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Issue Number: #1221
Date: Sunday 16th July 2015
Editor: Alan Watson QSM
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. FISM 2015 Award Winners
3. Erdnase Found !
4. Penn & Teller Head Back To Broadway
5. Masters Of Illusion Returns
6. The John Salisse Luncheon Club
7. Remarkable Magic #396
8. Chair Suspension: Routining - #368 - Kyle Peron
9. The Art Of Magic Is Exploding! In Las Vegas!
10. Abbott's 78th Magic Get Together Aug 5-8
11. Dr. Richard Mossey To Be To Honored
12. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
13. Daytona Festival Of Magic
14. The New McBride Magic Shop & Museum Opens
15. McBride Live In Atlantic City
16. Wonderground Las Vegas
17. Open Letter To Juan Mayoral
18. 32nd New Zealand International Magicians Convention 2015
19. e-zine Archives
20. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Congratulations to all the FISM winners and to all the competitors. The next FISM is going to be in Seoul, Korea in 2018.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2015-Jan-to-Dec-2015/1221-Jul19-2015.html

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2. FISM 2015 Award Winners
Message by Joan Caesar (Canada)

General Magic
1. Kim Young-Min - South Korea
2. Miguel Muñoz - Spain
3. Hun Lee - South Korea

Card Magic
1. Horret Wu - China
1. Shin Lim - Canada
2. Hannes Freytag & Vicente Noguera - Germany
3. Kelvin Chow - Hong Kong

1. -
2. Vladimir Volkoff - France
3. Hakan Berg - Sweden
Most original act: Yann Frisch - France

Mental Magic
1. Thommy Ten & Amelie - Germany
2. Lucca & Anca - Austria
3. Simon Thomas - Germany

1. -
2. Alexis Arts - Italy
3. Jakob Mathias - Germany
3. Timothy Trust & Diamond - Germany

1. Hector Mancha - Spain
2. Lukas - South Korea
3. Lee Chang Min - South Korea

Micro Magic
1. -
2. Mario Lopez - Spain
2. David Pricking - Germany
3. Seol Park - South Korea

Innovations: Daniel Collado - Spain
Most Original Act: DK - South Korea

Parlor Magic
1. Pierric - Switzerland
2. Wolfgang Moser - Austria
3. Magic Brothers - South Korea
3. Henry Harrius -

Innovation: Semba - Argentina
Innovation: Antonio Romero

Special Awards
Creativity and innovation - Derren Brown
History, research and scholarship - Magic Christian
Theory - Roberto Giobbi

3. Erdnase Found !
Message by Peter Zenner (UK)

In his 'Words of Welcome', the introduction to 'Erdnase Unmasked' (2011), David Ben wrote, "At the end of the twentieth century there were, to my mind, three major magic secrets left to unravel." He then went on to tell us that these were the Hooker Rising Cards, Stewart James'
solution to the Paul Curry Problem, and the identity of the person who wrote 'The Expert at the Card Table'.

The first two mysteries have been revealed, leaving just the matter of 'Erdnase'. According to MagicPedia, there have been twelve candidates suggested, but none proved.
Well, I have just added a thirteenth and I am absolutely sure that I have the right man -- Harry S. Thompson of Chicago.

Harry was brought up in his father's printing and publishing company ('The Expert' was published by the author), he was an expert in sleight of hand, according to Dr. Wilson, writing in 'The Sphinx'
(Erdnase was, obviously, such) and he had one of the four largest magic libraries in America - again according to Dr. Wilson. (Erdnase had access to previously published magic books).

Harry fitted exactly with the description of Erdnase given by the artist who illustrated the book, Marshall D. Smith. He is the perfect candidate, whereas all previous candidates fail to meet all of the criteria.

His name wasn't Andrews, of course; he pinched that name from a university graduate who went to work for the same company as him, Ruxton's Printing Inks. (Yes, Erdnase knew about printers' inks, see page 16)

Readers interested in learning more will find an online discussion on the Genii Forum, starting on July 7th, the day I went public with my discoveries.
I didn't intend doing this just yet but my prospective publisher announced that he was going it alone and that we were now in a race to be first to be published. I didn't want my two years of research to end up with my being second in that race !!

