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Issue Number: #1193
Date: Sunday 12th April 2015
Editor: Alan Watson QSM
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. Annemann Award For Mentalism & The Robert-Houdin Award
3. Vanish - International Magic Magazine Edition 19 - April/May
4. The Magic Word - 218: Steve Spill - I Lie For Money
5. 4F Stats
6. Uri Geller at FISMITALY 2O15!!!
7. FISM - Representing North America
8. Remarkable Magic #386 - Nick Lewin
8. Festivals - Assistants - #358 - Kyle Peron
10. SAM Convention Breaking News
11. I.B.M. Announces a New Fantastic Member Benefit
12. Diamond Jim Tyler's Updated Tour Schedule
13. Special Offer - Registration for AbraCORNdabra
14. Broken Wands - Ron London & Eddie Davis
15. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
16. Bruce Kalver Returning To Ocean State Theatre
17. Paul Draper in the UK in June
18. Broken Wand - Patrick Cordier Of WA
19. The Bristol Day of Magic
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
GREAT NEWS the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, New Zealand April 11th 2pm Magic show is SOLD OUT. 7.30pm show only 20 seats left. If you are planning to attend book NOW.

You can purchase your tickets by emailing Mick Peck mail@mickpeckmagic.com or calling 0800 385 167.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2015-Jan-to-Dec-2015/1194-Apr12-2015.html

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. Annemann Award For Mentalism & The Robert-Houdin Award
Message by Mark Stevens (US)

Last year Joe Stevens and Stevens Magic Emporium created two magic awards for the art of magic and mentalism. Joe spirited the drive as a means to provide much needed recognition for performers that have contributed in so many ways and equally important, continue to shape the ever changing dynamic of our art. Joe and Mark choose Magic New Zealand as the exclusive forum to make the announcements for the 2015 awards.

Annemann Award for Mentalism
Luca Volpe - Italy
Joe Curcillo Esq - USA/Italy

The Robert-Houdin Award
Jeff McBride - USA

We have the fantastic opportunity to speak with lovers of the arts on all levels, from professionals to hobbyists and ambassadors of the art (such as people like Domenico Dante and Ton Onosaka). We are always seeking their counsel and this year we are honored to recognize the above individuals for their passion and tireless pursuit of perfection. At this stage in my magical career I can't think of anything better to do than to shine the light on these incredible performers. We are looking forward to 2016, but for 2015 and beyond these individuals recognition is well deserved. - Joe Stevens

You can access www.stevensmagic.com for more information, along with a short bio of the 2015 winners.

3. Vanish - International Magic Magazine Edition 19 - April/May
Message by Paul Romhany

We mark our fourth year off with another bumper issue of magic, reviews, articles and essays by some of the world's leading professional magicians.

In this tricks sections we have video links so you can see the effects from the creators and how to set them up. Routines range from magic with M&M packets, a 'which hand' effect, magic with cards and bills.

Our feature artist this issue is UK magician Keith Fields, who made the move to America and is now starring in his own one-man show. This is a great story of how he went from working at Convent Garden to working on cruise ships and corporate work to having his own show. It shows us all that hard work and determination can get you to where you want.

This issue also sees the final series by Ben Robinson on The Importance of Wonder - a must read for every performer. Jeff Hobson shares his story on working with The Illusionists, Charles Bach continues his illusion series and Ray Lum looks at one of the best builders in magic Eric Olson.

Tim Mannix continues his series on performing for children and a new addition is a series of articles with amazing photos by Andrew Gerard.

We have business related articles to help us grow our business by Timothy Hyde as well as the new articles by Romany - Diva of Magic. This issue Romany shares her story on creating more material for her work on a cruise ship and finds herself in the same position many people do when working on new material.

Ted Outerbridge continues his column with an article called "From Concept to Creation" for those who want to see how a professional takes an idea and turns it in to reality.

There is a great article on The Knights in Matthew Fallon's Married In Magic series and Nick Lewin's Red Hot Act this issue features Spanish magician Daniel Ka.

Nick Lewin also shares his views in part TWO of How To Construct An Act - information that I wish was around when I was growing up.

