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Issue Number: #1148
Date: Sunday 2nd November 2014
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. The Amazing Johnathan "I Have A Year To Live"
3. Masters Of Illusion Live Shows
4. MAGIC Magazine November 2014
5. Tragicomic Zombie Series Of Mini-Movies
6. Preview Of November Issue Of The Linking Ring
7. The Magic Word Podcast - The Bullet Catch
8. Remarkable Magic #368 - Nick Lewin
9. Make a Difference - My Story - #358 - Kyle Peron
10. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
11. Broken Wand - Woody Pittman
12. SAM Convention Is Vacation Destination
13. The Historical Tiberio Bridge
14. Sam Powers Joins The Cast Of The Illusionists 2.0
15. Band of Magicians - Tickets On Sale
16. Jeff McBride's Virtual Magic & Mystery School
17. David Ginn's UK Tour 2015
18. 32nd New Zealand International Magicians Convention 2015
19. e-zine Archives
20. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
The highlight for Michele and I was attending the IBM Ring 160 Day of Magic Convention. As Directors of Magic New Zealand we were very pleased to be able to present a Magic New Zealand Life Time Achievement Award to Terry von Pein, and Mick Peck with a Special Award for Outstanding Contributions to New Zealand Magic.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2014-Jan-to-Dec-2014/1148-Nov02-2014.html

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2. The Amazing Johnathan "I Have A Year To Live"
Article forwarded by Peter Glass

Las Vegas Sun

The Amazing Johnathan stuns 'ENTSpeaks' audience: 'I have a year to live'

By John Katsilometes
The Amazing Johnathan is the last in line on this night after a series of five speakers at Inspire Theater on Fremont East in downtown Las Vegas. Before him, we have been regaled in tales from such legends as Mary Wilson of The Supremes and comic genius Marty Allen.

A genuine showgirl and two-time cancer survivor, Shellee Renee, has appeared on the same stage as an Olympic athlete and Cirque artist, Christina Jones of "O." Jeff Kutash has talked of his brief period as "Mr. Disco" with the dance revue Dancin' Machine, which helped vault him to become one of the city's top producers with the long-running "Splash" at the Riviera. This is all part of the premiere night of what, hopefully, will be a series of such monologues, "ENTSpeaks," a production of Emmy Award-winning set designer Andy Walmsley.

At the end, it's the comic magician of whom his contemporaries say is one of the great stage performers of his era. Comic Louie Anderson said that just before the show as he hung around the VIP suite with the night's speakers. But The Amazing Johnathan, or A.J., as he is commonly known, is not right on this night. He is weak and has trouble walking over any considerable distance. His wife, performance artist Anastasia Synn, has had to sometimes carry him, actually on her back, when his legs fail.

Johnathan is seated onstage, seemingly revived by the lights and exuberant crowd in the 200-seat theater. There will be no illusions from the comic magician, but there will be laughs. He talks of his formative years as an entertainer, growing from a school kid who convinced his parents and teachers that he could really bend spoons, to a street performer (toggling space with such great close-up artists as Harry Anderson) and club comic in San Francisco. "Robin Williams and Dana Carvey, they were friends of mine," he tells the audience.

A move to Los Angeles and his bitingly funny stage show quickly led to appearances on "Late Night With David Letterman" and specials on HBO and Comedy Central. "I was going to be on a new show that was going to be better than (Johnny) Carson that was 'Thicke of the Night.' I might have jumped on the wrong bandwagon there," he says, as those who remember Alan Thicke's doomed late-night talk show laugh.

Johnathan even hosted a game show broadcast from Atlantic City, a Merv Griffin vehicle called "Ruckus," in the early 1990s. He performed for two presidents, and says, "I did one for Reagan while I was stoned on ecstasy," he says, nonchalantly, as if reciting rather than confessing. "I don't know why, but I figured this might be the right place to try ecstasy for the first time. The Secret Service was looking at me like, 'Oh, man …' they all knew. They all knew I was doing this (stuff)."

