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Issue Number: #1113
Date: Sunday 3rd August 2014
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Catalog Now Online - Houdini Auction
3. Joanie Spina Is Awaiting A Liver And Double Lung Transplant
4. Steve Marshall Japanese National TV Show
5. Michael Dardant - Bitten By A Wizard
6. Rumors Of Abb Dickson's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
7. Your Audience - #347 - By Kyle Peron
8. Penn & Teller Challenge Magicians To 'Fool Us'
9. Jeff Prace And John Stessel Lecture
10. Tribute To Alan Alan By Simon Drake
11. Unbelievable - Magic-Fest Convention
12. The Illusionists 2.0 - Auckland New Zealand
13. The Illusionists 2.0 - Performers
14. Innovention 2015
15. Circus Legend Tihany Celebrated His 98th Birthday
16. Daytona Festival Of Magic
17. John Luka Motor City Close-Up Convention
18. The Shore City Magicians Club Celebrating 40th Anniversary
19. e-zine Archives
20. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
A very BIG thank you to Rosemary McCarthy, Managing Director of International Entertainment for renewing sponsorship of the Magic New Zealand e-zine for the next twelve months.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2014-Jan-to-Dec-2014/1113-Aug03-2014.html

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2. Catalog Now Online - Houdini Auction
Message by Potter & Potter Auctions

Catalog Now Online
The catalog for our August 23rd auction of Houdiniana and magic memorabilia is now online and available for download (or better yet, for purchase) http://www.potterauctions.com/auctions/upcoming.

This outstanding offering includes unpublished photos, posters, handcuffs, autographs, books, and a Houdini scrapbook uncovered last year which has been lost for over 80 years. The Houdiniana is complemented by a strong selection of magic ephemera, props, and posters.

For those who can't wait until auction day, the catalog has been posted on our partner website, Liveauctioneers.com. Register to bid, browse lot-by-lot, and even leave absentee bids.


Important Note: Many additional and detailed photographs are posted on Liveauctioneers which are not in the printed catalog.

3. Joanie Spina Is Awaiting A Liver And Double Lung Transplant
Message from Walter Zaney Blaney

Hi friends in magic,

Joanie Spina is one of the top names in the magic world. Most know she was the original assistant and choreographer to David Copperfield when he was on his way to becoming the star that he is with his many national TV Specials , and worldwide road show tours. A performer herself, she starred with my daughter Becky Blaney some years ago in the Claridge Hotel Casino show in Atlantic City for several months with their "Women in Magic" stage show. Joanie also has been" a behind the scenes director" of many top acts, helping them up a notch higher on the ladder to success on the world magic stage. Last month in Los Angeles at the latest AMA Awards Show she was awarded a prestigious Magic Fellowship, and she managed to make a live acceptance appearance to a long standing ovation in spite of her serious illness.

Many know that Joanie is awaiting a liver and double lung transplant, which will take place at Methodist Hospital at the famous Medical Center in Houston as soon as the organs become available. During the wait she is an hour away from the operating room 24/7 and staying in the home of Daniel Summers, who has opened his home to her, and is taking her to the hospital every other day so she may be monitored and prepared for her surgery when the time comes.

Joanie's birthday is this August 4th, and it would be great if you and her many, many friends around the world could take the time to send her a card and good wishes from you personally. Please snail mail (with a Forever stamp) to:
Joanie Spina (c/o Dan Summers)
20727 Great Laurel Ct.
Kingwood, TX 77346

I know Joanie and her friends appreciate so much the many checks that have been sent to her to go toward the considerable medical expenses involved.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Please do it today and she should get it in time for her birthday? It will make a real difference.

4. Steve Marshall Japanese National TV Show
Message from Steve Marshall

Magician Steve Marshall is being featured in a comedic TV show on Japan's national NHK network.

This is a contest right now against 35 other shows and they need to get the most votes by August 6 to win.

All you need to do it click on the link below to see the 5 min. show and have your vote cast:

You don't have to sign up for anything, just please click the link above.

This is not a magic show but Steve used all his performing experiences to create the character of "Prof. Chuck Fastener" insect expert.

Thanks for all your help. With the vast readership of Alan's great e-zine helping out it will provide a huge boost for us!

Please feel free to pass this along or post it on other sights. Domo Arigatou!

