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Issue Number: #1170
Date: Sunday 15th February 2015
Editor: Alan Watson QSM
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. MAGIC Live! 2015
3. Shawn Farquhar - Tales From The Sea
4. Dean Dill Final Curtain Call
5. Master Of Magic, Emotions René Lavand Dies At 86
6. Raymond Crowe The Unusualist - February Tour Dates
7. New Backstage Magic Podcasts Offered On Line
8. Remarkable Magic #379 - Nick Lewin
9. Masters Of Illusion: Live Taping - #350 - Kyle Peron
10. In Conversation With Abigail Spinner McBride #3
11. FISM Sismondo Castle
12. 87th Annual I.B.M. Convention In Jacksonville, FL
13. Conjurors Cardsharps And Conmen By Bernard Reid
14. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
15. The 41st Annual Winter Carnival Of Magic
16. Tony Green R.I.P.
17. The South Tyneside International Magic Festival
18. Wellington Convention - Win back your Registration Fee!
19. New John Bannon Book Now Available!
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Michele and I are really looking forward to seeing Raymond Crowe The Unusualist Show this Saturday night in Auckland. More information on Raymonds tour go to item #6

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2015-Jan-to-Dec-2015/1170-Feb15-2015.html

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2. MAGIC Live! 2015
Message by Stan Allen, MAGIC Live!

It seems that every magic convention is busy announcing their list of talent booked for their upcoming event. And then there's MAGIC Live!

It's not that we don't have names. It's just that we like surprises. And so far, we've been fortunate enough to fill up our theater without tipping who's backstage about to perform.

Still, it's fun to list a few names:

Gene Anderson, John Armato, Mike Bent, Michael Carbonaro, Lubor Fiedler, Goldfinger, Mark Kornhauser, Tina Lenert, David Regal, Rory Johnston, Mark Setteducati, and Larry Wilmore.

Those were from Monday of 2013. And I mean Mon-DAY!

Monday NIGHT offered three different possibilities of shows featuring:

Les Arnold & Dazzle, Denis Behr, John Carney, Mike Caveney, Simon Coronel, Dana Daniels, David Deeble, Yann Frisch, James Hamilton, Kevin James, Mark Kalin & Jinger Leigh, Armando Lucero, Randy Pryor, Johan Stahl, Victor & Diamond, Steve Valentine, Michael Weber, and David Williamson.

And we're busy putting together an equally impressive lineup for 2015. Join us August 9- 12 in Las Vegas. Surprises await!!!


3. Shawn Farquhar - Tales From The Sea
Message by Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

In last week's part one of the two part podcast with Shawn Farquhar, he told tons of stories about his early days and particularly about working behind the scenes on television and in the movies. That podcast received lots of compliments and comments, like, "You have the best stories!", and "Your stories are the best!!!!" and "You are a fast talker, but a joy to listen to. What great stories!" among many others.

This week in the second and final podcast with Shawn. He talks about competing in magic contests, working on cruise ships and being a magic dealer and manufacturer. If you liked his stories from part one, then you will love the tales from the high seas he shares in this podcast.

You can read the blog, see some photos, listen to the podcast online or download the MP3 file at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/shawn-farquhar-part-two You can also download the podcast through the iTunes store.

Next week's podcast: Nick Lewin

4. Dean Dill Final Curtain Call
A Profile by Pete Biro forwarded on by Mel Kientz (US)

Dean Dill's Shoppe, in Glendale, California is a must-visit for magicians when they come to Los Angeles or work at the Magic Castle. On any given day you might find somebody in from China, Japan, Germany, England or Sweden. Many regulars like R. Paul Wilson come in and work all day long and late into the night sessioning with other magicians like Michael Weber, John Carney, Tom Frank and your humble correspondent. Not too long ago David Blaine was in, as was Juan Tamariz, Dani DaOrtiz and Cyril all visiting to find out what new things Dean was working on.

