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Issue Number: #1134
Date: Sunday 21st September 2014
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Farewell to Phil Willmarth
3. Phil Willmarth's Memorial Service
4. Mat Franco Wins America's Got Talent!
5. Congratulations to Mat Franco. The big winner.
6. Latest News Regarding FISM Italy 2O15
7. The Magic Summit
8. Remarkable Magic #362 - Nick Lewin
9. Branding For Magicians: What Is Branding? #353 - Kyle Peron
10. The Magic Word - Noel Britten - Magician & Humanitarian
11. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
12. In Reply to Nick Lewin's Article
13. Congratulations Once Again To Tihany on His 98th Birthday
14. INNOVENTION and the Liverpool Festival of Magic & Variety
15. Australian World Festival Of Magic Tour
16. What's In the October Issue of Genii?
17. IBM Day of Magic 26th October - Auckland
18. e-zine Archives
19. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
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2. Farewell to Phil Willmarth
Message by Nick Lewin forwarded on by Mel Kientz

It is with great sorrow that I heard of the passing of Phil Willmarth. He was a kind, generous and a true gentleman. I was first introduced to Phil by my dear friend Terry Nosek when they visited my show in Las Vegas. It was a friendship at first meeting. Phil was the long term editor of The Linking Ring and much to my surprise several months later Terry and Phil featured me on the cover of the magazine! It was the first time I had ever been honored in this manner.

While on a visit to New Zealand Alan Watson and Richard Webster persuaded me to resume my long dormant career as a writer. For the seven years following that visit I have written a column in the Magic New Zealand ezine. I look at those early columns and am amazed how primitive they were, but I continued practicing my new found craft and now I am writing some stories and articles in magic publications of which I am really proud.

One of my early 'fans' in my writing endeavor was Mr Willmarth. He read all my columns and gave me some invaluable advice on how to make them better. Phil also asked me if he could re-print some of them in The Linking Ring, I was delighted and encouraged. Before long I was writing a monthly column for The Ring and continued to do so for some time. I even won the IBM award for best columnist. The true joy of those columns was getting to work on the topics, content and execution of them with Phil. It was as enjoyable as it was educational. I got to work with a master who could set me straight with just a few words. I remember with great fondness our (often late-night) conversations and discussions. They meant a great deal to me.

Phil leaves behind a literary, scholarly and human legacy that makes him one of magic's finest. I will miss our occasional, gentle conversations greatly.

3. Phil Willmarth's Memorial Service
Message by Eldridge Gray (US)

I am writing to inform you that the memorial Service for Phil will be held:

Friday, September 26, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
Chapel of the Cross
304 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

4. Mat Franco Wins America's Got Talent!
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

A huge day in the history of the magical arts!

Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School Student Mat Franco wins America's Got Talent!



Sleight of hand magic beats all other forms of entertainment!

Mat won 1 million dollars and his own show in Vegas!

For more magic winners go to

5. Congratulations to Mat Franco. The big winner.
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

It was very exciting to see a magician finally win a major television event, to be quite honest it is a day I really didn't see arriving when it did. In winning "America's Got Talent" Mat Franco has done something that is a real shot in the arm to every magician in America. There were some very strong acts in the 2014 finals of AGT and this talented young man did a great job of becoming the big winner. He is going to do a wonderful job of opening up the entertainment world to the potential of sleight of hand magic being a mainstream and viable entertainment booking option. A major entertainment booker emailed me this morning and said, "Close-up magician took it last night on America's Got Talent, not an illusionist with boxes and a girl, but a true sleight of hand artist - whoo hoo!" I couldn't agree more….

Franco did some great magic in his 90 second slots. His initial set when he performed a customized Sam The Bell Hop was a tough act for him to top. He went on to show a lot of style in a very daunting scenario - performing sleight-of-hand in Radio City Music Hall. The last time I saw magic in that particular venue it was Siegfried & Roy breaking in their new show before debuting it at the Mirage. It wasn't an easy stage for them to fill even with all the spectacle they brought to the party. It is also not at all easy to present a satisfying 90 second bite of magic; when the great Billy McComb used to be asked if he could do a ten minute show he would reply, "Absolutely, now in ten minutes I can either find a card that nobody selected-or have a card selected and not find it. Which would you prefer?" I can relate to that response.