5. Michael Dardant - Bitten By A Wizard
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

Award winning magician, Michael Dardant, recently competed a nationwide lecture tour of the U.S. It was heralded by most as one of the better lectures this year. His material is strong and he has an engaging personality both on stage and off. He exemplified that personality as he sat down for a scotch and a chat with me after his lecture here in Houston, Texas. This podcast was recorded before he competed and won in the I.B.M. / S.A.M. Joint Convention in St. Louis. He also won a spot to compete at the next FISM.

We talked about entering contests, why he does it and why he encourages others to do the same. He also talked about working in comedy clubs, the street, and the movies plus he told a funny story about Sylvester Stallone. He regularly performs magic with a burlesque troupe plus a body painting convention so he discussed that, too. All of this and more made for a thoroughly enjoyable conversation that I think you, too, will enjoy.

You can see some of the photos from his lecture, plus some of his body painting pictures, too. Of course the podcast is on the web page at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/michael-dardant As always, you can download and listen to the podcast on iTunes or through your favorite podcatcher. You can always keep up on what's coming by "Liking" us on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/TheMagicWordPodcast/

6. Rumors Of Abb Dickson's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Message by John Chappell

As in the case of Mark Twain, rumors of Abb Dickson's death have been greatly exaggerated. For a number of years Abb has suffered from severe kidney failure requiring frequent dialysis, and many a magician had told me he was dead.

Turns out that was a considerable overstatement, though Abb is not really in good shape.

When I visited him in the old family home near Jonesboro, Georgia, only a few years ago, Abb was a frail echo of his former ebullient self, yet still Abb.

At that time he was attended by a nurse and needed dialysis every other day. Later attempts to reach him by telephone reached only disconnected lines. I feared his departure from this life, but could find neither an obituary nor any report of a broken wand ceremony.

Finally, last month searching online archives, I found a 2012 newspaper report indicating the Pope Dickson funeral business had closed.

It was in its cavernous basement where Abb stored his vast store of illusions and odd collections - like his collection of magician's suitcases, begun I seem to remember when a European lecturer visiting IBM Assembly 9 left one behind.

That basement may indeed be where finally reposed Duke Stern's famous metal suitcases - the ones he garishly marked with bright yellow X-tapes on every side so that legally blind wizard could pick them out at baggage claims.

After Duke's sudden death I met Abb at the airport in St. Louis and together we took Dukie's ashes to Colon for the final ceremony. There's a YouTube video of Karrell Fox at that grave recalling his old pal.

From that news report I was able to reach a former employee of the Dickson's who told me Abb still lives, but is in a care facility. He thought Abb would like to have a card now and then from magicians, and said he get me the name of the place.

A week later I received an email with the information. Abb's mailing address is:

Abb Dickson
c/o Kindred Care & Rehab Lafayette
110 Brandywine Blvd.
Fayetteville, GA 30214
So that's the story.
John Chappell

7. Your Audience - #347 - By Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

I am a firm believer in getting to thank my audiences and giving them a chance to meet me after my shows.

To me, the audience is EVERYTHING. Without an audience who are we really? We are just lonely people on a stage by ourselves. THEY are why we do this and it is them who makes us who we are. We cannot forget them nor ignore them. We certainly cannot take advantage of them or show a lack of disrespect.

Meeting the audience after a performance is a great way of letting them know I appreciate them. It is also a means in which to have kids meet an entertainer in person. It can really make an impact on them.

Whenever I bring this topic up, folks ask me if I sell my autograph. In other words am I making money off of it? I never sell my autograph at all. My feeling is that if not for the audience, I would be out of work. I owe them.

Greeting my audiences and allowing them to get free autographs also does other important things for me. For starters, it allows the client/s to see crowds of people engaging me afterwards. It just simply looks good in their eyes.

It also allows me to hear the comments coming from the audience and a chance to engage them with questions I can freely ask. This exchange of information is a learning experience and is a very valuable one.

Also, if I have a BOR table selling my products, this is a great way and method of getting them over to it. I have one part of the table where I am standing to meet the audience and sign autographs for the kids who want them. This leads folks over in droves to my BOR table and creates an atmosphere where they are much more willing to spend money while they are over there.

