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Issue Number: #1116
Date: Sunday 17th August 2014
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Abbott's 77th Get Together Podcasts
3. Updates From Successful Performercast
4. Update On The 'Tribute To Tihany' Show
5. Houdini's Spiritualism Scrapbook Could See $20,000
6. Remarkable Magic #357 - Nick Lewin
7. Your Audience - #349 - By Kyle Peron
8. Abbott's Get-Together 80th Birthday Celebration 1934-2014
9. The Innovention And The Liverpool Festival Of Magic
10. Joe Labero Returning To Singapore
11. Jeff McBride's Virtual Magic & Mystery School
12. Atlanta Harvest Of Magic
13. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
14. The Illusionists 2.0 - Auckland New Zealand
15. Squib For The September Issue Of Genii
16. Diamond Jim Tyler Has Released His Sixth Instructional Magic DVD
17. Cloth By Steve Valentine Review
18. e-zine Archives
19. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Delighted that Luis de Matos of Portugal (coming to New Zealand in The Illusionists 2.0) will be presenting a special Auckland-only lecture in New Zealand on 29th August. More details to follow shortly.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2014-Jan-to-Dec-2014/1116-Aug17-2014.html

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2. Abbott's 77th Get Together Podcasts
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

This past week, I traveled to the "Magic Capital of the World", Colon, Michigan for the 80th birthday of Abbott's and their 77th annual Get Together (convention). This was a fantastic time that cannot be described in a few words or any kind of abbreviated report. To capture the essence of the Get Together, you have to hear the sounds and the people who make this such a hospitable event.

I was one of the performers for this year's Get Together and chatted with many of the other talent and registrants from the convention both back stage and in the street. You can listen to the daily updates I posted plus see many photos I uploaded and view a couple videos from 1984 of Abbott's and the streets of Colon, Michigan and the other was a guided tour of the American Museum of Magic given by none other than the owner/operator himself…Bob Lund. And of course you can listen to the podcasts, too. All are available as follows:

Day Zero (the day before the official start of the Get Together): http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/ground-zero-abbotts-get-together-2014
Day One: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/day-1-abbotts-get-together-2014
Day Two: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/day-2-abbotts-get-together-2014
Day Three: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/day-3-abbotts-get-together-2014
Day Four: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/day-4-abbotts-get-together-2014
Epilogue: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/epilogue-abbotts-get-together-2014

3. Updates From Successful Performercast
Message from Kris Sheppard

Take a stroll with Paul Green:
Listen in as Paul and I talk about such topics as fear, finding balance between family and work, and making a positive difference in people's lives. We also talk about the ins-and-outs of strolling magic including the difference between "strolling" and "walk-around," whether or not it's possible to make a living strolling, and pricing your services.

Optical Illusionist, Bizzaro, talks about creativity:
Magician Bizzaro talks his approach to creativity and how he comes up with some of the crazy things that he does for his own act and the acts of others.

Corporate Juggler Scotty Meltzer shares his insights on juggling for corporate markets and writing comedy for his act:
In this interview I talk with Scotty who is an expert at writing custom scripts for his corporate clients. Scotty brings us into his process that he uses to incorporate his clients' message into his show. Also, don't miss it when he gives some pointers on how he adds jokes and comedy into his acts. http://www.successfulperformercast.com/scotty-meltzer

Tony Clark talks about producing shows:
In this interview we talk a great deal about what goes into producing the kind of variety shows that Tony produces. Also, hear about what it was like studying under Tony Slydini and about that one time David Copperfield had Tony stall the starting of his show in Reno just so he could get in to see it. http://www.successfulperformercast.com/tony-clark

Take some tips from Lou Serrano, The Magician Who's Always Working:
Listen in to hear about Lou's journey in becoming a full-time professional magician. We touch upon such topics as public speaking, commissions, and how important it is to have a client and prospect list. Also, listen through to the very end for a special offer from Lou for Successful Performercast listeners only!

