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Issue Number: #1568
Date: Sunday 3rd May 2020
Editor: Alan Watson QSM
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
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1. Editor's Message
2. Vanish Magic Magazine - May 2020
3. Roy Horn Tested Positive For COVID-19
4. Obituary Norman Dale Nielsen
5. Mark Mason On The Magic Word Podcast
6. New Comedy/Golf/Travel/Buddy Revenge TV Show
7. Once In A Blue Moon" Webcast
8. Magic And Corona Covid 19
9. Time After Time - John Carey #79
10. Ongoing Adventures Of Romany! #7
11. The Orchante Saga - Beginnings
12. E-zine Archives
13. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message

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2. Vanish Magic Magazine - May 2020
Message by Paul Romhany - Editor Vanish Magazine


(Note: will come out May 1st)

Feature Artist - Craig Diamond - quite possibly the busiest working magician around the world. Certainly one of the most respected and you may never have heard of him!!

The Birth Of The Virtual Magician - Kostya Kimlat, Paul Draper and Uncle Chris the Clown - three very different style performers explore Virtual Magic Shows and we get an inside look.

Lockdown - Jamie Allan's dream team take the virtual world by storm with iMagiciaLIVE show

Top Six Interactive Tricks - doing a live streaming show? These top six tricks work incredibly well for live streaming.

8 Tips for the Virtual Magician - lights, camera, action!! Tips to help you get that better streaming.

How To Host A Virtual Show - which software to use, marketing your show and more.

Adapt And Grow - Jason Andrews shares his story on changing with the times.

3 Easy Steps To More Online Revenue - other ways for magicians to market themselves and make an income by Lori Martin.

That's All Folks - Reinvention during Covid-19 - Joshua Seth looks at other options after being a full-time magician.

Rope tricks, Virtual Card to Envelope (for live streaming) magic tricks.

The High Coast Of Asian Stereotypes In Magic - Felice Ling talks about the stereotypes used in magic.

Magic Is Education - Jeff shares his views on virtual magic and how is he handling being on lockdown.

Masters Of The American Midwest - Part One - featuring David Seebach.

Product Highlights and Magic Reviews.

All this and more in the latest edition of Vanish Magic Magazine

3. Roy Horn Tested Positive For COVID-19
Article forwarded on by Peter Phillips

Daily Mail Australia

In a statement, a spokesperson said Horn is 'responding well' to treatment

The legendary showman was left partially paralyzed after a tiger attacked him on stage during a show at the Mirage in 2003

Horn and partner Siegfried have been a fixture in Vegas since 1967

They became the headlining act at the Mirage in 1990

Their magical illusions and white tigers made them one of the Strip's most popular attractions


4. Obituary Norman Dale Nielsen
Message by Lupe Nielsen (US)

Palm Cheyenne Mortuary

7400 West Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV

Norman Dale Nielsen
February 17, 1934 - April 21, 2020

Norm Nielsen's "Musical Magic Act" was one of the most memorable and most beautiful acts in magic. He was one of the few performers that has been able to evoke a true sense of "wonder and enchantment" in numerous audiences around the world.

He was a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, born on February 17, 1934, of parents Albert and Meta Nielsen. His interest in magic started at a young age after watching his barber perform a few cigarette tricks. "I became his friend," he says, "and went with him to the bars and watched him perform over and over again. And, he never told me how the tricks were done, but I eventually caught on...." A few years later, he had the opportunity to go to his first magic convention in White Water, Wisconsin, were he saw Neil Foster perform. Seeing this magician was such an inspiration that he soon went to Los Angeles and applied to the Chavez School of Magic.

Attending the Chavez School was not easy. After busing tables and working at a local factory, he had to spend five hours a day, five days a week, at the Chavez School. It was there that students practiced and perfected sleights and routines with cigarettes, thimbles, balls, cards and anything that the course prescribed. He finally graduated in 1953.

Excited, and with his act prepared, he was ready "to take the world by storm". The first thing he did was to go see an agent in Hollywood who told him: "You are magician #453 with this Chavez routine and very skilled at it. Now you must begin to throw out the act you have learned. Develop something of your own." This indeed was the best piece of advice anyone had given him. The School had given him the required technical skills, which is one of the ingredients for success. Yet he still had to develop stage presence and something "original" in order to take him to the top.