Now one method to get folks over to want an autograph is by offering them something totally for free in which you can sign for them. There are many options here. One of the easiest is to make a Magicians Assistant Certificate and give them out to any and every child. You can also provide book marks for library shows or posters. The options are up to you.

They get the certificate (etc.) from you after the show and you sign it for them right there. Not only does it give them something they want, but you get them to your BOR table and they go home with something special that also brands you and has your contact information on it. This can easily add up to more shows for you later on.

Other things you can give out for free and sign could be postcards, your own trading cards or even free photos of you. The idea is to give something to them of value and do so freely.

So we can't forget our audiences we perform for. We can't forget what they mean to our business and what they mean to magic in general. We are a performing art. That in essence means we exists to perform for others. The more we respect them, the more they will respect us and the art we love.

I am happy to announce that my newest book, "FESTIVAL MAGIC", is finished and is NOW available at http://www.kpmagicproducts.com ; This 112pg book is filled with the most up to date information on how anyone can work and succeed in the festival and fair markets.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

8. Penn & Teller Challenge Magicians To 'Fool Us'
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Home Of The Chicago Sun-Times Blogs
By Bill Zwecker

Veteran magician and entertainer Penn Jillette - the vocal half of the hugely-successful Penn & Teller act - along with his partner Raymond Teller, is bringing to the U.S. and the CW Network a TV competition show that has been popular across the pond in Britain.

Beginning Wednesday"Penn & Teller: Fool Us," will launch a 9-episode run, with magicians literally attempting to pull-off a trick Penn & Teller cannot figure out. The aspiring magicians who achieve that win the opportunity to perform with Penn & Teller at their enormously popular show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
Jillette called the other day to chat about it all.

Q: What did you enjoy about putting this particular show together?

A: You get into magic because you love being fooled. You love the feeling of wonder and awe and being tricked. You kind of chasing that first 'high' because the more you learn about magic, it's harder and harder to be fooled. So you end up, as Teller and I are, as professional magicians - all the years we've been performing together and before that individually, knocking on 100 years! So, as a result, not much fools you.

What was fun here, with this show, was throwing down the gauntlet in a playful way - and saying, 'Come on TV and fool us!'

Q: What are your hopes for this program?

A: We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves here, but if U.S. audiences like this, and the ratings justify it, the CW tells us we'll do a second American season - with American magicians. Although there are wonderful, wonderful magicians in the U.K., there quite simply better ones - and more of them - in the U.S.A. It's simply that America is a bigger country with more magicians out there. That's all it is.

Q: Of course, the obvious question: Do you guys get fooled a lot here?

A: Not to give too much away, but a few people really do! Those that fooled us, fooled the pants off us! It was the exact feeling I had when my mom did the first magic trick for me when I was 6! I got that same feeling with this show. It's a feeling of your whole world being discombobulated for a moment. It's just glorious!

Q: Since this really is a reality competition show, how do you compare it the others out there?

A: So many of the competition shows are essentially contentious. What's different and wonderful about 'Fool Us,' is that it recreates what happens at our show in Vegas, when we're backstage. Pretty much every magician in the world ends up at our Vegas show at one time or another. So, after the show, they come backstage to say hi, and we sit with snacks in the green room and invariably somebody will pull out a deck of cards or a coin, and say, 'Hey, you guys - you seen this?' What they're really doing is actually playing a game as it is now on TV with 'Fool Us.'

And, after watching it, we go, 'Yeah, we have seen that and we know how you did it,' or we go, 'Wow! No! That was terrific!'

Q: Was this a tough sell to the TV executives who would have to give it the go-ahead?

A: When we first were explaining it to the television executives, they said, 'How do we decide whether they fooled you or not?'

And I just said, 'We'll know, and they'll know. … We don't really have to say anything. We can kind of look at them and that's it. We all will know, both us and them.'

Q: Do you think it's fun that unlike other competitive reality shows, yours is focused on magic alone?

A: That's part of it. We have so many of the singing competition shows or variety act competitions and it ends up with the question always, about the judges - who the hell are they?! What does Howard Stern, for example, know about jugglers [on 'America's Got Talent'] When it comes to the music shows, you sometimes wonder, if Miles Davis was coming along now - would he win one of those shows? I could just hear the judges saying, 'I don't know. He was a little pitchy.'