Download a Free PDF Show Booking & Debrief Form!
This is a form that will help you to keep track of all aspects of your shows and get as much as you can out of them to help improve your act and grow as a performer.

I sincerely hope you find value in these interviews.

-Kris Sheppard: Successful Performercast http://www.successfulperformercast.com

4. Update On The 'Tribute To Tihany' Show
Message by Paul Stone

The line-up for the Tribute Show at the Orleans Hotel & Casino on Sunday September 14th for Circus legend TIHANY has now been finalised.

The show features Master Magician Lance Burton, the incredible quick change artists Sos & Victoria, Wolfgang on the German wheel, the Hula artistry of Yelena Larkina, Illusionist Star Kevin James, Legendary Juggler Kris Kremo, the unique hand shadows of Sonny Fontana, from the MJ One Show Xavier Mortimer, Las Vegas Headliner Jan Rouven, Magic Magazine's Stan Allen, American Idol Star Jasmine Trias, and hosted by British singing sensation Ben Stone. The Show starts at 8pm.

All tickets are $30 including tax and are available from the Orleans Box Office Direct number on 702 365 7070 or by visiting the Orleans Box Office. Tickets are also available online at www.orleanscasino.com

5. Houdini's Spiritualism Scrapbook Could See $20,000
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Antique Trade

Chicago - A scrapbook kept by master magician Harry Houdini - lost for over eight decades - was discovered by an antique dealer in California in 2013. Now this historic relic is heading to auction August 23 at Potter & Potter Auctions.

The auction will be held at the Potter & Potter Auctions showroom, 3759 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 121 in Chicago. Internet bidding will be facilitated by LiveAuctioneers.com.
Compiled by Houdini in 1925 and 1926, the scrapbook is filled with his personal notes and clippings related to spiritualism and spirit mediums - individuals who claimed they could talk to the dead. Houdini devoted the last years of his life to investigating and debunking fraudulent mediums.

Finds of this sort are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences," said Gabe Fajuri, president of Potter & Potter Auctions. "Its stories like these that fuel the current trend of antique-themed TV shows and keep all collectors and dealers on the hunt for elusive, valuable finds."
In this case, the value is substantial. The scrapbook's pre-auction estimate is $15,000 to $20,000.

The contents of the scrapbook show Houdini's deep interest and study of spiritualism, as well as the seemingly endless amount of publicity he garnered by his association with it. In Houdini's most famous investigation of all, in 1925, he exposed the Boston medium Margery as a fraud. The scrapbook includes a considerable amount of material on the famous Margery case.

Other sale highlights include a massive lobby board standing nearly 9 feet tall, used to advertise Houdini's performances at various theaters (estimate $25,000-$35,000); the only sketches of the secret workings of an illusion in Houdini's hand ever to come to auction ($5,000-$7,000); Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery Escape device, a unique wooden crate from which Houdini would escape ($20,000-$25,000); as well as a variety of Houdini-signed books, Houdini-owned handcuffs, unpublished manuscripts, private correspondence, family photographs, costumes and silent film memorabilia.

During the three days leading up to the auction, a museum-like exhibition of the lots will be available for public viewing. A full-color auction catalog is available from Potter & Potter.
For more information, visit www.potterauctions.com,
call 773-472-1442 or email info@potterauctions.com.

6. Remarkable Magic #357 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Magic in the Air (waves)

I am interested to notice how much magic is popping up on the television in America these days: other variety arts are not seeing anything like as much airtime as the magical arts. It isn't quite the kind of magic we were seeing on the airwaves a decade ago, but it is interesting to track the changes in what is being presented. It is also educational to spot the change in demographics that the networks are aiming for. Magic is now being aimed at a decidedly youthful, but not a kid's audience: I like that.

The most traditional show on the air is the new season of "Masters of Illusion" on the CW Network. It is a very solid show that features a bunch of excellent magicians who have been brought into a studio and then let loose to film a couple of TV segments to be edited together for future episodes. These are nicely produced shows that will be airing for many years to come and delighting viewers. The intrinsically old fashioned approach of this series in no way handicaps it's success or longevity.

