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Issue Number: #1648
Date: Sunday 5th December 2021
Editor: Alan Watson QSM
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
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1. Editor's Message
2. Update FISM 2022 - Quebec City Museums
3. Vanish Magic Magazine December Edition 2021
4. World Festival Of Magic Zoom Shows
5. Society Of American Magicians 93rd National Convention
6. Jeff McBride Is The Story Master
7. Around The Lounge By Jeff Bibik #8
8. Magical Women With Connie Boyd
9. News From The Academy Of Illusions
10. I've Got Your Number - John Carey #144
11. No Stone Unturned - Paul Stone - Article #40
12. The Orchante Saga - Beginnings
13. E-zine Archives
14. Privacy Policy And Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message

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2. Update FISM 2022 - Quebec City Museums
Message by Joan Caesar (Canada)

There are several wonderful museums in Quebec City. Trip Advisor lists 25 museums and art galleries in the city. Mentioned below are 6 which take in the most variety and suit most tastes.
I've always found the best way to see a new city is to travel via a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. It would be a good way to see the most interesting places in Quebec City in one day.

Museum of Civilization, 85 Rue Dalhousie, is close to our venue and well worth a visit. It not only tells the history of Quebec, it also has some fun and daring exhibits that change after several months.

Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec, 179 Grande Allée West, located in Battlefield Park, houses one of the largest collections of Quebec art in the world, including Inuit sculptures. There are activities, free of charge with your admission ticket. The art and activities change to some extent each month, so it would be remiss to mention what will be highlighted in July.

La Citadelle de Québec is located on the highest natural point in Quebec City. It boasts a spectacular view of the town and the Saint Lawrence River. Discover the fortress of Old Quebec, home of the Royal 22nd Regiment, the only French-speaking regiment within the Canadian Armed Forces.

Musée de la Civilization defines itself as a seat of knowledge and ideas, a museum with valuable collections and an educational centre.

Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum is a creative chocolate shop and an informative small chocolate museum where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate. The Chocolate Museum is free, self-guided and displays more than 200 artifacts and objects related to chocolate history. Two video are presented (Artisan Chocolate Making and the Industrial Chocolate Making Process (French), from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar).

Visitors can watch the chocolatiers at work through a window while they try one of their 10 renowned hot chocolates. In the boutique chocolate lovers will find a great variety of classic and wonderful handmade chocolates. Indulge yourself with a chocolate pastry, chocolate brownie, cookie, cupcake or decadent chocolate cake. They also have 69 flavors of homemade ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and tofu! Érico is located in the Faubourg Saint-Jean Baptiste area, outside the old walls, and is worth the visit.

Pole Culturel du Monastere des Ursulines is a must for art-lovers, kids and history addicts. This art and history museum houses the work of the Ursulines of Québec, who established the first school for girls in New France and known are for their wonderful embroidery work. The Ursulines showed true open-mindedness through the centuries, adapting their teaching to their pupils and to what society needed.

In the 17th Century, they gave classes to First Nations children in their own language. In the 19th Century, they were the first to include science and critical thinking in their teaching. For a complete, one-of-a-kind experience, follow a guide in the Chancel, a place usually accessible only by nuns and students.

Naval Museum of Quebec traces the history of the Canadian sailor from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Plains of Abraham Museum is the gateway to the Battlefields Park, offering exhibitions, activities, services and all the information needed for your visit. It includes the Battles of 1759-1760 exhibition: here you can relive the siege of Québec, the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the Battle of Sainte-Foy. Identities exhibition: View numerous artefacts from the Battlefields Park's archaeological collection catalogued by theme.

3. Vanish Magic Magazine December Edition 2021
Message by Paul Romhany - Editor Vanish Magazine

If you missed out on the big news offering performers with a 70 minute parlor show and a monthly contract of minimum $12,000 then check out this edition of Vanish for the special link on all the information you will need. This will be an ongoing gig and end up around the world - don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

Our double edition features Young & Strange with an interview and story by Thomas Swieciak. We also get to find out more about Lisa Menna's cause to wonder - a truly inspirational performer who has achieved incredible results and awareness.

FISM-North America - a review of this recent convention plus some news about FISM 2022.

Mike Vance - the man behind the books. What does Mike Vance have in common with some of the most popular books over the past few decades!! You'll need to read this to find out.