Of course magic isn't the only thing that goes on in Dean's Shoppe. It's also a barbershop. Dean is an incredibly good barber. He's been at it for over 30 years. One of his first early customers was Dai Vernon. In 1989 when he was finished cutting Vernon's hair Dean swept the bits of his hair up off the floor and put them in an envelope, sealed the envelope and wrote Vernon's name on the outside along with the date and a list of the other magicians in the Shoppe that day. He has clippings from a large number of very well known magicians.

Dean also gives lessons on magic. One of the most famous people Dean has tutored is Johnny Carson. Many people don't realize Carson's hobby was magic, and he actually started out as a magician before he went into radio and then television. One day Carson came into Hollywood Magic to buy a couple of tricks and he met Dean. Dean did a few coin tricks for Carson, and he was very impressed, asking if he would come out to his house in Malibu, and give him lessons. Dean did teach Carson a number of coin tricks over the next couple years and ended up performing on the Tonight Show.

Dean's current student, and protégé, is a young teenage magician named Griffin Barry, who advanced quite rapidly and was accepted as a junior member at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Griffin moved right up the ranks and has now performed at the Magic Castle receiving high marks. Following his Castle stint he was selected to be on the TV show Superstars of Magic.

How Dean became a barber is interesting. He was in the Navy, and the barber on board the ship was about to retire and leave. So Dean inquired about replacing the barber and got the okay. The only problem was Dean had never cut hair, but he figured he could hang around the ship's barbershop, watch and learn, which he did. And since then he's turned into a really good barber. He's a perfectionist with everything he does.

Dean has created some classic magic tricks. Probably his most famous is Dean's Box. A real spooky effect using ropes that link themselves inside a mysterious box. You will see this performed all over the world. Probably the most famous is Paul Daniels, in England, who uses it to close his shows. Dean's Blizzard is one of the strongest card tricks you'll ever see, and his Explosion. A matrix type coin routine, winds up with the table literally filled with coins that seemingly come from nowhere.

Probably the most important thing about Dean Dill is his ability to see a trick, work with it and improve it tremendously.

Whenever I work out a trick or an idea, as soon as I get to a point where I think it might be finished I visit Dean and he starts playing with it, and by the end of the day he's not only improved it but made it easier to understand, easier to follow for the spectators and easier to do for the performer.

Probably the best example was my trick with walnuts, Nutty Surprise, winding up with a production of a huge, heavy steel nut. I was having problems getting this out of my pocket and secretly loading it. Dean came up with the idea of having it on the table all the time at the very beginning of the routine hidden behind a handkerchief. As soon as we started doing it this way we fooled almost every magician that came into watch the trick.

Dean was honored by the Academy of Magical Arts in 2012 when he was presented with a Creative Fellowship by his pal Michael Weber.

5. Master Of Magic, Emotions René Lavand Dies At 86
Article forwarded by Mel Kientz (US)

Rene Lavand
September 24, 1928 - February 7, 2015

The without-equal illusionist died today at 86 years old in a Buenos Aires province city of Tandil clinic where he had been hospitalized due to a pneumonia.

Héctor René Lavand was born on September 24, 1928 and became a true master of magic although he had only one arm, turning his performances into theatrical, emotional presentations.

René Lavand gained fame during the 60's when he decided to bring his magic to BA City's main theathres such as the Maipo and the Tabaris.

His "It can't be done any slower" card trick became a world hit. He was invited to the Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson in The United States. The Argentine magician also performed in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Europe and Japan.