Johnathan reminds of his great success in Las Vegas, highlighted by a 13-year run at Golden Nugget, a gig he resisted initially. "When they said Golden Nugget, I was like, 'Eeeeh, really?' But I sold out every night for two years, 500 seats a night. Every single night."

And over the years, he says, "The greatest time of my life was spent here. I made millions of dollars, I have two beautiful houses, and everything came crashing … "

And swiftly, the air seems to leave the room. There is a long pause, timed at seven seconds but seeming an eternity.

The great entertainer then says: "Down."

And adds, "And I was told I have a year to live."

The audience is unsure how to react. A.J. is known to be one of the great pranksters among entertainers, in Las Vegas or anywhere. Is this real? There is a laugh from the crowd.

"It's not a joke," he says.


"So. Um … I promised myself I wasn't going to cry, but," he continues, his voice quivering. "It's very scary. My heart is failing. My wife says it failed long ago. But it is actually failing, for real."

Johnathan is speaking with great clarity, and also velocity. This information is unspooling fast. It's almost like being exposed to sleight-of-verbiage, where your brain is still remembering that yarn about the Secret Service but now trying to process impending death.

"Um, I can't do shows anymore because my legs lock up and my hands lock up, and that's kind of (crappy) for a magician, going onstage, 'And for my next trick,' " he says, sitting entirely motionless. "So, um, I take this medication. I was told that it might help out, but I'm going to tell you something: Even though I'm sad about it, I've got a beautiful wife, I just got married (the audience applauds) and made sure she signed a prenup - that's how I know she loves me."

Still able to draw laughter, and certainly in command of the stage, The Amazing Johnathan is nonetheless finished performing.

"I am retired. I don't do shows anymore. I did my final shows at the Magic Castle," he says of shows he performed June 30-July 1 at the famed Los Angeles magic fortress. "My friends came out: Penny (Wiggins), Sophie (Evans), Erica (Vanlee), the girls who worked with me for the 20 years I was doing magic. So don't feel sorry for me because I have had the best, most incredible life that you could have."

The girls mentioned by Johnathan are crying, as one of the cameras set up by Walmsley catches Wiggins, who brilliantly played sidekick Psychic Tanya, with tears spilling down her cheeks.

He half-jokes, "Everything I have wanted, I've got. There's a lot to be said for devil worship. But the things I own, the 25 classic cars, all that stuff that I thought was so effing cool, means nothing to me now. In fact, if you want one, talk to me after the show."

This ride, this career, is nearing a close.

"I got my affairs in order and … that's it," he says, his voice once more faltering. "Thank you all for coming out." He hugs his wife near the edge of the stage and walks off with, "Peace. I'll see you on the other side."

It all lasted 15 minutes. Whether we see A.J. onstage again remains to be seen, and he does come back onstage to answer a few questions sent earlier by email, joined by Kutash and Allen, but it felt like a final bow. The man who bestowed the title "Amazing" on his own act, his own image, was nothing short of that.

For complete article go to:

3. Masters Of Illusion Live Shows
Message by Karen Brown

Tour schedule for the upcoming dates for the Masters of Illusion Live shows!

I've also included a link to a recent review of show - it is doing so well and is helping to bring Magic to audiences old and new!

Masters of Illusion Show Review:

Sat. Nov. 1 - Ashland, KY - The Paramount Arts Center
Sun. Nov. 2 - Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre
Wed. Nov. 5 - Cincinnati, OH - Taft Theatre
Thu. Nov. 6 - Pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Music Hall
Fri. Nov. 7 - Williamsport, PA - Community Arts Center
Sat. Nov. 8 - Kitchener, ONT - Centre in The Square
Fri. Feb. 20 - St. Petersburg, FL - The Mahaffey
Sat. Feb. 21 - Fort Pierce, FL - Sunrise Theatre
Sun. Feb. 22 - Jacksonville, FL - The Florida Theatre

4. MAGIC Magazine November 2014
Message by Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

As Seen On…

I didn't set out to make November a television issue; it just worked out that all four of our feature stories this month - Michael Carbonaro, Mat Franco, Bill Malone, and even Dell O'Dell - deal with TV.