Nick Lewin - looks to the future of 2022 which looks to the past with The Collectors Expo 22.

Felicity Fields has an extremely important article featuring Kevin James with her series A Squib In The World.

Magic Tricks - everything from a Murder Mystery to Patrick Kuff's routine Kuda Kuffs, B-Lank by Louie Foxx.

Product Highlights and Reviews - including Siri X Pro, Victorian Coins and Evolution by Shin Lim - this and so much more ….


4. World Festival Of Magic Zoom Shows
Message by Rose McCarthy (New Zealand)

Dunedin Host Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Sunday, Dec 5, 2021 03:00 pm
Join Dunedin Host Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 969 3346 2311
Passcode: 784391

Invercargill Host Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Sunday, Dec 5, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Invercargill Host Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 983 4476 3324
Passcode: 246218

New Plymouth Central Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Thursday, Dec 9, 2021 07:00 pm
Join New Plymouth Central Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 993 3432 3166
Passcode: 450552

Topic: Hamilton Dinsdale Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Friday, Dec 10, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Dinsdale Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 939 2486 6518
Passcode: 755206

Wellington Host Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 03:00 pm
Join Wellington Host Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 991 8932 9321
Passcode: 729295

Napier Host Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 07:00 PM
Join Napier Host Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 989 1415 8093
Passcode: 180357

Christchurch South Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Sunday, Dec 12, 2021 03:00 pm
Join Christchurch South Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 912 4580 8383
Passcode: 622975

Fitzherbert Lions Club (Palmerston North) - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Sunday, Dec 12, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Fitzherbert Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 968 5710 9540
Passcode: 588349

Ngongotaha Lions Club (Rotorua) - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Ngongotaha Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 977 5895 6607
Passcode: 027054

Tauranga City Sunrise Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Tauranga City Sunrise Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 972 0735 1331
Passcode: 704369

Gisborne Host Lions Club - World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Friday, Dec 17, 2021 07:00 pm
Join Gisborne Host Lions Club Zoom Magic Show
Meeting ID: 953 5492 5050
Passcode: 759761

Remuera Lions Club (Auckland) World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 01:00 pm
Join Remuera Lions Club Zoom Magic Show (1:00pm)
Meeting ID: 972 2483 3183
Passcode: 333758

Remuera Lions Club (Auckland) World Festival Of Magic Zoom Show
Time: Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 03:00 pm
Join Remuera Lions Club Zoom Magic Show (3:00 pm)
Meeting ID: 963 4003 5798
Passcode: 821466

Remuera Lions Club (Auckland) World Festival Of Magic - 5pm
Time: Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 05:00 pm

Join Remuera Lions Club Zoom Magic Show (5:00 pm)
Meeting ID: 992 1292 0877
Passcode: 770547

5. Society Of American Magicians 93rd National Convention
Message by Mark Weidhaas (US)

Private Penn & Teller show added to the Society of American Magicians 93rd National Convention.

Conventioneers are invited to leave the Convention Hotel and attend a private show at the Penn & Teller Theater at Rio Las Vegas. The never-to-be-repeated show will be presented by Penn & Teller, and will include magic, illusions and a Q and A session.

So many experiences, shows, lectures, magical exhibitors, and events at the S.A.M. Register today before December 1, 2021 price increase.

The S.A.M. Convention will be January 15-18, 2022 at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Arrive early to join in the Friday night Exhibitor's costume Party with escape rooms, raffles, and celebration of the 2020 holidays lost. Youth, 7 through 17, are free, thanks to scholarships from the S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund.

www.samconvention.com for more information.

Mark Weidhaas
S.A.M. Conference Chair
Inspector Magic ~ Colorado Santa
15225 Pleasant View Dr,
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
(719) 637-9965 | (719) 338-2054 (M)

6. Jeff McBride Is The Story Master
Message by Jeff McBride (US)

The Show, Online on Zoom

Las Vegas, NV 89120

December 18th

Come join us as we celebrate this special time of year with tall tales and magic from many cultures. Pull up a stool to your fire, and join Jeff McBride as he entertains with these wonderful and inspiring pieces of interactive magic! Yule be amazed! All new stories and magic. Space is limited, so get your tickets early. Gather family and friends for what promises to be a heartwarming time!

Traveling the world for almost 50 years, Jeff McBride has collected magic, masks and stories from many cultures. It seems that almost everywhere, they find some way to celebrate this "turning of the year" time. Whatever your personal practice you'll find these tales to be uplifting and inspiring. Bring the family - one ticket is good for just one screen, but we are happy to see your living room full of family and friends!