Jeff McBrides Magic & Mystery School series continues with an article by Tobias Beckwith on how to present powerful presentations. We also get a chance to sit down and talk to Sean Bogunia about the evolution of his Dancing Hanky now that he has just released his final ultimate version.

We have almost thirty reviews of the very latest magic that has just come out on the market place. These range from downloads to books, tricks, APPS and DVDs. Get honest opinions from working professionals.

All this and more and it's all free as an interactive PDF. You can also now get it as an APP for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. So many ways to enjoy Vanish. The last issue had over 140,000 downloads which makes this magazine the largest read magic magazine in the world - an achievement we are very proud of having only been going for four years. Our goal of reaching half a million readership isn't as silly as it sounds in this digital age.

Visit: www.vanishmagazine.com to get your free copy

4. The Magic Word - 218: Steve Spill - I Lie For Money
Message by Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

This week I reconnect with an old friend, Steve Spill. Our paths have taken us in separate directions since our first working together at Houston's "Magic Island" in the 1980's. Steve's path has been rather direct with a focus of success as a magician. That did not necessarily mean notoriety among his peers in that his is not a "household name", at least not in many magicians' households. He has not chosen to perform for magicians at magic conventions, create DVD's, market new tricks or write books…until now.

"Lie To Me" is Steve's new book that will be released in May 2015 that discusses where he's been, what he's done and along the way, several great stories behind the scenes. Steve literally grew up at The Magic Castle and spent many hours there as a teenager because his father, Sandy Spillman, was a longtime employee there as the Medium for the Houdini Séances. As a result, Steve has some great stories about those who shaped his career like Dai Vernon (who is credited with shortening Steve's last name to "Spill"), Charlie Miller, Al Goshman, Francis Carlyle, and many others.

Steve later joined up with Bob Sheets in Aspen to perform for many years at the "Jolly Jester" and later they opened "Brook Farm Inn of Magic" in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He now owns, operates and performs at Magicopolis in California. What a magical life he has led…and it's not over yet.

You can read the blog, see some photos, listen online or download the MP3 file at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/steve-spill You can always get it from iTunes, Stitcher, Feedpress and Tunein.

And I want to welcome Daniel Will to the Friends of The Magic Word. Thank you, Daniel, for pledging your ongoing support through Patreon.com It is because of supporters like you that allow me to keep producing these podcasts and your financial support helps defray the monthly production and website hosting costs. If any of the rest of you would like to learn more about how you can help, then please visit: http://www.patreon.com/themagicword

5. 4F Stats
Message by Obie Obrien (US)

Its time again for some 4F statistics for 2015 which is coming up April 22-25 at the Clarion Hotel in Batavia NY. (About 33 miles East of Buffalo NY.)

We have 5 continents represented, 21 countries. 17 people from Canada, 10 from France, 10 from Germany, 9 from Spain, 8 from England, 7 from Japan, 4 from Hungary, 4 from Italy,
3 from Argentina, 3 from Finland, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 from the Netherlands, 1 Austria, 1 China, 1 Mexico, 1 Norway, 1 Scotland, 1 Sweden and about 150 from the USA.

Also attending we will have 20 FISM winners, 5 FISM Continent winners, plus 30 who have won contests at IBM, SAM, FFAP, MacMillans, Blackpool, Taiwan, So. Korea, 4 Past IBM Presidents, 4 Past SAM Presidents plus the Reigning President of both the IBM and SAM.

4F is one big Happy Family of close up magicians who get together every April.

6. Uri Geller at FISMITALY 2O15!!!
Message by Giulia Gobbi

Walter Rolfo, President of FISMITALY2O15, is honored to announce that, for the first time in history, Uri Geller will participate in a FISM!

It will be one of the most awaited and important appointments of FISMITALY2O15, with an extraordinary conference full of unexpected revelations. A unique opportunity to meet live, one of the greatest legends of the world ever.


Discover the whole FISMITALY2O15 Cast!

Reserve Your Place In Magic History!