Michael continues to create amazing "Candid Carbonaro" moments each week for the truTV network. And one of the guys who helps put the show together, Derrin Berger, gives us a behind-the-camera look at how that process works. You can find links to video segments referenced in the story at MyBookshelf and M360. We've posted links on our public website.

From everything I've heard, Dell O'Dell was certainly a character. I never had a chance to meet her. I was only twelve when she passed away, and her run on local television in Los Angeles was during my toddling years. Fortunately for me, and all of us, Michael Claxton has painted quite a picture of the brassy lady who was "so much more than just a pioneering woman in a largely male profession."

Congratulations to Mat Franco, who has certainly gone where no magician has gone before. Who would have thought, back when America's Got Talent debuted in June 2006, that A) it would be such a phenomenon, or B) a magician would take the top prize, or C) if that happened, it wouldn't be a "saw the beautiful lady in half" magician? Our author, Chris Philpott, is uniquely qualified to make some sense of this AGT season, having acted as a consultant for David & Leeman, one of the top twelve acts this year. Also, Rory Johnston reports on Mat's role in the live touring show.

And then there's Bill Malone, who landed a guest spot on the popular CBS drama NCIS: Los Angeles. How much magic is he doing on the episode? None, nada, zero, zilch, zip! This time around, Bill's purely an actor. And he talks about the experience with Rory Johnston.

It's all in the November 2014 MAGIC Magazine experience… plus a lot more!

Visit www.MAGICmagazine.com

5. Tragicomic Zombie Series Of Mini-Movies
Message by Teller

The latest episode of my tragicomic Zombie series of mini-movies (this one co-starring Johnny & Pam Thompson) has just been posted. Happy Hallowe'en!


We plan on releasing parts 4 and 5 over the next week with 5 launching on Halloween.

6. Preview Of November Issue Of The Linking Ring
Message by Dennis Schick, Assistant Editor - The Linking Ring

The November 2014 issue of The Linking Ring is another example of why it is so popular among both the members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, but also advertisers of magic products and services. The issue is at the printers and will be available to I.B.M. members on November 1 in digital or PDF format, and also in the mail.

Steve Cohen -- The Millionaires' Magician -- is the cover story for the November issue of The Linking Ring. Read how he came to develop his persona and is playing to weekly sold-out audiences at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Also featured in this issue are: a special Homage to Alexander Herrmann; a Tribute to Joe Bertuzzi; a continuation of a discussion on Operation Tricks Are Treats; and a report on the Second Biennial China Beijing International Magic Carnival. READ ON.

The November issue of The Linking Ring features Steve Cohen on the cover and in an inside story by Don Greenberg. Read how Steve came up with the idea of carving out a special niche audience to play to, and how he has developed it into a lucrative career. He even shares his "Eleven Commandments of Parlor Magic" -- what he does best.

David Meyer gives us some insights into the life and times of Alexander Herrmann in "Homage to Herrmann." In keeping with the articles on magic history which The Linking Ring is famous for, Meyer tells about the Herrmann Collection, including books about him. It's a fascinating read.

During his seventy-two years, Joe Bertuzzi devoted hundreds of hours and countless efforts on behalf of the I.B.M., and thus is deserving of the four-page In Memoriam written about him by his friend Bill Spooner. Bertuzzi died September 28, and his obituary is in this month's Broken Wand.

A short feature story introduces readers to The Florida Theater, the site of the evening shows at next year's I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, July 15-18, 2015. It is one of those classic movie theaters which has been lovingly restored and which gets jaw-dropping stares in its own right. What a thrill it will be to be part of the audience and/or to perform on that stage. Check out the article and photos.