Where else can you treat the whole family for just $30?!!

We've chosen to do the show on one-day only, but at two different times: Noon and 6 pm Pacific time. That's so you'll be able to arrange your schedule to be with us no matter where you are in the world. Our friends in Europe will want to get their tickets for the show at noon, our time...which will be evening for them.

Those on the East Coast here in North America can watch either at 3 in the afternoon, or 9 at night. So...get your tickets now. Tell your friends. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 18 for The Story Master!


7. Around The Lounge By Jeff Bibik #9
Message by Jeff Bibik (USA)
Chicago Magic Lounge

What's in a name? Money!!

I can do some very good magic. I can also write and perform some very funny things. However, of all of the things I do at the Chicago Magic Lounge the thing I am most asked about is how I remember people's names. I think names are fascinating. I also believe a person's name is their greatest magic word. Names can open doors or slam them shut. Often you are given your name before you are born, and it serves you your entire life. Even after life is over, your name can live on, for good or for evil.

Our bar can seat about 20, and in the course of a few minutes I learn everyone's name and use them in my routines. At the end of my set, I thank them all by name and they can't believe it! Here is how I do it, and this valuable skill can be easily mastered!

First, I have reframed the entire idea of remembering people's names. I no longer think of it as 'remembering', instead I think of it as simply 'learning'. Remembering something is an unpleasant chore, learning something can be fun, easy and rewarding.

We eagerly seek new knowledge about the things we're interested in. I love old cars, and I never tire reading about them. I willingly seek out new information about them. This adds to my knowledge. This is true for any interest we may have. Our minds are made to learn, we start learning the moment we're born.

So I agree, remembering people's name is hard. Learning someone's name can be very easy, and it happens in 4 steps.

Step 1- The new information- When I tell someone my name and ask their name, I'm getting new information. Information becomes knowledge when we focus on it. When I ask for a name, I pay attention, and then I immediately repeat it as a question, no matter how easy the name is. "Did you say Mary? Nice to meet you Mary!" I am also looking directly at the person, and my mind is gathering visual information about them. Don't fear looking at people closely. After all, they're looking at you!

Step 2 - I use the name repeatedly. At the magic lounge I introduce people to each other. When new people come in I learn their names then introduce them to everyone else I already know. In this way I am saying a person's name over and over, and I am also reminding them of my name. Lately I started doing a bit when I have 2 people whose names start with an 'M'. "Your name is Mike with an 'M'? Hey, his name is Mitch with an 'M'. Mike meet Mitch, Mitch meet Mike" Then to the audience "Don't mind me folks, I'm just trying to make Ms meet!!" This line also works with 2 'N' names but 'M" names are more common.

Step 3 - For more unusual names, I write them down. This idea was in a David Ginn book. He made a bit out of it, every time he wanted to say their name, he'd pull out the paper. He pointed out that it actually gets funnier every time you do it.

I use a similar bit. I take out a small notepad and talk about how I collect names. In the book I have I have written hundreds of names, some unusual, some not. I ask how their name is spelled. Never assume you know, there are many variations to even the simplest names. When I have written them down I close the book, and they then see the title, "My Sh*t List" It's a huge laugh! This bit is not for everyone, but if it fits you, go for it.

Here's the important part, learning names makes you money. People are more willing to put something in my tip jar when I know their name. I thank them by name for that too. When they are leaving I have another chance to say goodbye by name. In all, I my use a person's name a half dozen times or more.

Applying this to the outside world, Dale Carnegie said that a person's name is the sweetest sound they can hear. When you learn names people notice the effort you make, and they are more willing to do business with you and help you. You are showing you care about them.

Finally, you may be wondering what happens when I forget a name. Simply ask them for it again, then remind them of your name again. No one is ever offended when you ask them to remind you of their name. In fact, the opposite is true, they appreciate your honesty! After all, they've forgotten your name too! Now go work on this new skill and cash in!

8. Magical Women With Connie Boyd
Message by Connie Boyd (USA)

Maya Angelou's Motivational Quote paired with Alexandra Duvivier's Mystifying Magic

@Maya Angelou's motivational message, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" inspired us. We've paired this wonderful message with Alexandra Duvivier's stunning magic.

Have a magical week!

