investigators (S.P.I.) for a group of about nine people who stuck it out all night in the Haunted Historical Ott Hotel in Liberty, Texas, located about an hour southeast of Houston.

Jamie Salinas (http://houstonseance.com) and I were joined by the S/P.I. team as we were divided into three teams then had "sweeps" of the hotel meaning that we spent an hour at a time in different parts of the hotel looking for paranormal activity.

In the latest podcast of The Magic Word, I chatted with the founder of S.P.I., the owner of the Ott Hotel and also with a Medium. The podcast also includes some basic information about what you should know as well as the do's and don'ts of ghost hunting. This episode may not be for everyone, but it is interesting. Even if you visit The Magic Word to see the photos and watch the five minute video, I think you will find it interesting.

See and hear it all now on The Magic Word at http://TheMagicWordPodcast.com and be sure to "Like" us on Facebook so you are the first to learn about the updates and latest news. Like us at http://facebook.com/themagicwordpodcast/ You can listen to the podcast online on the website or through iTunes or download it through other online podcasting files.

5. Broken Wand - Maurine Brooks Christopher
Article forwarded by David Haversat Magic

As agent, publisher and friend of Maurine Christopher, it is with deep sorrow that I announce her passing.

Maurine Christopher of New York City died at home surrounded by her friends on February 28, 2013. She was 92 and the beloved wife of the late master magician, author, collector and performer, Milbourne Christopher.

Mrs. Christopher had a distinguished career in journalism as a reporter for the Kingsport Times before becoming a reporter for the Baltimore Sun newspaper from 1943 to 1945. She was the daughter of John Davis Brooks and Zula Pangle Brooks of Russellville, Tennessee. She was a graduate of Tusculuim College in Greenville, earning an A.B. degree in English and political science and held an honorary Doctor of Letters from St. John's University in New York. She married the distinguished Milbourne Christopher on June 25, 1949.

Her many articles appeared in consumer magazines in the U.S. and abroad. In N.Y. she gained prominence as Deputy Executive Radio-TV Editor of Advertising Age. Mrs. Christopher was instrumental in coordinating national newspaper marketing and produced the weekly syndicated radio program called "Adbet" and "Stars of Advertising." In 1971 she became nationally known for her book America's Black Congressmen, published by Thomas Y. Crowell Co., New York.

Following her husband's death in 1984, she continued his avid interest in his vast collection of magic memorabilia and established the "Milbourne Christopher Foundation" sponsoring awards for exceptional people in the art of magic. She wrote articles for magic magazines, appeared at magic conventions, arranged auctions of her husband's enormous collection and republished many of her husband's magic history books.

Arrangements are private. In lieu of flowers it is asked that donations be made to The Milbourne Christopher Foundation.

Maurine will be greatly missed.

6. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Message by Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

About a year ago, I received a call from Gina Soliz, a senior publicist at Warner Bros. She told me about a movie in production starring Steve Carell as a magician, and she asked what it would take to get a feature article in MAGIC and possibly even a cover. Next thing I know, my son and I are visiting the set in Los Angeles. Warner Bros. was generous in supplying us with some exclusive photographs and access to the filmmakers. Shawn McMaster's behind-the-scenes story appears exclusively in the March 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine, available both in print and on the iPad and Kindle Fire.

Also this month, we have "Major League Pitcher," the tale of master pitchman Mark Mason; plus a profile of New York's Doug McKenzie and "That's How It All Began," stories of how well-known magicians developed their signature routines. There's also news of television shows in Spain and Italy, magic at the Inauguration, a benefit for David Oliver, a reunion of Magic Castle Juniors, remembrances of Imam Hossain and Kees Schoonenberg, as well as columns by Joshua Jay, Mark Kornhauser, Ian Rowland, Mike Bent, Payne, Milt Larsen, Tracy Atteberry & David Parr, Lee Asher, and Rick Lax.

All this and more in the March 2013 issue of MAGIC Magazine. Visit

7. Remarkable Magic #291 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

The 'Pop' Haydn story transcends time, all over again!

If you had the opportunity to be at 'Magicopolis' in Santa Monica on the 7th of March you have my full permission to skip this week's column. You already know how cool 'Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!' is! If you weren't there then I advise you to get your tickets and catch magic's favorite time traveler when he returns there on April 4th.