In the October issue, Scott Hood reminded I.B.M. members that there is an approved plan and instructions for magicians to visit hospitals, called "Operation Tricks Are Treats." This month he continues that discussion, giving information about how to volunteer for these projects in your community. Those who have done this say it is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done. Scott is willing to help any Rings to get started in implementing this program. He tells you how to get started.

Coverage of the 2014 Combined Convention in St. Louis continues, with reviews of various lectures: Henry Evans, David Stone, Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom, and Dani DaOrtiz.

Continuing the profiles of I.B.M. Territorial Vice Presidents, S. Patrick Toman, the TVP for Eastern Pennsylvania, is featured.

Dale Salwak, our Assistant Editor and I.B.M. Far East Ambassador, brings us a first-hand report of the Second Biennial China Beijing International Magic Carnival. Dr. Salwak has established a close relationship with magicians and other officials in Asia, and we get an up-close-and-personal insiders view.

This month's Hocus Pocus Parade was written by Dr. H. Frederick Reisz, Jr., a sixty-year veteran performer from South Carolina. He contributes ten effects. Other tricks can be found in The Card Corner, Ways and Means, Numismagic, Simple Diversions, Expert at the Tech Table, and Storytelling Magic.

Add to those the regular columns from the editor and the president; and from Bev Bergeron, John Tudor, Skip Way, Adele Friel Rhindress, and Peter Scarlett; and other popular features like Hocus in Focus (product reviews), Ring Reports, Pictures from the Past, and the Youth Trivia Contest, and you can see why The Linking Ring is so popular as a member benefit for I.B.M. members.

7. The Magic Word Podcast - The Bullet Catch
Message by Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

Eli Marks is at it again...right in the thick of a murder mystery. This time it involves one of the most mysterious and dangerous tricks in history - the bullet catch. In this, the second in the series of the Eli Marks mystery novels, author John Gaspard, leads the readers down a fun and interesting journey that keeps you moving from one chapter to the next. In this week's podcast of The Magic Word, John talks about not only his new book (which will be released on November 4, 2014) but also the success of his first in the series, "The Ambitious Card" and future books in the series.

This is geared towards the mystery aficionado but magicians will enjoy this book, too, for the "inside baseball" references to magic. After all, the hero of the series, Eli Marks, is a professional magician. The interesting thing about the author is that John is not a magician. You will enjoy the read, but I also know you will enjoy our chat on this podcast.

You can view some photos, listen online to the podcast, or download the MP3 file at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/the-bullet-catch You can also listen to the podcast through iTunes which you can find in their podcast area. Of course you can subscribe to the podcast on The Magic Word through the above link.

8. Remarkable Magic #368 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

"McCombical" --- The new book of things McComb.

I recently had the honor of being asked to contribute to the new book "McCombical. The Wit and Wisdom of Billy McComb." It meant a lot to me to be able to join in with others in adding my thoughts about this legend of magic. Billy was my hero, mentor and friend from the moment I first met him when I was 11 years old. We remained dear friends until the sad moment of his passing in 2006. I miss him very much to this day and he will always remain irreplaceable in my life.

One of the few things that saddened me in connection with Billy was that many of his brilliant routines and ideas were so poorly represented in print after the publication of his classic book "McComb's Magic: 25 years Wiser." Martin Breese published a written version of his magicassette interviews under the title of The Professional Touch, however it was nothing like as important as "McComb's Magic" in preserving the creative genius of Billy. McComb's first book "The First Book of William" is a tough to find booklet, but definitely required reading for the comedy magician. McComb's remaining routines were mostly scattered around in magazines, lecture notes and pamphlets.

I just received a copy of the new book "McCombical" and I am delighted to say that Magic Inc. has finally published a wonderful addition to the written legacy of the brilliant magical mind of McComb. From a series of scattered source, Sandy Marshall has created a book that should be in every magician's library. "McCombical" will be inspiring performers, hobbyists and scholars for many generations to come because here indeed is a book that pays full tribute to the genius of one of magic's greatest creators.