Since then, he did magic with doves, and various manipulation acts! One of his first ideas was to make a trumpet toot as it floated in thin air. He eventually rejected it, as the audience would not be able to see the keys move as they played the magical instrument. This led to the creation of the floating violin, whose moving bow was sure to be seen. He made several prototypes, and it took almost two years before it was ready. It took several more years to perfect the illusion to its current state. This is one of the most memorable moments in magic.

Most of his Musical Magic Act is described by John Fisher in the book Paul Daniels and the Story of Magic: "This warm, engaging performer weaves a very special spell of wonder as first a flute disintegrates into silver dust the moment it touches his lips. Coins appear mysteriously at his fingertips, to be dropped melodically upon what resembles a vertical xylophone, down which they tinkle with a distinctive melody of their own, faster and faster until his hands are overflowing. The whole sequence has that Cartier stamp of dazzle and class. Nielsen's specialty, however, is his floating violin, rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful illusions in magic. The instrument takes on a bewitching life of its own as it soars, spins, and plays hide-and-seek behind a silk scarf in Nielsen's hands.

Balanced precariously across the strings, the bow moves tantalizingly to and from to play hauntingly of their own accord. In a last attempt to tame the instrument, the magician throws the scarf high into the air. In less than a second, the violin literally melts away. Nielsen walks forward to acknowledge his applause; from the wings the violin enters at ground level and makes its way to his side. As Nielsen takes his bow, the violin dips the head of his fingerboard as its own cheeky mark of respect. Seldom has a magician endowed a supposedly inanimate object with such telling personality."

This act has been of the most sought after variety acts in Europe. Mr. Nielsen has worked in London, Helsinki, Istanbul, Tokyo, Caracas, Santiago, Las Vegas, Sydney, Monte Carlo, etc. Indeed, he has worked in almost every top nightclub in the world, including the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, where he performed on and off for six years.

He has received numerous awards as well: Stage Magician of the Year - Magic Castle (1970), Magician of the Year - Magic Castle (1978), Jack Gwynne Award (1977, 1988), Chavez Award 1991, Golden Mandrake Award - Paris (1991), Performing Fellowship - Magic Castle (1994), Magician's Favorite Magician CBS-TV (1995).

Apart from his performing career, he was the owner of Nielsen Magic, his magic business since the early 1960s. In the early years, he learned how to make magic props from Theo Bamberg, also known as Okito. He was given permission by Okito to manufacture all items of his line, including the beautiful Okito Checker Cabinet. He was also the manufacturer of the high-quality Nielsen line of products, which include among others, Vanishing Bottles, Rubber Doves and Manipulation Cards.

Magic performing and manufacturing gave meaning to his life, until 1990, when he discovered a new passion: Magic stone-lithographs or posters. It all started with a gift: A friend gave him a Fu Manchu 1/2-sheet poster -- all falling apart and in pieces. He had this one restored and mounted and "it seemed to 'grow' on him." Later, someone else offered him a Frakson poster.

Then came his third poster: a 3-sheet Carter "Priestess of Delphi". After that he has literally become "possessed" and motivated to obtain every paper sample he can. His passion came come to such point, that in twenty five years he gathered one of the largest collection of magic stone-lithographs in the world! He was also perhaps one of the most knowledgeable persons in that field. Posters of Houdini, Herrmann, Keller, Thurston, Leroy, graced his collection. And what was most amazing, 70% of his collection was all on display! People that visited his collection were impressed because they could touch a vital part of magic history.

A large part of the collection was sold in the mid-2010s, which gave collectors the opportunity to acquire these valuable historical pieces.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Norm was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a disease that finally took its toll through the years.

After an amazing life well lived with numerous accomplishments, Norman Dale Nielsen passed away on April 21, 2020.

What is remarkable about Norm, was not only that he achieved an important status in his magic career, but was known as an even more impressive human being in every way possible. He was humble, full of optimism, generous to a fault, with great humor and a huge sense of integrity. Even in his last years with dementia, he never lost that spark and great personality. His passing is a lost for all of us.