6. Raymond Crowe The Unusualist - February Tour Dates
Message by Raymond Crowe The Unusualist (Australia)

New Zealand February 2015 New Zealand Tour Dates:
Sat 14th - ASB Theatre - Auckland
Tickets through Ticketmaster www.ticketmaster.co.nz Ph: 0800 111 999
Mon 16th - Forum North - Whangarei
Tickets through www.ticketek.com Ph: 0800 842 538
Tues 17th - Founders Theatre - Hamilton
Tickets through www.ticketek.com Ph: 0800 842 538
Weds 18th - TSB Showplace - New Plymouth
Tickets through Ticketmaster www.ticketmaster.co.nz Ph: 0800 111 999
Fri 20th - Regent On Broadway - Palmerston North
Tickets through Ticket Direct www.ticketdirect.co.nz Ph: 0800 224 224
Sat 21st - The Opera House - Wellington
Tickets through www.ticketek.com Ph: 0800 842 538
Mon 23rd - Civic Theatre - Invercargill
Tickets through Ticket Direct www.ticketdirect.co.nz Ph: 0800 224 224
Tues 24th - Regent Theatre - Dunedin
Tickets through Ticket Direct www.ticketdirect.co.nz Ph: 0800 224 224
Thurs 26th - Theatre Royal - Timaru
Tickets through www.ticketek.com Ph:0800 842 538
Fri 27th - Isaac Theatre Royal - Christchurch
Tickets through www.ticketek.com Ph: 0800 842 538
Sat 28th - College - Nelson

Tickets through Ticket Direct www.ticketdirect.co.nz Ph: 0800 224 224

7. New Backstage Magic Podcasts Offered On Line
Message by George Schindler (US)

Backstage | S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians) is a new bi-weekly free podcast appearing on their website. Produced by veteran talk show radio host Bruce Kalver, the series will feature the "behind the scenes" stories of interesting events relating to their conventions and their long history, as recorded in interviews with the people who will reminisce and provide oral histories on each podcast. Plus you can win prizes by interacting on line.

These Backstage podcasts are available to all magicians by clicking on the banner as it appears at the top of the page at www.magicam.com Hear it on line or download the show to your smart phone or tablet. Perfect to listen to on your commute to work.

8. Remarkable Magic #379 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Magic on the Internet.

Like so many other magicians I spend rather a lot of time on the Internet checking out what is going on in the magic world. In fact I think it is probably fair to say that I spend a little too much time trolling those digital dens of magic. I thought I would dedicate this column to a couple of fairly non-vitriolic rants on the topic. I could have got a lot more heated if I said everything I really feel!

In years gone by if you wanted to mix with other magicians your three major choices were; your local magic store on a Saturday morning, the local meeting of a magic club or a full-scale magic convention. The brick and mortar magic shop is fast becoming a feature on the endangered species list. Happily the local magic club is still on the scene and magic conventions seem to be multiplying and increasing in quantity and quality every year.

With the decline of actual magic shops most magicians now keep up with the latest releases in the magic world by viewing videos on the new effects on the various online magic stores websites. It is interesting and somewhat amusing to see how these online commercials have taken over from the old printed catalogues that we all used to spend hours poring over. They can be just as deceptive in the way they present their products but in all honesty a certain amount of guile in sometimes needed in promoting these items.

As an owner of an online magic store I can see the problems involved in these video demonstrations. Everyone would love to just have a straightforward performance of your latest effect, however, if you are retailing an expensive item, this isn't always something that appeals to the digital dealer for very good reasons. Some viewers seeing a funny/clever routine are then apt to "cherry pick" moves, ideas and jokes without purchasing the routine and this really isn't fair to the retailer, creator or legitimate purchaser of the routine.

If you want to get a little more information about the effect you are interested in you can always visit a magical forum such as (but certainly not limited to) The Magic Café. While this should prove ideal in theory, in practice it is often a fruitless effort and sometimes downright maddening. The ability for anyone to comment on this kind of forum gives a democratic element to the proceedings that is sometimes unfortunate and frequently unhelpful.

When you visited a magic shop and the owner gave you input on a routine, he was usually pretty accurate in his assessment of the value of the trick to you. He usually also knew a lot more about the effect than is usually the case in forums or Facebook pages. The disassociated and anonymous nature of the Internet can allow totally false premises be presented to the reader. People who know nothing, or very little, can often make bold and sweeping statements.