With this we're not ever commenting on their showmanship, or how enjoyable they are. It's a very, very simple thing: Did. You. Fool. The two of us. Not, did you fool everybody else in the world. Not would you fool David Copperfield. It's did you fool Penn & Teller.

Q: Is there anything else you'd care to share about doing the 'Fool Us' show?

A: We never really say this, but I think people will be aware, once they watch it - it's an excuse to do magic on TV, where you know there's no camera tricks. No matter how much the other (reality competition) shows swear to you there are no camera tricks, there always are.

But on this show, because they're doing tricks for us, there's no motive to do camera tricks. You really know [when you're watching] you're seeing what's happening in the theater. That to me is what makes it really wonderful.

9. Jeff Prace And John Stessel Lecture
Message by John Bukowski

Jeff Prace and John Stessel Lecture August 21st @7:30pm

Jeff Prace has become recognized in the community for his unique, offbeat style of magic. At only 20 years old he's worked with top magic production companies, been published in every major magic periodical, performed live on NBC's The Today Show, and now he's sharing all of this in this lecture.

John Stessel is an accomplished sleight-of -hand artist and creative creator. By the time he was a teenager, he released five DVD's into the magic community, and many of these have become best sellers. John's 'Magic Phone Stand' received over 35.000 and garnered impressive feedback through crowd funding. His inspired thinking led him to become a featured magician on Softy's Wizard Wards and in this lecture John will take you into his world of imaginative magic.

Two of the hottest and most forward young thinkers in magic are sure to provide a fun and interactive lecture for all magicians.

Price: $25.00

10. Tribute To Alan Alan By Simon Drake
Message by Simon Drake (UK)

Our dear friend Alan Alan passed away last night. I knew him for over 40 years and he was not just a truly great and innovative performer but also a valuable teacher in the craft of magic and a generous, kind man. Along with the other professional magicians I benefitted greatly from Alan's constructive critiques.

He knew and passed on to us lucky few the old 'rules' of stagecraft; timing, beats, pointing and much more that most young bucks have no clue about these days. He described those unfortunates as 'nonentities' who would just buy a trick and go out and perform it the next day. A fortunate handful of us who listened, owe him a great deal of thanks, love and respect.

I am feeling especially sad for and send warmest wishes to Mike Vincent who was like a son to him. Alan patiently coached Michael from a lad to become one of the greatest sleight of hand practitioners on the planet. I also feel a sense of relief that he is now free and at peace having painfully and most frustratingly for him waited for 'the ferryman' for a long time.

So long dear fellow ....until we meet again.

11. Unbelievable - Magic-Fest Convention
Message by Ken Spanola, - Convention Chairman

Unbelievable - Magic-Fest Convention is only less than one week away.
Saturday August 9th, 2014

Avoid the registration lines. Register Online at www.TampaMagicClub.com

Click on the "Registration" tab and then the "MagicFest" hyperlink. For additional Convention information, click on the "Convention" tab. What Is MagicFest? Simply the Best One Day Convention In Florida.

Here's what's scheduled:
3 Fantastic Lectures!
John Bannon will be our feature lecturer. This will be no ordinary lecture. First, John rarely lectures and this will be his only Florida lecture. He's flying back to Illinois after the workshop on Sunday. Second, this will be a 2 hour lecture by one of the best magicians in the country.

Ryan Schlutz is an exciting young performer who has released several highly acclaimed DVDs. Ryan has some very clever self-working magic that are "workers" that will go right into a working professional's repertoire. Don't miss this lecture by one of magic's rising stars.

Terry Ward is one of the best entertainers in magic today. He has performed for the most prestigious audiences, such as Coke-a-Cola, Nestle Carnation, GE, AT&T and Walt Disney World. Using his dynamic personality, Terry brings the artistry of magic to a new dimension. By combining magic, comedy, and audience participation, Terry will keep everyone laughing and well entertained throughout his lecture.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from a real entertainment master.

Close-Up Show
What a lineup - John Bannon, Ryan Schlutz and Terry Ward will all perform in the show. If that wasn't enough, the very talented Cameron Francis has been added to the show.

We will have a jumbo screen and projector for all lectures and the Close-Up show, so everyone can see the magic.

Our very special MC for the day will be Geoff Williams. Geoff is an outstanding magician in his own right and he is sure to keep the day moving right along with his comedic talents.