He is survived by his wife, Lupe Nielsen, and his two daughter, Jenna and Alexandra Nielsen.
A Celebration of Life Memorial will be forthcoming once the current 2020 pandemic is under control here in Las Vegas. Another Memorial will also be held in Colon, Michigan, where his ashes will be buried at Lakeside Cemetery.

5. Mark Mason On The Magic Word Podcast
Message by Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

One of magic's most popular dealers at conventions is Mark Mason. He always has the largest crowds swarming his booth wiggling in to get to the front to see and hear him demonstrate some fun, new product. Most of Mark's tricks are for the professional close-up guy who performs with cards and coins, but he also has other innovative ideas that play well for stand-up and stage including some mentalism, book test products.

This week's episode is not a one hour advertisement for JB Magic, but more on an introspective of the man behind the counter and behind the creation and marketing of many of these products. We talk about Mark's shop in Blackpool and ultimately moving to the U.S. plus his creative association with Bob Swadling, another Brit who coincidently moved from the U.K. to within 30 miles of Mark in Florida.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts, but we are available everywhere including YouTube. For additional content, please visit our website at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/557-mark-mason and subscribe to our weekly pod-letter and our YouTube channel at:

6. New Comedy/Golf/Travel/Buddy Revenge TV Show
Message by David Merry (Canada)

I still perform all over the world but in the last several years I started writing and directing more. I just finished writing my 8th feature length film, three have been optioned and one recently won the Canada International Film Festival best screenplay award and is a finalist in the Houston Comedy Film Festival and has been accepted into Portland and Atlanta!

The announcement we made was that our new comedy/golf/travel/buddy revenge TV show has just been picked up by CBS Sports Network in the US. It's a major broadcaster going out to 60 million homes. We couldn't believe it when they came on board! They are putting it up in primetime and debuts at 8:30 Monday May 4th. A new episode will be dropped every Monday for the following five weeks. Just thought I'd let you know in case it's worthy enough of inclusion in your next issue! I was co-creator, director and executive producer.

The Trailer can be seen at www.offthehozzle.com

7. Once In A Blue Moon" Webcast
Message by Jay Scott Berry

Following the success of the "Once in a Blue Moon" Webcast, I'm pleased to present "The Art of Wonder" Series. Premiering on Sunday, May 3rd, each 2 Hour, Biweekly Episode will be an Immersion into Illusion, presenting Professionally Produced, Webcasting Wizardry.

Watch and Learn Powerful, Visual Magic and Sophisticated Sorcery. Episodes will Air Live Twice: At 12 pm Paris Time and 3 pm LA Time. They will then be available to rewatch by all attendees.

Tickets are just $20 each with a Special "Buy 3 get One Free Bundle Deal". Each Showing is Limited to just 100 Registrants.

Details and Tickets are Available on my Webchannel.

8. Magic And Corona Covid 19
Message by Wittus Witt (Germany)

Corona virus effects on the magic world.

In this respect, I am pleased to offer you the following link, that will take you to the results of many intensive discussions that Eric Eswin (Honorary FISM President and myself (publisher of Gemany's leading magic magazine Magische Welt) had over the past few weeks:


It is a summary of our considerations and conclusions, based on the few currently known facts.

The overall message is that we should no longer wait for the past to return, but prepare for a rapidly changing future that will continue even after the Corona virus has been controlled.

9. Time After Time - John Carey #79
Message by John Carey (UK)

Time After Time is a nice piece of mental magic you can carry in your wallet to use anytime and anywhere, except maybe for the shower! Semi-automatic in nature, it has a good premise and strong effect. You will require eight blank-faced playing cards. On each face write a different time of the day, big and bold. Take one of these 'time cards' say 1.15 and pencil dot the back of the card at the inner left and outer right corners. You may wish to also dot the central point of the back of the card if using standard Bicycle cards. To complete your preparation, take a photo on your smartphone of your wristwatch set to 1:15.

"They say that yesterday is today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. Today I'd like to conduct a little experiment concerning time. Albert Einstein once said that time is an illusion." Ask one of your spectators for their number and text them an SMS of the wristwatch photo. Request that they don't look at it just yet.