Let me give an example, I made a trip to the Magic Café and followed a thread about one of my releases "Nick Lewin's Ultimate Linking Finger Routine" and was amazed to see the manner in which someone who had absolutely no idea about the routine presented a series of statements that were actually laughably incorrect. He did so with an air of authority that totally belayed his pitiable lack of information on the topic. Did I correct it? No, I decided not to bother or to comment on the issue, life is too short.

In a similar instance I read a very earnestly written question on SME by a young performer about what he needed to do to become a professional magician. As a performer with over 45 year professional experience, I was astounded by nearly every response he received. It was amateur advice that was being rendered to boost the egos of the people responding. Almost none of the advice was of any possible practical use to the person posting the question. I took the time to contact the young man involved and actually spend some time on the phone with him trying to be of some practical assistance. I felt that it was the right thing to do, but no I don't do this all the time.

The Internet is fun but it isn't always as accurate as it could be and I believe we need to all be aware of the limitations inherent in it. However, the scariest part of the Internet to me is what is being presented to non-magicians on sights like YouTube. The amount of magical secrets available to the public is downright alarming. A whole new breed of folk are arriving whose interest in viewing magic doesn't stretch to becoming a magician, or even finding a book, they just Google a description of the effect.

The amount of (usually) badly presented "How To" videos on YouTube is both alarming and sickening. I really do not think lay audiences should be casually allowed to watch the inner secrets of a stunning magical effect such as Penn & Teller's Bullet Catching Routine. Call me old fashioned, but seeing some gawky kid explain someone else's routine to the general public in order to create an "Internet identity," flies in the face of everything I feel sacred about our art.

Well, I don't have any real answers to my rants in this week's column. Internet has changed everything and there is no going back, however I do feel more than a few misgivings about the new directions it is heading in. Needless to say there is also much that I love and approve that has appeared alongside the negative aspects of the technological twists that the Web was introduced to the magic world, but that's another column!

You can visit my online store at www.lewinenterprises.com
(And even watch a couple of performance videos,) or you can subscribe to my blog at www.remarkablemagic.com

9. Masters Of Illusion: Live Taping - #350 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

We are very fortunate this day and age to see magic on TV and enjoy what is being presented. Seeing a show can inspire and also gets the magical arts out to the masses.

Perhaps the future of magic may be started from a show a young person decided to watch.

Recently I had the privilege to attend a live filming of Masters Of Illusion. To be able to see what goes into the creation of a magic based TV show was inspiring, educational and empowering to me.

We arrived at the parking lot as instructed and then proceeded to walk over to the studio with the help of guides positioned outside. As we walked we passed a film set up. Pretty common in and around the LA area.

Getting to be friendly to the security crew pays off. We got to find out they were shooting for NCIS LA for a night seen shoot out. Was fascinating to see how things were set up.

Once on the lot, one must follow the rules of the studio. You must keep in mind that filming is going on at all times on the lot and inside each of the film sound stages. Red lights outside indicate filming is taking place.

Noise must be kept to a minimum and because of this you will often see only golf carts and bikes being used on the lot. As we stand in line talking is kept low and rules are stated by the studio crew.

As you walk into the sound stage you are taken back with just how different it appears in real life. What we see as a final product on TV is very different then what is seen during the filming. The stage sets are often huge and lighting prevalent everywhere.

Areas on the stage and on the floor wide spaced to allow the usage of multiple camera set ups and swing arm cameras. The extensive lighting allows for the best filming of each act.

That many lights creates a lot of heat so the sound stages are often kept pretty cold. You are told how to dress once you get your tickets. Shows vary but this one wanted us to dress business casual.

Each seat is filled and expect the studio crew to position you. This simply means they will seat you to what they feel gives the best look and feel for the show. You will be filmed so they want the audience to look natural and diverse.

Once seated you will not be able to leave or use the bathrooms during filming. If you must, you must tell a crew member. They will then have folks as fill ins. They will sit in your seat so as the cameras pan, every seat is filled.

Do not expect to see the show as you would going to a theater. Remember that this is being filmed and so there is no MC. The first person you hear is usually the warm up act. This tends to be a comedian whose job it is to get you warmed up, excited and telling you how to act, react and when.