7. FISM - Representing North America
Message by Joan Caesar (Canada)

The following people have been chosen to represent North America in the FISM competition in July:

Michael Dardant Comedy
Christian and Katalina (The Painters) Mentalism
The Reed Sisters General
Trigg Watson General
Tim Wright Comedy

Michael Dardant Platform
Chris Hannibal Micro
Shin Lim Cards and Invention
Alberto Lorenzo Micro
Reuben Moreland Micro

8. Remarkable Magic #386 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

David Nixon: Britain's Gentleman of Magic.

I was recently browsing the Academy of Magical Arts member's only page on Facebook; I do this quite frequently and am quite addicted to the debates and flares that go on in the postings. It frequently reminds me of the not always so good-natured conversations that once upon a time used to take place at the Castle's main bar just as alcohol ceased being served at the end of the night!

Last week there was a post by Steve Valentine about one of his early magical heroes when he was growing up in the United Kingdom. I always enjoy listening to what Steve has to say and consider him one of the brightest lights in the magic world. Valentine is hosting the 47th annual AMA Awards Show this year, and should prove a spectacular addition to the proceedings. For details visit:

The magician that Steve was talking about happened to also be one of my earliest heroes in magic, the great English magician David Nixon. Steve's posting contained a link to a fabulous clip on his Vimeo site that I followed with delight. The link is https://vimeo.com/123709180 and it leads to a ten-minute live television performance by David Nixon onstage at the London Palladium. It is a delightful exercise in mastering small magic and performing it to a large crowd.

The footage brought back a flood of memories and it made me realize the extent to which I was influenced by this exceptional performer. To my delight I discovered there were many more clips of Mr. Nixon's television performances readily available on YouTube. I watched a whole bunch of them in pure delight observing what a true gentleman Nixon presented himself as while performing his impeccable magical feats. If you are not familiar with David Nixon I strongly suggest you view some of these clips. It is wonderful to experience watching so much magic performed by a magician who never once needed to sink to the level of being a smart ass or a jerk; this man was pure class.

I have written about David Nixon before in these pages but can't resist once again giving a brief overview of his extraordinary career. As a very young man Nixon became a magician inspired by seeing such legendary performers as Nevil Maskelyne and David Devant. Like so many of England's top comedy/variety performers in the World War 2 era, Nixon's career took shape with his participation in ENSA, where he performed for the British troops.

In 1946 Nixon became a fully-fledged civilian entertainer and magician. He was quickly accepted, appreciated and became a considerable success as a theatrical performer. Nixon's easy charm and elegance made him a natural television celebrity and in 1954 he had his first big break when he became a panelist on the British version of 'What's My Line,' and then host of 'Candid Camera.'

For the next two decades Nixon was one of the most recognizable faces on British television and hosted many different game shows, variety specials and magical series. For a considerable time Nixon was the single most popular magician in the minds of the British public. For many of his magic shows he was lucky (and wise) enough to employ the great Ali Bongo as his magical advisor and on camera cohort. They were a powerful team.

During the '70s Nixon created quite an impact with his high tech televised segments that involved a combination of ground breaking green screen video technology and sleight of hand. He was able to create some truly magical moments in his TV shows when he appeared to be interacting with a video projection of himself, much to the delight of his viewing audiences. I, for one, fondly remember and was deeply impressed watching the highly entertaining footage that was created with his blending of 'camera magic' with real life sleight of hand.

Sadly in 1976 Nixon, a very heavy smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer and two years later died just before his 59th birthday. It is amazing how much magic he performed and how great was his contribution to the British entertainment world in his relatively short life.

I think it is fair to say that the enormously talented Paul Daniels has inherited and developed the mantle and role that Nixon held in the minds and hearts of the British public. Both men have the ability to hold the attention of audiences with their wit and charm as they perform almost any kind of magical feat. Each of these gentlemen has inspired generations of future magicians with their performances.

In 1970 on one of my very engagements working on a cruise ship, I was delighted to discover that Mr. Nixon and his family were travelling as guests upon the ship that I was performing on. In those days one performed onboard and then quickly departed to present your show on another vessels, and I have no idea if Mr. Nixon saw my show. However it remains, to this day, a source of great regret that I never got to meet my magical hero who had fired my imaginations throughout my youngest years.