Take out your wallet and remove the time cards. Display the various times on each card and hand them out for mixing. Take back the face down packet and casually spread it in the hands as you compliment your helper on their mixing. As you do this sight your dotted time card and split the packet into two groups, four in each hand. "Let's really go crazy and mix up time." Turn the packet that does not contain your force card face up. Then mix both packets in an alternating face up and face down packet.

Continue by asking your spectator to give the cards a quick mix in the hands and then retrieve the cards and spread them across the table. We will now employ a subtle but very effective equivoque to force our target card. "Shannon, you mixed those cards exceptionally well! So well in fact that right now time really is chaotic. There are two groups of cards in view. A face up group and a face down group. Which group would you like me to take out?" The phrase takes out is a beautifully ambiguous piece of wording my friend John Bannon uses in some of his work. In the context of this effect, if they say take out the face-up cards we do just that, taking them out and discarding them aside. However if they say take out the face-down cards, we remove them and push the other cards aside, as if our intention is to use them. It's a beautiful gambit.

Deal the four face-down cards into two tabled pairs a few inches apart, keeping track of your marked card. "Four moments in time remaining, but we don't need all of them. Please pick up either pair." If they pick up the pair with your marked card, casually push the other pair aside without comment. However, if they pick up the other pair, simply gesture to the cards discarded earlier and casually ask them to drop those cards on top of them. Your attitude is everything here. No hesitation and no mention of words like 'eliminate' or 'get rid of'!

"Shannon, you've made all the choices. From the two cards that remain, please hand me one." As you say this extend your right hand palm upwards. If they hand you the marked card your work is done. Simply ask them to drop the remaining card onto the discard pile. But if they hand you the other card, you drop that onto the discards.

Ask the other spectator to open up the SMS message you texted her at the very beginning and reveal a photo of a wristwatch set to 1:15. Get her to clearly call out the time in the photo. Then ask the other spectator to turn over their card to successfully conclude this moment in time!

10. Ongoing Adventures Of Romany! #7
Message by Romany Romany (UK)

Adventures of Romany

Hello again from the monastery gardens!

This is my 25th year as a professional magician.

This is also, thanks to Covid 19, week four as a volunteer gardener in lockdown in a monastery.

Week four is obviously the week to think and deeply feel, FRICK this virus, I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK!

However, in the hidden overgrown corners of the large grounds here, I've kept my stroppy, rebellious thoughts of 'Enough gardening! I'm a creative artist and performer! I want my free time and magic studio back!' to myself.

A positive product of this frustration is an ever growing heap of sawn off branches and pulled out bushes now wilting on the compost heap. I wish we could make a fire with it, that would be fun. But a smokey fire in the time of Covid 19 is not a good idea.

You might be thinking, but Romany, you don't have to work in the gardens or stay in the monastery, you could move back to your cottage just outside the monastery walls and work in your new magic studio every day. You're right, I could, but I would also be terribly lonely. If you are in lockdown on your own and not enjoying it, I am sending you the hugest hug. You're a braver mage than me!

On the bright side, I'm learning so much here. Each day is a new 'A-ha!' moment. Today was one of the best so far. Picture the scene. I'm working in a walled garden with rows of apple trees in full blossom. The sun is warm and bright. The garden is wild but pretty with a few benches in sunny spots where monks and nuns sit to read or meditate.

What isn't pretty or even safe is a bed where five large palm plants with ruthless razor edged leaves squat stubbornly. Each leaf has a point sharp enough to jag through material or skin. Unnoticed for years, they've grown larger and larger taking up the whole area, their stems lying on the surface, big as elephants' trunks.

I feel powerless when I look at them. The body of the plant is heavy, with stems at least twenty centimeters thick and roots probably running deep in the dry soil. There's no way I can get them out.

I've borrowed a nice sharp pruning saw. There's probably no point but I'll try it on one of the thick stems. Unlike the hard wood I was expecting, the stem is fibrous and soft and the sharp blade slices though easily. I slice the others with satisfying ease. Each palm head is heavy but I throw them onto the wheelbarrow and take them one by one to the compost. I've cleared the whole bed in about twenty minutes. What I thought was impossible was easy and fun. Such a lesson! Just because you think something is difficult doesn't mean it is.