The first thing filmed is usually reaction shots of the audience and audience pan shots. The crew will inform you what to do and action is called. There are several takes to get what they are after for usage in editing later.

Cameras are everywhere and at times may block your view. However, you are there to be a part of the show and so getting the best angle for the cameras always comes first. As each act goes on, there are a lot of tech and stage crew moving sets, cables, cameras and lights. It all must be done carefully but quickly as time is money at any studio.

Several takes might be done at the request of the director or of the act no taken again. The pace is quick and once an act is done, they simple walk off stage as the next set up and act is positioned on stage to start.

As acts are presented, special camera crews are recording the audience. The camera is looking for reactions to what is being presented. The wow, gasp, applaud and laughter are keys to what they need to make the show flow in post-production.

It is an amazing experience and one I wish many can experience. To see what goes into a show like this is to really see team effort and a lot of hard work. So the next time you see a magic show on TV, remember a little of what I mentioned, you may appreciate it on a whole new level.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. It means a lot to me. I can always be contacted at magic4u02@aol.com. Thank you.


10. In Conversation With Abigail Spinner McBride #3
Message from Anthony Darkstone

Anthony Darkstone In Conversation With Abigail Spinner McBride

AD: Exactly. This is what Jeff does at The Magic & Mystery School in various formats. We have touched lightly on your role at The Magic & Mystery School, and that you and Jeff open your home to your students. You play a vital but not always visible role in the Mystery School. Share with me a little about that side of you …

AM: As you know, we send out Newsletters and often when Jeff is away, I sometimes step in and contribute to them. As to other functions well, my non-official title is Queen Bee of the Magic & Mystery School, because I keep the hive humming. Before classes, I help with marketing and advertising, doing outreach to new students, answering questions by email and phone, assisting in the scholarship approval and registration process. I help with the writing and editing of the bi-monthly Museletters we send out to our friends and fans.

I take care of the printing needs of the faculty, prepare materials for the students and assemble the binders for each class. I make sure the guest rooms are ready for the visiting faculty and the house is clean and stocked to meet everyone's needs. During the class, I help with administrative paperwork and getting students checked in. I make sure the faculty are fed and caffeinated. I also lead the morning focus session, answer questions and counsel students, as well as making sure that everyone has a clean water bottle to refill as needed and that there are plenty of snacks during the breaks. After the class, I help write the follow-up letters. So, I wear many hats, Renaissance woman that I am….

AD: Abbi, you just reminded me of some wonderful words by Dr. Harlan Tarbell -"A magician is not a magician because he knows tricks, but because he knows Magic -- the principles, the fundamentals." I know The Magic & Mystery School teaches this in varied forms but it applies to you and your background…

AM: Yes it does Tony. Just knowing how a trick is done is not enough. We see too much of that nowadays. Perhaps, more time should be devoted to studying allied performing Arts. I did. I have spent time since childhood studying competitive gymnastics, dance, movement, weight training, learning about all kinds of things, seeking inspiration in all things and learning how to see beauty in all things. All of that has helped me to hone my skills as a Performer in both Magic and other related performances. I would even go so far as to state that to be a good Magician, it is necessary to be aware of the Magic in dance, in movement, in living, in breathing, in learning and then bringing all of that to create our Magical characters.

The true Masters of the Art of Magic have known this for centuries and this is seen in all cultures. When different cultures are observed with true seeker's eyes, we find a co-relation that crosses all divides. Let me give you a perfect example close to home. Jeff was a very competent Magician and was recognized by his peers as such. However, after his return from Japan, he underwent a transformation and applied all that we were talking about earlier and truly transformed the way he viewed Magic and, quite naturally, his performances. We share this empirical experience with our students at The Mystery School. It is not just some theory but empirical and empathic.

End of Part 3 - Tune in next week for more.