'Pop' is a creation from the fertile mind of one of magic's most innovative and accomplished performers---Whit Haydn. At a time where everybody in magic seems to have his own theatrical show this one is a little different. It isn't just a performer doing an extended version of his show in a hired venue, but is both theatrical and a fully-fledged show. That's a neat touch isn't it?

Prior to his current incarnation as time-traveling showman, Whit has been widely acclaimed as one of the top performers in the magic world and has won six 'Magician of the Year' awards from the 'Academy of Magical Arts.' He also served as Vice President of the AMA from 2006-2010. Another of Haydn's creations that has become a Magic Castle favorite is his 'School for Scoundrels,' a project to educate fellow enthusiasts in the art and practice of 'scam' and 'flim-flam.'

'Pop' will be familiar with many magicians for his 'Post Modern Medicine Show' which has made numerous appearances across the United States and delighted audiences with its whimsical approach to a time honored and specialized style of entertainment. His new show 'Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!'' has taken many of these ideas and reformatted them into a delightfully textured and unique piece of show-biz hokum that delights audiences of all ages.

Along with Whit on his time travel extravaganza are some other fine performers who assist in turning this event into a well rounded and not to be missed occasion. The ever-adorable Sophie Evans will be presenting her uniquely fiery sorcery and also acting in the capacity of 'Tesla Girl.' If you haven't seen Ms. Evans weave her special brand of magic then this is the chance to enjoy her delightful talents.

What is a magic show without music? Oh, it is just a magic show! Never fear--- there is some mighty fine music accompanying the prestidigitation at this event, those attending will be serenaded by the Magic Castle's own delightful Louisiana Songbird Ms. Bonnie Gordon. The musical director is none other than Prof. Dave Bourne and his '21st Century Boys.' I have been a huge fan of the Prof. since first appearing with him at Milt Larsen's 'Mayfair Music Hall' in the 70s.

During the program, Pop Haydn will be demonstrating some of his most popular flights of fancy including his 'Teleportation Device' 'Magnetized Water' and introducing his astonishing new 'Sphere of Destiny.' It will be a treat for magicians and steampunk lovers alike. No two performances by Pop Haydn are identical, so buckle up your seat belt, as there might be some radical surprises in store.

Tickets for the show are available via www.pophaydn.com where you will find a great many more details about the upcoming show. 'Magicopolis' is the extremely successful brainchild of magic's original bad boy---Steve Spill, and its intimate style seating for a mere 150 people almost insures a sellout. Take my advice and book your seats early, you never know if Pop will get it into his mind to skip back in time a century or two and re-invent history all over again, for the first time!

I have some great products and videos online. Check them out on my web site.

8. Festival Marketing: What They Look For - #291 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

With selling any magic or entertainment related show, you really need to lock in on the needs and concerns of the festivals you work for. If you can tap into knowing what they are after and what they want, then you can solve their problems with killer solutions that surpass any other entertainer they have ever had before.

By doing this, you start to change their perceived value of you. If you increase your value in their eyes, you become much more to them then an entertainer. You start to become a problem solver. Problem solvers are in demand and constantly work year after year.

Festival's want several things I have noticed over the years. I have compiled a list of some of them below:

- someone who is self-contained. If you can come in there and do your show with little they have to do or provide, then your a huge savings for them.

- they want to see happy faces and they want people to be kept at the festival. With this in mind, if you can offer different shows, then your going to meet this need and create more interest for people to want to stay at the festival longer. This means a more successful festival for them.

- they want someone who is experienced and knows about a festival and how they run. The more you know about festivals, the more you will understand their processes and can understand what they must go through. These people go through a lot and have a lot to juggle. If you can understand them, you can be better off to offer solutions that make their entertainment decision an easy one.

- They LOVE if you can offer any help at the festival and alleviate a problem of theirs even if it is not magic related. By this I mean you can offer up suggestions that not only solves their need but markets you. For example you can ask to host and MC a beauty contest or a talent show. You can host and judge a coloring contest for the kids. Use your talents and offer other ideas to them, and you build upon your value to them.

The less they have to do to have you at their event the better. They have many different problems to deal with before and during the event. Try not to have any additional needs once you are there, they really do not have the time during the event to try to fix the paid entertainment's problems when the vendors are giving them trouble about a million and one things, the power goes off, there are not enough tables or chairs etc. etc. The list truely does go on and on. Festivals in general are often way understaffed and so you often have one person trying to tackle the job of several folks.