The easiest way to get to the discussion is to type 'Zenner' and 'Erdnase' into a Google search and then click on the link to go straight there.

4. Penn & Teller Head Back To Broadway
Message by Rob Thomas (US)

Magicians Penn & Teller head back to Broadway after 23 years

July 11, 2015, 9:43 AM|For the past 40 years, the dynamic duo have amazed audiences around the world with their unique style of illusion and comedy. This past week, the pair took a break from headlining in Vegas to return to the Broadway stage for the first time in almost 25 years. Penn and Teller join "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss their new show.


5. Masters Of Illusion Returns
Message by

To family and friends of Blackstone Magik -

Just a few short months ago we invited you to join us as a guest in our audience as we filmed a new season of Masters of Illusion at the historic Red Studios in Hollywood. It was so wonderful having such support for this project from all of you and now it is time to share the magic!

On Friday, July 10 the second season of Masters of Illusion returns with the premiere on the CW at 8:00 pm (check your local listings for exact time) and will continue to air every Friday night for 13 weeks! We are so excited for another season of Prime Time Magic coming your way and can't wait to share it with all of you. It would be great if you could DVR, Tivo, or just watch LIVE as the success of our show is in part relying on ratings and support from Magic fans like you!

You can follow Masters of Illusion on Twitter @cw_illusion and find many of the magicians LIVE tweeting during shows. If you would like to get in on the magic please use #mastersofillusion via your own social media formats.

We invite you, your family, and friends to tune in and witness some of the Worlds most famous Magicians perform some of the most amazing illusions, breathtaking escapes, and comedy magic for the entire family.

Gay Blackstone
Executive Producer - "Masters of Illusion" - Television Series
Executive Producer - "Masters of Illusion - LIVE!" Tour

6. The John Salisse Luncheon Club
Message by Chris Woodward (UK)

The John Salisse Luncheon Club was formed in February 2002 by John so that a group of his friends and like-minded collectors, historians and those interested in the preservation of magical heritage could gather. The Luncheon Club has met four times a year in various locations with, from time to time over the years, a variety of different speakers from all corners of the magical world

Yesterday 13 January an extraordinary surprise luncheon took place at the historic Liberal Club in Westminster London to honour Dr Eddie Dawes 90th birthday.

28 friends sat down to a sumptuous meal with a key speaker Mike Caveney who gave an illustrated history of America's Egyptian Hall.

Ably organised by Trevor Dawson the lunch was hosted by Michael Bailey and other attendees who spoke were Wittus Witt, Magic Christian, John Gaughan, Paul Kieve, John Davenport, and Jon Marshall longtime friend of Eddie's.

A special presentation of an inlaid Puzzle Box was made by Peter Lane containing a collection of three decks of cards all signed by all those present and well-wishers from all corners of the globe. As a finale, a cake in the shape of a giant book was produced and together with a glass of champagne we all toasted Eddie on this very special occasion.

It was a truly memorable day and I know Meg and John Salisse were there with us in spirit!

7. Remarkable Magic #396
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Still Multiplying Bottles After All These Years.

It must have been about 1967 when I bought my first set of Multiplying Bottles, and I have performed them on and off ever since. My first set of bottles, were purchased from Ken Brooke and he personally taught me his routine in a series of half-hour lessons in the following months. In many ways it was the first and biggest step I made in becoming a professional magician in those early days. When I bought them Ken told me I would always have a strong closer for my magic show - he was right.

There are very few tricks that create the visual excitement of a nicely performed Multiplying Bottles routine. The fact that they can all be packed away in a small bag and carried without risk of throwing your back out is also a nice selling point. I closed on this trick for many years before putting them into a second to closing spot before my Slow Motion Newspaper Tear. As a trick they have never let me down.