11. FISM Sismondo Castle
Message by Joan Caesar (Canada)

The Sismondo Castle is an impressive sight and has an interesting history. It was both the residence and fortress of the Malatesta family who were the lords of Rimini in the 13th-17th century, and was later used as a prison.

Of the original construction, begun by the Lord of Rimini, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta in 1437, only the central nucleus remains. According to contemporary thinking, Malatesta himself designed it, although it is known that several architects also worked on the construction. The work lasted 15 years.

Originally the castle was encircled with a large moat, with a design at the main entrance containing the heraldic symbols of the House of Malatesta. The walls were thought to be thick enough to bear a strike from the new artillery pieces appearing in Europe in that period. Although originally positioned externally from the city, it has no towers facing that side. All towers are in fact oriented towards the city. These towers are square, and once each housed a bronze cannon.

The central part of the castle was the residence of the Prince, the rooms decorated with tapestries, curtains and frescoes. Also the exterior would have been decorated, as indicated by the few fancy tiles still visible.

In 1821 the castle was turned into barracks for the local police. Five years later, the external walls were demolished and the moat filled. After a period of decadence, the edifice is now used as place to show exhibitions.

Just off the main square in Rimini, it's worth a look during FISM.

12. 87th Annual I.B.M. Convention In Jacksonville, FL
Message by Bill Wells (US)

Eugene Burger, Larry Hass And Guests Present The 2015 Lance Burton Teen Seminar

Eugene Burger and Larry Hass will be facilitating the Lance Burton Teen Seminar at the 87th Annual I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville, FL on July 13-15, 2015. The McBride Magic and Mystery School has been facilitating Lance Burton's young magician's events since its inception in 2003. Along with Eugene and Larry we are expecting participation from I.B.M. International President, Shawn Farquhar and Oscar Munoz.

This event is being sponsored by the I.B.M. Endowment and Development Fund and is open to all magicians ages 13-19 that are registered for the I.B.M. Convention at no additional charge. Stay tuned for future announcements about the event! If you haven't registered yet - don't wait any longer - register today!! Registration fees increase on March 1, 2015!!!

To register go to http://www.magician.org/convention/upcoming-convention Today! Jacksonville here we come!
13. Conjurors Cardsharps And Conmen By Bernard Reid
Reviewed by Paul Romhany

My Thoughts:
As a professional performer of magic for more than 50 years Bernard Reid has always had a passion for the evolution and history of magic. For many years he wrote for Magicana Magazine on the history of magic in New Zealand and during that time has spent countless hours researching, around the world, the history of magic dating from 1855.

The amount of work Bernard has put in to this incredible book I think is a book within itself. He had to go through every newspaper looking for advertisements or reviews. Fortunately, in the early days there were very few newspapers. The earliest started in 1839 and by the mid-1840s there was a mere handful. It was in 1855 when the first documented magical performance in New Zealand took place. In total over 45 years, from 1855 - 1899, a total of 78 magicians and illusionists, many internationally recognised, toured New Zealand. This book by Bernard tells their story, and what a story it is. This is a real insight in to the life and times of working and touring magicians dating back to that period as well as the type of magic they performed.

This book is filled not just with rich history but stories that will make you gasp and laugh. This one tickled me in particular.

"Very famous internationally at that time also was Carl Hertz who, ironically, came to New Zealand a year later and I am sure would have been bemused to find he had been preceded by Carl Hartz! As the result of a court case that came up later in 1881, Professor Hartz's legal name had to be used in the deposition where it was revealed that his birth name was William Charles Hazel and that he was from Wellington."

Who would have thought magicians would be doing something like this even back then? You will read stories of success as well as stories of failure as times were very different back then. Having said that I do think some stories could still apply to today. I thoroughly enjoyed this book on so many different levels. The deluxe hard-bound edition is not just a great read, but it is also a gorgeous book to hold.