Motivational Magical Message for Monday MMMM on @Magical Women with Connie Boyd #shorts Maya Angelou was a renowned author, poet, playwright and civil rights activist. Her unique, pioneering autobiographical style has inspired and uplifted millions. Alexandra Duvivier fooled Penn & Teller on Fool Us on the CW network in 2018. She was the first French female magician to do so.


9. News From The Academy Of Illusions
Message by Jay Scott Berry (Australia)

One of my favourite quotes is attributed to Abe Lincoln, "The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself." So much is said in those few words. It's easy to sit back and be a victim of circumstances. It's much harder to face the challenges and thrive in the midst of adversity. What we've achieved in our first three months at the Academy is a bold testament to that fearless mindset. Since September 1st, we have produced over 50 Webcasts, for Muggles and Magi, streamed to FB at no charge. We've also presented over 50 low-priced instructional programs, for individuals and groups, targeted for beginners to experts. In addition, we've released 4 Digital Downloads, each breaking new ground in Reel, Coin and Card Magic. And that's just us getting warmed up for 2022.

The first of this week's top stories is Episode IX of Illusioneering, with special guest, FISM Award-Winning Grandmaster and long-time friend, Vito Lupo. Joining me from his home in Venice, Italy, we talked, in depth, about his extraordinary career and artistic influences. We took the WayBack Machine to Vienna, where he and I both starred in the stage and TV show, Magie '85. Just a week later, we were both headliners at the FISM in Madrid. In the hour long program, we shared priceless stories, humorous photos and insights. You can catch the replay in "The Art of Wonder" Group.

Our second top story is the release of Geno DeVille's mind blowing new card effect, "Solitaire Crossing '' Version 2. The Download was officially launched on GenoMania 10, which streamed to the Academy FB Page. He demonstrated both versions and we discussed the differences plus practical applications, from live shows to social media and Zoom. He also gave us an update on the OMC, which has rapidly become the mecca for original magic presentations.

Finally, my latest Download, "Wonder Workshop" is a runaway hit, receiving rave reviews from around the globe, and not just from magicians. School teachers and educators are catching on to this inspirational collection of Magical Crafts. These are ideal year-round but uniquely suited to Christmas and Holiday shows. Whether amateur or pro, you owe it to yourself to check out the many colourful and easy-to-make designs. Available now from www.DeVilleMagic.net

10. I've Got Your Number - John Carey #144
Message by John Carey (UK)

I've got your number is a strong, fun, and fooling close up mental effect where a spectator unerringly arrives at and calls your mobile/cell phone number. No apps or gaffs are used. Three very deceptive systems will be taught which you can mix and match, making this a fun effect to carry in your pocket or wallet and be able to perform pretty much anywhere on demand!

You will require eight business cards. Write your mobile phone number on the blank surface of one of your cards. Mark the face of this card with a simple pen dot. On the other seven cards, write different random phone numbers. Stack the cards together and pop them into your wallet, ready for action.

System & Presentation #1

"A little mystery with mobile telephone numbers. Each of these cards has a different one of my friends' numbers on them. Please take them and shuffle to truly randomize them." Display the business cards with different numbers on and hand them to a participant for mixing, numbers side down. Take back the packet of cards and deal the cards left to right, forming two packets, at the same time noting which packet contains your marked card.

"Two packets of cards, but we don't need them both. So just pick up either packet." We will now segue into some Equivoque to bring the routine to a successful conclusion. Equivoque either looks great or awful. Hesitation

Myriad is an absolute no-no, confidence is the key. So when your helper picks up a packet and it's your target packet, simply brush the other packet aside. But if they pick up the other packet, direct them to place it to one side. Have them shuffle the target packet and then deal the top card face-up and the next face-down. Have them repeat this with the remaining two cards, forming a tabled row of two face-up and two face-down cards. Now for the next Equivoque: "We have face-up and face-down cards. I'm going to take out one of those groups. Shall I take out the face-up or the face-down cards?"

After your helper has dealt the four cards you will be instantly able to tell if your target card is face-up or face-down. If it's faceup and they say take out the face-up group, do just that, sliding the two cards forward from the row and discarding the face-down cards casually. However if they say take out the face-down group you do that but simply discard those two cards. The phrase "take out" is beautifully ambiguous, that is able to mean 'use' or 'remove' as we see fit. Naturally, if the target card is a face-down card you just use the above strategies to get down to
just two cards including it.