Ken's routine for the bottles is a work of art. The handling and pacing of the effect, combined with the visibility he created with the placement of the bottles was brilliant. It is just a shame that Ken passed away before he could have had the opportunity to capture his routine on video and all his subtleties would have been captured. However well written a manuscript makes it hard to capture the same level of detail as a video. Maybe I will one day release a video on this trick that contains all the information I have laboriously acquired over the years.

My first half hour lesson from Ken consisted entirely of learning how to pick up a regular glass from the table, toss it in the air with a spin, catch it and then place it back on the table. I spent half an hour practicing this in Ken's studio until he professed satisfaction at my ability to achieve this seemingly simple act. "Now, you can always let people know that you are working with a real glass," he said. He was so right - it grounded the handling in a palpable reality.

Later on I shared a half hour lesson with another of Ken's students who was learning the same portion of the routine. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my fellow student was none other than the great Tommy Cooper! It was a very exciting day indeed and one that I will never forget.

I recently did something I very rarely do I Googled myself and then followed a link to a magic forum that contained a fairly lengthy debate over whose bottle routine was better mine or that of Denny Haney. I had to laugh because with very minor changes and slightly different facial expressions we are both performing Ken's routine! When you have the best you don't need to mess with it much.

I personally (on a slightly drunken evening) taught the same routine to Ron Wilson when he developed his "kilt act." Ron stamped that routine his own by concluding with the production of one of the glasses filled with whisky as the finale of the routine. This incidentally is an idea that Ken would have hated given his reluctance to add loose liquids to his prop table!

I have explored and purchased many sets of bottles over the last 4 decades - different sizes, different designs, and different colors. I tried them all but always came back to Ken's original set. They were beautifully constructed from heavy weight metal and could take a licking and carry on without sticking. They also featured a special series of rims on the interior of the various bottles that made high-speed performance a breeze. The one thing that this trick needs to sell it is rapid-fire presentation - nothing kills the effect more thoroughly than pacing it too slowly.

I have used that same set of bottles I purchased from Ken for well over 40 years and they are still going strong - if a little bruised, chipped and battered. After my show "Comedy Magic" closed in Las Vegas I decided to "retire" the routine for a while. I had performed it twice a day, six days a week, and 48 weeks a year for nearly five years. Enough is enough!

Recently I decided to re-introduce the Bottles into my show again and re-began the eternal search for the perfect set of bottles. I believe I have found them and I want to share my discovery with our readers. The Bottles I now use are those hand-crafted by Reg Donnelly from Vancouver, Canada. There are more expensive sets available that are great and there are cheaper sets available than Reg's bottles but I like his set best. It is a personal thing of course, but after all these years of performing the trick I feel very qualified to weigh in on the subject.

First and foremost they really look like wine bottles, the size and shape is perfect, the color and texture is right, and they are a wonderful combination of being sturdy and yet not to heavy. Best of all the bottles have the correct inner lips on the rims of the bottles. Someone who understands the inner workings of this effect manufactures this set of bottles, and it shows.

They sell for a very reasonable $495 per set (nine bottles) or $595 for all different colored bottles. If you are looking to explore this routine for the first time or replace a set of bottles, I strongly recommend you check out this set.
The Reg Donnelly Multiplying Bottles can be purchased at www.hocus-pocus.com or directly from Reg Donnelly whose email is: polo1930@yahoo.com

You can check out my online magic store at where there are full details of my (almost sold out) Gypsy Yarn routine! Go to www.lewinenterprises.com

8. Chair Suspension: Routining - #368 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)


I always will end every b-day show by floating the b-day child on the edge of a folding chair. This is the highlight and the chance to really let the b-day child shine. The way I do it is that I talk about how in order to make someone float you need 2 special ingredients. You need magic, which I have a lot of ... but the most important ingredient is imagination. The one person here today who has the best imagination is you (look at the child). So if we can use magic and imagination together we can see if we can do something special.