One thing I always note when looking at quality in the production of the book is the binding. Bernard has chosen to go to the highest grade of binding and it really has paid off. This is a book I would be proud to have in full view in my home when people come to visit. Bernard has a natural flair for storytelling and takes us on a journey that makes for fascinating and riveting reading. The research is outstanding from newspaper reviews to graphics and the way Bernard links it all together. It is obvious when you read this that Bernard has a deep understanding on the history of magic in general as he is able to link illusions that were performed during these times to original performances elsewhere.

It shows just how the world has changed because there is no way a person could claim originality of an illusion today and get away with it - or has it? While this book might be aimed at those who love the history of magic and collectors, I would not hesitate recommending it very highly to every person who has a deep love and respect for our craft. Our history in magic is so very important so we can all grow and help our craft develop. Bernard has produced one of the BEST books I've read in a very long time and with only a very limited number of copies available I would strongly recommend you get your copy now before they all go.

Available: www.nzmagichistory.com

Price: $100 US plus shipping

14. Updates So Far This Week On VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck (NZ)
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

- Dynamo Announces More Live Dates
- Merlin Award: Best Gospel Magician
- Broken Wand: Dean Dill
- Broken Wand: Rene Levand
- The Art and Science of Doing Nothing: Nick Lewin
- Joshua Jay's Apartment Profiled
- Magician Michael Jordan Back on Stage
- Raymond Crowe New Zealand Tour
- Review: Criss Angel At Easton State Theatre

Video of the Week: Dynamo's Fiat 500X Launch

Daily magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

15. The 41st Annual Winter Carnival of Magic
Message by Tom Vorjohan

The 41st annual Winter Carnival of Magic is the first weekend of March, and it will be incredible! Beginning on Thursday, March 5, at noon, this year's WCM has some new activities and some stellar talent. There are still a couple spots open in both the close-up and stage contests as well.

Stage shows will include Murray Sawchuck & Chloe, Shawn Farquhar, Reed Masterson, David & Leeman, quick change artists Natalie & Eli, Joel Ward, Eugene Burger, juggler Niels Duinker, and illusionists John Shryock & Mari Lynn!

The Close-up show has Reuben Moreland, John Shryock, Shawn Farquhar, Eugene Burger, and Bill Goodwin.

There are seven lectures including ones by Lee Earle and John Reid, plus a panel discussion about performing on television hosted by Eugene Burger featuring Americas Got Talent's David & Leeman, the Pawn Star consultant Murray Sawchuck, and Tonight Show performer Joel Ward.

The special highlight of the convention will be Darren Romeo's debut Pigeon Forge performance of his multi-year contract "Magic Beyond Belief" show! A special banquet will follow.

Registration is just $135 for magicians, $70 for companions and children 10-17. For complete schedule, registration, hotel information and more: www.WinterCarnivalOfMagic.com

March 5-7, 2015 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee -- this should be our biggest in our 41-year history!

16. Tony Green R.I.P.
Message by Quentin Reynolds

Tony Green passed away on Thursday, 5th February in Ipswich. Before turning pro, Tony was a cabinet maker and that skill came in very handy in making his own props and puppets.
For many years he performed Punch & Judy, Vent and Magic in the Clacton area. Multiple daily performances on the beach during the summer season led him to devise many extra interludes and bits of business for his Punch shows. These were published in two books, Professional Punch, and Puppets With Punch, by The Supreme Magic Co.

For a number of years Tony also made all the Punch puppets for Supreme.

Tony retired from performing in the 80's and moved to Ipswich opening a toy and joke shop Gags and Giggles. Condolences to his wife Rosemary and son and daughter.

17. The South Tyneside International Magic Festival
Message by Claire Buchan (UK)
The South Tyneside International Magic Festival returns for its 12th spellbinding year this March, including a three-day convention for professional magicians

A number of this year's international performers are available for interview and I wondered whether you'd be interested in a phone conversation, or one of your set features, with any of the artists listed below?

Michael Finney (USA) - multi award-winning, comedy magician, with more than 30 years in the business. He performed at the 2004 Inaugural Gala for President George W Bush and is returning to the Magic Festival's twelfth year this year after performing there 10 years ago. He also has his own charitable foundation.