In the semifinal when Franco was facing off against David & Leeman and Mike Super, I was very impressed with the way that Mat built up his miniature act from three separate tricks. In other words he presented the classical theatrical three act format - an opener, a middle and a closer! It really paid off when contrasted with his colleague's decision to perform one effect at a more leisurely pace. As magicians we all view other magic acts through a strangely distorted lens, we forget that lay audiences are much more interested in the magician and not what he does. We just aren't the correct demographic and Franco showed how effective a fresh look at the classics can be for a lay audience. It was less important that the tricks were fresh and new and extremely relevant that Mat was.

I was expecting a great deal of sniping over some of Franco's palpably correct choices, I was delighted to see that the magic community joined forces to congratulate this personable and talented young man into the major league. This is a moment for rejoicing with no element of sour grapes spoiling the moment. Mat Franco has given us all something to be very proud about, more power to him, I will watch his next moves with interest and excitement.

6. Latest News Regarding FISM Italy 2O15
Message by Giulia Gobbi (Italy)

Let The Legend Begin!

FISM Italy 2O15 staff is proud to announce the first seven artists, members of the legendary cast of FISM Italy 2O15.

David Williamson
Otto Wesseley
Armando Lucero
Luke Jermay
Rob Zabriecky
Raymond Crowe
Xavier Mortimer

Stay Tuned And Discover All The Next Names!

**The Masters Of Magic Corner**

At FISM Italy 2O15 in Rimini we want to gather the joy of being together, therefore, differently to previous editions, the headquarters will not be inside a hotel, but inside the Rimini Palacongressi!

This futuristic location, on the occasion of the World Championship of Magic, will be open 20/24h, until 5:00 in the morning. There will be refreshment areas with bars and restaurants inside and outside the building; tables to play magic tricks until dawn, areas where partying all night and temporary shops where you can buy products of the best Italian brands.

You can book your hotel and organize your magic Italian experience by clicking on FISM website. Ventana Tour Operator, one of the mayor players in business and leisure travel sectors, is in charge of making your stay in Rimini fun and comfortable.

Book Now, Before It's Too Late...


7. The Magic Summit
Message by Stan Allen - Editor MAGIC Magazine

Who: Michael Ammar, Brian Brushwood, Jamie D. Grant, Mac King, Jeff McBride, Michael Mode… And that's only the beginning of the list of remarkable magicians joining producers Stan Allen, Brian Daniel, and Vinny Grosso.

What: The first-ever leadership conference for magicians, focusing on strengthening magic clubs and improving the local club experience. And it's a conference in the true sense of the word: come learn, come share.

When: November 14th and 15th.

Where: Sam's Town, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why: Individual clubs are the grassroots of the magic community. This is where passions are nurtured through the support of fellow magicians, face to face. It's also where lifelong friendships are made. Local clubs will play a critical role in shaping the future of magic.

How: Visit www.MagicSummit.com.

8. Remarkable Magic #362 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

RM#362. Tales from the Uncanny Scot: a book to treasure.

I was excited to see that this gem of a magic book is once again available for purchase; I have enjoyed it immensely and consider it one of the very finest additions to my library in many years. Ron Wilson was not just a wonderful performing magician, but also a fascinating storyteller and in this book the Uncanny Scot tells some tales that will entertain and intrigue every lover of magic. It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend this publication.

Ron Wilson was part of the very earliest years at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. His reminisces share intimate stories about one of the most exciting and creative eras in the history of magic. In a time when bookshelves in magic dens are groaning under the weight of magic books containing "new" tricks and moves, there haven't been nearly enough books such as this one. People whose names are legendary in magic circles become close to being flesh and blood when we read these tales. It is a rare and special opportunity.

The joy of "Tales from the Uncanny Scot" is the way that Wilson shines a light on the fascinating characters that populated the Magic Castle in those formative days. Memoirs like this are way too few and far between, and in covering the personal history of our art they create a living, breathing framework to put important elements into focus. A man of quiet integrity and charm, Ron was on the spot when things were happening at the Castle and we are extremely lucky that his memories have been captured on paper for us to share.

I joined the Magic Castle in early 1974, and even then with my "late" arrival on the scene, was all too aware of how many people and events that had been instrumental to the formation of this contemporary mecca of magic I had missed. More recent members are familiar with those early groundbreakers in an ever less direct manner than me. This book brings these people to life in a vivid and colorful manner that amuses, entertains and educates you on every page.