The rest of the magic currently being seen on the television networks fits more readily inside the mantle of "reality programming," and can be broken down into two basic models, talent contests and specialty programing. It is safe to say that the legacy of David Blaine and The Masked Magician has not been entirely lost on the studio executives when you look at this specialty programing. Currently we are not seeing any outright exposure of magic such as Valentino brought when Fox TV updated The Mystery Magician format, however we are seeing some decidedly updated takes on magic.

The highest profile magic slots are those being featured on NBC's America's Got Talent. Unlike England, where fast paced and testosterone drenched illusions are ruling the roost in Britain's Got Talent; the American spin off from the British show is currently discovering the joys of smaller magic. The "break-out" magicians on AGT this season are Tomas De le Cruz (AKA "Smoothini The Ghetto Houdini,") David & Leeman and Mike Super. All are doing a nice job of representing quite different schools of magic. As previously noted none are presenting any mega-sized effects, very refreshing in my personal opinion. Will any of them win the big prize on AGT? I suspect not, but reputations will definitely be made and careers launched.

Penn & Teller can currently be seen on the CW Network in a re-run of their British series "Penn & Teller: Fool Us." I am guessing that if the British series catches on with viewers there might well be an American version of the show. This would work better for me, I must have been away from England too long because I totally fail to "get" host Jonathan Ross-I know he is a giant in English television but to me his appeal is as big a mystery as Russell Brand.

Watching Penn & Teller deconstruct a series of lesser magicians is a lot more entertaining than I first assumed it would be and it will be interesting to see whether the series crosses over to an American audience. The biggest rival to the success of P & T: Fool Us may prove to be the dynamic duo's new "magical reality" series Wizard Wars debuts on August 19th on the Syfi Network. It sounds rather intriguing to watch teams of magicians creating magic illusions from random props.

Add Michael Carbonaro's hit series The Carbonaro Effect, on truTV, into the mix and that is a lot of magic available for viewers. The Candid Camera meets Street Magic take on a magic show has proven to have a wide appeal to viewers. Soon to be appearing on the airwaves is a new variety series by the talented and likeable Justin Willman, which is sure to feature some magic. I have a hunch that this newly announced project might shape up very nicely and could prove to be a real ratings winner for the Cupcake Wars host.

Yikes, we seem to be entering an exciting new golden era of TV magic. We just need to be able to find all those cable channels that are offering these new shows! I guess that is what Tivo is all about…..

You can check out my online store at www.lewinenterprises.net
You can reach me personally at nicklewin1@mac.com

7. Your Audience - #349 - By Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Have you ever watched another entertainer and just realized something seemed off? The show was good and the tricks worked and the routines were good. However, you just realize that they do not seem to be into it. There seems to lack that energy or that drive. Maybe "going through the motions" is a way to describe it.

I think we all have. But if we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we often do this ourselves. Be truly honest and you will have to admit there has been a time or two when you have done it.

It happens as we are all human. We have bills to pay. We get sick and may not feel well. We had a fight with a loved one. We would rather be someplace else because maybe we missed a fun concert etc. Whatever the case or situation might be, we sometimes are not in the right mind-set for the show we are doing.

Sometimes even burn out from doing so many shows can affect the way we present them.

However, one thing we have got to remember is the fact that we need to be a professional at all times. Being a pro means we do not become one part of the time. We do not become one when the curtains open and stop when they close. We do not turn it on sometimes and turn it down or off at others. Being a pro means we are one at all times every time no matter how hard it must be.

The reason for this is a simple one. We owe it to our audiences. An old mentor of mine always would say, "Treat your audiences like they are kings and queens cause without them you are a lonely person on stage by yourself."

He was right. My audiences are everything to me and I owe it to them to give 100% effort every time out all the time. It is not fair to them or the client for me to "call it in" or give only 80% cause of any circumstance.

Every show must be treated as the most perfect show I can perform and I must focus and be in it. Sometimes this may be difficult and I understand that. But we must remember this fact.