The child floats and my wife takes a Polaroid picture at the moment the child is floating. Afterwards, I make the child take a big bow as I cue the audience to go crazy with applause. I then present the child with a magic kit, wand and the picture I took of them when they were floating.

When that child sees that picture, it is the best magical experience you could ask for. The reactions are just great and they really are made to feel special.

When I do the chair suspension in my show, it really becomes a personality piece for me. The reason for this is that I choose a young girl and bring her on stage. I sit on a small stool so I am down at her level. Just the art of sitting down seems to make the audience ease up a bit.

I then share with her and with the audience a simple story of what I wanted to be when I was her age and thinking about my future. It is something we all experienced or thought about at that age and so immediately people in the audience could relate to it.

I tell her how I had this funny desire to become superman. It gets a laugh but it gets a good response because I am showing the audience that I am just like them. I have the same experiences and wishes they do. For the girl, it makes her feel good cause she knows that this adult figure was at one time thinking things she may be thinking. Well we do the illusion talking about imagination and how powerful it really can be. That if you use your imagination and work hard at everything you do, almost anything can happen. So in the end it is the girl's own magic and imagination that allows her to remain suspended. All the glory of the illusion is brought and given to her and NOT myself.

She walks away feeling fantastic and empowered because she feels it is her own magic that made it all happen. Now the intimate moment happens when I sit down again and give the girl a Polaroid picture taken at the moment she was suspended. I always say that the one person who was the star of the show, and who never truly gets the chance to see what really did happen today is the person doing the magic... that is you (the girl's name). You see you are the real star here today because this picture proves to anyone you show it to that you are indeed the most magical kid. Now when I turn that picture around and she sees it for the first time, I am creating a moment that is just awe-inspiring for the child and the audience loves it as well. The girl gets to see what her own magic made happen. She leaves feeling great about herself.

It really is what you say to the child to get them to relax and get comfortable with you. Over the years I have learned a lot from trial and error and have found that my routine now works almost 98% of the time to get the kid comfortable and make them the star of the show.

Things I try and do in my routine:

- I always perform this at the end of my show when at b-day parties or at least in the middle of the show if at a theater etc. The reason is that this effect and illusion relies a lot on the child not being afraid of you and having trust in you. As your show progresses, you build up trust and the kids learn to relax.

- When the child comes up, I never like to stand and talk downward towards them. I take a step stool (used in the routine) and I sit on and so that the child and I are on the same level. This eases them and makes them relax.

- I talk softer and gentler to them. This makes the audience quiet down to listen but also tends to get the child to know I am there to have fun with them... that they can trust me without begging them to.

- I always start by making the child and the audience laugh together. This is done for a reason ever before I get her on the chairs etc. The reason is to get them to laugh and the audience to laugh so that they know it is going to be fun and that the audience is with them. I do this by telling the child what I wanted to be when I was a kid. But if I tell them who I wanted to be... they must promise not to laugh or giggle no matter what. No laughing or giggling allowed. I also make them and the kids in the audience take an oath by raising their hands and repeating after me. It gets a lot of laughs when I get the kids to promise to do their homework, wash mom and dad's car etc. I finally tell them I wanted to be superman. Of course the kids start laughing and the helper giggles but it really helps to show we are there to have fun and that it is ok for the helper to have fun with me.

- I always tell the child everything I am going to do and ask for permission before I ever do it. This is a key and helps them build trust in you. There are no surprises for them as it is made clear.

- I get the child wanting to help me. This is done because I tell them that although I wanted to be superman but realized that I wasn't going to be flying anytime soon. BUT I grew up to be a magician and although I never learned how to fly I learned how to make people float. That tonight I would like to make the helper float if they could only help me out. You see magic is only PART of making someone float. You have to have magic but you also have to have imagination. That is where my helper comes in. Cause the best imagination is the imagination found in kids.

- I first ask them if they would like to help me have some fun to end the show. They almost always at this time say yes.