Ron was a friend and confidant of some of the most legendary figures in the magic world and his intimate stories of magical icons such as: Dai Vernon, Bruce Cervon, Doug Henning, Charlie Miller, Cary Grant, Larry Jennings, Jay Ose, Mike Skinner, Orson Welles, Shimada and Tony Slydini are priceless. That list is just the tip of the magical iceberg; Ron's friendships included both the famous and the infamous from those halcyon days when the framework of contemporary magic was being forged behind the fabled walls of 7001 Franklin Avenue.

From the moment Wilson traveled to Los Angeles to become part of the fledgling Magic Castle he became a large part of the living heart and fabric of that ongoing magical dream. Ron was not only President of the Magic Castle but one of its most highly awarded performers, before becoming the talent booker for the club. In all these capacities his dedication to high standards and qualities made him one of the key architects to the ongoing success of the club as it enters its second half-century of excellence. You will be fascinated following Wilson's personalized timeline of the people who brought this dream to fruition.

"Tales from the Uncanny Scot" was a labor of love not only in the writing but also in the publishing and it comes complete with a multitude of original and unique photographs, many of which are being seen for the first time. However, what is a book on magic that doesn't teach you at least one trick? A delightful bonus to this published edition is a DVD that features Ron himself teaching R. Paul Wilson his award winning card trick "The Highland Hop," and showing Paul the intricacies of his method for the second deal. There are also rare clips of Ron's stage show filmed live at the Magic Castle.

I was lucky enough to have a tiny part in the aftermath to Wilson's book, and the bonus DVD includes me conducting a live interview with Ron where we discuss some of the stories contained in the pages of "Tales…" I also persuaded Ron to share some personal details about himself during the interview and they make a nice addition to his reminisces about his many friends.

There are copies of the book currently available at the website http://uncannyscot.weebly.com and when they are gone there will likely be no further reprints, so I highly suggest you grab this piece of history while you can. The standard edition is a 196 page hardbound book with dust jacket and DVD, which retails for 45 dollars. There are also a few copies of the Collector's Edition of 100 that has a distinctive maroon hardcover and has been personally hand-signed by Ron Wilson.

9. Branding For Magicians: What Is Branding? #353 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Often times in our busy consumer world of ours, we come across the word "brand" numerous amounts of time even in just one afternoon. We see it on TV, in the mall and all around the world we live in. But what is a brand and what does it mean to you the performer? Can this brand idea work for me and if so how do I go about it?

Let me start by saying that a brand is a visual, emotional, rational and cultural image or feeling that one person associates with a company, product or service. Companies with well established brands are the companies that we consumers remember when we go to make a purchase. We associate good feelings with the company or product and that influences what product we might buy on any given day.

For example, when you think of Nike, you think of certain visual and emotional responses. Some of the items that come to mind are Michael Jordan, "Just Do It", athletics, quality shoes and apparel. All of these images and feelings derive just from Nike's successful brand and brand message that they put out in the market place.

The fact that you remember the brand name and have positive feelings toward that brand makes your product selection easier and enhances the value and satisfaction you get from the product.

You can think of your own brand as an investment. It does not happen overnight. The brand must be developed, nurtured and matured in the minds of the customer before you can reap your rewards. But is it worth it? Yes.

Many companies have spent many dollars and effort developing their brand and making sure their message gets out to the customer. Time is spent on building the perception of the brand in the minds of the individuals your services are trying to target.

But why are brands important for the magician? The branding of your company and its products will increase the public awareness of your services. This in turn increases your reputation in the community for providing a quality product. And the ultimate difference can be seen in the increased revenue that is generated by an increase in shows.

Branding will also provide a higher level of consistency and continuity in your advertising and marketing materials. The increased awareness will make your services and your products stand out from the others in your market, making it easier for people to buy your services over someone else.

But what are parts of a good brand that will make people think positively towards my own brand? Brand elements such as logos, postcards, ads, posters, taglines and packaging are all key ingredients for creating these positive feelings toward any given brand. For example, if a person has a perception that shoes by Nike are top quality, they will look for the Nike logo where ever they go to buy shoes. This Nike logo then becomes a driving force in their mind. Whenever they see the Nike logo they will think quality products.

The first step in creating any good brand is to create a brand message statement. This statement tells, in few words, what business the company is in, what benefits it provides and why it is better than the competition. Once this brand statement is created, then every piece of your promotional materials needs to be able to reflect back on this statement and meet its criteria. If it does not, then the promotional piece is not working properly. This helps you to make sure that every piece of material that is used to promote your brand is consistent in its message to the consumer.