I say this from the experience of being both an entertainer and a vendor at fairs and festivals for many years. I know the grumblings and trials that any festival can create. Learning to make your show as self-contained as possible, not only will save you time, but will save them a lot of headache. If you can come self-contained and ready to go in any staging situation, then that will only act to empower them to want to use your services.

There really is a big void out there in the entertainment market at these festival events. Mostly because those that run these events are mostly volunteers from the local community. When it comes to entertainment, the first thing they think of is a band. They are not even thinking about anything else. If you can mention to them magic, or other forms of entertainment, and the draw that it would have on their event, they tend to smile a lot and show interest. The key is to research them and start asking around. I am sure you will find there are many more festivals and events out there then you might be aware of. I certainly know this was the case when I started looking into this market myself.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

9. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Part 11
Message by Anthony Darkstone - USA/Europe

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that I would be including thoughts and musings from various guests who have kindly shared their perspectives. If you have been following the series each week, you will have seen excellent words by Paul Draper, Jason Andrews and Ivonne Montijo. This week, I am delighted to have my good friend, Ray Parker from Canada share his thoughts on the topic. Regular readers will be familiar with his name as he has been a guest on my series "Anthony Darkstone In Conversation With .." . If you missed it or an installment go to :- http://www.cbrookmagic.net/magwords/index.html

I met Ray, a few years ago when I lectured in Canada, and we became firm friends. Town Crier, Comedian, Vaudeville performer, Actor, Magician etc., etc., - it truly would not be an exaggeration to state that he has been there, done that. and then some! To refer to him as Mr. Versatility would be an understatement. He is, as the parlance goes. a real trooper, and the most amazing, outstanding and courageous person I have met. A true iconic Entertainer, he is more than qualified chronologically and empirically to make several interesting observations on the topic. A visit to his page will not only be educational but also proof and confirmation of my foregoing words.

I am happy to publicly state that I am a friend, admirer and a huge fan .


MAGIC - An Art, Craft or Neither
Ray Parker

Is it an art, craft or neither? Well yes in a sense it is a craft, any skill one acquires is a craft and the way one develops that craft, determines whether they become a master craftsman, one of many proficient exponents or reaching whatever level of expertise they desire.

There are many variations of what Robert-Houdin is supposed to have said, "A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician." Perhaps this is not what he said or even what he actually meant, but I really believe this version is a valid statement.

The better the magician's ability as an actor, the more convincing and entertaining the performance.

I have many and varied things that I get pleasure from, the theatre, music, the arts and sometimes I will go through my library and look at paintings by a favorite artists, listen to a recording of a vocalist or musician, or thanks to Youtube find a clip of a favorite entertainer and enjoy watching that performance again.

Regarding magic, there are certain clips I return to over and over again, each representing a master craftsman, each in his own way emphasizing the fact that the acting, besides the skill, is what makes the performance so special.

Any Tommy Cooper performance, Shawn Farquhar - Shape of my Heart, and Jérôme Murat - The Statue. All fine examples of what I mean.

Tony when you asked me this question, I immediately thought of the fact that in my twenties, I was creating effects, that to the spectator, would appear to be magic tricks, although to me they were just props or bits of material to make the act I was performing at that time, entertaining for the audience.

In fact it was around that time, that while appearing on a bill with a magician, on a break in the dressing room I confided in him, "I would love to be a magician, but my hands are too small."I guess not wishing to add to his competition he answered "Yes they are."

I have told you the story before, of how it was almost 30 years later, that Jack Mellor answered the same statement, with the words that persuaded me to take up magic, sold me Professor Cheer, taught me the routine and began my career as a magician.

I had been an entertainer for almost 40 years, when I created my first magic act. I was certainly unaware of the Robert-Houdin quote, but that was exactly what I did. I took advantage of what I had learned in my years of performing, created a character, built a theme, added jokes, wrote a script in the same way as any new act I had ever written, and then became an actor playing that part.

I think above everything else, the creation of a magic effect or a complete act is no different than an artist creating a painting, or an author writing a story. It is a creation. It could be a masterpiece, something that gives pleasure or just something that entertains an audience. The success depends on the level of ability the creator has achieved.