- I use a step stool in front of the illusion. This makes it ten times easier for you to get the child to sit right. So I first have them step up on the stool. I then ask them to hold out their arms for me. This is to remind them to use their imagination that they are a plane. I then ask permission if I can help them sit up on the board and I help them up. Everything I do I state before I do it. This is very important.

- I then make sure that their shoulders are as far up on the anchorage chair as I can get them. This is for safety reasons and helps to divide the weight the proper way. Their head I have them lie downwards and have them do 3 things for me for the remainder of the trick.

1) to close their eyes until I tell them to open them
2) to not move from this point forward
3) to have fun and to imagine they are lighter than air

As I perform the illusion. My wife is always there by the head side with the helper. She is there to make sure and comfort the child if in any way she senses anything from the child. In most cases, this is never an issue.

A safety note that I tell everyone doing the chairs is the following: Always hold on to the non-anchored chair and the board resting on it whenever you are lifting the child on or off the illusion. It is not so much the weight that causes the problem, but if the board twists off the back chair as your helper is getting up, it will twist enough that it can actually break the weld right off. I always hold the chair and board at that spot or have my assistant hold it as I lift the girl off the chair.


I have a new book out I would like you to know about all about working the Festival market. If you would like additional and detailed information on this topic, please see my book/eBook at: http://www.kpmagicproducts.com/Festival_Magic.html

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would
love to hear from you.

Kyle Peron
Magician and Illusionist

9. The Art Of Magic Is Exploding! In Las Vegas!
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

Jeff here in Vegas. It seems like I'm getting booked more and more in Vegas these days and with good reason!

Not since "the magic boom" of the mid 1990's has there been such a demand for magic in Vegas. "The Magic Center of the World" now hosts more than a dozen magic shows on and off-strip, and more are starting soon.

Q: Why is magic so popular?
A: It is a form of theater that appeals to all generations.

Visual magic has no language barrier. All cultures can enjoy its wonders.

Magic combines many other forms of theater, storytelling, music, quick change, dance, mime, circus, and variety arts.

The art of illusion reminds us that our world is filled with beautiful and terrifying mysteries.

10. Abbott's 78th Magic Get Together Aug 5-8
Message by Chuck (US)

With summer well under way, the Abbott's Magic Company, the Colon Lions Club and the Colon Chamber of Commerce are proud to celebrate the Annual Abbott's Magic Get-Together. The dates are August 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2015. Once again, magicians from all over the world will migrate to Colon, Michigan, the Magic Capital of the World, to be a part of this family oriented event. Tents and campers will magically pop up everywhere to swell this tiny little village until it appears there is no room for even one more person. Everyone scampers to be a part of this fun convention.

Magicians will be performing in the streets, restaurants and bars. The annual craft fair will take place on Friday and Saturday. The yearly fireworks will go off as in recent years on Friday night after the show at the Colon High School.

Visit the Colon Historical Museum for a special Magic adventure or take a cemetery tour where many famous and not so famous magicians have chosen to perform their final act and become a permanent part of the magical history of Colon.

Each of the four days ends with a world class magic and variety show held in the air-conditioned Colon High School Auditorium. These are not your average birthday party magicians and each show is different, with comedy, large illusions, variety acts, and much more. Tickets for the show are $25.00 for reserved seats, $20.00 for a bleacher seat. For more information, contact the Abbott's Magic Company, 124 S. St. Joseph St., Colon, MI 49040 or at 269 - 432-3235. Or visit us online at www.abbottmagic.com where you can get more information on the performers or order tickets.

11. Dr. Richard Mossey to Be To Honored
Message by Don Wiberg, Past International President 1984-1985

Dr. Richard Mossey

On June 27, 2015 a celebration banquet was held to honor Dr. Richard Mossey, Past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Milwaukee Wisconsin's Ring 41 of the I.B.M was renamed in his honor: the Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41.

Inducted in to military in WWII, completed infantry training but singled out for advanced education and training while original unit shipped out to the Battle of the Bulge

When WWII ended, Dr. Mossey graduated from Northwestern University Medical School

The "doctor's" draft occurred and he was inducted and sent to Turkey as a military surgeon.