I hope this information has given you an idea of what branding is and how it can work for you. As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.


10. The Magic Word - Noel Britten - Magician & Humanitarian
Message by Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

When I asked Noel Britten to be my guest on The Magic Word, I did not expect our conversation to go in the direction it did.

Six months out of the year Noel and his wife spend time with orphaned orangutans in Indonesia then back to Bath, England where he hosts walking tours for "Bizarre Bath" plus other corporate dates, emcee work and street magic. But his time working for International Animal Rescue has changed his perspective on comedy and life in general. He talks about all this and more on this week's podcast on The Magic Word.

You can see photos, find a link where you can donate to his cause, plus hear the podcast at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/noel-britten where you can also download the MP3 file for later listening. Of course you can download the podcast from iTunes, too. Be sure to subscribe so you always get the latest info sent direct to your phone, tablet or computer when new podcasts are posted.

And while I'm at it, please consider giving a donation to the International Animal Rescue foundation because they are doing such great work and your financial assistance is desperately needed. The link is on The Magic Word website or you can visit: http://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/

And if you have any money left over, any small donation to The Magic Word would be greatly appreciated. With your donation you automatically join "Friends of The Magic Word"!

11. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck (NZ)
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

- Mat Franco on AGT Finals
- The Truth From A Liar DVD Set By Hannibal
- A Cough and a Blink - Nick Lewin
- John Stessel on Wizard Wars
- The Opposite Of People by Michael Feldman
- Card Cube By Perseus Arkomanis
- Tony Chris Wins Mentalism Medal
- Less is More But More Is More Fun: David Gabbay
- Dynamo On Paul Daniels And TV Magic
- Paul And Debbie On Their Relationship
- Creative Magic by Adam Wilber
- David Blaine To Hit Kuala Lumpur Streets

Video of the Week: Norbert Ferré Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (French TV), February 2014.

DAILY magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

12. In Reply To Nick Lewin's Article
Message by David P Boyd (Australia)

I would like to throw into the ring how I have solved, at least in part, the problem Nick Lewin's article talks about, getting paid for your performance at the shows conclusion, rather than weeks later.

Over my 35 years performing full time, only one type of venue has given me any problems of getting paid at the end of the performance. These were Shopping Centres. They came up with all types of excuses to delay paying for the shows. Like we only write cheques on the 21st of the month. It's a shame that my shows concluded on the 22nd, but you will get the cheques within the month, or the manager is away this week, we will post the cheque to you.

Now for those problem venues, when I quote, I increase my price by 25%. Then in the quote I state there is a 25% discount, if the cheque is paid at the conclusion of the last performance. Since doing this, I have never had to wait for payment. The cheque is always waiting for me at the Manager's office.

It's a win win situation, they think they are saving money by paying right away, and should for any reason, the cheque is not ready, I get a bonus of 25% on my fee for waiting a few weeks.

It works for me.

Dave Boyd
Magic Mountain's Mr Magic.

13. Congratulations Once Again To Tihany On His 98th Birthday
Message by Paul Stone - Producer (US)

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the outstanding performers who appeared in the 'Variety Live - Tribute to Tihany Show at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas last weekend. It was fantastic to be able to feature such a terrific cast to honour Circus Legend Tihany. This was a real Variety Show with magic, comedy, juggling, hula hoops, hand shadows, singing, costume change, and much more, and to have Lance Burton, Kevin James, Jan Rouven, Stan Allen, Kris Kremo, Yelena Larkina, Sonny Fontana, SOS & Victoria, SOS JR & Tigran, Ben Stone and Jasmine Trias, all together in one show with a live band, was a rare treat.

The packed audience of over 800, included Las Vegas Legends Siegfried & Roy, Criss Angel, Amazing Johnathan, Mac King and many other Las Vegas stars, as well as Milt & Arlene Larsen, Dale Hindman, and the Princess herself, Irene Larsen, from the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Congratulations once again to Tihany on his 98th Birthday. Here's to his Centenary, it will be quite a party!

14. INNOVENTION And The Liverpool Festival Of Magic & Variety
Message by Paul Stone - Executive Producer (US)

The INNOVENTION and the Liverpool Festival Of Magic & Variety from 14th - 18th July, 2015 will be unique, and different from any other magic event. We will be featuring several of the very best and most successful magic and variety performers in show business. The INNOVENTION Convention in Liverpool will be from 14th - 16th July, followed by additional shows for the public on 17th & 18th July. Everything will take place in the superb Playhouse Theatre, right in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.