10. 2013 March Magic Castle Schedule
Message by Jack Goldfinger
Director Of Entertainment
Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

March 11-17th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Paul Green
Late: Mike Pisciotta

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Adam London
Late: Stoil Stoilov

Palace of Mystery
Ken Scott

Peller Theatre
Tom Ogden

W. C. Fields Bar
Ron Bell

Friday Luncheon
Mike Pisciotta

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Stoil Stoilov

Lecture Sunday 17th
Tim "Skilldini" Wright

March 18-24th

Close-Up Gallery
Early: Francis Menotti
Late: John George

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: Joel Bauer
Late: Will Fern

Palace of Mystery
Derek Hughes
Chris Randall
David & Dania

Joe Skilton
Lou Serrano

W. C. Fields Bar
Tom Frank

Friday Luncheon
Francis Menotti

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Denis Forel

Lecture Sunday 24th
Chris Randall

March 25-March 31st
Close-Up Gallery
Early: Eric Jones
Late: Andost

Parlour of Prestidigitation
Early: George Schindler
Late: Joe Monte

Palace of Mystery
Mark Kalin & Jinger

Peller Theatre - "McMaster & Mad : Mystery and Mayhem".
Mad Tad
Shawn McMaster

W. C. Fields Bar

Friday Luncheon
Eric Jones

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - Parlour
Kim Hallinger

Lecture Sunday 31st
Eric Jones

Performers are subject to change due to circumstances and availability.

11. 4F People Coming In April 2013
Message by Obie Obrien

I have the following coming: Coming to 4F in April: 22 from Canada, 7 from Japan, 2 from Germany, 2 from Taiwan, 1 Korea, 24 France, 12 England, 1 Holland, 1 Sweden, 6 Italy, 5 Spain, 2 China, 1 Scotland, 1 Switzerland, 1 Australia, 1 Argentina, 1 Wales, 138 USA. 5 Continents, 18 Countries, 15 FISM winners of which 2 are Grand Prix champions, 40 Winners from big conventions through the world, 28 1st timers, 10 IBM Past Presidents, 9 SAM Past Presidents. A great cast for the 43rd 4F close up convention April 24-27 2013 being held in Batavia NY.

12. Update About John Giordmaine Tribute (Canada)
A message from its curator...

Update - March 2013

Hello! This marks the fifth anniversary of our online tribute to Canada's most beloved children's magician, Johnny Giordmaine (1898-1974). Many thanks to those of you who have already visited us in the past. Here's news about our eleven new pages of updates that might bring you back for another visit this month.

"Reprints" and items of special interest include:

* Johnny featured in MUM;

* Johnny featured in The Linking Ring;

* Rarely seen home movie footage of Johnny at the 1930 IBM Convention;

* Feature stories about Johnny in The Magic Magazine and The Gen from theUK;

* Heartfelt obituaries from The Linking Ring penned by Sid Lorraine and
Elizabeth Warlock;

* And more!

All copyrighted material used with permission.

If you remember Johnny you will certainly want to rekindle your happymemories with a visit to the site. If you never met him, or if you have noidea who he was, please come and discover all about one of Canada's most memorable figures in 20th century magic.

Personal memories about Johnny are always still very welcome. Contact information is on the site...


13. Review Of Inscrutable DVD Set
Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds

Since the Elmsley count was introduced in the mid-fifties there has been a trend to add moves and counts to card magic, as well as complicating the effect to such an extent that a layman will be unable to describe what happened.

Some modern published routines are more akin to lessons in juggling than lessons in magic. I will call this the new school of card magic which has given birth to the move monkeys.

The old school of card magic (as I would describe it) had clear direct effects that were easy to understand and had a good, surprising climax. Most importantly the magician appeared to do nothing. The magic just happened.

The old school was influenced by people like Erdnase and Victor Farelli amongst others and their influences are found in later classics like Royal Road, Expert Card Technique and Greater Magic.

Can you name a card DVD or book published in the last ten years that does not include ace assemblies, collector or sandwich tricks, multiple false counts etc? Difficult, yes?

Well, here is one ....

Inscrutable is definitely old school. Strong direct effects that will fool magicians and laymen. And most of them are technically easy to do. Easy technically, yes (though there are some advanced techniques on Disc 2), but they do require audience management skills and a confident performer. Advanced beginner and upwards.

Joseph's routines remind me of the direct presentations of Dani daOrtiz, frequently mixing devilishly simple methods to create miracles. Yet their styles are completely opposite. Dani is extrovert and in your face. Joe is quiet and unassuming. Yet both use their personalities and characteristics to maximum effect.