Dealers Room and Flea Market Tables
Good News & Bad News! The Bad News is -- there are no more Dealers or Flea Market tables available - we've sold out. The Good News is we've sold out -- so the Dealers Room will be the place to hang out as we've lined up some wonderful Dealers as well as 10 Flea Market tables where you are sure to find some magical treasures!

Convention Location
We are having the convention at the same hotel as last year -- the beautiful Embassy Suites, 3705 Spectrum Blvd. (off Fowler Ave.) in Tampa, FL.

Hotel rooms are available at $129 per night. Just be sure to say that you are attending the "MagicFest" convention to get that rate.

The registration fee is still only $35 (same price as last year)!
Unbelievable - 3 Fantastic Lectures, a Close-Up Show with 4 Outstanding Magicians and a jam packed Dealers Room with Flea Market tables. All for ONLY $35.

You can pay online at www.TampaMagicClub.com and pay with Pay Pal or call Melissa Spanola at 813-885-2449

Registration opens at 8:30 AM.
Dealers Room Opens at 9:00 AM and our first lecture (Ryan Schlutz) is at 9:30 AM.
The convention ends at 6:00 PM. So this is a full day of fun and magic that you don't want to miss.
Check online for the full schedule.

If you have any questions, give me a call.
Ken Spanola, Convention Chairman

Bonus - Extra Charge Workshop
The Magic Emporium is hosting an Extra Charge Event on Sunday, August 10th - a John Bannon Workshop.

John will hold a very rare hands-on workshop for a limited number of magicians. This unbelievable workshop will start at 1:00PM at The Magic Emporium.

The cost is only $50 and seating is limited. Don't be turned away!

Call Gary Barker at 813-265-WAND to reserve your spot before this event is sold out.

12. The Illusionists 2.0 - Auckland New Zealand
The future of magic IS HERE!
2 to 13 September
Live at The Civic, Auckland

The next generation of magic is coming to town! The Illusionists 2.0 -- a stunning sequel to the box-office smashing 2013 season of The Illusionists - is announced for Auckland's The Civic theatre this September.

Featuring seven masters of mental and optical illusion, The Illusionists 2.0 is a brand new production that will propel New Zealand audiences into the future of magic and illusion, using cutting-edge visual effects.

A fast-paced, high-energy powerhouse performance, The Illusionists 2.0 gives audiences the chance to witness the magical genius of the world's greatest stars and their genre, each with a unique skill that has won them countless fans globally.

Whether it's the deadly arts of The Warrior, or the high-risk tricks and stunts of The Deceptionist, The Illusionists 2.0 will leave audiences rubbing their eyes in disbelief. Edgy, exciting and most of all fun, it's the perfect live entertainment show.

'Forget abracadabra and rabbits jumping out of hats because The Illusionists 2.0 will make you question whether Harry Potter really is the chosen one.'
Adelaide Advertiser

Venue - The Civic
Season - From Tuesday 2 September to Saturday 13 September
Times: - Tues & Sun, 6.30pm, Wed to Sat 7.30pm,
Matinees - Sat, 2.30pm, Sun, 1pm
Bookings - 0800 111 999 or ticketmaster.co.nz
Tickets: - From $69.90*
Family and Under 16 ticket prices available

13. The Illusionists 2.0 - Performers
The Master Magician - Luis De Matos
He's the king of conjuring, a superhero of stage illusion. Prepare to be astonished as one of the most renowned magicians of all time pushes the boundaries of the believable with a series of spectacular tricks and stunts that will redefine your idea of what is real.

Hailing from Portugal, he's a multi-award-winning performer and host of the BBC's "The Magicians" - a superstar of sorcery and a maestro of mentalism with a flair for the theatrical. His use of cutting-edge video techniques makes him truly one of a kind. You'll be bewitched by The Master Magician!

The Warrior - Aaron Crow
He's the ultimate strong, silent type - the man who has mastered some of the most dangerous acts of mentalism on stage without uttering a single word!

Using swords, paintball guns and highly powerful crossbows, Belgium's foremost international magic sensation creates acts that are as unusual as they are entertaining, leaving you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Little wonder he took the planet by storm after winning first place at the World Championships of Magic. Prepare to defend yourself against The Warrior.

The Deceptionist - James More
He's dark, handsome and a master of modern magic - combining a powerful stage presence with an outstanding talent for the art of illusion.