So, why will the INNOVENTION 2015 be so different? Here are just a few of the reasons. We will be limiting the numbers of attendees so that everyone has great seats for all sessions, and our production values are second to none. INNOVENTION 2015 will feature the very best commercial magic and variety performers, all of whom make a very successful living as professional entertainers in the world of Cabaret, Corporate Shows, Tradeshows, Cruising, Hospitality, Stage and Close-up.

At INNOVENTION 2015 you will discover the real inside knowledge and learn about what it takes to get to the top in this business. The information, advice and tips will be worth many times the price of registration, and the sessions will cover everything from how to get work, to how to increase your fees. There will also be specific sessions on comedy, choosing the right music and the most effective lighting, and most importantly finding the right material.

Unlike the bigger Conventions, such as FISM or Magic Live, there will not be thousands of magicians, or days of competitions to watch. At the INNOVENTION 2015 you will enjoy the intimacy and an unrivalled access to all the performers.

And it is incredible value for money too. I recommend that if you are only planning to attend one magic convention in 2015, you should choose INNOVENTION 2015. But don't wait too long to register, this event will sell out quickly.

A few of the performers will be making their debuts in England, and a few others will be established Stars. The one thing that they will all have in common is that they are all full time professional entertainers.

We will be releasing names each week, but to start the ball rolling, here are a couple to whet your appetite. I am delighted to announce that JEFF HOBSON will be one of the stars, and will be running a special Comedy Workshop, as well as a couple of other exclusive sessions which will only take place at the INNOVENTION, and he will be performing in the Gala Show too.

SCOTT ALEXANDER is one of the busiest and most commercial magic professionals in America. He will be making his first ever UK appearance at the INNOVENTION. Scott is an expert on the world of cruising. More names will be released next week but to find out full details and to register go to info@innoventionliverpool.com

15. Australian World Festival Of Magic Tour
Message by Gene McCarthy (New Zealand)

Thu 23/10/14 Cairns Cairns Civic Theatre - 1100 1300 1800
Sat 25/10/14 Townsville Holy Spirit School - 1100 1330 1600
Mon 27/10/14 Mackay Mackay Christian College Powerhouse Theatre - 1830
Wed 29/10/14 Bundaberg Moncrief Theatre - 1800

Fri 31/10/14 Nambour Nambour Civic Centre - 1200 1830
Sat 01/11/14 Gold Coast RSL Southport Pacific Auditorium - 1730 1930
Sun 02/11/14 Brisbane ERPAC St Laurence's College - 1230 1500 1730
Mon 03/11/14 Toowoomba Empire Theatre - 1800
Tue 04/11/14 Lismore Lismore Workers Club - 1700
Thu 06/11/14 Newcastle Newcastle Panthers - 1230 1800
Sat 08/11/14 Gosford Central Coast Youth Club - 1400 1700
Sun 09/11/14 Wollongong Woonona Bulli RSL - 1230 1630 1930
Tue 11/11/14 Penrith JSPAC - 1200 1600
Wed 12/11/14 Hurstville Sutherland Entertainment Centre - 1230 1800
Sat 15/11/14 Bondi Hordern Pavillion - 1100 1330 1600
Mon 17/11/14 Canberra Queanbeyan - 1100 1330 1600
Tue 18/11/14 Wagga Wagga Mater Dei Catholic Primary School - 1230 1800
Wed 19/11/14 Albury Albury Entertainment Centre - 1230 1630
Fri 21/11/14 Ballarat Founders Theatre - 1230 1800
Sat 22/11/14 Melbourne MCEC - 1100 1400
Mon 24/11/14 Bendigo Kangaroo Flat YMCA - 1230 1800
Tue 25/11/14 Geelong The Arena - 1700
Fri 28/11/14 Launceston Door of Hope - 1230 1730
Sat 29/11/14 Hobart HGC Federation Concert Hall - 1400 1630

Mon 01/12/14 Devonport Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre - 1100 1330
Tue 02/12/14 Burnie Burnie Arts & Function Centre - 1300 1730
Thu 04/12/14 Mildura St Josephs College, Stadium - 1800
Sat 06/12/14 Adelaide Thebarton - 1100 1400 1700
Wed 10/12/14 Perth PCEC - 1000 1230 1800
Fri 12/12/14 Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie Town Hall - 1330 1600
16. What's In the October Issue of Genii?
Message by Editor Genii Magazine Richard Kaufman

The October issue of Genii is now line online for your desktop, laptop, iPads, iPhones, and whatever else you have.