If you have seen disc 3 of Dani's DVD set you will find some similar work on Disc One of Joe's set. By studying both you will see two contrasting styles use similar methods and help you develop your own natural rhythm.

So what of the routines? Most are done from a shuffled deck in use - and shuffled by the audience too. A few require a set-up, most times you can do this in a previous trick or during down-time.

My favourite is the Math trick. From a shuffled (by the audience) deck you deal some cards in front of three participants. They each decide how many they get. You then toss small bunches of cards onto the table until someone shouts STOP. These are now counted, by you or an audience member. You announce that the total number of counted cards will equal the sum of the top cards of the three piles. These cards are turned over and their values added. The totals match. To a layman this appears totally impossible. This routine would work well with the effect where a participant cuts the deck in three piles, you turn over the top cards of two of the piles and can deduce the value of the top card in the third pile.

Disc Two features a number of gambling routines and demonstrations. Some are simple in method and some require advanced skills. All are direct and best suited for sitting down around a table with clients after a gig.

The downside for a working professional is that most of the routines require a table. Most close-up pros prefer routines that can be done in the hands both for strolling and visibility reasons. Having said that I have a number of routines that require minimal table space and a few others that do require more space. The latter I keep until after the meal when tables are less cluttered.

Aged thirteen, young Master Barry bought, at a local bookshop, Expert at the Card Table, Expert Card Technique and Scarne on Card Tricks. These were his only influences for the next few years and their theories and advice permeate through his work.

I highly recommend this two DVD set, for the overall directness of effects and the devastating miracles you will create for your audiences.

Available from www.alakazam.co.uk and all good dealers

14. "Magicseen 49"
Message by Chris Wasshuber

Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2013; 64 pages
Cover: Andy Nyman


Welcome - editor's letter
Ten For Tyneside - Martin Duffy: The Boss - interview
Focus On South Tyneside
Sylvester The Jester: That's Not All Folks! - interview
Paul Daniels: Crowd Pleaser! - interview
Charlie Frye: Genius at Work! - interview
Hypnotism: Entertainment or Science? - Mark Leveridge
The Magic In The Cupboard - What Collectors Bring to the Art of Magic - Mark Leveridge
S.A.M.P.A. Does The Trick [Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly] -
talk with Richie Magic
20 Magic Headlines We'd Like to See in 2013
Andy Nyman; Ass Kicker! - cover article/interview by Graham Hey
Trapped Prediction - Alexandr Erohin
Roll and Slide Vanish - Radek Makar
Interview with Singer-Songwriter Jason Mraz
Smoke and Mirrors - Bristol Opens Its Second Magic Bar! - interview of Mark
Bennett by Paul Preager
In Focus with Steve Gore - interview
It's The Magicseen Poll Results
DVS - DVD - Mark Calabrese
The Evolution Deck - gaffed deck - Bob Solari
Eastern Moves - E-Book - Radek Makar
Salt & Silver - effect DVD - Giovanni Livera
The Triskadequadra Principle - book or E-Book - John Hostler
Nine Uneasy Pieces - limited edition book - Robert E. Neale
Deep Mental Mysteries - book - Lawrence Hass
Moonshine Playing Cards - designer deck - Lloyd Barnes
Hot Spot - hypno heat - Carl de Rome
Scam Wallet + Mastercheat - wallet & DVD - Lee Thompson
Seeking The Bridge - book - John B. Born
Array - cards & DVD (Peter Nardi) - Baz Taylor
The Dice Is Right - props & audio CD - Practical Magic
ILC - card effect - Lawrence Turner
Index-terity - book & Kit materials- George Parker & Lawrence Hass
The Wallet Transformer - DVD & gimmick - Cameron Francis
Next Time .
Listings Section
Back Issues

15. Blackpool Magicians' Club's 61st Annual Convention
Message by Walt Lees (UK)

February 22nd - 24th 2013

Blackpool continues to go from strength to strength with a new all-time high
attendance this year of over 3,400 registrants, maintaining its place as the world's largest, most star-studded and action-packed convention.

Friday 22nd February saw lectures by Jay Scott Berry, Nicholas Einhorn, Dirk Losander, Colin McLeod, Johan Stahl and Matthew \Wright, as well as a blistering display of close-up hosted by Steve Evans, which included performances by Phil Cass. Nicholas Einhorn, Patrick Lehnen, Jan Logemann, Simon Lovell, Mark Mason, Joe Monti and Anthony Owen.

