Shane Cobalt - Chasing Dovetails Lecture

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ACCM is proud to present, Shane Cobalt

Beginning his magic career in Toronto, Canada, Shane would frequently spend his days studying the books of his local magic shop, The Browser's Den of Magic. As years passed surreptitious rumours started to spread of a Canadian magician who could execute the materials from Expert at The Card Table in prestigious fashion. Shane's works began to circle the underground magic community.

In 2005, Shane received the Len Cooper Memorial Award 2005 as Toronto's Most Promising Young Magician. Following this, he was the first recipient of the Tony Eng Youth Award in 2008, receiving the top prize.

Since then, Shane has gone on to be a magic consultant for David Blaine, curate part of David Copperfield's private museum, and perform all over the world including at the world-famous Magic Castle.

Now, if you have ever wondered what the underground magic scene is all about, then prepare yourself for a rare glimpse with, Chasing Dovetails, by Shane Cobalt. One of the world's finest underground magicians.

Shane has become one of the most prolific creators of online magic content in North America. Having been heralded by the likes of Jim Steinmeyer, the Buck Twins, Eric Anderson and Chris Kenner, he was a speaker at Magic-Con 2, but this is Shane's first FULL lecture outside of North America. Do not miss out on this event.

Shane keeps a VERY tight leash on his material, rarely performing tricks or routines for magicians, but stopping at nothing to find elegant solutions.

"You NEED to see this lecture." - Jim Steinmeyer

In this very lecture, Shane will cover some of his best kept secrets, including his exclusive solution to the legendary 51 Faces North. The effects covered will be PRACTICAL, IMPRACTICAL, and some JUST DROP DEAD EASY… now if that doesn't excite you, wait until you see the methods to some of these effects. Methods that will make you grin with diabolical delight and introduce YOU to a wonderful new way to approach YOUR magic.

The Details:
* Tuesday 7th May
* Ellen Melville Centre - Room TBD
* 2 Freyberg Pl, Auckland, 1000
* Doors open at 7:00pm
* Lecture starts at 7:30pm Sharp

* $10.00 - ACCM Members
* $25.00 - Non-members

Any other questions with regards to the lecture, please feel free to contact Edward Yoo on Facebook or at

Shane Cobalt - The Acorn Workshop: Hands On With Erdnase
In 1902, a little book on card cheating was published by a S.W. Erdnase. This book captured the attention of Dai Vernon, the greatest sleight of hand artist of the 20th century. This book was The Expert at the Card Table. Through careful inspection and analysis, Erdnase as it is commonly referred to has become nothing short of a legend.

Many people own the book. But few have actually read it. Fewer have understood it, and even fewer perform any of the material from it, despite it being so highly recommended by Vernon himself.

It is a difficult book to read and learn from.

Shane Cobalt has spent over 10 years reading, practicing and interpreting The Expert at The Card Table. In this rare workshop, Shane will open up his private notebooks and share the inner secrets of this old little book.

During this workshop, many of the most popular and well known technique from Erdnase will be covered in detail and with hands on learning. You will not only be shown the techniques, but your hands will be adjusted to make sure you are holding the cards correctly and your fingers are moving the way they should be.

This is an opportunity to hand pick and learn the techniques you've always dreamt of doing from Erdnase with a big head start!

Moves and techniques covered will include:

* How to Riffle Shuffle for the Blind
* How to Overhand Shuffle for the Blind
* Advanced Run Cut Techniques
* The Erdnase Dealing Grip
* The Bottom Deal
* The Second Deal
* The Diagonal Palm Shift
* The Multiple Card Top Palm
* The Bottom Palm (for one or multiple cards)
* The Top Change
* The S.W.E. Shift
* The Open Shift
* And more…

This is your chance to explore Erdnase in a way that hasn't been offered before by one of the few practitioners of Erdnase's material, Shane Cobalt!

The Details:
* Wednesday 8th May
* Location: TBD
* Time: 6:30pm

* $200 Per Person

Register Below NOW CLICK HERE ! (NO WALK INS):

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