Whether working solo, accompanied by the gorgeous Anita Harris or his wildly eccentric puppet sidekick Basil Brush, Nixon was the epitome of the urbane and elegant comedy magician. Thank you Steve Valentine for setting me to work discovering how great a video legacy Nixon left behind to preserve his memory. I hope that I might encourage a few younger performers to discover this master magician. Trust me your time will be well spent.

Please feel free to check out my online magic store at www.lewinenterprises.com

9. Festivals - Assistants - #358 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Let's talk about working with assistants at festivals. The first thing you need to be made aware of is a false belief that in order to work festivals you have to do illusions and have assistants. This simply is not true. I have seen many great solo acts work festivals year round and do very well. So assistants are not a must in order to work this great market.

I am very lucky and grateful that my wife is also a magician and we perform together at all festivals that we do. This works great for us as we both have tasks and jobs that need to be done and we divide the workloads. If you are working with an assistant, make sure you both know the roles and responsibilities you each will do during your festival run.

Kelly and I both know exactly what we each will do from the moment we arrive for load in to the time we leave. This is written out in advance so that we are not overlapping with anything and so that things run smoothly. Make a list of the tasks that need to happen for your show and go over them with your assistant ahead of time. Determine what each of you will do and agree upon it in advance. This makes your set up and break down much easier for you both.

If you are working with a paid assistant, make sure that if they agreed to arrive at a certain time and that they do. Make sure they also know where to park, have their parking passes and know where the stage is. Make sure you have them arrive in plenty of time to discuss any changes you may have had to make. Festivals change all the time and so there are bound to be issues you have to deal with that your assistant may not know about. Having enough time before programs to discuss these changes makes for a better show for you.

Discuss with your assistant the payment in advance and when they will receive payment for the show. How you go about this is up to you based on what works best and what is agreed upon. It just makes better sense that it is agreed upon by you both ahead of time so as to not to cause any issues on the day of the event. I always recommend that the festival pay you instead of trying to write out 2 checks for you both. Remember to make it easier for your festival client. Remember that assistants are your responsibility and should be paid by you.

Make sure you and your assistant do a walk through on the stage. This does not have to be involved. All festival stages are different. The reason you want to do this is to make sure on proper spacing and to check if there are any parts of the stage that may not be level and that you both need to watch out for. You can also go over your transitions so you both know where things are stored and how things will be moved on and off the stage. Once again, never assume a stage is what you THINK it will be. Always ask up front and then do a run through once you arrive so all assistants know what is expected.

An assistant does not have to be an on stage assistant. I often will have friends come with me to my festival shows. They are there to assist me with loading and unloading or running sound etc. I treat them with the same respect as I do my main assistants or anyone else. The same rules apply and so they go over everything with me also. They are made sure they know what is expected of them.

It is also important that any assistant you have knows they are an extension of you and the brand you create. They need to act professional at all times no matter where they are at the festival. Make sure to go over these issues with them ahead of time and you will be sure to have things work much better for you.


I have a new book out I would like you to know about all about working the Festival market. If you would like additional and detailed information on this topic, please see my book/ebook at: http://www.kpmagicproducts.com/Festival_Magic.html

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would
love to hear from you.

Kyle Peron
Magician and Illusionist

10. SAM Convention Breaking News
Message by Mark Weidhaas (US)

The Society of American Magicians to Host Screening of Long Lost Harry Houdini Classic The Grim Game at the 2015 National Convention in Philadelphia.

The S.A.M. is bringing its Past National President Harry Houdini back to The National Convention by presenting the long-lost Harry Houdini classic movie The Grim Game (1919) in Philadelphia. This film is considered Houdini's best and was thought to be lost to time until a complete print was recently rediscovered and brought to Turner Classic Movies for restoration. This film features the escape artist and legendary illusionist in one of his few starring role.

Houdini was National President of The Society of American Magicians when the film was produced and in 1919, the organizations magazine, M-U-M, promoted the movie. Houdini, a sensation in vaudeville and on world tours, starred in just five movies, all released between 1919 and 1923, according to IMDb. Soon after quitting the movie business, he died of peritonitis in 1926.