In most shows there are kids or adults that may be seeing a live magician for the very first time and YOU are it. YOU represent the art of magic and you alone can make a person love magic or hate it or not care about it at all. YOU alone have that power. You owe it to yourself and to all entertainers to go out there and do your best regardless of what may be going on in your life.

One way I can always do this is to remind myself in a humorous way that appeals to me. In my cases I have a sign and so when I open any case at any show I see the sign and it reads, "Hey stupid, smile…you're supposed to be having fun."

That sign always makes me smile and it is my personal reminder that I am there to have fun and a good time and to create that for the audiences watching me.

When you go out and perform, remember these things. Always be a pro at all times. You owe it to yourself, to your magic peers and most importantly to the audience.

I am happy to announce that my newest book, "FESTIVAL MAGIC", is finished and is NOW available at http://www.kpmagicproducts.com ; This 112pg book is filled with the most up to date information on how anyone can work and succeed in the festival and fair markets.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

8. Abbott's Get-Together 80th Birthday Celebration 1934-2014
Article forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Colon, MI - Whether you are a magician, amateur, or just someone who loves good magic this is the event for you and your family this summer. Many of the biggest names in magic will be participating including Jeff Hobson, Joshua Jay, Losander, Outerbridge, Chris Mitchell, Shoot Ogawa, Pat Davison, Chris Blackmore, John Shryock, George Schindler, and Fred Becker just to mention a few. In addition, some of the best magicians and entertainers under 25 years old will be performing at Tuesday's evening show including Matt Schick, Bill Cook, Timothy Cripe, Mabelle, and Trigg Watson! Find out more about these entertainers and many others at our Performers Page.

On Friday morning magicians will get a chance to perform in front of a real stage audience at our Talent Contest. They will work with our professional stage crew, the absolute best in the business, and compete for cash prizes in the same event where Franz Harary, Lance Burton, and Mac King participated as teens. Everyone is a winner because the experience you gain from performing in a magic competition is priceless!

9. The Innovention And The Liverpool Festival Of Magic
Message by Paul Stone

14th -18th July 2015

The Innovention and Liverpool Festival of Magic will be the magic event of 2015. There are a several big magic conventions taking place in 2015 with thousands of magicians attending, dozens of competitors and lectures galore, but none of them will be like the Innovention. The Innovention is different from any other magic convention. We deliberately limit the number of attendees so that everyone is treated like a VIP, and everyone has a great seat for every show, lecture and workshop.

The Innovention is an intimate event where you will see the best shows, the best performers, the best lecturers and the most innovative sessions. There are a variety of excellent hotels all within a 5 minute walk of the superb Playhouse Theatre, where all the events take place. Next week we will be announcing the first few performers names, so watch this space. Liverpool is a fantastic city to visit with its own special magic, and we are planning some exciting surprises!

So don't wait, register now and take advantage of our very special early bird offer. For full details and to register go to info@innoventionliverpool.com

10. Joe Labero Returning To Singapore
Message by Joe Labero

Returning to Singapore after the spectacular success of "Incanto" at the Resorts World Sentosa in 2013, Joe Labero presents a night of magic at Raffles. With illusions as awe-inspiring as they are mind-blowing and spectacular, watch this three-time Merlin Award Winner's hypnotizing illusions, as he dazzles us at the beautiful Jubilee Hall theatre at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Witness Labero's exclusive brand of magic, which includes illusions that are altogether unbelievable, outrageous, impossible, and death-defying as they are stunning in their slick and beautiful execution.

With thousands of sold out arenas and theatres across the world, Joe Labero is coming to the Raffles Hotel in Singapore for his brand new, all exclusive show this August.

We invite you to witness the absolute impossible. We invite you to Joe Labero's world of magic.

Are you ready to believe?

11. Jeff McBride's Virtual Magic & Mystery School
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

New things are happening with our online Magic School. I sincerely do hope you will consider becoming a member of our All-New online. Please look at the video at our "Virtual Magic & Mystery School.