"McCombical" is 197 pages that jump to life as you read them. The profusely illustrated book divides Billy's creations into six major categories --- Cards, Silks, Ropes, Mental Miracles, Stage and Close-Up/Parlour Magic. Interspersed with the tricks and routines in the book are a series of fascinating and revealing appreciations and tributes to Billy from his many friends. This is a beautifully edited and published book that lives up to its title by putting a delightful focus on the wit and wisdom of this iconic performer and magical inventor.

Over the years I knew Billy I was always astounded by the width and breadth of his knowledge about all things magical; this book puts all that knowledge on display and the wise performer will be dipping into it for years to come. A young performer could create a delightfully commercial show just from within the pages of this one book. There are only a handful of books that I can honestly say that about.

Many of Billy's most classic effects are contained within this book including his half dyed silk, whisky egg bag, torn & restored card and a dozen more. They are sure fire and direct effects that are all proven and tested in the arena of real world performance. These routines are written and illustrated in the words and drawings of McComb himself and are a joy to read. When the book arrived in the mail I spent the next day reading the book cover to cover and it was like spending a day with Billy--- without the smell of tobacco!

I can't recommend "McCombical: The Wit and Wisdom of Billy McComb" highly enough. I am extremely grateful to Sandy and the rest of the gang at Magic Inc. for allowing it to grace my bookshelf. If you want to add it to your library you can find it on their website at http://www.magicinc.net/mccombicalthewitandwisdomofbillymccomb.aspx

I want to also make mention of a really great podcast that I am featured in this month. The podcast is called The Successful Performercast and it is a wonderful free resource for the magic fraternity. I had a blast during the one-hour interview with Kris Sheppard and passed on way more information than I planned to! I highly recommend it to all our readers and suggest you visit their website at http://www.successfulperformercast.com or you can download their latest podcast through iTunes by going to https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spc-032-nick-lewin-magician/id866935997?i=320431376&mt=2

You can visit my online store at www.lewinenterprises.com

I have exactly 6 of my Lemon Aid effects still available for purchase before the price is raised and they become a custom item. Check out the video on my website---it has been getting raves from purchasers around the world.

Subscribe to my blog at www.remarkablemagic.com

9. Make a Difference - My Story - #358 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

We ALL have an art called magic wherein we can use to make a positive difference in people. So many folks have hardships, face problems or have handicaps of one or another. So many are told that they cannot do our art because "it's too hard" or "it's impossible." I want to share with you my own personal story. I hope it might make you all aware that anything is possible if you love what you do and work hard to accomplishing your dreams.

I started losing my hearing around age 8. At that age I never really knew why I was different. Every day at school I was bullied, picked on, tormented, ridiculed and sometimes beat up. I had no idea why. I tried to act like the other kids acted. I tried to wear what they wore. I tried to do everything just to avoid being bullied.

By age 9 I realized I would never be like them because at that age I was already about 45% deaf in both ears. There was nothing really they could do at that age to help me as technology for my hearing loss was not advanced enough to do me much good.

I did then what the only thing I could do and that was the best I could possibly do. To strive and to better every day and to adapt to the situation.

However, through it all I was shy, nervous and felt often alone. I felt like I was watching the world through a window as it went past me. It was tough knowing that I was there with them but I was not really THERE. I was made to feel less than others and that hurt a lot.

All that changed for me when a magician came to my school. For those 30 mins for the first time in my life I felt...NORMAL. I did not feel like a deaf kid. I did not feel like I was different. I simply felt normal. It was the most magical feeling in the world for me. But like they say all good things come to an end.

The show ended and I went back to feeling sorry for myself. That is when I raced home and I started a passion for learning the art of magic. I wanted to utilize magic as my means to escape. I slowly started to realize that when I performed magic, I felt alive. I felt important. I felt that I could do things hearing people could not.

This gave me an amazing sense of empowerment. A feeling that I can indeed do anything that I set out to do. I can accomplish anything that I decide I want to accomplish.