"You've done everything here. Two cards remain. Please hand me one." This is the final part of our verbal manipulation. Ambiguity of wording once again drives the method engine here. If they hand you the target card simply discard the other card to one side with the other cards. But
if they hand you the non-target card simply ask them to pick up the card they decided to keep.

Your job is done. Remind your helper how they shuffled, they made all the choices etc. Ask them to take out their phone and call your 'friend'. There will be a big reaction when your mobile phone goes off and you take it out to answer their call!!!

System & Presentation #2

For this version you only need seven of your telephone number business cards, including your marked card with your number written down. We will utilize a quite brilliant forcing concept of George Sands here called the principal of prime numbers that he published in an effect called
Lucky 13 in the Pallbearers Review magazine many years ago (and of course explored in the preceding effect in this very book, Prime Time).

Display your business cards with different mobile/cell numbers written on the backs. Turn the packet over and hand the cards out for mixing. Upon return deal the cards into a circle on the table, making a mental note of the position of your marked target card. "Numbers play a daily role in all our lives, with door numbers, PIN numbers and so on. Please call out a number between one and seven and we will use it to eliminate cards down to just one."

Any number in this range can be called and believe it or not, your target card will be forced. Let's say they call out three for example. We will start the count from the card that follows our marked card working in a clockwise direction. When we arrive at four turn that card over. Repeat
this, starting the count on the next card and once again turning over the last card counted. Repeat these actions at a nice brisk but unhurried pace until just one business card remains unturned, your force card. "You shuffled the cards, you thought of a number. Any other number
would have led us to a different card. Please pick up the last card remaining unturned and call my friend." They do, you answer their call and everybody goes home happy!

System/Presentation #3

For this final system we will use eight cards again including our marked business card. This version is akin to the classic trick that cannot be explained and is so much fun to do as it's never the same. The opening script is not only interesting, it can also play a vital role in the method, as
you will see shortly. Pour yourself a nice drink and grab your cards. You are going to love this!

"I think it's safe to say that most things in life are down to chance. For example, you think about a friend in your area you haven't seen for a while and then you bump into them later that day at the shops. Sometimes though strange things happen that surpass chance and are hard to
rationalize or explain. I call that fate. I also believe that sometimes things are mapped out in our lives and journey and they call that destiny." Once you've delivered the above monologue, hand out your business cards for mixing. Now for the fun part:

1. Ask your helper to turn the packet over. If your telephone number card is on the face, you are golden. Have them dial the number and bring the effect home as in our earlier systems.

2. If it isn't on the face, immediately ask them to cut the packet and complete the cut. If your target card is cut to the face, happy days!

3. If it isn't cut to the face, ask your participant to turn the packet over and deal the top card to the table. If it's your target card conclude the effect successfully as before.

4. If the first card dealt isn't your target card simply continue with no hesitation to ask your helper to continue dealing the cards into a tabled row, keeping your eye out for your marked card. If you see it hasn't been dealt after the seventh card, dramatically stop your participant. Ask them to turn over the card they are holding and dial the number. Finish as before.

As you can see, we have lots of opportunities for great outcomes here. You will be amazed how many times you will get these moments. But if we don't get these breaks, no problem! We will do a callback to our opening script about chance, fate and destiny and use one of those words
to successfully conclude the mystery.

1. If the target card is third from your left or right, spell Chance one card at a time in the correct direction to arrive at it.

2. If the target card is fourth from the left or right in the row, mention how earlier you talked about FATE and spell to it.

3. Finally, if your target business card is second from either the left end or the right end of the row do a call back to when you talked about how some things happen that really are DESTINY. Spell to it and hand the card arrived at to your participant and as before, have them make the call and conclude with a big surprise!

So that's it! A very commercial, strong, and funny mental piece you will use. You've got three different system options and also tools you can apply to so many other effects...

11. No Stone Unturned - Paul Stone - Article #40
Message by Paul Stone (US)

Having not been to New York for nearly four years I once again found myself there this week for the third time in a couple of months.

I stayed at a hotel in Weehawken, a place that I had never previously heard of, right on the Hudson River with breathtaking views of New York's imperious skyline. Weehawken is also the area that my good friend, and top tradeshow entertainer, Seth Kramer, has recently moved to.