John Archer (UK) - star of children's television show, Help My Supply Teacher is Still Magic, award-winning magician John has been assisting with the organisation of this year's festival and will also be performing

Luke Jermay (UK) - Probably the most incredible man you've never heard of, Luke's mind reading powers have earned him high profile fans, including Uri Gellar, Dynamo and Derren Brown

Russ Brown (UK) - Winner of CBBC show, The Slammer, Russ' unique style combining crazy gags, great music and lots of audience participation has made him a firm favourite with all ages

High Jinx (UK) - award-winning illusionists, made up of young, newlyweds Michael and Tamsyn Jordan. Michael has appeared on various TV shows, while Tamsyn is a trained actress, dancer and singer

The Great Nardini (Scotland) - developed by duo Paul and Mhairi Nardini, the act has picked up many awards including British Magical champion and World Champion of Comedy Magic.

Atlas (USA) and Looch (UK) - two of the world's greatest mind-readers, who have joined forces to transmit and receive thoughts with unnerving accuracy

John Carey (UK) - a passionate magician, specialising in sleight of hand, with five critically acclaimed DVDS to his name

Diamond and Jade (UK) - This Liverpool-based duo perform large-scale illusions. It was founded by Michael Diamond, who devises many of his own tricks and illusions and has authored two books on magic

I look forward to hearing from you soon


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Senior PR Consultant

Sorted Public Relations and Event Management Ltd
Suite 3, Maling Studios, Hoults Estate, Walker Road, Newcastle, NE6 2HL

Tel 0191 265 6111
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Email claire@sortedpr.com
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18. Wellington Convention - Win back your Registration Fee!
Message by Nopera Whitley (NZ)

Wellington Magic Convention - October 24th - 26th, 2015

Win back your Registration Fee!

One lucky person will win back the cost of their registration fee within the first hour of the Convention!

How To Enter:
All you have to do is register before October 24th, 2015.
Register before 10th of November, 2014 and get 3 entries into the draw
Register before 1st of May, 2015 and get 2 entries into the draw
Register before 24th of October, 2015 and get 1 entry into the draw
The earlier you register, the more entries you get!

Refer A Friend For Extra Entries:
If you have registered and refer a friend, you can gain an extra two entries per person that you refer.

For every person that writes down your name as the referee, during registration, you will get an additional 2 entries!

For conditions and more information, go towww.wellingtonmagic.co.nz/raffle

Registration is Open!

We have an "Early-Bird" rate for those who register before the 1st of May, 2015.
- Seniors: $290
- Juniors, Parents & Partners: $190
Register online at www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz to download the registration form.

Headliners already confirmed include:
- Charlie Frye and his partner Sherry
- Phil Cass and his partner Philippa
- Nick Nickolas

Like Us on Facebook:
To stay up to date, make sure to like our Facebook Page:

For more information, or to get in touch, visit us at www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz

19. New John Bannon Book Now Available!
Message by Gabe A Fajuri

A new book by John Bannon, Destination Zero is now available for pre-order.

A total departure from Bannon's usual form, this hardbound collection is filled with 25 self-working material from the mind of one of the most respected creators of card magic of the 20th century. Each effect is described in the familiar, conversational style Bannon's books have become known for. These are not your typical non-sleight-of-hand tricks. Bannon has thoroughly analyzed each effect and backed up subtle principles with careful, layered consist ructions.

Anyone can cobble together a couple of principles and call it a "trick." Bannon looks for synergies and leverages the methods as much as possible. His objective: "One pulls one should equal three--or more. Otherwise, why bother?"

Every effect in the book can be accomplished with regular cards--and without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, punches, or marks. These highly-refined constructions will change the way you think about self-working card magic.

Destination Zero is a quality hardbound volume with full color jacket and two-color stamped case. It is 209 pages long, and illustrated with over 100 crystal-clear photographs.

Destination Zero is now available for pre-order from the publisher at www.squashpublishing.com. Books will ship during the first week of February.

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