It is amazing to people that as my hearing got worse throughout school, my grades were not affected. Without the help of any hearing aids, I got A's and B's in school. I graduated high School with honors. I got a scholarship to college. I went through college and on the dean's List every semester and graduated cum Laude and I did ALL of that as a guy who is about 70% deaf in both ears.

I was stubborn and it was not until I was 27 before I ever did anything for my hearing to assist me. If not for my boss, I may not have ever done it. When I had my hearing checked the audiologist was shocked. I remember her looking at me and saying, "I have no idea in the world how you can speak so clearly and understand people with the severity of the hearing loss you have."

It was at that moment when she realized I am one of very few people in the world that managed to teach myself how to lip read without me ever knowing I was doing it. To this day I lip read. Even with the hearing aids, I rely on lip reading to understand what folks are saying to me.

I was told that I would not be able to perform magic to music or talk in my shows or bring folks up on stage. One thing being deaf has done for me is given me the power to realize I CAN DO IT. If they say I can't I say "move over and watch me" It drives me forward with determination to do what I want to do because this is my life and I want to live it on MY terms.

I am now 45 years old and my hearing gets worse as I get older. But my deafness has opened many doors for me. I have had the ability to empower others and to lecture at the corporate level with programs designed on goal-setting and overcoming hurdles. I have an anti-bullying program for schools and for kids. It has allowed me to outreach to those in need and make a difference.

I am proud to say that I am one of few people chosen to be in the book called "Silent Magic", by Dr. Simon Carmel. It is a book on the top 50+ magicians in the world and throughout history who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. To be included in that book is a deep honor to me.

I may never hear like you do, but I will always SEE the world in ways others simply can't. For this, my deafness will always be a gift.


I hope this information has given you an idea of what can be done with working the festival market. If you would like additional and detailed information on this topic, please see my book/eBooks at: http://kpmagicproducts.com/Festival_Magic.html

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

10. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck (NZ)
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

- David Seebach's Love Of Magic Never Disappeared
- Paul Daniels Bitten Before Show
- Garrett Thomas To Perform At NACC Fundraiser
- Pete Firman: Trickster
- Darren Romeo To Open In Tennessee
- David Caserta's Haunted Illusions
- Jeff McBride At Cabaret of Magic, Florida
- Po-faced Anchors 'Ruin TV', Says Paul
- Obituary: Phil Willmarth Kept Craft From Disappearing
- Spooktacular
- SAM Magicians To Perform Levitations On October 26th

Video of the Week: A great recent and in-depth interview with David Copperfield on Project Magic.

Daily magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

11. Broken Wand - Woody Pittman
Message by Jerry Hollywood

It's a sad day for all Magic friends we lost a Great friend an Amazing Entertainer Woody Pittman who lost his battle with terrible disease Cancer Very sad news. He was my friend you will always have a special place for me and all of us you touched with your charm Woody

Woody Pittman passed away 10.24.2014 at 3:00pm in Los Angeles after a three-year battle with cancer. Woody was a creative force with a gentle and warm character and a playful, inventive mind. As a performer he enchanted and delighted audiences. He will be missed terribly.

12. SAM Convention Is Vacation Destination
Message by Mark Weidhaas (US)

SAM Convention is Vacation Destination for Magicians and their Families
The 2015 Society of American Magicians (SAM) convention in Philadelphia July 1-4 will be exciting for magicians and their families. Magicians will see fresh new talent perform in the three evening gala shows, including "The transformation of Vaudeville," "The Heart and Soul of Magic," and Miguel Puga's one-man show "Concerto for Piano & Pasteboards." The professional close-up show features the magic of Spain with Woody Aragon, Hector Mancha, Juan Luis Rubiales and Mario Lopez.

Who will win the prestigious Father Cyprian Murray Stage Magic Contest and the Dr. Paul Critelli Close-Up Magic Contest? And don't forget the ever-popular "Stars of Tomorrow" show which has been a launching pad for magic's newest stars.