One of the rising stars of the scene, this British-born, enigmatic character has a smart, slick approach, delivering fast-paced, high-risk tricks and stunts that have been witnessed by millions of people around the world. His many charms have seen him win over international audiences through appearances on major television shows that include ITV's primetime entertainment extravaganza, Fool Us, where he performed for Penn & Teller and Jonathan Ross.
Prepare to fall for the dark arts of The Deceptionist.

The Manipulator - Yu Ho-Jin
He's renowned as one of the most masterful sleight-of-hand artists in the world, with dazzling dexterity and the ability to fool even the fastest eye. You'll never figure out how he does it, because he'll always keep his secrets up his sleeve.

Originally from South Korea, he has conquered stages around the world, winning multiple international illusion competitions, the highlight being 2012's FISM - the Golden Globes of the magic community. His act has become the benchmark of illusion.
Now you see it, now you don't - meet The Manipulator.

The Futurist - Adam Trent
He's a star for a new generation of magic fans, fusing classic techniques, dancing, comedy and technology in a show that shatters stereotypes for those who think they've seen it all.

His edgy, fun style has been described as 'Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield' and has put him on a fast-track to global fame. He's performed more than 300 live shows in 19 different countries over the past year and his star is still rising, with two major television shows set to air in the United States this October. He's the next big thing - bring on The Futurist.

The Trickster - Jeff Hobson
The showman of all showman returns to Auckland, he stole everyone's hearts and a few watches last time and now he is back trickier than ever.

The host of Las Vegas and is the epitome of glamour and showmanship. He leaves audiences laughing long after the curtain goes down. Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance.
The Trickster will get you every time...!

"Hobson steals the show like a slick bank robber." New York Daily News

"A whirlwind of fabulousness that simply cannot be contained." Las Vegas Review Journal

The Unusualist - Raymond Crowe
He'll make you laugh, cheer and gasp. He's a home-grown hero - an entertainer extraordinaire of the most unconventional kind. Magician, comedian, mime artist, inventor and master of illusion, he's a multifaceted Aussie genius who keeps you guessing until the last moment.

He's performed alongside Bon Jovi and Russell Brand, and for David Letterman, earned a standing ovation from more than 3,000 magicians at an international convention, and was the only Australian chosen to perform on the famous NBC television special, The World's Greatest Magic. Expect a rare treat with The Unusualist.

14. Innovention 2015
Message by Paul Stone

After two sold out Innovention Conventions in 2010 and 2012, both in Las Vegas, we are delighted to announce that Innovention 2015 will take place in Liverpool, England, from 14th - 16th July, and will be part of the first ever Liverpool Festival of Magic.

The Innovention is totally unique. Ask anyone who came to Las Vegas in 2010 and 2012 and they'll tell you why this convention is unlike any other magic convention. The reason could be that we carefully limit the number of attendees so that everyone has a great seat for every lecture, workshop, and show. It could be that it is such an intimate event and everyone is treated like a VIP! It could be that the line-up of talent is always outstanding. Just some of the star names who have appeared at the Innovention include Teller, Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton, Mac King, Jeff Hobson, Johnny Thompson, and the Amazing Johnathan. It could also be that the professional production values are unrivaled.

Liverpool is a friendly and vibrant city, and July is the perfect time to visit. It is one of the UK's best kept secrets, with its superb Albert Dock overlooking the River Mersey, the exciting Liverpool ONE Centre with great shops, bars and restaurants, and of course Liverpool is the home of the Beatles, and the world famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street.

The venue for Innovention 2015 is the beautiful Playhouse Theatre right in the heart of Liverpool's City Centre where there are several excellent hotels in every price range, all within easy walking distance, so there's no need for any transport, expensive taxis, or lining up for buses, as everything is right there.

If you are planning a trip to FISM in Italy (6th - 11th July) then you should come to Liverpool too. It's all happening the following week (14th - 16th July). If FISM is not in your plans then you should definitely come to Liverpool for Innovention 2015.

Registration for Innovention 2015 is £195, but if you book and pay in full by 31st August 2014, then you will qualify for our special early discount booking offer and pay just £155. An incredible 20% saving!

For full details and to register, send your name and contact information by email to info@innoventionliverpool.com

If you are only going to one magic convention in 2015, make it Innovention 2015 in Liverpool. It will be an unmissable experience!