Last night, I was thinking that my dream of getting my book widely read throughout the world especially by young adults is an impossible task. I was about to give up. But thanks to that sharp and apparently permanent plant, I've gained a new understanding that nothing is hard or easy in itself. We have a choice about how we view things.

What if getting my book read around the world were as easy as the right publisher reading it at the right time or the right film agent thinking it was the perfect inspiring story for our times? What if?

Have you got something that you think is almost impossible right now?

This is a tough time for everyone, I'm sure we all have many things we could think of.

Maybe it's learning a new magic routine. Maybe it's starting an exercise regime.

What if it wasn't as hard as you thought?

With much love from the gardens.

You can read more about Romany's magical adventures in her inspiring memoir Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician.

Suitable for all ages from 14 yrs. Now with over 300 5 star reviews on Amazon worldwide.
Book Depository Free Shipping bit.ly/2ONMFvB
Amazon UK bit.ly/2kqB4G6
Amazon USA amzn.to/2m3XT2J
Audiobook on Audible adbl.co/2qROlu5 narrated by Romany

11. The Orchante Saga - Beginnings
Written by the late Tommy Orchard (The Amazing Orchante)

"Buried alive- the coffin of death"

Sometime in October /November of 1971 I was contacted by Noel Oliver and Pat Whelan of BARB FILM PRODUCTIONS who represented a James Bond-style Stunt Show which involved around 20 stuntmen who, between them, leaped off 40 ft cranes, were knocked over by speeding cars, staged fight scenes, chariot races, raced through a Tunnel fire and got blown up with dynamite while inside a coffin etc. They wanted to know if I could come up with something
different and - or spectacular, that could be seen in the middle of large stadiums and speedways for their forthcoming tour of New Zealand, starting in December.

After some thought I said " how about I get buried alive in a coffin, for the duration of your show" (Around 2/3 hours) This appealed to them, especially from a publicity point -of-view, as the air in a sealed coffin would only last around 10 minutes or so, at the most. If I could perform this rather dangerous yogi feat, I would be required to sign a waiver that would let them off the hook in case anything went wrong. Confident that I could, with controlled breathing, and for the right sort of money, perform this Hindu type mystery, I would be most happy to sign their waiver!

My next step was to visit the local undertaker in Whakatane. When I told him I'd like to look at some coffins for myself you could just about read his mind -'he's a sensible bloke, looking ahead to the future, I'll show him the most expensive ones and explain that in 50 or 60 years' time they will be worth 10 times that much' - and when I said that I like to see the biggest ones available the cash register in his brain started 'smoking' as the dollar reel spun frantically around, clocking up astronomical amounts! The words have yet to be invented to describe the expression on his face when I told him that I was going to be buried alive and not only that, I didn't intend stay buried. This apparently 'sensible chap' had, in just a few moments, turned into a raving, totally insane, maniac! After explaining to him than I was a professional entertainer/Fakir/magician (which didn't help the insane factor too much) my request became a little bit more plausible - just a little.

He took me out to a back room and pointing up at a top-shelf where several coffins were stacked, and said, "I have a rather large one up there - it's what we call a family coffin - it is a type that is used when several members of one family are to be buried together when there's not much left
of the remains, after a fire, for instance. Do you think that would do the job?" It was perfect. He was so intrigued with my intentions he let me have it cheap, for 'A Fistful of Dollars' and for just 'A Few Dollars More', threw in the handles and the wheat sheaf for the lid as well.

Having procured my coffin I carted it off to my in-laws home, which caused some consternation - it wasn't 'seemingly ' to have a coffin hanging around the place. I painted it jet-black, screwed on the handles and wheat sheaf then had my stage name emblazoned on each side. You sure knew that we had hit town with The Amazing 'ORCHANTE' in huge, bright fluorescent orange
lettering, screaming out to the world! It was a sight to behold as we roared down the highways and byways of New Zealand with this 'thing' perched on the roof rack of the station wagon; all in the name of the publicity, you understand.

I found that the easiest way to present the 'buried alive' without having a dig 6 ft holes in the middle of stadiums was to arrange to have a truck load of sand tipped over the coffin once I was sealed inside. It was a good choice, the coffin and its contents, namely me, were well and truly buried, and the sand sure prevented any air from escaping or entering the coffin! The first show was in Whangamata - it nearly was my last! There I was, lying in the coffin in a self-imposed trance, when suddenly the ground, the coffin and myself shook violently - the first thing that ran through a mind was, 'Earthquake!'