Not only will you receive special benefits at each level of membership, but you are also helping the School fulfill its mission of improving the art of magic one magician at a time! Learn more right here: http://www.magicalwisdom.com

12. Atlanta Harvest Of Magic
Message by Ken Scott (US)

Ken Scott is hosting the Atlanta Harvest of Magic September 11th to 13th www.atlantaharvestofmagic.com

The talent is strong and unique with Rob Zabrecky, Harry Anderson, Jay Johnson and Bob (ventriloquist) from the hit TV show SOAP, Ice McDonald, Jon Armstrong, Lee Asher, Steve Kline productions, Nathan Kranzo, Charles Pecor, Christopher Hart, Ken Scott, Jon Racherbaumer, and Mark Mason.

There will be 10 lectures, close-up shows, close-up/parlour contest, Amazing Dealers, Gala show. The Crowne plaza is literally 1 mile from the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport.

Room rates are crazy low at 87.00 per. Registration for this great little/BIG convention is only 126.99.

Come be a part of the fun. Atlanta is known for its southern hospitality. Stan Allen says, "The Atlanta conventions are so fun with so much hospitality, family feel, and party atmosphere!" That is what is being planned for at this year's Atlanta Harvest.

13. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

- Something From Nothing by Michael Murray
- Magic in the Moonlight
- Aurora Theatre to Christian Cagigal in OBSCURA
- Ice McDonald Sees The Light In The 'Dark' Arts
- Vanish 15 Now Available!
- Magicians Convention in Oz Aug 29-31st Osasco SP Brasil
- Paul Daniels' Trigger Finger Injury
- David Blaine - A Remarkable Phenomenon: Nick Lewin
- Cool Balloon Guy Under Pressure: Matt Johnson
- India Biennial Magic Convention
- Spinnerets by Steven X

DAILY magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor
14. The Illusionists 2.0 - Auckland New Zealand
The future of magic IS HERE!
2 to 13 September
Live at The Civic, Auckland

The next generation of magic is coming to town! The Illusionists 2.0 -- a stunning sequel to the box-office smashing 2013 season of The Illusionists - is announced for Auckland's The Civic theatre this September.

Featuring seven masters of mental and optical illusion, The Illusionists 2.0 is a brand new production that will propel New Zealand audiences into the future of magic and illusion, using cutting-edge visual effects.

A fast-paced, high-energy powerhouse performance, The Illusionists 2.0 gives audiences the chance to witness the magical genius of the world's greatest stars and their genre, each with a unique skill that has won them countless fans globally.

Whether it's the deadly arts of The Warrior, or the high-risk tricks and stunts of The Deceptionist, The Illusionists 2.0 will leave audiences rubbing their eyes in disbelief. Edgy, exciting and most of all fun, it's the perfect live entertainment show.

'Forget abracadabra and rabbits jumping out of hats because The Illusionists 2.0 will make you question whether Harry Potter really is the chosen one.'
Adelaide Advertiser

Venue - The Civic
Season - From Tuesday 2 September to Saturday 13 September
Times: - Tues & Sun, 6.30pm, Wed to Sat 7.30pm,
Matinees - Sat, 2.30pm, Sun, 1pm
Bookings - 0800 111 999 or ticketmaster.co.nz
Tickets: - From $69.90*
Family and Under 16 ticket prices available

15. Squib For The September Issue Of Genii
Message by Richard Kaufman, Editor of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

Our new digital system is online, enabling Genii to offer 1 year digital-only subscriptions for the unbelievable price of only $35 (which includes access to every single issue of Genii published since 1936--60,000 pages). Get the largest-selling magic magazine in the world for the incredible price at www.geniimagazine.com/subscribe-now

The digital version of Genii's September issue is now live at www.geniimagazine.com

This month we feature Peter Samelson on the cover, in an article written by Stephen Minch, that delves into what makes a thinking-man's magician. One of Peter's signature effects, a slow-motion coin vanish, follows the piece (along with a video of the performance), and there are two more tricks from Peter explained only in the digital version of this issue on pp.97 to 104. There are also many video clips of Peter performing the effects discussed in the article, both new and vintage, so make sure to watch them!