Apart from compere Vittorio Marino, whose stilt-walking gags and assorted caricature cameos added a touch of European humour, the entire evening show was a South Korean affair. That country's principal magical coach and mentor, Yuji Yasuda, opened the bill in full Samurai costume, with an act featuring parasols. As always, with the current batch of young Korean maestri, there were striking levels of skill, creativity, originality and enthusiastic energy.

Highlights included: Haon Gun's work with T-shirts and drink cans; Ted Kim's remarkable act incorporating projected lighting and graphics combined with manipulative skills; FISM winner Yu Ho Jin's stylish card productions and Lee Hun, whose manipulation act brought the house down when it suddenly went into high-speed rewind mode at the finish - everything that had taken place being rapidly done in reverse (all the discarded items floated back into his hands, and vanished), Others taking part were: Kim Hyun Joon, Lukas, Nicky Yang and Yang Jae Yeong in a show that was going to take some topping on the subsequent nights.

Saturday brought lectures by: Jan Logemann, Simon Lovell, David Merry,
Anthony Owen, Michael Webber, David Williamson, Yuji Yasuda and Zeki Yoo.

The morning's main event was The British Children's Entertainer National Championships hosted by Colonel Custard aka Paul Megram. Competitors were Captain Calamity, Colin Dymond, Mr Banana Head, Puzzling Paul, David Tricks and Zoobee. The last-named was the winner, having wisely chosen to work in front of the tabs, keeping the stage area as small as possible and generating a sense of intimacy.

Colin Dymond, who was runner-up, did the same. A couple of the performers elected to work on the vast full stage, which generally meant being too far back and "losing contact" with the audience. In 3rd place was Captain Calamity, who really lived up to his name when a number of unplanned mishaps forced him to rework his entire running order and make changes on the spur of the moment. To his credit, he refused to be fazed, soldiered on and won over the audience.

Lunchtime brought The Wayne Dobson and Friends Show to the Pavilion Theatre,
where, with the assistance of Michael J. Fitch, Wayne introduced: Simon Lovell, Colin McLeod, Mel Mellers and Joe Monti. The accent was heavily on comedy, with the biggest laughs coming for Simon, who had been "persuaded" to resurrect his one-time signature straitjacket routine, complete with Sooty puppet and a rubber hand gag.

The afternoon saw Magic Speed Dating where the audience sat around 10 tables and that number of stellar performers spent 10 minutes with each group either answering questions or demonstrating one of their specialities. Those taking part were: Jay Scott Berry, Phil Cass, Simon Lovell, Colin McLeod, Mark Mason, Joe Monti, Harry Robson, Johan Stahl, Michael Webber and David Williamson.

The International Gala that evening was emceed, somewhat surprisingly by Jay Scott Berrry, who admitted that this was a novel experience for a usually silent worker. The opening act was Antje Pode, whose foot juggling with suitcases garnered tremendous applause. Then came Dirk Losander, who seems to have appeared on one show or another at every Blackpool convention in living memory, with his bubble and table-floating act as known.

Phil Cass, on the other hand, was a new face. With his assistant Philippa, he put the accent firmly on comedy, garnering much laughter and applause. In complete contrast, Natalie & Eli, a female duo from Switzerland, combined dance, multiple quick change and massive stage-filling feather flower productions in what must be one of the most colourful spectacles currently on the magic scene.

The second half opened with Philip Hitchcock's manipulations and dove productions, leading up to a remarkable (and applause-pulling) twist on the usual cage vanish with which most such acts finish. Mel Mellers, who followed, was on top form and provided the comedy high-spot of the whole convention. In complete contrast, The Laserman (Theo Doré) of France, gave a spectacular display of manipulating light beams, which combined technology with magical skill, in an act which is unlike anything else around at the moment (until the inevitable copyists begin to crawl out).

The show closed in spectacular manner with Holland's Prince of Illusions team in a mind-numbing plethora of high-speed mysteries, which even had those, who do not usually appreciate this kind of magic, applauding and cheering.

During the show, Joe Monti and Lorenzo Clark made unbilled appearances to "instruct" the compere in the art of being funny, while the latter, at one point sang live, one of the songs he has recorded.