So, early in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving, I met Seth for coffee in Starbucks. We met early because Seth was on his way to entertain at a 90th Birthday Party elsewhere in the city. And he had a nice surprise for me, because with him was another old friend of mine from St Louis, Shep Hyken.

Shep was in town for a few days with his lovely wife Cindy and other members of their family who had flown in to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

I've known Shep for over 35 years, having been originally introduced to him by the legendary Tradeshow and Industrial Entertainer, Bud Dietrich, who was a superb worker and kindly mentored me, and taught me the 'ins and outs' of the tradeshow world.

Bud was one of those people whom you couldn't help but like and I'll always be grateful that we became firm friends .

Shep himself started out as corporate and tradeshow magician but moved into the field of speaking, where he has become the 'Customer Service' expert and has fashioned for himself a hugely successful career. Along the way he became the National President of the NSA too, an outstanding achievement in a very prestigious organization.

Shep, together with a few friends, had recently travelled over to the UK to attend a new magic convention organised by renowned magician, mentalist and actor, Andy Nyman and his son Preston.

Andy is of course one of the most influential figures in magic today and is known not only for his creative genius and his collaboration with Derren Brown, but also as a very talented movie and stage actor.

The convention was only for 150 people and, not surprisingly, sold out very quickly.

Shep and his friends then travelled up north by train to Stoke-on- Trent where Derren Brown was appearing in his one man show. Apparently Derren was on top form and met up with the group after the show.

Mention of Stoke-on-Trent, which is in an area called the 'Potteries', known for being the home of the pottery industry in England, brought back memories for me.

Also located there is a massive estate called Trentham Gardens, which is where I was booked for my first ever professional show nearly 50 years ago. Where did the time go?!

Next week I'm going to talk about the sad demise of the 'brick and mortar' magic shops, and why I think it is such a loss to magic.

12. The Orchante Saga - Beginnings
Written by the late Tommy Orchard (The Amazing Orchante)

Mike Walsh and producer David Price are sitting in Mike's office. It's the only room in 'The Cottage', which actually looks like an office. It's comfortable, but certainly not what you might expect from the man who is the host of Australia's most Networked TV show. The rest of the cottage is a happy fusing of a private dwelling, in a 'nice' suburban street in Artarmon and, a mad
house! It seems to work well for all who work in it. A quick briefing on the day's show - segments on acupuncture, a man who says he can catch arrows in his hands, personalities... The phone rings, David takes the call. Mike finishes his coffee: white no sugar.

Mike Williams is watching the first run-through with the orchestra. The singer stops while musical director Geoff Harvey makes a pencil mark on the arrangement and they start again from
the top. The cameras try all angles. Director Brian Phyllis walks through the studio; on-camera wardrobe is checked for the cameras and lights. Sound level marked. In make-up, the girls open their little cases and turn on the monitor set by habit. "A well-oiled machine." the words of David Price. "Everyone knows his or her job. They are specialists. Good ones"!

As Mike Williams returns from the studio, Sue is hunting down a visiting guest who has disappeared somewhere between 'Hilton' and the studios. It is 10.33a.m. As he walks past the switchboard, Rosa calls out to him: a call is waiting. The first of about 25, he will take in the next hour. Agents and artists are looking for dates. "The ones that are the hardest of all to handle are the mothers who think that 'Little Johnny', is going to be a star, it is always a question of evaluation. Of all the calls, 40 % are successful in their goal - to get a talent on the show. Coping with some calls takes effort, diplomacy - it is wearing".

In the past year, since the show moved to Channel 9 and Mike Williams became talent co-ordinator - as well as keeping his role of Production co-ordinator - he has settled in, and has seen his part as a member of the team assume broader perspectives. "I am more involved now than ever. There is quite a lot of planning and discussion about the variety content".

At Channel 10, he was working for the station. Now he works for 'Price Hayden Productions', who package the show for Channel 9. He's now one of the family. So are the journalists, researchers and assistants - all 12 or so permanent staff. Invariably after the show there is lunch. Its length depends on outside factors, but sometimes it grows into dinner as well.

Mike slots in a young singer on his schedule board and glances at his watch. Time to get back to the studio, where he joins Mike Walsh in his dressing room. It is 28 minutes to midday. Mike
Walsh is preparing, - Mike Williams cracks a gag. They laugh and somebody knocks, to pass Mike Williams a brief message. The two Mikes chat for another 15 minutes about the day's show.

