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IBM Ring 160 Day Of Magic
Sunday (Labour Day) 26 October 2014

Headline Adam Mada
One of Australia's Most Sought-After Magic Showmen

Adam will perform a lecture, entitled Method and Madness

Teach a workshop, entitled Advanced Professional Event Cocktail Magic (Real worker secrets)

And headline our show on Sunday night

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Method & Madness

The lecture is themed around creative problem solving, starting with several small close up style tricks which are taught, leading on to larger effects and or routines based on a client brief, such as the product launch magic I'm heavily involved with. I will explain a step by step process, which is ultimately the method underpinning the madness of saying yes to what looks like an impossible situation and brief. We will end up discussing large scale event magic special FX such as my BMW ?ash reveal and the opening scene of the feature l'm Sleeping beauty and how I achieved these against all odds.

Original Tricks / Routines and elements which will be taught and discussed
* Heads or Tails - A super strong coin in hand routine, relatively impromptu and one of the strongest close up tricks I perform, can be done in a group, on stage, or one on one. It can be framed in a magical context or a mentalism context. It's based on Max Mavens positive negative, but vastly superior, I came up with it after spending time with Eugene Burger.

* Packet Watch - Spectators wrist watch to sealed packed of crisps, spectator opens. I will discuss the evolution of this trick and the gimmick (Stage and or Parlour)

* Key Ditch - ring ?ight, but using a house key, this routine will be performed in the stage show, I will detail several routines involving spectators with the ring ?ight gimmick, and how to vanish the ring or key from a spectators hands. Also using cameras and mobile phones. (This will also be covered in the work shop, the lecture will focus on the problem solving aspect of this routine and the gimmick.

Special FX discussed in detail
* Various product launch style magic, for coke, philips lighting using branding embedded in close up tricks and on stage.

* Sleeping Beauty - Opening scene, case study, discuss how I achieved the opening scene "illusion for the film" even though it looks real, it most certainly is an illusion.

* Original CEO appearance illusion commission for a nightclub owner in Sydney. Detail my collaboration with illusion designer Mark Parker from Singapore.

* Australia's Got Talent Levitation for Dance choreographer Sarah Boulter, will detail how we used a 120 year old illusion and made it new and fresh and mind blowing for TV, which got full standing ovations.

* BMW ash reveal, how I made this happen against all odds NOTES:

* Heads or Tails will be available as a packet trick with instructions to purchase.

* Packet Watch will be available with instructions and gimmick.

* I may have various other gimmicks with me, Such as my work on the butter?y part of the Boris App created by my colleague Ian Pidgeon

* I will be using a projector to display video and photos of my work during the lecture. This is especially prevalent for the TV stuff.

Advanced Professional Event Cocktail Magic - (real worker secrets)
This is based on 15 years of professional event magic, working under every conceivable condition with consistent and long standing high prole residencies. Adam is also one of the highest paid close up magicians in the country.

The workshop is going to be a hands on session, covering close up roving magic in a professional event environment. We will take participants existing tricks, as well as new tricks and tricks from my repertoire and cover the following:

* How to charge top dollar within the market.

* How and when to impress the right people, to get them talking about you.

* When does the performance start? (Hint: before you get to the gig)

* Effective routine and trick selection for each environment.

* How to turn a simple trick e.g. card transposition into an amazing fully interactive group wonder worker.

* Continued work on how to involve everyone watching, to be a part of the magic with your existing material.

* Ring flight, several versions that make sense, involving people's objects, including their keys, wallets, phones, cameras and hands, and or anything else on the table.

* Identifying status play within a group, i.e. ?nding out and controlling the Alpha male

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