* The cover story heralds the return of magic to prime-time American television with the 13-week "Masters of Illusion on the CW, produced by David McKenzie, David Martin, and Gay Blackstone. Airing at 8 p.m. in most markets, this gives great exposure to magic and also to many magicians who are unknown to the lay public. You can watch the episodes on the CW's website: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/masters-of-illusion

Learn about the behind the scenes story with writer Dustin Stinett, who interviewed the producers and many of the performers. It also has lots of snazzy photos from Ms. Kari Hendler and a bunch of videos in the digital edition.

* The Comedy & Magic Society is one of those local performance venues that fly under the radar for folks living outside the Washington, DC, and Maryland area. It stars four talented magicians on a regular basis, and is generally presented once a month at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Watch the video in the digital edition to get a taste of what the show is like. Tickets range from a modest $12 to $15, and there you'll see Brian Curry, Barry Wood, Bob Sheets, Mark Phillips, and others. There are magicians who circulate doing close-up in advance of the stage show. Future performances are listed here:
and there's a nice promotional video in our issue.

* I knew Jerry Andrus very well and greatly admired him enough to produce and direct his three-video series. And although I had heard he did a stage act in the early 1960s, I'd never seen it. His friend Barry Brilliant has allowed me to include it in our digital issue at the top of p.11, and you should really watch it. I had no idea that Jerry was so adept at physical humor and it's quite wonderful.

* Great audio columns by Max Maven and Jon Racherbaumer await you.

* Two notable people in the world of magic recently died. Our obit on Ron Wohl is written by his friend Roberto Giobbi; Joanie Spina is memorialized by her friend David Oliver.

* This issue Andi Gladwin takes over "Magicana," bringing a new vitality and fresh eye to the tricks each month. Out of the gate we have effects from John Guastaferro (with an iPhone), Chris Mayhew's Anti-Control (I bet my uncle could have used that-ho ho ho), and Marcelo Insua's clever take on Any Card at Any Number. Andi will also be doing a "Modern Magicana" video each month, covering the entire column, which is something I've been hoping to provide our readers for several years.

* We've got terrific columns for you this month: Jim Steinmeyer describes a fine old-fashioned illusion in "Conjuring"; Eugene Burger takes on the issue of "Smart Travel" and includes a video as well; John Gaughan shows off two things this month-a whopping enormous Botania and a clockwork table that "grows" a bouquet. Both were part of Houdini's final tour at the time of his death and he pulls back the curtain to reveal them in his "Chamber of Secrets"; Tom Stone has tired of mocking our current columnists and has reached back into the past and pointed his humorous finger at … Ali Bongo. So join him under the banyan tree in "Lodestones"; Jon Racherbaumer-whom I keep prodding onward toward producing his magnum opus-this month contemplates bubbles. Yes. Bubbles.
In "On the Slant": Caleb Wiles explains a very simple Any Card at Any Number (can't people get enough of this trick?) in "Ringside"; we finish up the month of ghouls and goblins with Eric Mead, Joe M. Turner, David Regal, and a surprise visit from Mr. Stinett, who reviews the new Guy Hollingworth set of DVDs from Dan and Dave.

If you don't subscribe, what are you waiting for? It's only $35 for a digital subscription worldwide! Print and digital subs in the US start at $58. Other prices are available at


17. IBM Day Of Magic 26th October - Auckland
IBM Ring 160 has decided to sponsor juniors/students to the forthcoming Day of Magic Convention on 26th October.

This means two students can join together for just $49.00 for non IBM members or $40 for IBM members. That's 24.50 or $20 each!

Juniors/students will need to register together to get this fantastic deal. So find a mate and send in your registrations together to treasurer Terry Von Pein tvp@mcgregorbailey.co.nz

For the registration form go to:http://www.ibmring160.com/media/11692/dayofmagic-adammada-registration.pdf

Don't wait until the last minute to get this unbelievable deal!

4 lectures or workshops, plus competitions and a public show. What a deal!

Any questions?

Call Danny Phillips at 418-4134 or 021-174 7179 for further details
Email: danny@mostlymagic.co.nz

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