The shock of it snapped me out of my trance and I started to breathe heavily (very dangerous). I had to conserve oxygen, so settled down into 'trance' again, knowing that if anything was desperately wrong, Veronica, or somebody, would be digging the coffin, and myself, out from under. It turned out that the 'boys' who set up the stunt where they would blow somebody up inside a coffin with dynamite, were far too close to where I was buried. It was the shock wave that was generated when the dynamite charge was set off. It travelled through the ground, throwing me, the coffin and all, for a 'six'.

Later, after having a conversation with the crew involved, on the subject of intelligence and stupidity, they decided it would be wiser to do their dynamite 'bit' well away from me. Even then, when the dynamite exploded I could still feel the 'WHOOOMPH' but at least I knew what it was and was ready for it. While I'm on the subject of intelligence, stupidity and dynamite - here's a beaut!

Although we did most of the travelling in our station wagon, (we were working hotel shows in between the stunt shows) - occasionally we would travel in one of the stunt cars, when they had a run of shows on. One day as we were going from one town to another we, Veronica and I, sitting in the back seat, became aware of an annoying rattling sound coming from the back shelf under the window. It was late December, which is high summer in New Zealand, and the sun was blazing straight in the back window - it was bloody hot.

The rattling was driving us crackers so finally I turned around and pick up a large cardboard box that was sitting on the window shelf. I nearly died on the spot - inside were several detonators along with some sticks of dynamite - bloody hell - here's these things rolling around loose, cooking under a red hot sun, just waiting to explode! There is no doubt that there would have been one hell of a violent bang if we had chosen to ignore the rattling and rolling, in the 'thunder-box' behind our heads, and we sure wouldn't be here today!

January 8th, 1972 - the local Radio station in Whakatane has recently opened, and to celebrate were having an opening ceremony, and carnival. They had asked me to do my 'buried alive' as part of the afternoon's entertainment. As arranged, the tip-truck arrived with the sand, but whoever filled it must have been blind - it was damn near empty. Oh, well, the show must go on.

It was a glorious summer's day as I lay down in the coffin; the lid was screwed down, and the truck tipped what sand he had over the coffin. I suddenly realised that I hadn't taken into consideration the heat of the sun - my ten minutes of air/oxygen had been reduced to less than 2 or 3 minutes. The heat building up inside the coffin was tremendous, and I knew that I wasn't going to make it. By now I was gasping for air, and began thumping on the lid of the coffin. With the little air that I had, I screamed Veronica's name, over and over. I could hear the sand being scraped from the top of the coffin, but by the time they had unscrewed the lid, the build-up of heat was so tremendous, that the lid exploded into the air, as would a pressure-cooker. It was a very close call - I was fortunate that the truck didn't have a full load of sand, (I discovered later, there was just enough to lightly cover the coffin) because if it did, as it should have had, nobody would have heard me.

After the nearly disastrous incident in Whakatane, I was under contract to do 4 more shows with the stunt team - 2 in Gisborne, followed by 2 in Napier. Two funny incidents happened while we were there. The first was, when we were driving back from Hastings to Napier - the cities are only 12 miles apart - a policeman waved us down (I was going a bit fast). As we slowed down and stopped, he shone his torch up at the coffin, stared at it for a few seconds, then without a word, frantically waved us on. WE WENT! Loved to have known what was going on in his mind. It's a mystery!

The other - we had been invited to a party after the show, somewhere between Napier and Hastings. As we drove along the main road, we noticed that a long queue of cars had formed behind us, and nobody was overtaking us. Finally, we turned off the main road, to get to the party, and many cars followed us. Turns out, they were going to the party as well, but because of the coffin on the roof rack, nobody would pass us - either through respect, or superstition!

Napier was the last time I performed the 'buried alive' act, and the last I heard of the coffin, Veronica's father had taken it to pieces, and faced the cupboards of his Ferro cement motor yacht, which he built in his back yard, with it, so my coffin is now sailing somewhere on the high seas. Bon Voyage!

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