His military assignments took him to 23 different nations, some behind the Iron Curtain.

Upon completion of military service, he served as a surgeon and was for over 30 years the Health Commissioner at the City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Lifetime Member of Boy Scouts of America, where he held the title of the Highest Ranking Eagle Scout in the nation (105 merit badges).

Started performing magic at age 13, encouraged and supported by his parents.

Joined the I.B.M. at age 14. There was no junior membership at that time.

At one time was the highest ranking Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Starting performing in middle school and continuing through his years at Northwestern University Medical School.

First Western magician to witness the "Thin Model" of Sawing a Lady in Half, built and performed by Zati Sungur while in Turkey

Avid magic historian, skilled craftsman, collector of magic books and apparatus.

Served in various offices of the I.B.M. leading up to being the International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1965-1966

Founding member of Ring 41, now renamed Dr. Richard Mossey Ring 41

Submitted by Don Wiberg, Past International President 1984-1985
Current International Secretary
Lynn Miner, Ring 41 Banquet Organizer

12. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck (New Zealand)
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

Magic news, articles from around the world and product reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:

- Producers Search For Young Magicians
- African-American History Is Magical
- Grandinetti To Star In Masters Of Illusion
- Inside Penn And Teller's Broadway Show
- An Interview With Rob Zabrecky
- Willard's Parlour of Mystery
- Masters Of Illusion To Return
- Johnny Thompson Discusses Career
- New Yorker Named Magician Of The Year
- Danny Buckler Magic Salon


13. Daytona Festival of Magic
Message by Harry Allen (US)

We are approx. 120 days away from the Daytona Festival Of Magic!!!!

One of the highest regarded conventions taking place in famous Daytona Beach Florida. November 6-8th 2015

Details - www.daytonamagic.com

Here is who you will see:
Funny Man - Michael Finney
TV Magician - Murray
Crazy - Tom Burgoon
Close Up Master - Shoot Ogawa
Comedy - T.C.Tahoe
Close Up Artist - Shin Lim
Cruise Ship Illusionist - Scott Pepper
All American Team - The Reed Sisters
All Around Entertainer - Erick Olson
America's Got Talent -Louie Foxx
Penn And Tellers Adviser - Doc Swan
Close Up Winner - Jim Vines
Inventor - Tom Yurasits
Children's Entertainer - Scott Humston
Funny, Unpredictable - Harry Allen

14. The New McBride Magic Shop & Museum Opens
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

Oh, I love magic shops! When I was a teen I worked at Flosso's magic shop in NYC. It was the oldest magic shop in America. Filled with secret devices and esoteric books. I would practice and invent magic effects, read the strange books, and experiment with all the old tricks and the new magic innovations.

Recently, we built a new wing onto the Mystery School with a huge magic library, museum and yes…a real magic shop. Take a look--or better yet, come here and visit!

There are 2 ways you can visit our new magic shop
You can visit the shop if you attend a class

Shop online. Take a look! We have many exclusive items to be found nowhere else. Go to: https://www.magicalwisdom.com/shop/?utm_source=MailerMailer&utm_medium=email

15. McBride Live In Atlantic City
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

For more than 20 years I played mostly East Coast nightclubs and casinos, so this seems like going home again! I'll be at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City on July 16th with the show. I'll be performing my classic "Mask Act."

16. Wonderground Las Vegas
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

Every month, the top magicians of Las Vegas are seen at Wonderground. It is the "mecca of magic" for the world now.

Why has Wonderground outlasted many shows in Vegas? We change the show every month! Yes, a new show, with a new cast of new acts! It keeps it fresh and exciting. You never know who is going to drop in. Recent guests included Teller, Lance Burton, Dan Sperry, Amazing Jonathan, Criss Angel, Mac King, Xavier Mortimer, Johnny Thompson and many more…

"Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry will be appearing at Wonderground July 16th!