The SAM will bring back Eric Jones and his team of underground magicians for late-night jam sessions. Select Workshop Sessions will allow you to choose your favorite hands-on learning experience in an intimate setting. The magic lectures will focus on close-up, stage, family entertainers, mentalism and magic history.

Over 20 magic exhibitors from around the world will be featured with ample time to see the newest creations. The SAM banquet will include a surprise performer, the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Awards, and opportunity to congratulate President Kenrick "Ice" McDonald, President-Elect David Bowers and Convention Honoree Ray Goulet.

Bring the kids for the Society of Young Magicians (SYM) All-day Magic Jam on June 30, 2015 which promises to be a fun day of hands-on training for SYM members and young magicians, age 7 to 17, by the SYM's top instructors including David Oliver, Arlen Solomon and Kayla Drescher. A free event included with your youth registration for the SAM Philadelphia Convention.

Philadelphia and the SAM convention is a family destination for all. While the magician in your family is learning from the experts, the non-magician will be entertained with our excellent shows and contests.

In addition, twice daily, the SAM and members of local Assembly #4 will offer free walking tours of historic Philadelphia. See the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the U.S. Mint, and Betsy Ross House, all within a short walking distance of the convention hotel. The SAM will even include FREE admission to National Constitution Center (normally $14.50). You will want to spend hours at this interactive museum dedicated to the US Constitution. Once you see how close these historic landmarks are, you will want to come back at your own leisure, have a cheese steak or pretzel, or visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the steps from Rocky or the Franklin Institute science museum. Don't forget to end the convention with a bang and the best the best fireworks on Saturday, July 4th at 11 pm.

Philadelphia offers a grand vacation for your entire family. Where's the best place to celebrate July 4th? The place it all began: Philadelphia.

The convention hotel is located downtown next to the famous Reading Terminal Market, the famous indoor foodie paradise. The Marriott Philadelphia Downtown is located at 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107. Convention registration and hotel reservations can be made at http://magicsam.com/annual-convention/.

More info at mark@magicsam.com or samregistrar@yahoo.com

13. The Historical Tiberio Bridge
Message by Joan Caesar (Canada)

One of the things I don't want to miss during my trip to FISM is the Tiberio Bridge, a famous Rimini landmark.

The sturdy white stone, with original inscriptions to Augustus and Tiberius, gives visitors the sensation of travelling back in time.

Construction of this bridge started during the reign of Augustus in 14 AD, as part of his extensive series of public works for Rimini, but it takes its name from Tiberius, the Emperor under whose reign the bridge was completed in 21 AD.

During the summer months, there are often concerts and events staged in the canal using the Tiberio Bridge as an impressive backdrop. It remains open to pedestrians and cars but not heavier vehicles.

Built with stone quarried in Istria, Croatia, the bridge's construction is remarkable, featuring five semicircular arches with an average span of 8 yards that rest on massive pillars with breakwater spurs set at an oblique angle with respect to the bridge's axis in order to follow the current. It remains largely as it was when built by the Romans, despite the ebbs and flows of the river, the numerous wars it has seen, and modern day traffic.

It's amazing to think that a structure of such perfect design could be built without our modern day equipment and expertise. The River Marecchia originally passed under the bridge, but in the twentieth century was diverted from its original course to minimize flooding damage.

The Tiberio Bridge was the only crossing of the Marecchia River not destroyed by the retreating German army during the Battle of Rimini in Sept. 1944 and has resisted all attempts at destruction, including the ignition failure of explosive charges.

Step back in time. Join us at FISM in July.

From more information on FISM go to: http://www.fismitaly2015.com/

14. Sam Powers Joins The Cast Of The Illusionists 2.0
Message by Robyn MacFarlane (Australia)

Believe it or not: Illusionist Sam Powers levitates Big Brother runner up above the waters of Sydney Harbour

Illusionist Sam Powers pulls off world first levitation above waters of Sydney Harbour
Big Brother runner up Jade Albany was almost two feet above the water.