During the screening at the convention, Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz, who own The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA will be on hand to answer questions about how the film was rediscovered and restored.

The S.A.M. convention is in Philadelphia, July 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2015. The convention hotel is located downtown next to the Reading Terminal Market, the famous indoor foodie paradise. The Marriott Philadelphia Downtown is located at 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107. Convention registration and hotel reservations can be made at www.magicsam.com

Philadelphia offers a grand vacation for your entire family. Where's the best place to celebrate July 4th? The place it all began: Philadelphia.

11. I.B.M. Announces a New Fantastic Member Benefit
Message by Becki Wells (US)

The International Brotherhood of Magicians has been working with "BYMS" (Build Your Magic Show) to bring an added benefit to all I.B.M. members. BYMS is an online series of lessons that assist magicians, both amateur and professional, to create a successful magic business. Although directed primarily at kid performers, all magicians can benefit from the lessons taught here.

The course currently consists of five modules. Every I.B.M. member will get FREE lifetime access to the first module. This will be accessible through the "Member Area" on the www.magician.org website.

After reviewing the first module, if a member decides that they wish to pay a one-time lifetime subscription, the additional modules will be available to them on a lifetime basis at an exclusive 50% discount, being made available only to I.B.M. Members.
The course currently consists of two hundred videos, plus audio lessons, guest interviews and downloadable pdf's. Content is continually added, but there will never be any additional costs associated with membership once the subscription has been initiated.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is very excited to be able to offer this benefit to its members.

12. Diamond Jim Tyler's Updated Tour Schedule
Message by Diamond Jim Tyler (US)

DJT is now lecturing in NZ, Australia and several Asian countries:

4-29 Auckland--------(Contact Alan Watson aw@alan-watson.com)
4-30 Christchurch----(Contact Josh Smith info@joshgrimaldi.com)
5-01 Wellington------(Contact Nopera Whitley noperaw@gmail.com)
5-04 Brisbane---------(Contact Dave Lord dave@davelord.com.au)
5-05 Sydney----------(Contact Sean Taylor sean@seantaylor.com.au)
5-07 Melbourne------(Contact Graham Etherington mrtricks@ozemail.com.au)
5-11 Adelaide--------(Contact Phil Ahrens phil@wizzbangmagic.com)
5-12 Perth------------(Contact Steve Silk stevesilk@upnaway.com)
5-14 Singapore------(Contact John Teo johnteo_sg@yahoo.com.sg)
5-16 Bangkok------- (Contact Mamada mamada_magic@hotmail.com)
5-17 Hong Kong----(Contact Albert Tam mrmagicalbert@yours.com)
5-19 Manila----------(Contact Chubster Flores theprestidigitators@gmail.com)
5-22 Surabaya, Indonesia (Contact Sucahyo ssucahyo@yahoo.com)

Diamond Jim Tyler will be returning to NZ and OZ with a new lecture and making his debut in several Asian countries. DJT has now lectured in 45 of the 50 US states plus 21 other countries. MAGIC magazine's readership voted his lecture one of the best to see! DJT will feature many of his tried and true routines from his books and DVDs on close-up magic.

He'll also be showcasing many bar bets and bits of business from his Bamboozlers books and the online show Scam School, with over one million followers, where he is a regular guest star. While best known for his close-up magic and bar bets, DJT will also be teaching some of his stand-up routines used in parlor and stage settings.

This lecture literally features something for everyone.

13. Special Offer - Registration for AbraCORNdabra
Message by Steve Daly (US)

Special Offer To Our Friends Who Read The Magic New Zealand e-zine

Register for AbraCORNdabra and simply write "Magic New Zealand" on the top of the registration form - and you get to register for just $125!!!!!