After the show, Magic Sam and Andrew James ran their late-night Beat the Wand gong-contest, which has now become an established feature. Boozy, vulgar and raucous, this event probably reflects the true face of stand-up magic as seen in pubs and clubs around the country. Competitors included: John Carey, Daniel Carmel, Craig Davis, George Firehorse, Liam, PJ and Doc Strange. Only 2 acts failed to beat the wand and were accompanied to the junkyard by the Steptoe & Son theme (Geoff Love's Old Ned).

The winner was George Firehorse, whose "Monkey of Truth" feature caused a near riot; in 2nd place came PJ with his disastrous attempts to perform standard effects while in full Mickey Mouse costume, which were very funny and frequently accompanied by language emerging from the rodent's mouth that would have had any Disney suits hotlining their corporate lawyers. 3rd was Liam, whose work with yoyos really thrilled the crowd - no laughs, just pure skill.

Sunday brought lectures by: Phil Cass, Gary Dunn, Michael J. Fitch, Patrick Lehnen, Mark Mason, Mel Mellers, Joe Monti and Natalie & Eli (assisted by Ritonio).

The Master Class in the Pavilion, hosted by Jeremy Guest, allotted Phil Cass, Colin McLeod, Mark Mason, Joe Monti, Johan Stahl and Michael Webber 12 minutes each to teach one item. While Michael Webber stuck to this, demonstrating one potential of an electronic homing device when combined with the classic Invisible Deck, most of the others did more than one thing and some, like Joe Monti, with a brilliant impression of Slydini, just entertained and had fun.

Steve Evans hosted the International Close-up Magic in the afternoon, introducing: Jay Scott Berry, Dirk Losander, David Merry, Johan Stahl, Michael Webber, David Williamson, Matthew Wright and Zeki Yoo.

The final International Gala Show was emceed by David Merry, who could probably pass himself off as Joe Monti's brother, if he so wished. Plenty of comedy to keep the show moving along. The incredible diablo juggling and acrobatic skills of Tony Freebourg got things off to a lively start. Then followed the black-art magic of Les Chapeaux Blancs, who can be baffling at times, even though you know the underlying principles of what they do.

David Williamson went down a storm with his raccoon and a handful of children from the audience. Only he could get away with roughly manhandling the youngsters as he does; anyone else would probably find themselves in court. But with him the audience and the kids love it. A complete contrast was Galina's balletic Linking Ring act, where the magic is very much secondary to the movement, dressing and lighting. To close the first half was Yann Frisch with his FISM-winning close-up which combines Cup & Ball magic with comedy, mime and juggling - plus a surprise finish that caught us all out.

After the interval, Derek Lever presented the Murray Award to Gay Ljungberg (the regular FISM stage director for many years), who in turn brought on the entire Blackpool stage crew, whom he described as "the best in the world". Then octogenarian (and still working) comedy veteran Ken Dodd OBE presented his trophy to Mel Mellers, before launching into a 20-minute routine of rapid-fire gags, as only he can.

Mark & Alex plus an unnamed woman, were a team of illusionists from Germany, who kicked off the magic proper. Then came Sonny Hayes & Co (the "& Co" being Galina who had appeared earlier) with a well-worked-out, ultra-slick act of graceful comedy, which started low-key but got progressively funnier.

To close the show, came Marko Karvo and partner, yet more FISM winners, who have taken bird magic to new heights producing not only doves, but budgerigars, cockatoos and an enormous parrot, together with appropriately-sized cages. A spectacular feature is the way in which the birds fly over the audience and return to the stage; something that helped generate the excitement which contributed to their standing ovation.

For those who were still hungry for yet more magic, the After Gala Show Party followed with cabaret compered by Karl K and featuring: George Kovari Junior, High Jinx and Matthew Wright, plus close-up.

Throughout the convention, some 120 dealers were showing and selling, while caricaturist Robert Ormesher was on hand to draw portraits for those who wished. And Kenny Bowe exhibited a display of his collection of vintage playbills.

For all the stage shows, Dave Windle handled the music, Duncan Jump stage managed and Russ Brown was stage director.

Derek Lever was the overall organiser of the entire convention, assisted by: Arthur Casson (registrations), June Casson (resgistrations), Annette Claire (media co-ordination), Jeremy Guest (after show party and joint chief steward), Pat Guest (after show party), Danny Hunt (media co-ordination), Karl K (assistant security officer), Anne Lever (organiser's PA), Russ Lowe (lecturer's sales), David Plant (assistant organiser, close-up and joint chief steward), Les Pybus (security), Harry Robson (close-up and dealers), Christine Shepherd (treasurer's PA), Mike Shepherd (treasurer) and Russ Stevens (assistant organiser).