Make-Up has just finished de-shining faces and balding heads, and touching up eyes and lips. The studio audience fills every seat. Mike Williams is clowning around - the 'Warm-Up', which precedes every show. Mike Walsh joins in. Geoff Harvey shouts across the floor. Camera crew come to a stop, and hands are poised for the 'Count-Down', as the control booth issues instructions to the floor.

One Million Hands Reach Out To Tune Into Channel 9.

The 1324th Mike Walsh Show Is - Live On Air!

The pressure changes intensity, but it won't burst until 1.30 E S T, about 20 guests later. Of these, at least two will be performers; two out of a staggering total of over 3600! Not all different, of course, except they are all different, if you see what I mean. "We try to get a balance in the variety programming. And more and more attention is paid to the production of the entertainment segments", comments Mike Williams. "We have a unique format - unique in the world", adds Mike Walsh. "It is not like any other talk-show, it is informative and varied", but as David Price points out, "There is no editorialising, just information and, Variety".

There is little doubt that the hugely successful and popular 'Mike Walsh Show', (MWS) can draw the public's attention to artists, especially the regular performers - like Mike Williams
for example. He brought out a single called 'Slow Dancing' which sold in excess of 12,000 copies and his club show bookings jumped dramatically. Other regulars have also benefited - Diana Horder, Maria Venuti and Jade Hurley, who was a 'Bonanza for the Show' according to David Price. Newest addition to the regular stable is Geraldine Doyle. She in some ways typifies the success of the 'zany' personalities in the shows format.

The overall cross section of talent that has appeared on the show is simply mind-boggling. Visiting overseas stars, club circuit singers, comics, 'Unusual's' like John Michael-Howson and 'The Amazing Orchanté', a kiwi entertainer who emigrated from New Zealand with his wife/stage assistant less than two years ago - have made quite an impact on the local club scene; and there is more to come.

The company has signed Barry Humphries for his first stage appearances in Australia in three years. Needless to say he will appear on the show regularly. Tentatively titled 'Isn't It a Shame at His Age', the show opens in Melbourne on May 24th before coming to Sydney. It is another move in the diversification of the Hayden Price organisation. There is the Regent Theatre at Richmond, where Mike Walsh shows current movies, like 'Star Wars - and live stage shows - like Kamahl and Slim Dusty.

The Mike Walsh Show, apart from being a major employer of Australian talent provides more than just an ego trip. It is a valuable experience for artists who seldom get a chance to work
in front of TV cameras these days. There is also always the possibility that purely through exposure on the MWS; their Careers get a healthy boost. The audience is vast, national, and

Mike Walsh, who spends a good nine hours a day at being something of a phenomenon and a legend in television, is a vital element in the show's success. And yet in the down to earth, no
bullshit atmosphere of 'The Family' in 'The Cottage', he blends. This is a little evidence of - 'This is the Mike Walsh residence - the job is too exacting for any of that rubbish. "Sometimes I say 'Poor Mick', I don't feel like being Mike Walsh today, it's not always possible to be on top of the world for five days a week". But the point is, ONLY HE ever knows that.


I wonder if any of those artists are still performing today (I surely would be, if I hadn't contracted emphysema, which forced me to retire from show business eleven years ago - Dec. 1996). Mike Williams for example, has become some sort of carpenter on one of those 'Do-It-Yourself' type Television programmes. Jade Hurley was one of the top performers on the Sydney club circuit (maybe he still is - do remember that I am talking about 1976/78 here, 31/33 years ago); where ARE those regular 'stars' now, and what are they doing? The mind boggles!

As I said, we were most fortunate to appear on the Mike Walsh Show - twice in just over a month; we had been in the country barely three months! No wonder there was 'mutterings' among other speciality acts, especially those who had been on the club circuit for years before we arrived, but had never managed to 'crack' television. There's no doubt that our exposure on the MWS played a part in our early success on the Sydney club circuit, and beyond.

Another popular television show which created enormous publicity for us was: Simon Townsend's 'Wonder World'; we appeared on that several times. It wasn't a live broadcast as was the MWS. Although aimed specifically for a younger audience, a hell of a lot of adults watched it as well. Wonder World, which broadcast daily at 4pm - again with a viewing audience of 'millions', was also networked across Australia.

'God', or whatever, was very kind to us - most of the time in Australia!

To be continued.
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