Iowa's Largest Magic Convention - AbraCORNdabra
May 15, 16, 17, 2015
Des Moines, Iowa

We don't want you to miss all the magical fun we have planned for you this year including:
* The all-new "Show & Tell Sideshow"
* The "All-Female Close-Up Show"
* A Huge "Midway Of Deals" Dealers room with lots of new dealers
* Mr. Tom Mullica's Magic Castle 45-min Close-up show and talk
* Direct from his Las Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood - Amercia's Got Talent & Pawn Stars Celebrity Magician - Murray!
* David Seebach's Illusion Lecture
* Christopher Carter's Mentalism Lecture
* Trixie Bond's Birthday Party Magic (She is considered Amercia's Number One Birthday Party Magician!!!)
* Lupe Nielsen's famed Poster Lecture
* Lynette Welch's lecture on magical fabrics
* Our special Mystery Guest Magician hails from England and is a Master at Crusie Ship Work (Wonder who he is?)
We also have coming in - as a Tribute To Dai Vernon - direct from Walt Disney World:
* Kathryn Flocken - Expert Paper Silhouette Artist who will not only demonstrate - but teach everyone the craft of paper cutting - just as the professor did at the magic castle!

And of course our events and shows we have become known for....
* The Flea Market *(Bring your items and sell them - or - find something new!)
* Silent Auctions *(Lots of new items for 2015!)
* Raffles
* Free Gifts
* Snacks
* The Kernels Young Magicians Showcase Show (this year we have more than 16 young magicians coming from around the country!)
* The Magimasters 2015 Seniors Magic Tournament (The only Magic Convention in the World to have a contest JUST for Senior magicians!)
* The spectacular Saturday Night Public Gala Show - this year the gala show is a FUNd rasier for the local Ronald McDonald House - and is being held at the Beautiful "Hoyt Sherman Place" - this theater was built in 1877 and refurbished in 1924 - it is stunning! Want to see a full list of everyone coming?
* and so much more...
All Of This for about $50 a day! How can you turn this down?

Want to save even more money?

Take us up on our "Room & Registration Offer" of $325 ~ This offer gets you your hotel room (Reg $169 per night) for just $99 per night (two nights) and $99 Registration!!! It's a "win-win"!
Hurry before our block of hotel rooms are gone!

Check out the Website at:

Please help us get "The Word Out" about this convention by sharing this information with any and all who might have an interest in magic in your area. Put it in your newsletters, bring it up at your next club meeting!
It's a fun, family-themed weekend of pure magical memories! Well Worth The Flight To Iowa!

Thank you for your time and considerations - we hope to see you this year at Iowa's largest magic convention!


14. Broken Wands - Ron London & Eddie Davis
Message by Steve Varro
President / International FCM

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians has lost two faithful, longtime members this week.

Ron London
Ron was a long time faithful member of the FCM. He was the first person I met in the FCM and I learned a lot from him.

Ron had been having some health issues, when he got pneumonia a week and a half ago. It seems that was more than his tired body could take.

Funeral service held at his church, the Connection Point, on Wednesday, April 8, at 10 am.

Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis was a past president of the FCM. He was a regular attendee at our conventions until he starting having health problems several years ago. He had been having more serious physical/medical problems for several weeks, was in the hospital, receiving hospice care. He passed away on April 3rd.

Funeral Tuesday April 7th at 11:30 at Lakeside Funeral Home in Woodstock, Ga.
In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Simply Grace (133 Samaritan Drive Suite 202 Cumming, GA. 30040) 678.965.4055

Please remember the families of these two fine FCMers in your prayers.

15. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck (New Zealand
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

- Grove Theater Center Stages Carney Magic
- Ex-teacher Turned Fire-Eating Hypnotist
- Magic in Michigan
- Matt Franco Signs For Two NBC Specials
- Leah, Young Magician Of The Year
- Magician Offers Vasectomy Special
- Illusionist Mike Super to appear at Mayo PAC

Magic news, articles from around the world and product reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

16. Bruce Kalver Returning To Ocean State Theatre
Article by Mel Kientz (US)

Magician Bruce Kalver Returning to Ocean State Theatre, 4/4

by BWW News Desk

Magician, Bruce Kalver returns to Ocean State Theatre with his show Magical Moments: A Magic Show for All Ages! The production, which is part of Ocean State Theatre Company's Family Fun Fest, will be performed for one show only on Saturday, April 4, 2014 at 11:00 am.