8pm - Tim Wise- Host with a ghost!
Randilyn - as MJ
CK the Modern Mystic - Magic from Singapore

9pm - Christian Diamond - Sparkle & Mystique
Scott Steelfyre - With his Box of Mystery
Murray Hatfield - Canada's #1 Illusionist
Dan Sperry - From AGT and The Illusionists

10pm - Tim Wise- Man on fire!
Dan Sperry - Beyond words!
Ryan Stock - Comedy Daredevil
Jarol Martinez - The Illumination act-direct from Paris!

Plus: The New World Rhythmatism Dancers, Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn

Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya, photography by Sheryl Garrett, and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

17. Open Letter to Juan Mayoral
Message by Wittus Witt (Germany)

Dear Juan Mayoral,

I take this opportunity to say thank you for what you did at FISM and for FISM in Rimini 2015.

I admire you for sacrificing your act and to show us what we should not forget the reason we come together every three years: to share the art and our love of magic, which should always come first.

Yes, television did change many things at this FISM and caused problems. You had the guts to point these out. I was particularly hurt when I saw that there was no FISM logo at the afternoon prize ceremony because of the television's requirements.

Probably not everyone was happy with what you did, but you will be the one who reminded us of the art of magic and I do hope that this will influence future FISM Conventions.

With great respect,

Wittus Witt
Publisher, Magische Welt

18. 32nd New Zealand International Magicians Convention 2015
Message by Nopera Whitley (NZ)

Join the Wellington Magic Club on Labour Weekend 2015 for three days of magic is heading towards a SELL OUT.

When: 24th - 26th of October, 2015
Where: James Cook Hotel, Wellington City, New Zealand

Registration is Open

Register online at www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz or to download the registration form go to: http://www.wellingtonmagic.co.nz/register.pdf

Venue and Accommodation
The convention will be held at the Wellington James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor.

Headliners already confirmed include:
- Phil Cass and his partner Philippa
- Charlie Frye and his partner Sherry
- Nick Nickolas
- Paul Romhany
- David Merry
- Mike Bent
- Reg Blackmore
- Lukas

New confirmed headliner - Lukas
"Poetic. Artistic. Lukas elevates the art of magic with every card he produces." - Jeff McBride

In 2011, Lukas Lee took the world by storm winning the FISM Asia Stage Magic Championship and then placing second in Manipulation at FISM 2012 Blackpool.
His expert sleight-of-hand is a marvel to witness and he is fast becoming one of the most sought-after magic acts around the globe.

Lukas is a Professor of Magic at the Dong-Ah Injae College and has been a Magic Director in South Korea for over 10 years.

In his live lecture he revisits stage techniques of the past and brings them into the modern age. He will give tips on practising magic, structuring magic acts and much more. He will also be performing his award winning stage act at our public gala show.

"Lukas is one of those rare souls who elevates the art of magic to the level of fine art. Prepare to be inspired!" - Charlie Frye

For more information, or to get in touch, visit us at

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Our subscriber list is not made available to any other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy. You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Magic New Zealand® E-zine at www.magicnewzealand.com Magic New Zealand® E-zine is published each Sunday. The opinions expressed therein are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of Magic New Zealand®. Neither Magic New Zealand® nor Alan Watson QSMvouch for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, message, statement, or other information reported via Magic New Zealand® E-zine. Subscribers to this publication and authors who contribute to it by doing so agree they will not hold Magic New Zealand® or Alan Watson QSM, jointly or individually liable or responsible in any way for the opinions expressed therein.
Magic New Zealand® reserves the right to alter, correct or disregard any articles submitted. Readers are encouraged to submit timely articles or news items which may be of interest to subscribers. By submitting articles to this e-zine, the authors grant Magic New Zealand® the right to publish such articles and such authors confirm their copyright of the material submitted. All works published by Magic New Zealand® are protected by international copyright legislation and articles must not be published for profit by anyone other than the individual authors without the written permission of Magic New Zealand®. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this publication may be freely redistributed, but not sold, to other magicians if copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice below and the above disclaimer.

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