I visited our printing plant Ovid Bell in Fulton Missouri while in St. Louis, and wrote briefly about it, as well as shot a video of Genii on press.

We have audio columns from both Max Maven and Jon Racherbaumer.

This month we also feature coverage of the Combined I.B.M./S.A.M. Convention in St. Louis by Dustin Stinett; columns from David Kaye, Roberto Giobbi, and Jonathan Pendragon, and the issue closes, as usual, with reviews-this month from David Britland, Dustin Stinett, and David Oliver.

My friend Alan Alan passed away, and we have three video clips of him performing, and I wrote a nice piece about my friend Alan "Ace" Greenberg which you'll find in Genii Speaks.

That's just some of what you'll find in the September issue of the largest selling magic magazine on the planet. Hope you enjoy it.

If you're a subscriber to Genii you are entitled to a visit to The Magic Castle each year--just one of the many perks we offer.

All subscribers get free access to all 76 years of our back issues on our brand new digital system.

If you don't yet subscribe, we've got free giveaways at every subscription level.

A 1-year subscription gets you Ricky Jay's DVD Deceptive Practice for 50% off the retail price, $15 including postage anywhere in the world.

A 2-year subscription gets you a copy of Jennings '67 for free, you just pay the postage.

A 3-year subscription gets you a choice of either The Talisman or The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard for only $15 plus postage.

* Every month Genii gives paper subscribers a FREE digital issue with supplementary video and audio columns that can be viewed on ANY computer, desktop or laptop, as well as on any tablet or smartphone, and we have special apps for both the iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. We do NOT charge you a penny extra for your digital copy of Genii, and unlike other magazines we give you the entire magazine including embedded audio and video in digital form for free.

* Every month Genii gives you, absolutely FREE, online access to all 76 years of our back issues. That's 60,000 of pages of tricks, reviews, and news going all the way back to 1936 at no charge.

Visit www.geniimagazine.com and subscribe today! Subscriptions start at only $35 worldwide for digital-only service, and $58 for a subscription that includes both paper and digital magazines.

Visit The Genii Forum, the "smart" online discussion group: www.forums.geniimagazine.com
Visit MagicPedia, the most complete online encyclopedia of magical information with almost 5,000 entries. It's a living encyclopedia to which you are welcome to contribute! www.magicpedia.net

16. Diamond Jim Tyler Has Released His Sixth Instructional Magic DVD
Message by Diamond Jim Tyler

Diamond Jim Tyler has just released his sixth instructional magic DVD QUADRARE CAAN OPUS that retails for $29.95 and it can be found on his site at http://diamond-jim.com/product/quadrare-caan-opus/

When you buy it now he will include the ebook card magic USA (a $30 value) for FREE!

Diamond Jim Tyler has married two amazing effects into one stellar stand-up showpiece. While the title may seem like a Latin magic incantation, it actually refers to The Magic Square and Card At Any Number. Knowing DJT there is lots of comedy built in and he shows you how to milk each moment.

A card is freely selected and a number between 20 and 50 is freely thought-of. The card, with the number on it, is placed back into the ordinary pack and shuffled. The magician proceeds to perform The Magic Square revealing their thought-of number about twenty different ways.
Audiences are always amazed by this.

The spectator is asked to count and deal to their thought-of number. Once they arrive at their number the card is held high to reveal their selection with the number on it. The Card At Any Number portion of the routine comes as complete surprise to the audience and furthers their astonishment.

As a bonus you'll see DJT's Comedy Shuffling Routine which provides another few minutes of fun!

DJT provides many subtleties and provides some work on The Magic Square and his version of Card At Any Number to make it as easy as possible. Included is a special "something" to help make the math involved elementary.

Learn this and perform it and you'll quickly discover that this routine gains much more than gasps. It garners respect. Your audience will believe you to be a mind-reader, a math whiz, and a card mechanic all in a span of just five minutes. DJT has personally used this for close-up, parlor and on stage. Make his opus yours

$29.95 plus S&H
Order now and get card magic USA for FREE!