Sam is about to join the largest magic show on earth called 'The Illusionists 2.0'

By Amy Ziniak For Daily Mail Australia
Published: 23:15 AEST, 23 October 2014 | Updated: 13:53 AEST, 24 October 2014

Illusionist Sam Powers has pulled off a world first levitation above the waters of Sydney Harbour.

Sam conquered his fear of sharks to stun passing ferry passengers at McMahon's Point in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

He successfully levitated last year's Big Brother runner up and model Jade Albany almost two feet above the water.

'We almost got washed away a couple of times, but if you are a real magician, you should be able to make magic happen anywhere,' he said.

'I am terrified of sharks and I did see a sting ray, but my fear and adrenalin rush to do something that has never been done before made it all the more exciting.'

The whole experience left his subject shaking.

'Sam put me in some sort of trance and the next thing I knew, I was hovering a couple of feet above the Harbour, with the waves washing my hair,' said the 24 year old.

'It was incredible and a bit scary, even though I'm a good swimmer.'

'I was literally shaking from the experience when Sam carried me back to dry land. I've no idea how he did it.'

Sam is about to join the largest magic show on earth called 'The Illusionists 2.0' where he will join six of the world's best magicians currently on a world tour.

15. Band of Magicians - Tickets On Sale
Message by Nathan Barker (Australia)

The magic super group Band of Magicians (James Galea, Justin Willman, Nate Staniforth and Justin Flom) will be in Melbourne, Australia for a season in January 2015 at Crown Casino.

You can see the Band in action here - https://vimeo.com/102598520

Tickets are now on sale through Ticketek -

Nathan Barker
Personal Manager
w: www.jamesgalea.com
e: nathan@jamesgalea.com

16. Jeff McBride's Virtual Magic & Mystery School
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

New things are happening with our online Magic School. I really, sincerely, do hope you will consider becoming a member of our All-New online. Please look at the video at our "Virtual Magic & Mystery School.

Not only will you receive special benefits at each level of membership, but you are also helping the School fulfill its mission of improving the art of magic one magician at a time! Learn more right here: http://www.magicalwisdom.com

17. David Ginn's UK Tour 2015
Message by David Ginn (US)

UK tour 2015. Here are the confirmed dates and cities for my last KIDBIZ MAGIC tour of the UK. This doesn't mean I won't return to England/Scotland; it only means no more long tours! I will also be at Blackpool in Feb. 2015 with a dealer stand. Come see me either way!

April 7 - Arrive in UK
April 8 - Wolverhampton
April 9 - Airdrie, Scotland
April 10 - Dundee, Scotland
April 11/12 rest in London
April 13 - Portsmouth
April 14 - Northampton
April 15 - Leamington
April 16 - Dunstable
April 18 - Manchester FCM-UK
Kidbiz & Christian Workshop 10 am - 3 pm
April 20 - LSM Davenports in London

Also . . . I am considering a short 4-5 day Final Eastern Canada tour for Sept.2015 and a Final Europe tour in spring 2016. If you are interested in seeing me, email me at ginnmagic@comcast.net.

18. 32nd New Zealand International Magicians Convention 2015
Message by Nopera Whitley (NZ)

Join the Wellington Magic Club on Labour Weekend 2015 for three days of magic.

When: 24th - 26th of October, 2015
Where: James Cook Hotel, Wellington City, New Zealand

Registration is Open
We have an "Extra Early-Bird" rate for those who register before the 10th of November, 2014.

- Seniors: $270
- Juniors, Parents & Partners: $170

Register online at www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz or to download the registration form go to: http://www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz/register.pdf
Venue and Accommodation
The convention will be held at the Wellington James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, and we
have secured a great room rate at $169 per night (King Bed or Double + Single Bed) which
includes a full buffet breakfast for two. Rooms will be available for booking next week.

Headliners already confirmed include:
- Phil Cass and his partner Philippa
- Charlie Frye and his partner Sherry
- Nick Nickolas

For more information, or to get in touch, visit us at www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz.

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