Next year's dates are 21st - 23rd February 2014.

16. Sightseeing At S A M Convention
Message by George Schindler (US)

Blue Line or Yellow Line? Both of these DC Metrorail trains come directly into Crystal City in Arlington just down the ramp from the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel where you will be staying when you come to the Society of American Magicians Convention this July. (3-4-5-6).

Leave the car at the hotel and get to see all of Washington DC. The Arlington Cemetery is just three stops away on the Blue line. The Yellow line takes you into the center of town where you can visit the White House, or the Capitol. See the Mall, Lincoln Memorial, or the Washington Monument. Visit the museums, the Smithsonian or the Viet Nam Memorial or all the other memorials on the mall. Come in a day early or stay a day later to add these highlights to the magic. See the DC Information Convention page on www.magicsam.com If you are not registered yet, do so before the rates change.

17. Illusion Dream Team Set To Thrill Auckland, New Zealand
We hear magicians from all over New Zealand are planning to come to Auckland to see one of the biggest selling magic shows on earth today. The Illusionists.
22th May - 2nd June | The Civic, Auckland
Tickets: www.buytickets.co.nz
Or 0800 Buytickets
Performance Times
Wed to Sat 7.30pm, Saturdays 2pm,
Sundays, 11am & 3pm. Tues 28 May, 6.30pm

If you are planning to see this fabulous magic show make sure you also attend the Kevin James Auckland only lecture on Monday 27th May.

The Illusionists:
* The Anti-Conjurer aka Dan Sperry - Shock illusions
* The Enchantress aka Jinger Leigh - Skills of grace and gravity defiance
* The Escapologist aka Andrew Basso - Death defying escapes
* The Gentleman aka Mark Kalin - Classic magic reimagined
* The Inventor aka Kevin James - Magic inventions and ground breaking illusions
* The Mentalist aka Philip Escoffey - Master of the unexplained
* The Trickster aka Jeff Hobson - Comedy magic
The biggest selling magic show on earth will appear on The Civic stage in May for a two week season featuring seven world grand master magicians in The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible.

The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible launched in January 2012 with a sell-out season at Sydney Opera House reaching an audience of 31,000 in nine days, followed by a Mexico City eight-day season with an audience of 42,000. More recently the show packed out Adelaide Festival Centre and Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and willvisit Auckland before a launching world tour from London's West End.

The hand-picked cast of internationally renowned illusionists together create a blockbuster stage show featuring a stunning mix of their most outrageous and unbelievable optical illusions including nail-biting Russian roulette, jaw-dropping acts of levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and escapes.

This show sees the magicians take their cue from the showmanship of the great illusionists of the past - such as Houdini - and combine it with contemporary sets, costume design, technology and live band Z, best known as touring band for Hip Hop legend NaS, to create a spell-binding family-friendly blockbuster. Creative Producer Simon Painter says the show is a world first, with each of the seveninternational illusionists the best in their niche and together creating a 21st century stage spectacular that will leave audiences spellbound.

"From Dan Sperry's shock illusions to comedy magician Jeff Hobson to Escapologist Andrew Basso who performs the Houdini inspired underwater escape live on stage, there is no other group of magicians who can deliver the mind-blowing entertainment thatThe Illusionists do at every show.

"Kevin James, The Inventor, is the man who created most of the famous illusions and tricks that you'll see performed anywhere in the world by top magicians, and we have him bringing his favourite illusions to life as part of the show." Robbie Macrae, Director of THE EDGE Performing Arts Centre says that The Illusionists is a magic show like never before seen in New Zealand and another major stage show for Auckland and the rest of New Zealand to enjoy.

"We're incredibly excited to have secured The Illusionists for a season at
The Civic. We haven't had a blockbuster magic show of this kind in Auckland before and we know that the theatricality and artistry of the show will completely
astonish our audiences."
To book or for more information go to:

YouTube clip - The Illusionists - Witness the

18. 2013 New Zealand Lectures - Diary Now
Message by Alan Watson (New Zealand)

John Kaplan (Canada) Lectures
Wellington Tuesday 12th March 2013 and
Auckland Thursday 14th March

Kevin James & Jeff Hobson joint lectures
Auckland Monday 27th May 2012

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