Words like "unbelievable," "amazing," and "impossible" have been used to describe Bruce's magic. He entertains and amuses audiences with his sleight of hand and manipulative skills and performs miracles with everyday objects like balls, cards, coins, and ropes as well as presenting wonders with magical props from around the world. With his years of experience and easy going manner, Bruce charms his audience with comedy, colorful, visual magic tricks, and lots of audience participation.

Bruce Kalver has been working professionally for over 40 years. Billed in the early years as "Rhode Island's Youngest Professional Magician," his magic education started at the age of four when his grandfather, Samuel Woolf, who was himself a magician and an assistant to Houdini, began to teach him the art. At age six, he was ready to start his career.

His work in magic has taken him all over the world. He has toured with his wife and partner, Arlene, on cruise ships sailing the Atlantic and the Caribbean, in dinner theatres all over the country, and at trade shows, where they added their magic touch to many products and services.

Bruce has acted as a magic consultant for Trinity Repertory Company, as well as for numerous other professional, college, and amateur theatre groups, for whom he performed or taught magic for their productions and created special magic effects. He has also taught his craft at the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, Johnson and Wales University, (where he taught a special course on the use of magic to promote products), as well as many magicians' groups around the country, where Bruce has shared his special secrets with fellow conjurers. He has even lectured and performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and London's prestigious Magic Circle.

Magical Moments: A Magic Show for All Ages! Will be presented on Saturday, April 4, 2014 at 11:00 am. The theatre is located at 1245 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI. Single tickets are $10.00 each. Discount rates are available for groups of 20 or more by calling (401) 921-1777 x112. Tickets are on sale at the box office Monday through Friday from 12 noon - 6:00 pm, Saturdays from 12 noon - 4:00 pm, and from 12 noon until curtain time on performance days. Tickets are also available online 24 hours a day at www.OceanStateTheatre.org and via telephone during normal box office hours by calling (401) 921-6800.

17. Paul Draper in the UK in June
Message by Paul Draper (US)

I am holding a 2 day intensive workshop in the UK (near Heathrow airport) on Mentalism. Primarily geared for Hypnotists but there will be tons of information for mentalists and magicians as well. Here is the 1 hour interview I just gave about the event from McBrides house in Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmzxLL6HCw8

And this is where people go to reserve their spot. This will be limited to a small group of participants for a very hands on experience. http://www.ukhypnosisacademy.com/course/mentalism-mind-reading-revealed-with-paul-draper/

18. Broken Wand - Patrick Cordier Of WA
Message by Jamie Bentley

He went at Tuesday morning 7th, went into hospital on April 1st. Alert and talking to the last. He has been sick for the past ten years - but still kept an active interest in the local magic society. As well as a weekly DJ on a local Community Radio station. He had a massive collection of the classic British radio shows. "Take It From Here". "Hancock's Half Hour" - and also the golden years of the music halls 19th century star. He had several names for his various children's shows but Aladdin was his best known. He made most of his own props & his home studio was a real Aladdin's Cave.

His wife is/was Beverly Cordier.

Patrick was 91. And didn't get into magic until some 25-30 years ago - then made it his life. Along with an innovative "Santa" for the shopping centres. He was into event management, public relations and advertising in both the UK and WA. With a chain of motels, cinemas & drive-ins. Served in the RAF in the Middle East in World War Two. The RAF de-mobbed him - then they lost his records. Fifty years later he needs the records, RAF says he's never left the RAF. They argue - then Patrick ends it when demanding his fifty years back pay.

19. The Bristol Day of Magic
Message by Ozzy D

The Bristol day of magic have just added a great name to the Convention, Ali Cook will be headling the Gala show. He joins the already impressive lineup of Michael Dardont USA Joseph Barry UK, Mario Lopez, Spain Vincent Hedan France, Steve Rawlings UK, Phil Hoyles UK and Amethyst UK, Doc Eason USA and Tom Stone Sweden

Date 10th May 2015 www.bristoldayofmagic.co.uk

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