15. Circus Legend Tihany Celebrated His 98th Birthday
Message by Paul Stone

A Tribute To Tihany at Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas on September 14th 2014 at 8pm

Circus legend Tihany (Franz Czeisler) celebrated his 98th Birthday at the end of June.

On Sunday September 14, I am producing 'A Tribute to Tihany' in the Showroom of the Orleans Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas. Tihany has not enjoyed the best of health recently and we are hoping that this Tribute Show will be a timely boost for him.

We are still finalising the line-up of performers who will be appearing in the show, but so far definitely appearing are: Master Magician Lance Burton, Wolfgang (on the German Wheel), the hilarious act of The Great Tomsoni & Company, Sensational quick change artists Sos & Victoria, and Award winning illusionist Jan Rouven. We are also expecting a number of show business celebrities to attend.

Franz Czeisler is not only a true icon of the circus world, indeed the name Tihany is synonymous with the greatest circuses ever seen, but he is also a wonderful human being whose generosity and kindness to his friends, as well as performers, is unmatched. He has led a remarkable and unique life, and this Tribute will be an opportunity for his many friends from around the globe to show their affection and respect for him.

We really want to make this a memorable evening for a very special gentleman, and so your support will be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word to anyone who is known to Tihany. We want to fill the Showroom to capacity. If you would like to send a greeting to Tihany in the special souvenir program we are producing, please email me at qualityevents@aol.com, Thank you.

Paul Stone
Executive Producer

16. Daytona Festival Of Magic
Message by Harry Allen (US)

Very exciting news!!!! November 7,8,9 2014 Daytona Beach Florida
www.daytonamagic.com click on "convention"

Daytona Festival of Magic just got better if that is possible.

Just added to an unbelievable line up:
Dan Sperry
He will join:
Rudy Coby
Gregory Wilson
Rich Bloch
Fielding West
Eric Jones
Harry Allen
Silly Billy
Don Baggett
Erik Olson
Scott Humston
David Ferman (Juggler) Act
Lectures, stage and close-up shows, dealers, auction, (full sit down dinner Friday night dinner show)

17. John Luka Motor City Close-Up Convention
Message by John Luka (US)

I am very excited to announce that this year the Motor City Close-Up Convention is being co-produced and sponsored by The Wunderground Magic Shop. This year the convention features Shoot Ogawa, Tony Cabral, David Gabbay, and one more performer yet to be named.

It is very easy to register for the convention. Simply go to
http://www.johnlukamagic.com and then navigate to the registration page. The registration is $125 USD PayPal accepted.

All events take place at the Best Western Woodhaven Inn
(http://www.bestwestern.com/woodhaveninn) located at 21700 West Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183. Phone (734) 676-8000. Call the hotel for room reservations or hotel information. There is a special room rate of $73 plus tax per diem for the convention. To qualify, when you make your reservations request the Motor City Magic rate.

As you can see, the line-up for this year's event is already awesome with one more performer to be named. Stay tuned to see who that might be.

I look forward to seeing you there.

18. The Shore City Magicians Club Celebrating 40th Anniversary
The Shore City Magicians Club Inc. was established in 1974 to encourage the arts and traditions of magic and the allied entertainment arts, with a focus on encouraging youth.

We would love to extend an invitation to all past members, associate members and other local magicians to attend this very special occasion.

When: Tuesday 5th August
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Shore City Magicians Club Inc. club rooms, Senior Citizen Hall, back of the Takapuna Library, The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland.

To attend this FREE special event you must pre-register
RSVP's for the SCMC 40th event is event@scmc.co.nz

As part of the evening celebration Timon Krause the Dutch Champion of Mentalism in 2014 will present a lecture.

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Our subscriber list is not made available to any other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Magic New Zealand® E-zine at www.magicnewzealand.com Magic New Zealand® E-zine is published each Sunday. The opinions expressed therein are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of Magic New Zealand®. Neither Magic New Zealand® nor Alan Watson vouch for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, message, statement, or other information reported via Magic New Zealand® E-zine. Subscribers to this publication and authors who contribute to it by doing so agree they will not hold Magic New Zealand® or Alan Watson, jointly or individually liable or responsible in any way for the opinions expressed therein.
Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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