Paul Richards (USA) New Zealand lecture tour

Auckland - May 7 (2018)
Wellington - May 11
Christchurch - May 14
Dunedin - May 21

Paul Richards often jokes that he's the most successful magic creator no one has ever heard of. As the founder and former owner of Elmwood Magic, Paul often worked behind the scenes to polish and produce magic with a long list of notables including: Jay Sankey, Peter Duffie, Cameron Francis, Mark Elsdon, Joshua Jay, and Jon Allen, just to name a few. Many of these creations went on to become worldwide best sellers in magic. In 2014, he sold Elmwood Magic and stepped away from general magic retail to focus solely on performing and creating magic.

You may have seen Paul's booth crowded by magicians at events across the globe but you may not know that his material has received rave reviews from such luminaries as Jeff McBride, Dean Dill, Paul Green, Alain Nu, and Mike Close. Paul is a regular attendee of the prestigious invitation only 4F Convention and his magic has appeared in numerous publications including MAGIC Magazine, Genii, South America's Mystica Magazine, Magicseen, and the Linking Ring (for which he won Best Parade of the Year).

In this fun and surprising lecture, Paul fully explains several of his pet secrets which include his eye popping coin in balloon, an impromptu card rise that plays to a huge audience, a wild transposition using crayons, a progressively impossible prediction, a utility card move with vast possibilities, and much more! Paul hopes you will join him for what promises to be a lecture you will long remember - but don't take our word…


"Paul Richards is an extremely clever magician. He creates practical, useable, and amazing magic - don't miss the chance to see his excellent lecture." Joshua Jay

"For those of you who only know Paul Richards as an ace demonstrator you're missing out on half the story. Paul's excellent demonstrations are the result of years of performing experience, which is evident in his lectures. The material he teaches is superb, combining commercial effects with clever methods. This is magic you will use to entertain "real people" as well as fool your magician friends." Marc DeSouza

"I had a blast watching your lecture, Paul. Every effect has worker stamped on it. Superb material mate!" John Carey

"Paul Richards is multi-talented. First, he has deeply studied our craft. Second, he can do 'inside' and esoteric stuff, which he expertly sizes to fit the realities of the 'real world.' If he had another middle name it would be 'commercial.' That is, he knows what sells and how to sell it and how to make the 'magic' work for you." Jon Racherbaumer

"Strong and smart magic you WILL perform!" Marcus Eddie

"Paul Richards original material will amaze and entertain any audience. My suggestion is that you learn what he has to teach and perform it for your audiences….before he does!" Eric DeCamps

"Your effects are great, well routined, and very visual. I always look forward to your next routine to come out. Keep up the great work!" Greg Frewin

"I just finished reading your material and all I can say is WOW! This is one of the best parades I've ever read; full of good, practical, and strong magic." Bob King

"I have watched and enjoyed Paul performing his magic over many years, and he always entertains and fools me. If you get a chance to see him lecture or perform, you will not be disappointed." Bob Swadling

"Paul Richards is an experienced performer with 'chops.' I have witnessed him perform magic with flawless perfection. He will amaze you." Dan Garrett

"I highly recommend all to attend a lecture by Paul Richards. Why? Simply because of his refreshing approach to magic. Paul's combination of witty presentation and smooth sleight of hand is a treat to watch!" Mike Gallo

"Paul nailed everyone when the missing aces were found to have joined the leader ace previously placed onto his shirt!" (Referring to a performance at the 4F Convention) Mike Powers

"Paul is one of the brightest and strongest lecturers in magic. His material and ideas are top drawer, ranging from the simple to highly advanced work; and Paul presents all of it very effectively." Jack Greenberg (Former IBM International President)

"Paul Richards, offered his material and demonstrated it flawlessly. His stuff is material you could really put into a working close-up show. All real workers." John Mendoza

"Paul Richards' lecture is truly refreshing - his effects hit the hearts of his audience in all the right spots. He teaches you how to perform real world magic with a surprising use of psychology and clever technique." Eric Eswin (Honorary President of FISM)

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