17. Cloth By Steve Valentine Review
Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds

With all the controversy about the high price of one-trick DVDs, it's a bit of surprise for me to review a three DVD set that deals with one trick. Or to be precise - one magical effect. Many one-trick DVDs on the market detail effects that have not been properly researched or audience tested and before the era of self-publishing would, at best, ended up as a magazine article.

Fortunately for you and me Steve Valentine is a pro and has done his research and this set is well worth your investment in time and money.

My interest in the venerable Card Through Handkerchief was piqued when I read Billy McComb's Five Card Selection routine in one of the Ireland Year Books. It wasn't known as the Multiple Card Selection back then. Billy's routine climaxed with the Card Thru Hanky.

In Disc One of this nicely produced and edited set, Mr Valentine takes us though the basic handlings and sleights and offers non-sleight versions as well. While not encyclopaedic it is very thorough and teaches some of the best handlings and routines from the literature.

A plethora of routines and techniques are shown, all basically being the same plot, a card penetrating through a handkerchief. Sometimes it is the traditional effect, sometimes it pops through, occasionally it rises through and even floats up a la Zombie.

I'm assuming that Steve approaches learning a new trick in similar fashion to the way I do. Namely, research everything you can find, work on it, delete bits, add bits, think about it, change it, perform, change, add, edit and eventually come up with something worthwhile once you have visualised the effect you want to achieve. In Steve's case it was a short paragraph about Nate Leipzig that spurred the development of his method.

Steve has done all that work for you, which is literally a huge amount of research and I'd say, equal to a university semester.

From this disc alone you have your money's worth if you are looking for a routine to add to your professional repertoire. The Card Thru Hanky is an excellent way to finish a card set as it is visual and the magic should happen at face level. If you are careful about your angles and blocking, you should be able to do this strolling and table-hopping. I'd also refer you to Tommy Wonder's books and DVD set for some extra tips and handling.

Disc Two covers tricks, stunts and gags to do with the handkerchief you carry with you. Steve prefers a white bandana rather than a men's pocket handkerchief as it is a little larger. Google 'white bandana' and you can buy them quite cheaply, singly or in bulk. Steve covers a number of ideas and routines where the bandana's corners are held by participants, making a little stage, allowing you to do a range of tricks that would normally require a table. He teaches a coins through handkerchief using the Little Hand gag - as sold by Michael Ammar - as its premise. Another routine that would work well, though it isn't mentioned on the DVD is Bob Swadling's Double Deception, sold by Mark Mason.

I was delighted to see Hankyrise, a routine of Len Belcher's. Len, a creative magician contributed many tricks to British magazines such as The Gen and Abracadabra.

For further uses of a handkerchief or bandana I refer you to Billy McComb or Charlie Miller's routines for the 'Seven Cornered Handkerchief' or my own 'Five Minutes With a Pocket Handkerchief' DVD, all of which is totally different to what is taught here.

Disc Three is dedicated to Cloth, Steve Valentine's own routine. Three cards are chosen by the audience and shuffled (by them) back into the deck. The first two cards penetrate through in an amazing manner, the wrapped deck being shown on both sides and the material of the handkerchief being checked by the audience. The third card is even more amazing, as it visibly appears under the handkerchief before popping right through the material.

You need to make some special gaffs for Cloth, all easy to make and fully detailed instructions are given. You don't have to do all three phases either if you don't want to.

There are considerations for the professional worker with regards to pocket management as the gaffs have to be introduced in performance and stored when not in use. Steve covers palming and non-palming methods and strong misdirection is built in to cover the moves. There is no heat on you as the audience are totally unaware of the gaffs.

Would that all who rush to bring a DVD to market take as much time and effort to research and teach as Steve Valentine has done with CLOTH. It will come as no surprise that this set is highly recommended
Cloth by Steve Valentine $50.

Full details and trailer at http://www.stevevalentine.com/store/p31/CLOTH_By_Steve_Valentine_

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